Is Trump a Twitter addict?

 The president of the United States cannot seem to stop tweeting. Despite stern advice from his advisors and opprobrium from the world, not a day goes by that POTUS doesn’t escalate some tension in 280 characters. Each of us can relate to making a social media post we regret later and vowing never to do it again — but few of us do it on such a public scale. But is it addiction? Read More
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Zyper thinks ‘micro influencers’ are the future of online advertising

 Advocacy marketing — the idea of getting existing customers to talk about your company and its products — is nothing new, but as marketing spend has shifted online, a number of startups have tried to figure out ways of making it more scalable. One such company is Zyper, founded by Amber Atherton, who previously featured in British reality TV show “Made in Chelsea”.… Read More
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Instagram becomes an interest network with hashtag following

 Instagram has always been a social network where you follow friends and creators, but today it’s evolving with new way to follow hashtags so you see top posts and Stories about a topic on your home page. Rather than having to dig this content out of search or the Explore tab, can see the best #Slime videos or #FloralNails tutorials no matter who posts them. Today’s change will… Read More
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Google is launching 3 new experimental apps on both Android and the iPhone (GOOG)

Google is launching a new research project to develop so-called "appsperiments." Appsperiments are new apps that use some of Google's experimental technologies. The company is releasing three new apps today, on both Android and Apple's iOS. Google is launching three new experimental apps, named Storyboard, Selfissimo!, and Scrubbies, on iOS and Android (we first saw the news via The Verge). The first will come just to Android, while Scrubbies is an iOS exclusive; Selfissimo!, on the other ha...
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Google Just Launched 3 New Photo Apps - and We're Obsessed

Google has always been at the forefront of innovation. It's no surprise, then, that as we start to hit that point when we think we've got it all, the massive company pops up with something new and exciting and just all-around awe-inspiring. The latest endeavor, released on Dec. 12, is being labeled as the first in a set of "photography appsperiments" - all aimed at getting the most out of the incredibly futuristic capabilities in every mobile phone. Ahead, check out the details on all three of ...
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Now You Can See What Types of Photographs Are Being Searched With Google Trends

Trending on the Internet is one of the many components to a successful web content campaign. Google’s power to connect users with what they are looking for is completely unrivaled and when they add something new to their arsenal of web developer tools, the industry tends to take notice. And this new addition to their popular trends feature is a huge one indeed. In a move sure to please photographers and other visual artists, search engine giant Google has announced plans to begin including image...
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The Future of Blues Is in Good Hands: Watch 12-Year-Old Toby Lee Trade Riffs with Chicago Blues Guitarist Ronnie Baker Brooks

  Earlier this year, we highlighted some footage from 1989, showing then 12-year-old Joe Bonamassa wowing crowds and announcing his arrival on the blues scene. Years from now, we might look back in similar fashion at this footage of 12-year-old blues prodigy Toby Lee. Recorded last month at the Blues Heaven Festival in Denmark, this video features Lee trading riffs with Chicago blues guitarist Ronnie Baker Brooks. It runs a good five minutes--enough to convince you that the future of the blues ...
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SEC Chairman Urges Cryptocurrency Investors to Exercise Caution, Says Most ICOs Are Securities

After months of tension over what, if anything, the Securities and Exchange Commission was planning to do about cryptocurrencies and the billions of dollars people have sunk into initial coin offerings—a form of barely regulated investment vehicle in which investors trade real cash for tokens in crypto-backed…Read more...
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Instagram hires Twitter’s former VP of revenue product

 Instagram made a big hire last week when it brought on board Ameet Ranadive, Twitter’s former VP of revenue product. At Instagram, Ranadive is working as director of product overseeing the Wellbeing team, “which helps promote positive behavior on Instagram and protects the community from bad behavior and content,” he posted on Twitter on Friday. As head of the Wellbeing… Read More
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It's official: Apple is buying Shazam (AAPL)

Apple has bought Shazam, one of the early hit iPhone apps. The Shazam app allows users to identify the music that's playing nearby, such as a song in a restaurant or cafe. It also had augmented reality technology and an advertising business. No price was included in the announcement, but a source tells Business Insider it was around $400 million.   Apple has bought Shazam, the popular music-recognition app and augmented-reality service. Shazam and Apple both confirmed the purchase on Monday ...
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An early Shazam investor thinks the Apple deal is 'fantastic' — but that Shazam was 7 years too early (AAPL)

Apple confirmed it's buying British music recognition startup Shazam, with sources pegging the deal at $400 million. Shazam raised $140 million from investors, was once valued as a unicorn at $1 billion, and had at least 100 million monthly active users. An early investor in the UK, Simon Murdoch, told Business Insider that the deal made sense for Shazam because Apple could reach a much larger audience. Murdoch said Shazam had "fantastic" technology which was seven years too early. British v...
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Ouch ! OnePlus 5, 5T devices can’t play HD videos from Netflix, Amazon Prime Video

These devices do not support Widevine Level 1 DRM which is required to watch HD content from DRM protected services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Google Play Movies. OnePlus star wars theme The devices currently supports only Widevine Level 3 which limits its support to Standard Definition ( ). An update will be rolled out soon – but isn’t this really weird for a flagship product launch ? The post Ouch ! OnePlus 5, 5T devices can’t play HD videos from Netflix, Amazon Prime Video appear...
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The First Women in Tech Didn't Leave -- Men Pushed Them Out

An anonymous reader writes: A column on the Wall Street Journal argues that sexism in the tech industry is as old as the tech industry itself. At its genesis, computer programming faced a double stigma -- it was thought of as menial labor, like factory work, and it was feminized, a kind of "women's work" that wasn't considered intellectual (Editor's note: the link could be paywalled; alternative source). In the U.K., women in the government's low-paid "Machine Operator Class" performed knowledge...
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Hot Shot Tech Innovator Aims to Slash Fraud from Ad Attributions

MMW learned last week that KR8OS continues to advance the development of its Ethereum blockchain powered ad attribution platform expected to fully launch next year. The goal? To provide unparalleled transparency in digital advertising, particularly for attributions of app installs, direct response, affiliate deals, signups, and other conversion events. And the timing couldn’t be more opportune. A March 2017 study commissioned by WPP ad agency The&Partnership and conducted by ad verification com...
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My Top 5: Article Payola, Dilly or No Dilly, #metoo Salute

I have long neglected this space, what so many more fascinating things to read and worry about in the world over the last several months. I figured it was time to clear out a few cobwebs. Not coincidentally, I discuss some of these topics with Shel Holtz and Ike Pigott on the most recent episode of the For Immediate Release podcast: Image Credit: Mario Klingemann on Flickr “Expose” on Paid Placement in Contributed Articles Jon Christian of The Outline has written what I’ll call an “expose” of...
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Save On Laptops, Monitors, Modems, and More From Amazon's One-Day Tech Sale

Yesterday was supposed to be electronics day in Amazon’s 12 days of deals, but today’s TV and PC sale would have fit right in.Read more...
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Apple just introduced its first black Lightning cable — but you'll have to buy the $5,000 iMac Pro to get it (AAPL)

Apple is including a black Lightning cable along with its new iMac Pro.  It's the first time Apple has introduced a black Lightning cable, which charges iPhones, among other Apple products. But it's not available on Apple's website, so customers can only get it by purchasing the $5,000 iMac Pro computer.  Anyone who buys the new iMac Pro will get a pleasant surprise: a black Lightning cable.  Tech YouTuber Marques Brownlee got an early look at the new iMac Pro and posted his first impression...
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Depression & Melancholy: Animated Videos Explain the Crucial Difference Between Everyday Sadness and Clinical Depression

“Depression,” the TED-Ed video above informs us, “is the leading cause of disability in the world.” This may be a hard fact to swallow, the product, we might think, of pharmaceutical advertising. We all feel down from time to time, we think. “Then circumstances change, and those sad feelings disappear.” Isn’t it like this for everyone? It is not. “Clinical depression is different. It’s a medical disorder, and it won’t go away just because you want it to.” Depression can linger for up to ...
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Bitwise Investments raises $4M to launch its crypto index fund

 Last month San Francisco-based Bitwise Investments announced a passively managed index fund comprised of the top 10 cryptocurrencies by market capitalization. The fund rebalances once a month, and all assets are held in cold storage. Essentially its an easy way for investors to gain some passive exposure to cryptocurrency without having to worry about which ones to choose and how to buy and… Read More
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A guide to bezels, the hotly-contested smartphone feature that's dividing designers

In the world of smartphones, bezels may be among the most hotly contested design features. If you've followed any of the coverage of the latest devices, most notably Apple's new iPhone X, you likely have heard people talking about bezels. But you may not have known what they were or why they're important. Here's a rundown on what bezels are and what all the debate is about: What is a bezel, and why is it such a big deal? Bezels are the borders between a screen and a phone's frame. Many of ...
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This Battery Pack Turns Your Google Home Into My Favorite Portable Bluetooth Speaker

It seems inevitable that one day your entire home will be wired so that smart assistants can hear your every request, no matter where you are. But if you mostly rely on a smart speaker, its built-in mic can only eavesdrop so far. Companies like Google would certainly love it if you bought a smart speaker for every…Read more...
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Academic Journal Devotes an Entire Issue to Prince’s Life & Music: Read and Download It for Free

Image by Ann Althouse, via Flickr Commons For decades now, academics have made popular culture a worthy area of study, from hip hop, comic books, and Hollywood film and television to video games and internet culture. And for just as long, there have been those who sneered at the disciplines emerging around pop culture studies. But really, what are we to do with someone like Prince, someone so clearly, profoundly, a musical genius, with such an outsized impact on popular culture, that he cannot ...
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Lyft partners with Guild Education to offer drivers tuition discounts

 Lyft is going to start offering its drivers access to college advising and tuition discounts for classes, certificates and degrees through Guild Education. The discounts for Lyft drivers will range between five to 20 percent off, with the average Lyft driver working to earn a degree saving $4,220 per year. The majority of Lyft drivers are part-time, with 93 percent driving less than 20 hours… Read More
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Iron Mountain acquires IO Data Centers US operations for $1.3 billion

 Iron Mountain announced today that it’s acquiring the US data center assets of IO Data Centers for a cool $1.3 billion — and the price tag could potentially go higher With today’s purchase, Iron Mountain gets some serious assets including four state-of-the-art data centers in Phoenix and Scottsdale, Arizona, Edison, New Jersey and Columbus, Ohio. The four buildings in… Read More
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Clubhouse nets $10m Series A from Battery Ventures to make software development fun again

 People often describe work as a rat race, but for a lot of engineers, that isn’t too far off. Take one Jira ticket off the queue, fix the bug or add the feature, mark the ticket as complete and move as quickly as possible to the next ticket. Engineering for many organizations — perhaps despite the intentions of management — ends up being more like a deli counter or an I Love… Read More
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We've Toned Down the 'Destroying Society' Shtick, Facebook Insists

Facebook has taken the unusual step of responding to comments by former VP Chamath Palihapitiya that the social media giant was "destroying how society works." Palihapitiya said that executives ignored cautionary instincts when creating Facebook, and he now regretted the consequences. In a statement, Facebook said: Chamath has not been at Facebook for over 6 years. When Chamath was at Facebook we were focused on building new social media experiences and growing Facebook around the world. Faceboo...
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The Truly Wireless Earbuds You Should Buy Instead of AirPods

If you’d told me in 2007 that people would be walking around listening to music with wireless, popcorn-sized earbuds, I would’ve called you crazy. It is now 2017, and these futuristic little gadgets are a reality. But which ones are the best? Read more...
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Fostering Truth and Reconciliation One Generation at a Time

In his story for Museum 2040 , Omar Eaton-Martinez posits a future in which the United States establishes its own Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) to deal with the “atrocities and long-term impact of the genocide of First Nation peoples, enslavement of Africans, and incongruent immigration policies towards non-white peoples.” Futures studies teaches us that every plausible future has a toe hold in the present, so Omar’s story sent me in search of museums already formally involved in...
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Menlo Security secures $40 million Series C to keep malware at bay

 Menlo Security, a startup with a unique approach to protecting your company from malware and phishing attacks, announced a $40 million Series C round today. Menlo protects customers by never lets letting employees access an actual website or email containing malware. Instead, they isolate the original in a container, then display a clean mirror image in the browser, which has been stripped of… Read More
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Comcast continues to inject its own code into websites you visit

Comcast believes it’s acceptable to inject hundreds of lines of code into any web page you visit if it thinks you’re in need of a hardware upgrade. And even if you don’t need an upgrade, you’re wrong. A user recently took to the company’s forums to complain of its practice of running its own code on webpages customers visit in order to prompt them with special Comcast messages. Posting under the name “bham3dman” on the company’s official forum, the user stated: Comcast began injecting 400+ lines...
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