Lawyers for Detained Huawei Exec Insist She Won't Flee as Bail Decision Hangs in the Balance

Meng Wanzhou, the chief financial officer of Chinese tech giant Huawei (and daughter of its founder, Ren Zhengfei) detained by Canadian authorities for extradition to the U.S. this month on allegations she lied to financial institutions as part of a scheme to evade sanctions on Iran, will not learn whether she can…Read more...
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Samsung Embarrassingly Partners With Fake Supreme

An anonymous reader quotes a report from Droid Life: Samsung was doing its song and dance in China today at an event where they announced the Galaxy A8s, their first phone equipped with an Infinity-O display, only to pause midway to announce a new partnership. Samsung claimed to be partnering with iconic streetwear brand Supreme. They invited a couple of gentlemen on stage to talk about the deal, including plans for Supreme to enter China next year with a big flagship store. The thing is, those ...
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Top Apple Suppliers Post Solid Sales as iPhone Concerns Persist

Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. and Hon Hai Precision Industry Co. both posted a 5.6 percent rise in November sales, a solid figure given Apple suppliers around the globe have taken turns to cut back on output or revenue outlooks to reflect waning demand for the U.S. company’s most important product. While reflecting just 30 days of business, TSMC’s and Hon Hai’s performance comes in the middle of the year’s busiest quarter and may help balance the narrative that Apple’s latest line-up -...
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Here's what to expect when Google's chief makes his Capitol Hill debut

Google CEO Sundar Pichai is set to testify on Capitol Hill for the very first time. He has briefed lawmakers before, but he's never testified publicly.
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Court orders China sales ban on older Apple iPhones in Qualcomm case

A Chinese court has ordered a ban on the sale of several older Apple Inc iPhone models in China for violating two patents of chipmaker Qualcomm Inc, although Apple said all of its phone models remained on sale in the mainland.
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The Fuji X-H1: Mike's Verdict

It's human nature to chase extremes, to decide that one thing or another is "good" for some reason and then to keep exaggerating that quality or property. Consider how, in recent years, the fashion at Apple, Inc., has been to make everything thin, light, and stylish. But with personal vehicles, which in the USA now means SUVs and trucks*, the opposite extreme has become fashionable, to the point where single individual human beings feel it's reasonable to convey their fat butts to the hardware s...
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VMware's newest Amazon partnership proves that the $65 billion company can thrive in the cloud wars after all, says Wall Street (AMZN, VMW)

VMware is showing steady growth with a 14% year-over-year revenue growth this past quarter, driven by its revitalized cloud strategy — an area in which it had historically been seen to be weak. Analysts laud a recent partnership with Amazon Web Services, the leader in cloud computing, as being a sure sign that VMware is on the right track.  The concern was that the cloud would hurt VMware's traditional business, which has always been in the data center. But the trend towards so-called hybrid...
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Mark Zuckerberg has reached out to Microsoft president Brad Smith which is bad for Sandberg because... that's basically her job (FB, MSFT)

Mark Zuckerberg has spoken to Microsoft president and chief legal officer, Brad Smith, about the possibility of joining Facebook, according to on Monday. Smith reportedly told Zuckerberg he was happy at Microsoft and had no intention of leaving.  The move to bring in the Microsoft president should be cause for concern for Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg, who holds a similar role to Smith at the social networking giant.  If Smith were brought on, Sandberg would likely have to go.  Earlier this y...
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More People Get Their News From Social Media Than Newspapers, Study Finds

The Pew Research Center has found that more adults get their news from social media than newspapers. "In a survey conducted earlier this year, 20 percent of adults said they often get news via social media while just 16 percent said the same about print newspapers," reports Engadget. "Television topped the list, with 49 percent of respondents saying they get news from TV often while 33 percent and 26 percent of respondents said news websites and radio were significant news sources for them." Fro...
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Google CEO to tell Congress company 'supports federal privacy legislation' amid allegations of security violations and political bias

The boss of Google - under fire over allegations of political bias and its failure to protect personal information - is to tell congress it supports government legislation that defends against privacy violations. On the day Google announced it was to terminate earlier than planned its modestly-used social media network Google Plus because of a flaw that had leaked the personal information of 52.5m users, CEO Sundar Pichai made clear he would defend the company against accusations of favouritism...
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5 Reasons to Invest in Seo Services For Your Property

SEO is not only necessary for your property, but also an integral part of your business. Without an online presence, you cannot tap into the growing online market. You will find most of your customers online. A client might even insist on Googling your company before doing business with you. The idea is that the online market is growing at a very high rate and your business needs to be among the online giants. Here are five reasons to invest in SEO for your property. SEO is an Asset. People ...
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'I lead this company without political bias,' Google CEO Sundar Pichai to testify before Congress

The Google CEO is expected to field tough questions about Republican charges of conservative bias when he appears before Congress on Tuesday.            [Author: USA TODAY]
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IPOs Will Strip Veils From Uber & Lyft’s Financials, Strategies

The IPO of any private company comes as the resolution of a mystery, as closely-held details about its financial performance and strategies are revealed. But the suspense is heightened in the case of San Francisco-based companies Uber and Lyft, which pioneered the huge ride-hailing industry but have yet to come close to turning a profit. Market observers may be awaiting their disclosures as eagerly as political junkies longing to learn the findings of Robert Mueller’s investigation of President...
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Huawei Executive Arrest Inspires Advance Fee Scams

UnderAttack writes: Scammers are attempting to trick Chinese victims into sending thousands of dollars in order to secure the release of Chinese Huawei executive Meng who was arrested in Canada last week. The messages claim to originate from Ms. Meng and suggest that she found a corrupt guard who will let her go for a few thousand dollars. Of course, there will be riches for anybody who is willing to help (and more). The scam is reportedly targeting people via WeChat, which may have a higher suc...
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GoPro will move production of most U.S.-bound cameras out of China by next summer

China and the United States have been slapping each other with massive tariffs and more may come if the trade war continues to escalate, prompting some companies to move manufacturing out of China. One of the latest is GoPro, which announced it will move production of most U.S.-bound cameras out of China by summer 2019. Cameras bound for other countries will continue to be produced in China. GoPro’s announcement isn’t a surprise, as its chief executive officer Nick Woodman told CNN in August ...
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Walmart Is Reportedly Testing a Burger-Flipping Robot

Flippy, a burger-flipping robot that's been trialed in a number of restaurants this year, is coming to Walmart's headquarters in Bentonville, Arkansas, to see whether or not it's the right fit for its in-store delis. Yahoo News reports: Flippy is the world's first autonomous robotic kitchen assistant powered by artificial intelligence from Miso Robotics, a two-year-old startup. Flippy got a gig at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles with vending food service company Levy Restaurants, part of Compass G...
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Where to find Liverpool vs. Napoli on US TV and streaming

If you’re trying to find out how you can watch Liverpool vs. Napoli in the UEFA Champions League, you’ve come to the right place. Turner and Univision’s coverage of the UEFA club competitions continues Tuesday with their broadcast of Liverpool vs. Napoli. FOX Sports no longer has the rights, but unfortunately Turner has elected to show Barcelona-Spurs instead, so if you want to watch the game in English, you can stream it on B/R Live or you can watch it live on television via Univision and Univ...
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Green Monday Deals: Get Black Friday Prices on HomePod, iPad, Beats Headphones, and More Today Only (mac rumors)

Today is Green Monday, an online shopping event that is similar to Cyber Monday, allowing customers another chance to buy gifts for the holidays at Black Friday prices and get their items shipped before Christmas. Note: MacRumors is an affiliate partner with some of these vendors. When you click a link and make a purchase, we may receive a small payment, which helps us keep the site running. Most major retailers are running Green Monday deals today, and we've rounded up some of the best a...
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Google CEO Sundar Pichaoi to tell Congress company 'supports federal privacy legislation' amid allegations of security violations and political bias

The boss of Google - under fire over allegations of political bias and its failure to protect personal information - is to tell congress it supports government legislation that defends against privacy violations. On the day Google announced it was to terminate earlier than planned its modestly-used social media network Google Plus because of a flaw that had leaked the personal information of 52.5m users, CEO Sundar Pichai made clear he would defend the company against accusations of favouritism...
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Water Cooler: As Christmas Approaches We Rush To Catch-Up On 2018’s Award Movies

On the December 10, 2018 episode of /Film Daily, /Film editor in chief Peter Sciretta is joined by /Film managing editor Jacob Hall , weekend editor Brad Oman , senior writer Ben Pearson , and writers Hoai-Tran Bui and Chris Evangelista to talk about what they’ve been up to at the Water Cooler. You can subscribe to /Film Daily on iTunes , Google Play , Overcast , Spotify and all the popular podcast apps (here is the RSS URL if you need it). Opening Banter : ...
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GoPro To Move US-Bound Camera Production Out of China

In an effort to counter the potential impact from new tariffs, GoPro is moving most of its U.S.-bound camera production out of China by the summer of 2019. The company said international-bound camera production will remain in China. Reuters reports: The company had previously said it was being "very proactive" about the situation regarding tariffs as U.S. and China ramped up its bitter trade war, in which both nations have imposed tariffs on hundreds of billions of dollars of each other's import...
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Snowden Adds Voice to Calls for Google to Stay Out of China

Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch and the Committee to Protect Journalists are among the organizations and individuals who signed the letter, which asks Google to promise it won’t create a search engine for China that contributes to censorship and political repression in the country. “Facilitating Chinese authorities’ access to personal data, as described in media reports, would be particularly reckless,” the letter’s authors write.
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Graphic Design Trends of 2019

Bold typography Type is a fundamental part of graphic design. As such, it’s no surprise every year that designers take type in a different direction. Recently we’ve noted an increase in the use of type as a bold, often primary element in design. This goes along with the general trend of design becoming more simple and direct. When you look at the current state of media, the use of bold typography makes sense. With advertisers and marketers fighting to get their message across, using stark, in-y...
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At Least One Major Carrier Lied About Its 4G Coverage, FCC Review Finds

An anonymous reader quotes a report from Ars Technica: Four months after receiving a complaint claiming that Verizon "grossly overstated" its 4G LTE coverage in government filings, the Federal Communications Commission says that at least one carrier is apparently guilty of significant rules violations. The FCC did not name any specific carrier in its announcement and did not respond to our question about whether Verizon is among the carriers being investigated. But the investigation was apparent...
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Google Brings Google Lens Visual Search to its iOS App by @MattGSouthern

Google Lens, a tool allowing users to search for information in photos, is now available in the flagship iOS app.The post Google Brings Google Lens Visual Search to its iOS App by @MattGSouthern appeared first on Search Engine Journal.
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Latest Google+ flaw leads Chocolate Factory to shut down site early

52.5 million accounts at risk, tens of people are worried Google says it will be speeding up the dismantling of its Google+ social network following the discovery of a new security bug that affected 52.5 million users.…
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Google+ continues to sink with a second massive data breach. Abandon ship now

Google+ was scheduled to shut its doors in August 2019, but the second security breach in only a few months has caused the company to move its plan forward a few months. It might be a good idea to delete your account sooner than later. The post Google+ continues to sink with a second massive data breach. Abandon ship now appeared first on Digital Trends.
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Google+ to shut down early after privacy flaw affects over 50m users

Service to be closed four months earlier than expected in light of lapse that exposed names, email addresses and other informationGoogle is still having trouble protecting the personal information on its Google+ service, prodding the company to accelerate its plans to shut down a little-used social network created to compete against Facebook.A privacy flaw that inadvertently exposed the names, email addresses, ages and other personal information of 52.5 million Google+ users last month convinced...
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Google CEO Denies the Company Is Politically Biased in Planned Testimony to Congress

Sundar Pichai also described user privacy as "an essential part of our mission"
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Seven things to watch as Google's CEO appears before Congress hearing

Google chief Sundar Pichai will answer questions from the House Judiciary Committee.
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