North Korea’s willingness to temporarily suspend nuclear testing can be explained by geology

Just days after North Korea announced it was suspending its testing programme, scientists revealed that the country’s underground nuclear test site had partially collapsed. This assessment was based on data gathered from smaller earthquakes that followed North Korea’s biggest nuclear test in 2017. A new study published in Science has now confirmed the collapse using satellite radar imaging. The collapse may have played a role in North Korea’s change in policy. If correct, and with the hindsight ...
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Review: Anker’s Soundcore Flare is a perfect party speaker for only $60

Chinese tech megabrand Anker makes some remarkably decent Bluetooth speakers. These tend to be cheap and solidly utilitarian. They’re good, but they don’t come with many bells and whistles or much visual pinache. However, the Anker Soundcore Flare bucks that trend. Not only is it the best looking Anker speaker I’ve ever tested, but it’s also the best sounding. The pièce de résistance? It only costs $59.99. This is part of Anker’s strategy to capture the middle-ground of the consumer audio market...
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Nvidia’s researchers teach a robot to perform simple tasks by observing a human

Industrial robots are typically all about repeating a well-defined task over and over again. Usually, that means performing those tasks a safe distance away from the fragile humans that programmed them. More and more, however, researchers are now thinking about how robots and humans can work in close proximity to humans and even learn from them. In part, that’s what Nvidia’s new robotics lab in Seattle focuses on and the company’s research team today presented some of its most recent work aro...
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Royal wedding guests moved to tears by Prince Charles speech about his 'darling old Harry'

The Prince of Wales described how emotional he felt watching his youngest son, whom he still remembers so clearly as a baby, marrying the love of his life. As he addressed 600 guests gathered at the reception St George’s Hall, there was barely a dry eye as he spoke so warmly about his "darling old Harry" and the man he had grown into. The Prince described how moving it was, at this point in his life, to watch his little boy move on. A little boy, whom he had winded so often as a baby and whom, h...
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Microsoft just bought an AI startup to improve Cortana’s conversational skills

Microsoft has agreed to acquire Semantic Machines, a Berkeley, California-based startup that develops conversational AI – systems that help bots speak to humans naturally – in a bid to improve its Cortana voice assistant. That’s a big win for Microsoft, because Semantic Machines’ team includes some serious talent in this space: its members have worked on the core systems that powered Google Now; its CTO is the former Chief Speech Scientist for Siri at Apple, while others came on board from speec...
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Warrant issued for fake Alicia Keys DJ who duped Philadelphia schools officials

A CAPA student reportedly saw through the ruse. The student's Google search found that Jerez Stone-Coleman apparently had a federal prison record for hundreds of threats against the Washington transit system and had been known as "Kidd Cole" on the MTV reality show Catfish, which shows people who create fake identities online.
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AI can book a restaurant or a hair appointment, but don’t expect a full conversation

Google's latest talking digital assistant sounds remarkably lifelike, and that raises important questions, says Peter Stratton from the University of Queensland.
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Warrant issued for fake Alicia Keys DJ who duped Philadelphia school officials

A CAPA student reportedly learned through a Google search that that Jerez Stone-Coleman had a federal prison record for making threats against the Washington transit system and had been known as "Kidd Cole" on the MTV reality show Catfish, which shows people who create fake identities online.
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This website lets you curate podcast playlists for friends (or yourself)

If you’ve been meaning to listen to all those excellent podcast episodes you’ve read about online, or want to finally get your best mate hooked on podcasts, Listen Notes has you covered with a handy playlist creation tool. Lifehacker explains that you can use the site’s podcast search engine to find any show, and then select episodes to add to a custom playlist. When you’re finished, you can access your playlist in any podcast player – be it Apple Podcasts, Pocket Casts, Overcast, Stitcher, or w...
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The world’s smallest portable charger is big on convenience

What a time to live in when your charger, that brick and wire duo that give life to your phone but are either too bulky or too entangle-prone to carry around, that charger of yours, becomes worthy of the EDC category. Touted as the smallest phone charger in the world, the Chargerito is literally the size of a car key-fob, and transforms swiftly and smoothly into two prongs and connector that you can plug into a socket and charge your phone. The connector comes with a hinge that folds inwards whe...
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Google app v8.4 beta update reveals more details about ‘Read Later’ feature

Google is rolling a new beta update to the Google App bringing the app version to V8.4. However, there aren't any major update or functionality changes, but it fully fixed the disappearing text and broken settings. Some of the headings in the Google Assistant settings area have been enlarged. The 'add reminder' card in the recent screen now vertically centers the text. Now to the stuff underneath, previous app updates revealed references to 'Read Later Feature' which would let users store off...
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Do you prefer a book not be published rather than published without proper editing?

This question has been touched upon in other threads, but I think is worth a thread of its own. I posted in another thread discussing selecting self-published books: Quote: I do come across books which whilst readable and far from appalling could benefit substantially from the attentions of a good editor. This is frustrating. At the end of the book I am left with the feeling that it was good but could have been great. I console myself with the thought that unde...
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This new smartphone feature should be used by every driver, from teen to seasoned commuter

Giving your phone a rest when you’re driving is always a good call, but the tools Apple and Google offer to help you focus on the road can be easy to miss.  Here’s a reminder of how to the iPhone's 'Do not disturb' mode and a similar feature in Android Auto.            [Author: Special for USA Today]
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Counter-terrorism police get real training from virtual terrorists

  What if you could save an airport from terrorists, escape insurgents in South Sudan, and rescue civilians in an underground station all in one morning? With modern technology, the ability to recreate these scenarios within virtual and augmented reality is here, and we’re using it to help train counter-terrorism officers and aid workers. Historically, such training would be provided through classroom and online exercises and real-world training scenarios. But with these new technologies, we’re ...
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Realme 1 Review

Realme, the sub-brand of OPPO, a few days back launched its first phone in the Indian market dubbed as Realme 1 in an exclusively tie up with Amazon. This mid-ranger is launched to take on Xiaomi's Redmi Note 5, Note 5 Pro, Asus Zenfone Max Pro M1 and other smartphones at the price segment. Starting at Rs. 8,990, does it have all the might to defeat the competitor? Let's check it out here. Unboxing Box Contents Realme 1 in Diamond Black color...
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This startup wants to make buying a dog online safer and more ethical

Each year, Brits buy 1.5 million puppies, with much of the trade happening online. For obvious reasons, this can be a difficult and risky process, not least for the dogs involved. While there are some reputable breeders, there are also far too many unscrupulous puppy farmers. These high-volume breeders care only about their bottom line, and not the health of the dog. It can often be difficult distinguishing between the two categories of rearers. One service trying to fix the online dog market is...
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House your Raspberry Pi in a miniature TRS-80 style case

Retro Pi Cases makes and sells adorable housings for tiny computers, and their next model is going to be Tandy's classic TRS-80. It's not available yet, but checking out their site revealed to me their Commodore Amiga model, a no-brainer purchase.
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Thoughts on Signal app?

I went with getting it through Google play over downloading the APK directly which is an option, since I have an android phone anyway, but I really feel this is the answer (for now) for secure comms while the grid is not entirely down, if we continue to use smartphones for convenience anyway. I will, being in the tech world. Thoughts? Fears? Doubts? Experiences? Sent from my Note 8 using Tapatalk
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Craiglist traffic fell sharply after FOSTA

Redditor datacanbeuseful charted the wounding of Craigslist and the death of Backpage. After a political panic over sex trafficking, the latter's domain was seized by the government. Craiglist, to avoid the prospect of a similar fate, shut down all its "casual encounters" and similar categories overnight. It turns out to have been a significant but not critical element of the site's traffic: about 25 percent, but only as inferred through Google Trends. The figure is based on Google Trends data ...
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Voice control: why AI must resist our bad habit of stereotyping human speech

Amazon, Google and Apple's attempts to understand the tone of human voices can reflect human biases.
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What we learned this week

Kenya launched its first locally made satellite this week. I heard about it from somebody grumbling about it, so I’ll link again to why it’s not a waste of money and Africa has every right to develop space programmes. ‘Cheap renewable energy is killing India’s coal-based power plants‘ is a headline worth sharing in itself, […]
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'It has become a bit of an obsession': Meet the MoviePass fanatics who go to the cinema a dozen times a month (HMNY)

MoviePass lets customers watch unlimited movies in cinemas for a flat monthly fee of around $10 — and some customers are going wild. Business Insider spoke to MoviePass power-users, some of whom watch 4 or more films a week, costing MoviePass hundreds of dollars each per month. One customer said they go watch literally every single movie that comes out. The company says that 80% of its users watch fewer than 4 movies a month. When Travis, a 45-year-old DMV employee from Texas, saw "Love, Sim...
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Here's How You Can Set Your Fitness Tracker For More Accurate Results

Ever glanced at your fitness tracker while weightlifting and wondered why it was completely off? Your device may be fantastic for tracking heart rate and cardio, but a common weakness found across wearables is the ability to detect strength-training exercises. That's because Fitbit's PurePulse technology and Apple's similar heart sensor technology use LED lights to detect the amount of blood flow in your wrist. This provides real-time data on your heart rate and calories burned, but they're muc...
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Woodcessories Makes Apple Gear You Can Feel Good About

Want to feel a little better about the gadgets you use every day that are full of irreplaceable metals and assembled by underpaid factory workers? Protecting them with responsibly farmed wood is a start.Read more...
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YouTube TV is the kind of cable-killing TV experience Apple promised us but failed to deliver, analysts say (GOOG, GOOGL, APPL)

Google deserves a lot of praise for creating YouTube TV and Apple deserves criticism for failing to launch similar service first, according to analysts with AllianceBernstein. Not only is YouTube TV cheaper than cable TV, the service is also better, according to the analysts.  Apple reportedly sought for years to create a service that competed with cable TV but now must a top rival get off first.   YouTube is doing to TV what should have been done — and could have been done by Apple — a...
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Twelve Tips for Parenting in the Digital Age

Who is iGen? Kids between the ages of 6 and 23 fall into a generation now getting labeled Post-Millennial or Gen Z or iGen. I want to introduce you to the research on this generation, then process the implications for pastors, leaders, and parents: How do we steward teens in the digital age? To be honest, I don’t know which sin is worse: the arrogance of speaking in generalities about an entire generation, or the sin of ignoring data-trends. With God’s help, we can avoid both. iG...
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A simple solution to end the encryption debate

David Gurle Contributor Share on Twitter David Gurle is the founder and chief executive of Symphony Comunication. Bill Harrington Contributor Bill Harrington is a former federal prosecutor and a partner at the law firm Goodwin Procter. Criminals and terrorists, like millions of others, rely on smartphone encryption to protect the information on their mobile devices. But unlik...
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The Talent Myth

There once lived a girl who wrote the best fantasy books in all the land. She was only twelve years old, having picked up a paper and pen to tell stories starting at age eight. She outsold all the big names in her genre, made millions of dollars, and never even went to college. She had been blessed with a unique ability to craft words into beautiful tales that spoke to the hearts of many. No other writer could ever aspire to achieve such great heights with their work because she was more talen...
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Chinese 'Accelerators' In Silicon Valley Aim To Bring Startups Home

An anonymous reader quotes a report from Reuters: Beijing's unslakeable thirst for the latest technology has spurred a proliferation of "accelerators" in Silicon Valley that aim to identify promising startups and bring them to China. The surge in the number of China-focused accelerators -- which support, mentor and invest in early-stage startups -- is part of a larger wave of Chinese investment in Silicon Valley. At least 11 such programs have been created in the San Francisco Bay Area since 201...
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Advocacy Groups Call for the FTC To Break Up Facebook

An anonymous reader shares a report: Several advocacy groups have banded together for a campaign that calls upon the US Federal Trade Commission to intervene and break up Facebook into smaller companies -- and more specifically to split off the Messenger, Instagram, and WhatsApp services from the mother company. The campaign, named Freedom from Facebook, was set into motion today by eight groups -- Demand Progress, Citizens Against Monopoly, Content Creators Coalition, Jewish Voice for Peace, Mo...
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