Experts Urge US To Continue Support For Nuclear Fusion Research

An anonymous reader quotes a report from Scientific American: A panel of 19 scientists drawn from the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine recommended yesterday that the Department of Energy should continue an international experiment on nuclear fusion energy and then develop its own plan for a "compact power plant." A panel of 19 scientists drawn from the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine recommended yesterday that the Department of Energy should conti...
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Google Play Games v5.14 update brings Dark Theme, App shortcuts and more

Google has updated its Play Games app to version 5.14 that brings several new features including dark theme that can be enabled from the settings, app shortucuts in the launcher to quickly launch most recently played and installed games and an option to sort your achievements by rarity. The app also brings animated icons for built-in games when you scroll through the carousel. Teardown of the APK has revealed upcoming built-in game Minesweeper, Family Link controls, and easter eggs. The lates...
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Porn Sites Collect More User Data Than Netflix Or Hulu

An anonymous reader quotes a report from Quartz: The biggest and perhaps best source of data about what people like to watch on the internet and what they would pay for doesn't come from streaming giants like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, or Hulu. It comes from porn. While consuming porn is typically a private and personal affair, porn sites still track your every move: What content you choose, which moments you pause, which parts you repeat. By mining this data to a deeper degree than other stre...
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Number of Streaming Shows Overtakes Basic Cable, Broadcast For First Time

schwit1 shares a report from Variety: Streaming services snatched their biggest piece of the TV pie ever in 2018. According to FX's annual report on the number of scripted originals on TV, the number of streaming shows has surpassed the number of basic cable and broadcast shows for the first time ever. Out of 495 scripted originals that aired in 2018, 160 of them did so on a streaming platform. That is compared to 146 on broadcast and 144 on basic cable. Pay cable accounted for the remaining 45 ...
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Where to find Spurs vs. Burnley on US TV and streaming

If you’re trying to find out how you can watch Spurs vs. Burnley on US TV in the Premier League, you’ve come to the right place. For viewers in the US, Spurs vs. Burnley will be shown on TV and streaming (more details below). Match: Spurs vs. Burnley Kickoff: Saturday, 10am ET Looking to watch Spurs vs. Burnley online from your work, home or on the go? If you live in the USA, there are several options to catch all the action. We Recommend: US Only. Here are all of the ...
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Sacramento can’t bet on perpetual prosperity

In Sacramento, the talk is all about big budget surpluses — and big new spending. But across the state, signs of an economic downturn are strengthening. Combined with investors’ worries around the world and a disturbing picture is emerging. California’s public officials might enjoy taking it to President Trump on the economy, but they have no plan to change ideological course to fit more difficult times. The Golden State’s fortunes may have already peaked for a while. The new UCLA economists’ an...
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The 22 Android apps you should delete from your phone now

Experts at security firm Sophos are warning Android phone owners about 22 dodgy apps that drain battery life and could result in a big phone bill. The Sun reported the "click-fraud" apps pretend to be normal apps on the Google... [Author: [email protected]]
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Netting a Bargain: Cheap Nokia phone; Tesco toy sale; Moonpig 50%, free Chromecast with Google Home Mini - The Irish News

Netting a Bargain: Cheap Nokia phone; Tesco toy sale; Moonpig 50%, free Chromecast with Google Home Mini   The Irish News NOKIA'S new affordable phone is reduced from £69 to £39 on O2 pay-as-you-go until January 9. You don't have to buy a top-up to get the handset for this price.
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Apple Will Update iPhones In China To Avoid a Ban On Sales

An anonymous reader quotes a report from The New York Times: Apple said it would update the software of iPhones in China (Warning: source paywalled; alternative source) to try to resolve a legal dispute that threatens to stop the company from selling older iPhones in the country. Apple and its longtime chip supplier, Qualcomm, have been fighting in court over Apple's use of Qualcomm's technology. On Nov. 30, a Chinese court ruled Apple must immediately stop selling seven older iPhone models in C...
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T-Mobile, Sprint Merger Will Reportedly Be Cleared By US National Security Panel

According to CNBC, T-Mobile and Sprint are expecting their merger to be approved by a U.S. national security panel as early as next week, after their respective parent companies said they would consider dropping Huawei. From the report: U.S. government officials have been pressuring T-Mobile's German majority owner, Deutsche Telekom, to stop using Huawei equipment, the sources said, over concerns that Huawei is effectively controlled by the Chinese state and its network equipment may contain "ba...
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Apple iPhone X screen falls short of promises, lawsuit says

Complaint argues false pixels, notch, and measurements don't fit with ad claims Two iPhone owners sued Apple on Friday claiming that company misrepresents the screen resolution and screen size of its recent model iPhones.…
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Apple is producing new content about Snoopy and other Peanuts characters

Apple has signed a deal with DHX Media that will see the Canadian broadcaster producing new shows, specials and short films about Snoopy, Charlie Brown and the rest of the Peanuts gang. That includes exclusive short-form content for Apple starring astronaut Snoopy, aimed at getting kids excited about STEM. Peanuts was created by Charles Schulz, who wrote and illustrated the popular comic strip for five decades, starting in 1950. The characters moved to television in the 1960s with “A Charlie ...
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Facebook's privacy problems: a roundup

The social media giant’s troubles have led to lawsuits, House of Commons hearings and several apologiesFacebook disclosed on Friday that a bug may have affected up to 6.8 million users, allowing app developers to see photos that users had uploaded but never posted – but this was hardly the first mea culpa the social media giant has had to send out regarding data and security as of late. Related: Facebook admits bug allowed apps to see hidden photos Continue reading...
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Facebook restructures Building 8, separating projects into Reality Labs and Portal groups

Facebook is restructuring its experimental hardware efforts and giving its moonshot projects a home within its AR/VR research division. The restructuring, reported by Business Insider (paywalled), didn’t result in any layoffs but did see some shifts of teams as the old Building 8 group rebranded to Portal and some projects moved to the former Oculus Research group (now, Facebook Reality Lab). A Facebook spokesperson confirmed the reorganization to Business Insider. TechCrunch has reached out ...
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A conversation with the newest partners.
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Propel raises $12.8M for its free app to manage government benefits

Propel, maker of the Fresh EBT app for managing food stamps and other benefits, announced today that it has raised $12.8 million in Series A funding. Fresh EBT (the EBT stands for the Electronics Transfer Benefit card, which is how food stamp participants receive their benefits) allows users to check their food stamp/SNAP balance and find stores that accept food stamps. Users can also track their spending. The app is free for consumers and government agencies — the company makes money through di...
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These are the top issues with voice discoverability, monetization, and retention — and how to solve them

This is a preview of a research report from Business Insider Intelligence, Business Insider's premium research service. To learn more about Business Insider Intelligence, click here. The voice app ecosystem is booming. In the US, the number of Alexa skills alone surpassed 25,000 in January 2018, up from just 7,000 the previous January, in categories ranging from music streaming services, to games, to connected home tools. As voice platforms continue to gain footing in homes via smart speaker...
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Discord announces 90/10 revenue split for self-published titles on upcoming games store

After gaming chat app startup Discord announced in August that they were building out a games store, today, they’ve detailed that they’ll be pursuing a very competitive 90/10 revenue split for self-published titles in 2019. In addition, the company revealed that they now have 200 million active users on their chat app, up from 130 million users in May. The announcement follows a storefront launch from Epic Games last week with an 88/12 revenue split. Valve’s Steam store had typically offered ...
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The Pros and Cons of Getting a Lash Lift

Google's Year in Search for 2018 told us that lashes were a huge trend in the treatment category, with one of the most sought-after answers being "what is a lash lift?" Lash lifts, or lash perms, are a service in which a chemical solution is applied to your lashes to keep them curled. Afterward, you'll have lifted lashes without a lash curler or waterproof mascara. The service is typically paired with a lash tint, depending on if your technician is licensed to do so. I personally started getting...
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Amazon Echo speakers now play friendly with Apple Music

Amazon recently said Apple Music would find its way onto Amazon Echo devices sometime soon — and sure enough, it appears to be rolling out now. To make Alexa work with Apple’s streaming service, you should just have to jump into the newly updated iOS/Android Alexa app and link up your account. You can find the option under Settings > Music. Once done, commands like “Alexa, play music by Halsey on Apple Music” should work. Or, if you don’t want to have to say the “… on Apple Music” bit every time...
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What Are Silicon Valley's Highest-Paying Tech Jobs?

An anonymous reader writes: Job-search site Indeed crunched its Silicon Valley hiring numbers for 2018, looking at tech job searches, salaries, and employers, and found that engineers who combine tech skills with business skills as directors of product management earn the most, with an average salary of US $186,766. Last year, the gig came in as number two, at $173,556. Also climbing up the ranks, and now in the number two spot with an average annual salary of $181,100, is senior reliability eng...
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A woman is suing Apple because she didn’t think the iPhone had a notch — check out Apple’s marketing and decide for yourself (AAPL)

Apple's iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max have a "notch" on the top of the device to make room for the front-facing camera.  However, many Apple marketing images use a black background where the notch is less visible. One person said in a legal complaint filed Friday that she did not know the device had a notch when she pre-ordered the phone because of the marketing images.  There's no guarantee that the class-action lawsuit will be successful. The core design element of Apple's iPhone XS and iPhon...
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Discord Store To Offer Developers 90 Percent of Game Revenues

DarkRookie2 shares a report from Ars Technica: Discord has announced that it will start taking a reduced, 10-percent cut from game revenues generated on its online store starting next year, one-upping the Epic Games Store and its recently announced 12-percent cut on the Epic Games Store. The move comes alongside a coming expansion of the Discord Games Store, which launched earlier this year with a tightly curated selection of games that now includes roughly 100 titles. The coming "self-serve pub...
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Tumblr’s ‘female-presenting nipples’ language isn’t semantic — it’s oppression

Tumblr‘s whiplash-inducing ban on “all adult content” has been about as well-received as a tequila-fart in a car full of strangers with the windows stuck in the up position. Furthermore, it’s offensive, poorly-implemented, and serves little use besides shaming women for having nipples. The company, which is owned by Verizon Media Group, announced it would implement the ban after Apple removed the app from the App store for being an unwitting host to child sexual abuse imagery. How banning adult ...
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Is it safe to update to Firmware 2.0 on the Note?

Hello, Is it now ok now to update to 2.0 Firmware? There was a very negative report here: Apparently some things including the Kindle app and Google Play were broken by the update. But there hasn't been much mention of it in these forums. Are people experiencing a relatively smooth update? Or is it still better to wait?
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The Best Gadgets of 2018

From a gaming controller for disabled players to a hair styler that promises to do less damage
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The Peanuts gang is getting new life thanks to Apple

The Peanuts gang is ready for some new adventures.
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Apple strikes deal to produce new 'Peanuts' content

LOS ANGELES (AP) — Charlie Brown, Snoopy and the "Peanuts" crew will have a new home on Apple's streaming service.Apple has struck a deal with DHX Media to produce new "Peanuts" content. The global children's content and brands... [Author: new[email protected]]
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Nintendo Warns It Won't Make More Retro NES and SNES Consoles

Nintendo's Reggie Fils-Aime warned that the NES Classic and SNES Classic will sell in the Americas through the holidays, but will be "gone" once they sell out. Engadget reports: If you want to walk down memory lane after that, you'll have to take advantage of the games that come with Switch Online. You might also want to tamp down your hopes for a Nintendo 64 Classic. Fils-Aime added that the existing systems are the "extent of our classic program." That wouldn't be completely surprising given t...
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