Learning to Program by Working on Real World Projects

Just say hell no to “Hello World” I am going to have to tell you the truth. Most programming books are boring. I have written a couple of these books and I will even say that the books I wrote are boring. You will learn something but it won’t be building the most interesting project. I bet you will throw the code away when you are done with it. And I am going to assume that when you had the brilliant idea of becoming a programmer, you also had some ideas of what you want to build. Well, start...
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Spotlight on Novos, the training platform for gamers

“Geeks become the new jocks as British universities now have more gaming teams than football”. According to a recent article on The Telegraph: “E-sports have now overtaken football as the sport with the highest number of teams at British universities. There are 685 e-sports teams spread across 73 universities in the UK, compared to 662 football teams” When it comes to the rise of E-sports, the first trend is that gaming is no longer just a hobby. It is now a legitimate sport in which train...
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