Everything You Need to Know about Maui Whale Watching

You will often read avid travelers describe the island of Maui as a paradise on earth. Indeed, the beaches and mountains of this tropical island have made it popular among tourists. However it is offshore that one of the amazing sites can be seen. Maui whale watching is one of the great highlights when visiting this island of Hawaii. The humpback whales find the weather of Maui extremely comfortable during the winter months. For these aquatic creatures, Maui is the ideal place for their winter ...
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Remembering Why We Travel

“This isn’t why I came traveling!” The words fell out of Jonathan’s mouth along with the lingering fumes of several whisky buckets*, one of which he was still consuming. We’d met in Indonesia less than a month previously. Jonathan was an English guy taking five months to travel in Southeast Asia after graduating, and he had plans. He wanted to get close to the indigenous culture of Indonesia, see ancient sights, explore barely chartered islands, and yet there he was swaying before me, a broken ...
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Updated: POPxo launches in Marathi, Bangla, Tamil and Telugu

In an attempt to increase its audience, women-focused content platform POPxo is now available in four new Indic languages — Marathi, Bangla, Tamil and Telugu, apart from Hindi and English. MediaNama checked and found that although the website is available in all six languages, the Android app only... ...
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Coopers Rock State Forest

Wehen we arrived in WV we wanted to visit Coopers Rock. We had never visited it in the wintertime. Bill spent his early years until he was 14 around the western portion of the Mason Dixon line that separates PA and WV. Bill has many memories of visiting
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Extracts from The Economic Case for Private Residential Development by Fred E.Foldvary

Folvary had an excellent chapter in is an excellent article in Private Cities ed. Glasze, Weber and Frantz (2006) from which a few key points are worth noting: === The economic feasibility of private residential governance, empirically confirmed by the worldwide growth of private communities, turns the prevailing ‘market failure’ doctrine on its head. This […]
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first day of work braindump

I've just finished my first day of training and orientation at Vancouver Island Regional Library. I have a lot to report on! Much of this may be of interest only to library workers, especially my union buddies. I took notes all day, and I'm getting it all down here -- in no order, with no attempt to weave it together. All questions are FAQs I've been getting since announcing my move.1. Who had this position before you and why did they leave?It is a newly created position; I am the first person t...
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Day 55 Bartolome Chinese Hat

Another nighttime navigation had us at the small island of Bartolome and it was a beautiful sight to wakeup to as from this spot we could also see the larger island Santiago and the other small island nearby called Chinese Hat because of its shape whic
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Where to wine taste in all 50 states

It used to be that when people thought about wine tasting, they thought about swirling expensive glasses while snacking on brie in Napa Valley. It was a boujee, sophisticated weekend activity reserved for wealthy couples and the occasional bachelorette party. Now, literally every state in America has a wine region, even Alaska. So while the image of high-class leisure may be a bit diluted, the experience is far more accessible. Granted, some states do it better than others. You’ll still find ...
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Top 11 Free Things To Do In New York City This December

Everyone knows New York City is an expensive town, especially in December around the holidays. To save some money, try these tips for free things to do this December during your visit. 1) 9/11 Memorial The 9/11 Memorial, on the site of the former Twin Towers, opened on September 12, 2011, in time for the 10th anniversary of 9/11, and was easily the most anticipated new project in the city for years. The memorial features two reflecting pools nearly an acre in size each, each filled with t...
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9 Underrated Natural Wonders to Visit in 2019

Sure, there’s the Grand Canyon and the Great Barrier Reef — but the world holds way more natural wonder than these well-publicized destinations. If you want to travel somewhere off the beaten path in 2019, but you still want your jaw to drop from natural beauty, then you need to consider planning a vacation to these hidden and forgotten gems of wonder and glory around the world. The Dead Sea The Dead Sea is a body of water between Jordan and Israel that is so salty, nothing can survive in it (h...
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City Council Bans Airbnb — and One Councilman is Father of a Co-Founder of Airbnb

What happens when you are a councilman of a city whose city council is tasked to vote on whether or not to ban businesses of a certain industry — including one which your son co-founded? You recuse yourself from voting, of course. When Joe Gebbia was elected to represent District 4 of the newly incorporated city of... The post City Council Bans Airbnb — and One Councilman is Father of a Co-Founder of Airbnb appeared first on The Gate.
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Day 54 Genovesa Island Darwin Bay Prince Phillip's Steps

Regular schedule is 0700 breakfast and out today at 0730. Overnight we had navigated to Genovesa Island and we were anchored in Darwin Bay. At 0800 we did our first wetlanding which means we arrive at a beach and then jump off the zodiac boat which is
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No bell no brakes no beach

This morning we are going for a bike ride to the beach. Unfortunately we are up late as we both had a poor nights sleep coughing and spluttering. Plus we are in a small bed here they only had doubles.Ian also has to deal with a cockroach drama. Fortu
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Uruguay, région de Montevideo

Les nuages au dessus de l’Uruguay Copyright Jacques Witt [Author: Jacques Witt]
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Why would Doha choose to leave Opec now? - The National

Why would Doha choose to leave Opec now? - The National:As delegates descend on Vienna, the city of diplomatic intrigue, for Thursday’s Opec meeting, one member is making its last trip. Saad Al Kaabi, Qatar’s minister for energy affairs, announced on Monday that the country would leave the oil exporters’ organisation in January.Qexit is a surprise, but not a severe blow, after tumultuous change at Opec over the past three years. The big questions are why would Doha choose to leave now? And what ...
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Dubai’s developers find their comfort levels in ready projects

Dubai’s developers find their comfort levels in ready projects:Developers in Dubai have every reason to be cautious with their offplan forays. In the year to end November, offplan sales are down 27 per cent and with limited opportunities in December to narrow the gap with last year.But these developers are learning to adjust to such sentiments — some of the big names are taking feelers from potential buyers and, where possible, locking in their interest. This way they do not have to make a great...
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Argentine, Buenos Aires

11h30 Emmanuel Macron tendu au sommet du G20 Copyright Jacques Witt / Sipa Press [Author: Jacques Witt]
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Letting Serendipity Do the Steering (We’re Staying on the Boat This Winter)

One of the biggest lessons I’ve learned over our years of perpetual travel is to trust. Trust that things will work out. Even when you think you have a plan, look at it as setting intentions and be open to shifts. The past month has been a reminder of that. Our ‘plans’ going forward have been shifted and changed multiple times. Each time feeling exactly right. It’s a lesson in listening to our hearts and releasing expectations. First, a quick video recap – if you prefer: The Original Plan Well, ...
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French Cheese and Wine

Over the last (almost) 13 years I've covered a lot of topics here on Chez Loulou, and the one that I still love to talk about and am most passionate about is French cheese.But lately cheese has been getting some competition.My project to taste all the cheese slowly progresses and I continually nerd out with books like The Oxford Companion to Cheese and Mastering Cheese.I always want to learn more, read more and eat more cheese.Also, for the last few years I've had the incredible opportunity t...
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Feds probe rail, Ige-Green inauguration today, Gabbard stumps in New Hampshire, but coy on presidential plans, preschool kids served Pine-Sol, more news from all the Hawaiian Islands

Honolulu rail guide-way detail PC:HART Federal inquiry linked to rail. Federal investigators are taking an interest in Hono­lulu’s $9 billion rail project, but it is unclear what has attracted their attention. Star-Advertiser.After winning his re-election bid earlier this month, Gov. David Ige is set to be sworn in for his second term Monday at the rotunda in the state Capitol. Hawaii News Now.Governor David Ige, Lt. Governor-elect Josh Green to be sworn-in Monday. KHON2.Ige will start hi...
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The best 'ruin bars' in Budapest

Budapest is famous for its nightlife. Few, if any, Central or Eastern European cities match the bars and clubs of what’s known as both the Queen of the Danube and the Heart of Europe. And to see the true heart of Budapest, you have to go to the romkocsma, or ruin bars. Ruin bars are exactly what the name suggests: abandoned, derelict buildings that have been transformed into local watering holes. Concentrated primarily in the city’s Jewish Quarter in the seventh district, ruin bars vary wide...
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QSE benchmark index jumps on historic Opec announcement day - The Peninsula Qatar

QSE benchmark index jumps on historic Opec announcement day - The Peninsula Qatar:Qatar’s stock market rose sharply yesterday, the day the country made the surprise announcement to quit from the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (Opec). The world’s largest liquefied natural gas exporter announced that it would be focusing more on gas.The QSE benchmark index rose 1.30 percent or 134.37, supported by banks and industrials. Oil prices jumped by more than 5 percent yesterday after th...
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Nightmare Scenario: Man Arrested for Impersonating Air Traffic Control, Issuing Fake Takeoff Instructions

Two years ago someone was pretending to be Melbourne, Australia air traffic control. A Virgin Australia flight from Gold Coast was instructed to land by this person — the plane came witin 275 feet of the runway before the real air traffic control waved them off. The Boeing 737 climbed to 3800 feet and made a go-round. Frighteningly that seems not to have been a one-off. A man has been arrested for pulling that same stunt in Buenos Aires. Continue reading Nightmare Scenario: Man Arrested for Impe...
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Qatar to continue seeking oil deals abroad: Al-Kaabi

Qatar to continue seeking oil deals abroad: Al-Kaabi:Qatar will continue to produce oil and seek deals in countries including Latin America’s top oil producer Brazil, said HE the Minister of State for Energy Affairs Saad bin Sherida al-Kaabi.“We are not saying we are going to get out of the oil business, but gas production would remain Qatar’s top priority,” al-Kaabi said at a press conference yesterday, where he announced Qatar’s decision to withdraw from the Organisation of the Petroleum Expor...
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Why the Breach Between Saudis, Qataris Goes On and On: QuickTake - Bloomberg

Why the Breach Between Saudis, Qataris Goes On and On: QuickTake - Bloomberg:When four Arab states led by Saudi Arabia cut diplomatic ties and transportation links with Qatar in June 2017, there were expectations that the rulers would resolve the spat quietly among themselves, as they did a similar dispute three years earlier. Instead, Saudi Arabia issued tough demands, Qatar refused to kowtow to its powerful Arab neighbor, and the breach hardened. Now, Qatar has said it will leave OPEC in the n...
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#Qatar Leaving OPEC Is An Ominous Sign For OPEC - Bloomberg

Qatar Leaving OPEC Is An Ominous Sign For OPEC - Bloomberg:The immediate question raised by Qatar leaving OPEC is, of course, what to call this? Qatarexit, or even Qatexit, sound wrong. Qatar-ta-for-now has a nice ring to it, even if it’s a tad unwieldy. Maybe just go with Qatout.While that one is a little aggressive, it at least conveys one of the factors likely behind the move. Saudi Arabia has been gunning for Qatar, launching a blockade last year aimed at bringing the Gulf state to heel on i...
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Iran Warns Oil Will Slump to $40 If OPEC Fails to Cut Production - Bloomberg

Iran Warns Oil Will Slump to $40 If OPEC Fails to Cut Production - Bloomberg:Oil prices will slump to $40 a barrel unless OPEC and its allies cut output significantly, and the group is unlikely to succeed in reviving the market, an Iranian official said.Production will need to be reduced by at least 1.4 million barrels a day to prevent oversupply, Iranian OPEC Governor Hossein Kazempour Ardebili said in an interview. While the Islamic Republic itself won’t participate in any cuts while U.S. sanc...
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Save Up to 30 Percent and Earn 2,500 Points Per Stay With Radisson Rewards Dream Deals 2018

You can save up to 30 percent off on room rates for stays at greater than 1,000 hotel and resort properties worldwide which are part of the Radisson portfolio of brands between today, Monday, December 3, 2018 through Sunday, March 10, 2019 — plus you can earn 2,500 Radisson Rewards points per stay... ...but you must... The post Save Up to 30 Percent and Earn 2,500 Points Per Stay With Radisson Rewards Dream Deals 2018 appeared first on The Gate.
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Qatar's Departure From OPEC Suggests Gulf Rift Is Here to Stay - Bloomberg

Qatar's Departure From OPEC Suggests Gulf Rift Is Here to Stay - Bloomberg:The campaign to isolate Qatar, launched 18 months ago by Saudi Arabia and three other Arab nations, may have peaked with a tweet in August.That’s when Saud al-Qahtani, a top aide to Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, told his 1.36 million followers that he was “waiting eagerly” for news on a 40-mile canal construction project which would turn Qatar into an island and place a radioactive waste dump on its bor...
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Best outdoor adventures in Namibia

Adventure seekers may not immediately think of Africa when searching for action-packed destinations, trekking instead to major outdoor hubs like Iceland, New Zealand, and Peru. But the continent is flush with unbeatable outdoor adventures, and nowhere are they more abundant than in Namibia. Namibia draws its name from its massive emptiness, as namib is a Nama word literally meaning “vast place.” This huge expanse in southwestern Africa is one of the most sparsely populated countries in the ...
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