This 3-D museum focuses on eye-catching wonders from the 19th century to present day

Descending downstairs into the softly lit 3-D Space feels a bit like stepping into a sanctuary. You may feel a sense of wonder at this museum in Echo Park dedicated to the 3-D photographic and film art form. Here you will see not only 3-D and related images, but the tools used to create and view them as well. 3-D Space was founded by Eric Kurland as a non-profit organization offering exhibits, film screenings, workshops and other programs. The museum opened in July 2018. Kurland is the director ...
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Pakistan's flag is Google's top result for 'the best toilet paper in the world.' Here's why

If you’re searching Google for “the best toilet paper in the world,” you won’t come across Charmin or Angel Soft. The top results: The green and white national flag of Pakistan.            [Author: USA TODAY]
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The Best Travel Websites: Super Useful Sites You’ll Use All The Time

This post The Best Travel Websites: Super Useful Sites You’ll Use All The Time appeared first on The Professional Hobo. The internet is packed with travel websites to help you with every aspect of the game, and since I started traveling full-time in 2007, that landscape has changed dramatically. Even since 2010 when I originally wrote this post (and again since 2014 and even 2017 when I revised this post), old websites have been debunked or become outdated and new websites have launched. S...
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Pakistan flag is top result for 'the best toilet paper in the world' on Google. But, why?

If you’re searching Google for “the best toilet paper in the world,” you won’t come across Charmin or Angel Soft. The top results: The green and white national flag of Pakistan.            [Author: USA TODAY]
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Open source startup Redis Labs raises $60 million and starts planning for an IPO, as it takes a stand against Amazon Web Services (AMZN)

On Tuesday, Redis Labs announced it closed $60 million in Series E financing.  Last year, Redis Labs changed its license in response to Amazon taking Redis Labs' database software and selling it on its cloud — a move that proved controversial among open source developers. Despite the competition from Amazon, Redis Labs showed investors that it was able to grow quickly, and investors agreed with the licensing change, says Ofer Bengal, co-founder and CEO of Redis Labs. Redis Labs has been livi...
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Goldman Sachs Asks: 'Is Curing Patients a Sustainable Business Model?'

Goldman Sachs analysts attempted to address a touchy subject for biotech companies, especially those involved in the pioneering "gene therapy" treatment: cures could be bad for business in the long run. "Is curing patients a sustainable business model?" analysts ask in an April 10 report entitled "The Genome Revolution." From a report: "The potential to deliver 'one shot cures' is one of the most attractive aspects of gene therapy, genetically-engineered cell therapy and gene editing. However, s...
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Word of the week: Cacography

You’d think I’d have known this word for years and years instead of for just a few days, because cacography describes a wide swath of brand naming. Also, I like -graphy words in general (choreography, biography, typography, cinematography, lexicography, orography), all of which have some connection to writing, which is what the Greek root graphein signifies. And I’m also (immaturely) drawn to words beginning with cac- and kak-, my very favorite being kakistocracy. The front part of those cac- a...
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Foldable wars? New patent filing suggests that Apple is readying a 'foldable' iPhone

Just before Samsung is expected to showcase a foldable Galaxy phone, Apple filed a patent update that suggests it too is working on such a design.            [Author: USA TODAY]
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New Gym At Google Dublin

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Mark Zuckerberg roasted by group of lawmakers, who accuse Facebook's CEO of spectacular leadership failure

A report by British lawmakers has taken direct aim at Mark Zuckerberg. The report accuses Facebook's CEO of "contempt" after he failed to show up to give evidence to a British parliamentary committee. The committee's chair, Damian Collins, said Zuckerberg had failed to show the "leadership and personal responsibility" required of the CEO of such a large company. Facebook did not directly respond to the barb against its CEO but said its senior executives made a "significant contribution" to the...
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A Telecaster Made Out of 1200 Colored Pencils

A couple weeks back, Burls Art dared to make a Stratocaster out of 1200 Crayola colored pencils. Now comes a Telecaster-style guitar, which Fender first put into production back in 1950. You can watch it get made, from start to finish, in the 11-minute video above. On a more serious note, anyone interested in the history of the electric guitar--particularly the Strat, Tele and Les Paul--should spend time with the new book by Ian S. Port, The Birth of Loud: Leo Fender, Les Paul, and the G...
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Jimi Hendrix Arrives in London in 1966, Asks to Get Onstage with Cream, and Blows Eric Clapton Away: “You Never Told Me He Was That F-ing Good”

Jimi Hendrix arrived on the London scene like a ton of bricks in 1966, smashing every British blues guitarist to pieces the instant they saw him play. As vocalist Terry Reid tells it, when Hendrix played his first showcase at the Bag O’Nails, arranged by Animals’ bassist Chas Chandler, “there were guitar players weeping. They had to mop the floor up. He was piling it on, solo after solo. I could see everyone’s fillings falling out. When he finished, it was silence. Nobody knew what t...
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The era of the all-powerful tech CEO has only just begun, even though Facebook and Snap show why that's a bad thing (SNAP, FB, DBX, ROKU)

At a growing number of companies, particularly in the tech sector, CEOs and other insiders have outsized control over their corporate decisions.  The executives have that control through special shares that give them extra votes. Such arrangements used to be rare, but are becoming much more common. Lyft and several other tech companies that are likely to hold their initial public offerings this year will likely debut with such dual-class stock structures. Companies say such arrangements allow ...
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In 1999, David Bowie knew the internet would change the world

David Bowie was well known as a rock star, but somehow his other interests and accomplishments remain obscure. In this 1999 interview, he explains why he knows the internet is more than just a tool and why it was destined to change the world.He launched his own internet service provider in 1998, BowieNet. It ceased operations in 2006.When you think of the brilliant minds who understood what a game changer the internet was going to be back in the '90s, you probably don't think of David Bowie. Thi...
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Laws can’t keep up with sex robots’ ethical and privacy issues

From the Drudge Report to The New York Times, sex robots are rapidly becoming a part of the national conversation about the future of sex and relationships. Behind the headlines, a number of companies are currently developing robots designed to provide humans with companionship and sexual pleasure – with a few already on the market. Unlike sex toys and dolls, which are typically sold in off-the-radar shops and hidden in closets, sexbots may become mainstream. A 2017 survey suggested almost half ...
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Nike Car Tires

All-White car tires inspired by the look of iconic Nike Air Force 1 sneakers. Nike Air white car tires designed by John Elliott for Lexus UX crossover. Also check out: Tire Carvings
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Famous Drawings by Leonardo da Vinci Celebrated in a New Series of Stamps

No special occasion is required to celebrate Leonardo da Vinci, but the fact that he died in 1519 makes this year a particularly suitable time to look back at his vast, innovative, and influential body of work. Just last month, "Leonardo da Vinci: A Life in Drawing" opened in twelve museums across the United Kingdom. "144 of Leonardo da Vinci’s greatest drawings in the Royal Collection are displayed in 12 simultaneous exhibitions across the UK," says the exhibition's site, with each venue's dra...
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Xiaomi Mi 9: 90.7% screen-to-body ratio, optical in-display fingerprint sensor, 12GB RAM Transparent Edition and more

After confirming new holographic technology, Snapdragon 855 SoC and camera specifications of the Mi 9 smartphone, ahead of February 20 announcement, Xiaomi has confirmed that the display specifcations, in-display fingerprint technology as well as  Transparent Edition. Xiaomi Mi 9 will features Full HD+ Samsung AMOLED screen with 90.7% screen to body ratio, 103.8% NTSC color gamut, 600 nits brightness, >60000:1 contrast ratio and Corning Gorilla Glass  6protection. It will also feature in-...
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TCL leaks foretell a weird future for foldable phones

Foldables are going to get weird. And I’m here for it. Just check out these leaked TCL renders from CNET. All manner of strange and wonderful folding devices — two tablets and three smartphones, including one that flips all the way around into a Futurama-style bracelet. There are renders for tablets and phones that fold both in and out. Granted, few if any will actually come to fruition, but if this first wave of foldables opens up smartphone design in new and interesting ways like these, th...
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Alibaba developed Chinese Communist Party propaganda app that became China Apple Store hit: Report

The smash hit Chinese government propaganda app Xuexi Qiangguo, which translates to 'Study to make China strong', was developed by the technology firm Alibaba, reports Reuters today. Just last week, the propaganda app knocked Wechat and Tik Tok’s Chinese version Douyin off the "most popular app" pedestal in Apple’s China app store. Two people at Alibaba disclosed their company's role in the Xuexi Qiangguo app to Reuters during a time when the relationships between Chinese technology firms an...
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This robot that can instantly find Waldo might be my favorite use of artificial intelligence yet

Everyone loves a good "Where's Waldo?" puzzle — unless you can't actually find Waldo, then it starts to get frustrating. Don't feel too bad: One company actually built a robot that can find Waldo faster than most humans probably could. The robot, called "There's Waldo," uses computer vision and machine learning to spot Waldo — it's been able to find the hidden character in as little as 4.5 seconds. Here's how "There's Waldo" works: Creative agency redpepper built a camera-mounted robotic arm ...
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Facebook was destroyed by British lawmakers for its disastrous year, but new laws should not be narrowly focused on the social network

British lawmakers published a damning report about Facebook, its many privacy problems, and its monopoly power as part of an inquiry into fake news. Politicians proposed new laws that would force tech companies to take legal responsibility for the content published on their platforms. But the lawmakers are narrowly focused on Facebook, and are in danger of creating sweeping new laws that impact the internet beyond just one big social network. New laws that combat fake online political ads and ...
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Apple Plans To Launch an 'All-New' 16-inch MacBook Pro and 32-inch 6K Monitor This Year, Says Report

Apple is planning an "all-new" MacBook Pro design for this year, well-connected analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has said. From a report: The lineup is reportedly led by a model with a screen of between 16 and 16.5 inches, which would make it the biggest screen in a Mac notebook since the 17-inch models stopped being sold in 2012. Kuo says the lineup may also include a 13-inch model with support for 32GB of RAM; right now only the 15-inch MacBook Pro can be configured with that amount of memory. [...] Mor...
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You Have Around 20 Minutes To Contain a Russian APT Attack

When a Russian nation-state actor attacks a government or a private organization, they have about 20 minutes to detect and contain the attack. From a report: New statistics published today by US cyber-security firm Crowdstrike ranked threat groups based on their "breakout time." "Breakout time" refers to the time a hacker group takes from gaining initial access to a victim's computer to moving laterally through its network. This includes the time the attacker spends scanning the local network an...
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UK parliament calls for antitrust, data abuse probe of Facebook

A final report by a British parliamentary committee which spent months last year investigating online political disinformation makes very uncomfortable reading for Facebook — with the company singled out for “disingenuous” and “bad faith” responses to democratic concerns about the misuse of people’s data. In the report, published today, the committee has also called for Facebook’s use of user data to be investigated by the UK’s data watchdog. In an evidence session to the committee late last ...
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Exposed Chinese database shows depth of surveillance state

BEIJING (AP) — The Chinese database Victor Gevers found online was not just a collection of old personal details. It was a compilation of real-time data on more than 2.5 million people in western China, updated constantly with GPS coordinates of their precise whereabouts. Alongside their names, birthdates and places of employment, there were notes […]
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Study says US Twitch streamers raked in roughly $87 million in 2017

A new  estimates that revenue-earning American Twitch streamers grew to nearly 9,800 in 2017 (a 59 percent increase from 2016) and made an estimated $87.1 million (representing a 30 percent YOY increase). Twitch is one of the fastest-growing platforms for American content creators. In terms of YOY growth in number of creators themselves, Twitch falls just behind Instagram and YouTube, and ranks second behind Instagram in YOY revenue growth for those creators. (Fun Fact: Instagram’s creator-b...
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Rapid7, Raytheon, Recorded Future Join Cyber Madness in Boston on April 8

It takes a healthy imagination to pinpoint all the cybersecurity risks baked into today’s Internet-connected, cloud-managed, Web-hungry world—let alone even start to plan for the vulnerabilities, attack strategies, and potent defenses for the future.On April 8, Xconomy is bringing together experts from Boston and beyond to dig into how companies have solved specific problems in security—defending against a cyber attack, securing network data, applications, or critical infrastructure, conducting...
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Big tech is coming for big bank profits, finance regulators warn

Giant technology companies are moving inexorably into the finance business and could quickly upend the banking industry, according to the financial industry's global watchdog.
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Android Q May Change the Back Button To a Gesture

Android's back button might be going away entirely, replaced with a quick swipe to the left from the home button. From a report: XDA Developers has been digging into a leaked, early set of code from the next version of Android, codenamed Q, and the latest discovery from those forays is this potential demise of the back button, as well as a quicker app-changing animation when you swipe to the right. The way that gestures and buttons work in Android 9 Pie (the current iteration, at least if you're...
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