'Beware Silicon Valley's Gifts To Our Schools'

schwit1 shares a National Review report: After three years, there is no proof that Apple's, Google's, and Microsoft's infiltration of the classroom is producing actual academic improvement and results. Take Facebook's efforts for an example. The company -- under fire for privacy breaches worldwide -- is peddling something called "Summit Learning," a web-based curriculum bankrolled by CEO Mark Zuckerberg and his wife, Priscilla Chan. Last month, students in New York City schools walked out in pro...
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How to Network without Face-to-Face Interactions If You’re an Introvert

You're reading How to Network without Face-to-Face Interactions If You’re an Introvert, originally posted on Pick the Brain | Motivation and Self Improvement. If you're enjoying this, please visit our site for more inspirational articles. Networking opens many doors for entrepreneurs. This is a sure-fire way to get people interested in your services, find loyal partners, and most importantly, attract new customers. But things are not that optimistic if you’re an introvert like me. A lump in the ...
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The 29 Tech Products We're Lusting After in 2019

We're not ashamed to admit that we rely on technology; it's there to make our lives easier, and we can't get enough of it. From smart-home devices to advanced headphones and new gadgets, 2019 is already shaping up to be a very exciting year in tech. Right now, these are the 29 devices we know we're going to use all year long. Related: We Weren't Ready For the Genius That Is ...
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This Right Here Is an Incredibly Annoying Thing About Android (gizmodo)

Everything to love about Android, there is still one deeply annoying problem. One that can be so annoying it could make you swear off the OS altogether. It takes forever for the Google’s OS updates to trickle down to products manufactured by companies like Samsung, OnePlus, and Huawei. So while Samsung S9 and OnePlus…Read more... [Author: Alex Cranz]
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There's A Lot At Stake In The Weekly US Drought Map

Crippling drought this year has caused more than $1 billion in damage. As it has played out, anyone affected by the drought or trying to manage it has turned to a once obscure map that has become key to understanding what's happening: the U.S. Drought Monitor. From a report: That includes water planners who decide resource allotments. Farmers who need water for their livelihood. Federal bureaucrats who use the map to calculate aid for the Livestock Forage Disaster Program. And then there are cit...
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Samsung Wants To Bring Web Browsing, Office Work To the TV

Samsung's 2019 smart TVs will allow consumers to browse the web, access their PCs and even edit work documents from the comfort of their living room couch. From a report: The company previewed a new feature dubbed Remote Access this week, which integrates both Samsung's own Knox security framework as well as remote access software from VMWare. Samsung stopped short on revealing key details about Remote Access. It did disclose that Remote Access will make it possible to remotely access a PC from ...
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Apple Airpods silly to me

I would never buy an Apple Airpod. It just seems so silly to me. Remember those bluetooth speakers and earpiece that people often used to wear in the past? I thought that looked silly as well. So to me the Airpod is just a modern version of that. Except not only are you demonstrating that you have an expensive phone to steal, you also let people know you can lay down a few hundred for those things. Talk about painting a target on your back. I shared earlier how my iPhone was stolen...
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The wireless gadget that can charge your phone through the table

An effective wireless charger is a wireless charger that does its job without being around your phone. Imagine sitting at the table, just placing your phone on the counter and it begins charging. No pads, no branding, no products. Just the promise of invisible charging. That future isn’t far off, especially with the Archon promising to do just that. The Archon works like normal wireless chargers, but rather than having you place it on the table and then put your phone on top of it, the Archon ...
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Patent suggests Samsung’s getting into the drone market

South Korean electronic giants Samsung may be entering into the drone market, according to a patent published by the US Patents & Trademark Office. According to GizmoChina, though, it’s not just any drone. It’s a “transformable drone”. Exactly how that’s different from a “folding drone”, I’m not so sure, but that’s what GizmoChina call it. […] The post Patent suggests Samsung’s getting into the drone market appeared first on DIY Photography.
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Twitter restrictions on Elon Musk are set to take hold. But is Tesla willing to reel him in?

Under a fraud settlement Tesla CEO Elon Musk signed with the SEC, Tesla’s board must now “oversee” Musk’s public communications. Whether the oversight will fundamentally alter his Twitter activity is open to doubt.
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​In 1983, Isaac Asimov predicted the world of 2019. Here's what he got right (and wrong).

In 1983, the Toronto Star asked science fiction writer Isaac Asimov to predict what the world would be like in 2019.His predictions about computerization were mostly accurate, though some of his forecasts about education and space utilization were overly optimistic.Asimov's predictions highlight just how difficult it is to predict the future of technology. None Isaac Asimov was one the world's most celebrated and prolific science fiction writers, having written or edited more than 500 books over...
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Watch the ANYmal quadrupedal robot go for an adventure in the sewers of Zurich

There’s a lot of talk about the many potential uses of multi-legged robots like Cheetahbot and Spot — but in order for those to come to fruition, the robots actually have to go out and do stuff. And to train for a glorious future of sewer inspection (and helping rescue people, probably), this Swiss quadrupedal bot is going deep underground. ETH Zurich / Daniel Winkler The robot is called ANYmal, and it’s a long-term collaboration between the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology , abbreviate...
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We’re missing the ‘Skynet’ to complete our connected robot future

Throughout history, innovators have strived to create automata, or robots as we now know them, to augment labor intensive and dangerous human jobs. As far back as 322 BC, Aristotle predicted that fleets of mechanical automata could finally rid the world of the scourge of slavery by taking over backbreaking manual roles forced upon human workers. However, over time as robotics has advanced, Hollywood and the media have become skeptical — and even fearful — of the risks of empowering robots too mu...
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The Google company chasing immortality

Drive an hour north of Google's headquarters up to Oyster Point, south San Francisco, and you will find the office of Calico Labs. The steel-and-glass building has none of the showmanship of its sister company's colourful campus.Its... [Author: [email protected]]
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Longtime Apple analyst Gene Munster thinks the company should be valued less like a tech company, and more like Coca-Cola. Here’s why that could be good for shareholders (AAPL)

Apple's stock could soon benefit from a shift in investor thinking about the company, Gene Munster, a longtime tech analyst, said. The company is increasingly looking like Proctor & Gamble or other consumer staple companies, he said. Those businesses are valued by investors for their stable and predictable revenue and growth — and trade at far more favorable multiples of their earnings.  The combination of Apple's iPhone and services businesses allows it to portray itself as something very sim...
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Iota Biosciences raises $15M to produce in-body sensors smaller than a grain of rice

Fitness trackers and heart rate monitors are all well and good, but if you want to track activity inside the body, the solutions aren’t nearly as convenient. Iota Biosciences wants to change that with millimeter-wide sensors that can live more or less permanently in your body and transmit what they detect wirelessly, and a $15 million series A should put them well on their way. The team emerged from research at UC Berkeley, where co-founders Jose Carmena and Michel Maharbiz were working on impro...
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Why your startup shouldn’t rush to $1 million in revenue

Martina Lauchengco Contributor Share on Twitter Martina spent over 20 years as a marketing and product executive building and crafting strategies for market-defining software like Microsoft Office and Netscape Navigator. As an operating partner at Costanoa Ventures, she sits on multiple boards and advises companies on all things go-to-market. She also teaches at the UC Berkeley graduate school of engineering. ...
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Users Report of Nationwide CenturyLink Internet Outage

Are you having trouble accessing your CenturyLink internet today? Well, you're not alone. From a report: Several Treasure Valley residents reached out to KTVB Thursday morning to report they had no access to their CenturyLink internet or in some cases, their phone services. Some KTVB employees experienced the outage as well. A KTVB employee who uses the internet service provider called CenturyLink customer service. The customer service associate said they are aware of the outage for the 208 area...
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Instagram update: change to horizontal scrolling prompts online uproar

Picture-sharing platform retracts horizontal-scrolling feature within an hour of ‘mistaken’ rollout to usersThe photo-sharing social media site Instagram has apologised after rolling out a major change to the way users interact with its app to more users than intended – leading to an online outcry and the system being switched back within an hour.The change meant that instead of scrolling through a feed of pictures from friends, as the app has worked since its launch in 2010, users had to tap to...
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I Was Dumped Over My Depression

He found out by Googling me. I’ve been writing candidly about my life for as long as I can remember. I’ve never been able to pull off fiction, because my brain doesn’t work that way, but I’ve been able to, as Hemingway put it, “sit down at a typewriter and bleed.” Or, since it is the 21st Century, sit down at a computer and just let it all out. Maybe I’m a product of my 21st Century over-sharing generation, or maybe I just want others to feel less alone in their own struggles; some days, I’m n...
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Getting to a minimum viable product (MVP) health care app: Partner with physicians

Over the course of several years, IBM’s fledgling Watson for Oncology program has received a wide range of reviews. Among them is a harsh critique published by Gizmodo.  The article is filed under the keywords “AI,” “Watson,” “health,” “health care,” and “Doctor: This product is a piece of shit.” The last keyword is courtesy of […] Find jobs at Careers by Search thousands of physician, PA, NP, and CRNA jobs now. Learn more.
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2018's Free Resources for Designers

Design tools can be expensive, so the prudent designer takes advantage of every free resource available. Here's a bunch of no-cost tools and archives we found in 2018:Architecture & design images (and other categories) free to download from the Library of Congress. New Font Derived From Eye Charts, Now Free to Download. A Free, Online Ergonomics Calculator. Amazon's amazing part finder: Shoot a fastener with your phone, it identifies it, provides sizing/buying options. Here's how to ...
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9 Ways to Become a Successful Travel Blogger

Updated: 12/27/18 | December 27th, 2018 I don’t write articles about how to be successful at blogging often because this is a consumer travel website not a blogging website, but I’ve seen a lot of articles on travel blogging lately, which have many points I disagree with and I think offer a lot bad advice. As someone who has been blogging for over ten years, I want to offer a counterbalance to some of the prevailing (and wrong) wisdom out there on how to succeed. (Especially in light of that ...
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How to View Song Lyrics on an iPhone, iPad, Mac, or Apple TV

Apple Music is the way to listen to music on Apple’s devices, and while there are alternatives, the integration is second to none. There are some pretty great features, too—like being able to follow along with song lyrics. Apple Music isn’t the only music streaming service available on Apple’s platforms, but even though Spotify and others are more than capable, there’s something about using software designed specifically for a platform and Apple Music is a great example of that. There’s plenty ...
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Speaker Turntable

Modern bluetooth speaker with integrated turntable plays vinyl records. “Point Line” –  beautiful speaker and music player designed by Xundi Li. Also check out: Vinyl Sculptures
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How to Teach Your New Smart Speaker to Understand Your Voice

Not all smart speakers are created equal. In fact, some barely meet the qualifications to be called “smart” in the first place—but they’re getting better at answering your questions, assuming they can understand what you’re saying.Read more...
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How to record the screen on your iPhone

Need to show your parents how to send an Animoji? Or maybe you want to help someone set up their email account. We detail how to record the screen on your iPhone or iPad in a few basic steps. The post How to record the screen on your iPhone appeared first on Digital Trends.
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In Some Bay Area Counties, College Grads Have Higher Unemployment

Higher education is supposed to be the ticket to employment. But in some Bay Area counties, workers with a high school diploma have lower unemployment rates than those with bachelor's degrees or higher. From a report: Experts suggested the Bay Area's backwards numbers, which run counter to the national trend, could be the result of too-few lower-wage workers, many of whom have been driven out by skyrocketing housing prices and the rising cost of living. "We have employers call us all the time (...
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Reid Hoffman denies direct knowledge of funding disinformation in the Alabama Senate race

One of Silicon Valley’s prominent billionaires is in hot water after funding deceptive social media campaigns with echoes of Russia’s own political playbook. Reid Hoffman, who co-founded LinkedIn in 2003 and is now a partner at Greylock, footed the bill for a small political project with the aim of getting Democrat Doug Jones elected in 2017’s special election. Now, Hoffman is sorry — but he also maintains that he didn’t know where his money ended up. It’s not clear what impact the project ha...
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I should have written this sometime in September but life went a little sideways along with me being gone for ten days to Italy with my wife (I know, humble brag...).  I figured that I'd get it done in October but work went into overdrive and we were gone almost every weekend camping with family and friends.  Good excuses, right?  November and December have been kinda a blur at work and home.  I've been off for Christmas and will be until New Years and I'm finally getting a chance to knock out a...
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