Binge watch on the Big Screen

Your mobile fits into your pocket. It has a 5-6 inch screen. The FastFox DLP projector also fits into your pocket. It projects a screen anywhere from 30 to a 100 inches.This slick little device has the footprint of an external hard disk and can connect to your devices via USB or HDMI (or just plug that Chromecast in). It uses DLP technology to provide an image that’s better in quality than an LCD and even heats up less. Weighing just over 200 grams, the FastFox comes with a tripod mount and even...
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Google Home Max is the best smart speaker for the money. Period.

There’s never been a better time to buy a smart speaker. Once dominated by Amazon, the space has exploded in recent months to include stellar offerings from Apple, Sonos, Microsoft, and my pick for best in class: Google. Google’s Home Max isn’t perfect, and the $399 price tag might be a bitter pill to swallow for those looking to upgrade from the original Google Home (or an Amazon Echo) but it checks enough boxes to make it the most well-rounded offering in its class. Weighing in at almost 12 po...
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This dildo orders Domino’s pizza after you cum

You have never experienced this level of comfort before: adult webcam platform CamSoda has engineered a hi-tech dildo that will not only help you achieve robust orgasms, but will also hit up Domino’s and order a pizza for you after you’ve cum. Unlike your dumb dildo, the so-called RubGrub has been equipped with an internet-connected button, which users can press to place a delivery for a pizza after a heated rubbing session. Why would someone want a contraption like this? Well, because “the body...
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Samsung’s HMD Odyssey is the best way to experience Microsoft’s Mixed Reality

When Microsoft announced its entrance into the VR headset market, its partner products were attractive and relatively inexpensive, but didn’t live up to the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive in terms of pure image quality and specs. Enter Samsung’s HMD Odyssey, a $499 headset that can compete with the best of them. I’ve been living with the Odyssey for the past couple of months, spending many an hour immersed in Microsoft’s mixed reality world. The Odyssey’s combination of some of the highest resolutions...
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Google debuts AdSense ‘auto ads’ with machine learning to make placement and monetization choices

 Google is today unveiling a new ad unit for AdSense that taps into the company’s big push to add more artificial intelligence into its business, and to potentially bring on more publishers who might consider ramping up their advertising efforts but don’t have the time or other resources to manage them. Google is debuting “Auto Ads” — not commercials for cars, but…
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Boston Tech Watch: Nuance, Harvard, MIT, Jobcase, Panjiva & More

It’s time to catch up on some of the latest headlines in the Boston-area tech scene: —Nuance Communications is planning to phase out the Swype mobile keyboard apps for iOS and Android smartphones, according to a post from Xda Developers, which said it got confirmation from Burlington, MA-based Nuance (NASDAQ: NUAN). Nuance bought Swype in 2011 for $102.5 million. —S&P Global (NYSE: SPGI) said it has reached a deal to acquire Panjiva, which uses machine learning and related technologies to...
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Teampay raises $4m so you don’t have to steal your CEO’s credit card anymore

 Few problems are as much of a headache for the modern corporate worker as buying things on the company’s dime. Companies are loathe to hand out credit cards to everyone in the building, but they also want their employees to do your job without having to fill out six forms in triplicate to requisition a pencil. They also want to control spending and track who bought that $2,000 bottle… Read More
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Roku’s CEO explains why he hasn't been crushed by giants like Apple and Amazon — and why a newcomer can conquer the streaming TV market (ROKU)

Roku, the streaming TV platform company, competes with giants like Apple and Amazon. But even though those big tech companies have similar gadgets, Roku continues to thrive. Roku CEO Anthony Wood attributed the company's success to a variety of factors like its superior software designed specifically for TVs. Roku CEO Anthony Wood is not afraid to go toe-to-toe with industry heavyweights. The scrappy streaming TV company he leads is a tiny player, with a relatively modest $5 billion mar...
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100-Page Report Warns of the Many Dangers of AI

dmoberhaus writes: Last year, 26 top AI researchers from around the globe convened in Oxford to discuss the biggest threats posed by artificial intelligence. The result of this two day conference was published today as a 100-page report. The report details three main areas where AI poses a threat: political, physical systems, and cybersecurity. It discusses the specifics of these threats, which range from political strife caused by fake AI-generated videos to catastrophic failure of smart homes ...
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Airbnb is rolling out a new tier aimed at higher-end travelers

 Airbnb today is rolling out a few new additions to their home-booking system, including new tiers that are aimed at higher-end customers called Airbnb Plus and Beyond by Airbnb. The new Airbnb Plus tier has homes that are verified for “quality and comfort,” rolling out with around 2,000 homes to start that have been inspected against a thorough checklist. The Luxury tier, called… Read More
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Employees at $93 billion Qualcomm brace for layoffs after Apple sparks a boardroom battle — it’s straight out of ‘Game of Thrones’ (QCOM, AVGO, AAPL)

Chip maker Qualcomm is in a fight for its life, which will culminate during its March 6 shareholders meeting. Qualcomm's board members are fending off a hostile takeover by their rival Broadcom, which would be the largest tech merger in history. To fend off Broadcom's offers, Qualcomm has adopted a "poison pill" defense — basically, Qualcomm is paying more for major acquisition of its own, in the hopes of making itself less attractive to Broadcom. Meanwhile, Qualcomm's 34,000 worldwide employ...
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Hotshot Marketing Business Intelligence: How to Crush Marketing ROI Goals

Today’s hotshot marketing execs often find themselves in really tough positions from the C-suite to the boardroom. Charged with growing business AND proving the value of marketing, marketing leaders need critical insight more than ever. Proving success and value – often with less-than-perfect visibility into how marketing components are working together can lead to heartburn, sleepless nights and a lot of stress. Successful marketers feel this pinch on a daily basis, and it makes sense. Why ...
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Google doesn’t want you to ‘send a message to Barack Obama’

… Well, kind of. It appears that the Google app for Android is suffering from a bizarre glitch that breaks its interface anytime someone tries searching how to send a message to Barack Obama. As spotted by observant users on Reddit, what triggers the bug is the search input – or namely ‘how to send a message to Barack Obama.” Instead of Obama’s contact details, the search breeds a long string of incomprehensible characters. Here’s what happens when you type in the ‘magic’ words: Whatever the cau...
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2019 Volvo V60 Revealed with Superb Looks & Technology

Estates, or station wagons, are utility vehicles for cultured, considerate people who know they don’t need a huge SUV if they want something practical. And you really don’t need a SUV when the estate in question looks like this. The 2019 Volvo V60 could be the coolest family car we’ve seen this decade! Built on Volvo Cars’ Scalable Product Architecture (SPA) platform which also underpins their crossovers, the 2019 Volvo V60 is about as premium as family cars get. There is more space than eve...
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LEGO's 60th anniversary 'Fun Future' set

LEGO is releasing a number of 60th anniversary sets. The Robot and Spaceman from the Fun Future kit are already making waves. Sets in the multi-piece LEGO style of old, rather than the single purpose build-a-thing sets, get a lot less playtime here, with my daughter. These 60th anniversary sets, however, have sucked her in. 186 pieces in a small box, with limited instructions? That is a lot of fun! LEGO Classic Fun Future 10402 Building Kit (186 Piece) via Amazon Image via Amazon
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The FCC’s order gutting net neutrality is now official — but the fight is just getting started

 The FCC’s “Restoring Internet Freedom” order, which vastly curtails the agency’s 2015 net neutrality rules, has officially taken effect in the Federal Register. It may sound like the end of the line, but in fact this is the green light for everyone in the country, from citizens to attorney generals to senators, to begin the official battle against this ill-advised… Read More
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Bump is a peer-to-peer marketplace for streetwear

 As the streetwear and sneaker industry continues to explode in popularity we’re seeing more and more startups popping up to service the industry, all from slightly different angles. Meet Bump, a peer-to-peer take on a streetwear marketplace. Founded six months ago in the U.K and now part of Y Combinator’s Winter ’18 batch, the startup already has over 200,000 users buying… Read More
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Tech M&A is going to pick up in 2018

There may be more M&A in the near future in the technology sector. Tech execs confidence level in the global economy has risen from 20% to 80%. More than half of tech execs say they will pursue deals in the next year. And the tax plan doesn't have that much to do with it.  While 2017 was a wash for tech M&A, we’re barely a month into the new year and that narrative is already changing. This is hardly a surprise. In a single year, tech executives’ confidence in the global economy increased to...
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YouTube still hasn’t fixed its Trending problem

YouTube is in hot water again after it failed this week to catch a conspiracy theory video before it topped the Trending section — proving the company still doesn’t have a handle on its own algorithms, despite being raked over the coals for this multiple times in the past. The video in question — which, in the interest of good taste, I’m not going to embed or link to — is about David Hogg, one of the survivors of the Parkland high school shooting rampage which happened last week. The video claim...
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Pop star turned entrepreneur Starshell raises $1 million for her Birthday Girl World

 For the singer-songwriter Starshell, a one-time protege of Mary J. Blige, success comes in many guises — and the latest is startup entrepreneur. Her song “Birthday Girl“, resonated so strongly with fans, says the singer born LaNeah Menzies, that it became something of an anthem. And Menzies has turned that anthem into a business. Her site, Birthday Girl World, saw 208,740… Read More
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Stealth space catapult startup SpinLaunch is raising $30M

 What if instead of blasting cargo into space on a rocket, we could fling it into space using a catapult? That’s the big, possibly crazy, possibly genius idea behind SpinLaunch. It was secretly founded in 2014 by Jonathan Yaney, who built solar-powered drone startup Titan Aerospace and sold it to Google. Now TechCrunch has learned from three sources that SpinLaunch is raising a massive… Read More
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Indigo Fair raises $12M to connect wholesalers with smaller retail outlets with a smarter service

 Max Rhodes was walking around that weird little parklet in Hayes Valley in San Francisco after taking a break from a five-year stint at Square to figure out what he wanted to do next — and he kept seeing Square registers everywhere. It was spotting them over and over again in smaller retail shops dotted throughout the city that made him think about the connections between the average… Read More
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UPS is working on a fleet of 50 custom-built electric delivery trucks

 UPS will work with partner Workhorse, a battery-electric transportation technology company, to develop and deploy a fleet of 50 custom-built plug-in electric delivery trucks with zero emissions. The goal is to make trucks that cost as much to buy as do traditional fuel-based delivery vehicles – even without taking into account subsidies. The Workhorse designed-vehicles, will be… Read More
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Intel, Microsoft, Dell, HP and Lenovo Expect PCs With Fast 5G Wireless To Ship Next Year

Intel, along with Dell, HP, Lenovo, and Microsoft said Thursday that the companies expect the first 5G Windows PCs to become available during the second half of 2019. From a report: That's about the same time that Intel plans to begin shipping its XMM 8000 commercial modems, marking the company's entrance into the 5G market. Intel will show off a prototype of the new 5G connected PC at Mobile World Congress show in Barcelona. In addition the company will demonstrate data streaming over the 5G ne...
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Apple said to launch new water-resistant AirPods with ‘Hey Siri’ support later this year

Apple is said to be busy working on a new AirPods with 'Hey Siri' support and water-resistance that are expected to launch later this year. The new AirPods said to feature a new wireless chip according to a report from Bloomberg.  With Hey Siri integration, users can now communicate with Apple's voice assistant hands-free which is an improvement over the current AirPods hardware which needs a double hardware tap. Going by the reports, Apple is going all out with the upcoming AirPods and is ag...
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AT&T names Atlanta, Dallas and Waco first of 12 US cities to get 5G wireless

 AT&T wireless announced on Tuesday the first cities to get its 5G network. The carrier plans on installing 5G in twelve cities by the end of 2018 and on top of the list is Atlanta, Georgia, and Dallas and Waco, Texas. The remaining cities will be announced at a later date. Several carriers have been trialing 5G networks for sometime. AT&T says this rollout will be based on the 3GPP… Read More
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Big Data — useful tool or fetish?

In 2012, the Obama administration unveiled a two hundred million dollar initiative to facilitate the growth of the Big Data industry and demonstrate its potential in large-scale markets. However, the initiative was an apparent failure. Despite government endorsement, Big Data has been unable to develop into an industry in its own right; the analysis and evaluation of billions of data points remain a trend rather than an emerging technology. Tom Kalil, Deputy Director for Policy at OSTP, released...
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A physician’s life as an FBI informant

“Where is Saipan?” I typed into Google to search for this little U.S. territory island in the Western Pacific when I was told about a need for an OB/GYN in 2016. Next, I inquired to the private physician looking to expand his practice, “Do you really have a significant volume to support another doctor?” My vision of island medicine was that there were a smaller number of births due to a limited population. But the island of Saipan has quite a unique situation, unlike many countries. The births a...
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Ford names Kumar Galhotra president of Ford North America

 Ford today announced key changes in the company’s leadership ranks after yesterday’s abrupt departure of Raj Nair, former Ford President of North America. Kumar Galhotra will take over Nair’s position effective on March 1. In this post he will be responsible for all of Ford’s North American business and report to Jim Farley, Ford EVP and president of Global… Read More
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The beauty company Glossier just closed on a whopping $52 million in fresh funding

 Glossier, the nearly four-year-old, direct-to-consumer beauty company, has landed $52 million in Series C funding in what it describes as a heavily oversubscribed round. The financing was led by earlier investors IVP and Index Ventures. The New York-based company — which evolved out of the popular blog Into the Gloss by founder and CEO Emily Weiss — began selling its own make-up at… Read More
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