Apple Store Employees Aren't Allowed To Say 'Crash', 'Bug', or 'Problem'

Long-time Slashdot reader mspohr shares a Guardian article which argues that Apple Store employees "are underpaid, overhyped and characters in a well-managed fiction story" who "use emotional guile to sell products": When customers run into trouble with their products, geniuses are encouraged to sympathize, but only by apologizing that customers feel bad, lest they implicate Apple's products as the source of the trouble. In this gas-lit performance of a "problem free" brand philosophy, many word...
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Can Democrats In Congress Restore America's Net Neutrality Rules?

"Democrats are expected to use their upcoming control of the House to push for strong net neutrality rules," reports NBC News: "The FCC's repeal sparked an unprecedented political backlash, and we've channeled that internet outrage into real political power," said Evan Greer, deputy director of Fight for the Future, a digital rights-focused non-profit organization. "As we head into 2019, net neutrality supporters in the House of Representatives will be in a much stronger position to engage in FC...
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Squid Expert on Apple's Tortured Squid Emoji: It's Like 'Having a Butt on Your Forehead'

In what now seems to be an egregious oversight on the part of Apple, the scientific community this week flagged an anatomically incorrect squid emoji in the manner any good critic does: by mercilessly owning it on Twitter.Read more...
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The Feds Are Now Looking Into Who Sent Millions of Fake Net Neutrality Comments to the FCC

Federal investigators are looking into whether the mass submission of millions of fraudulent letters on net neutrality to the Federal Communications Commission’s digital comment system was a crime as part of a Department of Justice investigation, BuzzFeed News reported on Saturday.Read more...
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Wierd things connecting to Dropbox

I've been using CC for a long time with no problems. I always connect to my Calibre library on Dropbox, and it has always connected directly. But just now, when I pressed "connect", it had me log on to Dropbox. I entered my login info, and then I got a strange dialog that seems to be from or related to Arkose Labs. It spoke a number, asking me to enter that number. I didn't know what it was, so I dismissed it, and tried logging in using Google instead. But that didn't work, because after t...
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Save up to $750 with the best smartphone deals for December 2018

Need a better phone but don't want to spend a fortune? It's never a bad time to score a new smartphone and save some cash. We rounded up the best smartphone deals available that can save you as much as $750. The post Save up to $750 with the best smartphone deals for December 2018 appeared first on Digital Trends.
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Facebook App is the Data Vampire You Invited Onto Your Smartphone

We have reported some on the many problems and bad behavior that have been revealed about Facebook. Facebook Propoganda and Bullying Facebook pushes negative stories about its competitors. This is... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]]
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China threatens Canada with 'grave consequences' if Huawei CFO not freed

Chinese backlash intensifies as Meng Wanzhou faces extradition to US over fraud allegationsChina has warned Canada there would be severe consequences if it did not immediately release Huawei’s chief financial officer, calling the case “extremely nasty”.Meng Wanzhou was arrested in Canada on 1 December and faces extradition to the United States, which alleges that she covered up her company’s links to a firm that tried to sell equipment to Iran despite sanctions. Continue reading...
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Elon Musk: Tesla 'Would Be Interested' in Taking Over GM's Closed Factories

An anonymous reader quotes CNN: Elon Musk wants electric vehicles to be successful -- even if Tesla goes under trying. In an interview for CBS' "60 Minutes," the Tesla CEO and Silicon Valley billionaire was asked about competition from General Motors (GM), which announced last month it's laying off thousands of workers as the century-old company shifts focus to self-driving and electric vehicles. Musk appeared unconcerned. "If somebody comes and makes a better electric car than Tesla, and it's s...
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Massive Collaborative Text Adventure 'Cragne Manor' Released

Long-time Slashdot reader Feneric writes: Cragne Manor , a 20th anniversary tribute to the classic work of horror interactive fiction Anchorhead by Michael Gentry, is now available for free public download. It was written by a collaboration of over 80 authors and programmers organized by Ryan Veeder and Jenni Polodna. Each author worked on a room in isolation, not knowing the details of other authors' assignments. The result is a sprawling, puzzle-dense game that will at turns delight, confound,...
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Beddit Sleep Monitor 3.5 now available on the Apple Store

The Beddit Sleep Monitor 3.5 is now available on the Apple Store for $150. The sensor strip, which is only 2 millimeters thin, automatically tracks a wide array of sleep data when placed under the user's sheets. The post Beddit Sleep Monitor 3.5 now available on the Apple Store appeared first on Digital Trends.
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US Senator Attacks Failure To Crack Down On Google's Ad Fraud Problems

Democrat Senator Mark Warner "says Google is profiting off advertising fraud and has no interest in addressing it," reports ZDNet -- and he's laying part of the blame on America's trade commissioners. Warner is just as mad about the FTC as he is about Google, claiming the FTC has failed to take action against the Mountain View-based company for more than two years since he and New York Democrat Senator Chuck Schumer first wrote the agency about Google's ad fraud problem. "The FTC's failure to ac...
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Top 10 luxury travel gifts for her this Christmas (UK & Europe edition)

Still looking for the perfect gift for your significant other this Christmas?  If the lady in your life loves to travel but is difficult to buy for, then look no further than our luxury travel gift guide.  With everything from snug wraps to keep you warm through Winter or keep you cosy on your travels […] The post Top 10 luxury travel gifts for her this Christmas (UK & Europe edition) appeared first on A Luxury Travel Blog.
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How to Find an Awesome Dentist That is Great for Your Family

As a child, you had no say in who you went to for oral health care. Unfortunately, many adults don’t give the matter any consideration unless they begin having problems. That usually changes when you’re planning a family or have a child of your own and need to find a family practice you both feel comfortable with. Choosing a dental practice requires a lot of thought since it’s a decision that could have long-term impact on how your kids view oral health throughout their lifetime. But,...
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Marvel's 'Avengers: Endgame' Trailer Sets New Record: 289M Views In 24 Hours

Marvel's last Avengers movie ended with a cliff-hanger -- leading hundreds of millions of fans to watch the trailer for the franchise's next film, Variety reports: The "Avengers: Endgame" trailer was viewed 289 million times in its first 24 hours, after it was released around 5 a.m. PT Friday, according to Marvel Studios. That blasted past the previous record of 230 million views, set a little over a year ago by the studio's "Avengers: Infinity War." Behind that was Disney's "The Lion King" teas...
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Apple Music may sign up more exclusive artists with purchase of Platoon

Apple purchased London-based Platoon, which is a startup that helps independent musicians get discovered by major labels. The acquisition may help Apple Music sign up more exclusive artists. The post Apple Music may sign up more exclusive artists with purchase of Platoon appeared first on Digital Trends.
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YouTube's Top-Earner For 2018 Is a 7-Year-Old

In 2018 the most-downloaded iPhone app was YouTube, reports USA Today, while Amazon's best-selling item was their Fire TV Stick for streaming video. "Sense a trend? We love to stream video." If you're thinking of quitting your day job this year and looking to strike it big in the world of online video, maybe this will inspire you. The No. 1 earner on YouTube this year is.....7-year-old Ryan from Ryan Toys Review. For all those unboxing videos and playing with toys -- and his own new line of toys...
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$20 billion startup Stripe has given its CFO a new role, after a year that saw it sign up customers like Microsoft and Google

Will Gaybrick, Stripe's chief financial officer, is taking a new role as chief product officer and head of payments. Stripe was recently valued at $20 billion in a monster $245 million funding round and this year signed on huge customers like Microsoft, Google, Spotify, and Uber. Gaybrick said that even the largest companies like Stripe because the company makes it simple for them to take payments from customers anywhere in the world. More broadly, he said, the real opportunity for Stripe is i...
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Bitcoin Options Purchased for $1 Million Will Soon Be Worthless

"The biggest-ever bet on Bitcoin options is about to expire worthless," reports Bloomberg: Purchased for almost $1 million on LedgerX's trading platform just days after Bitcoin peaked a year ago, the call options have a strike price of $50,000 and an expiry date of Dec. 28, 2018. For the contracts to retain any value at expiry, Bitcoin would need to rally more than 1,400 percent. The options' almost certain wipeout is a less-than-ideal outcome for the buyer, but it may not be quite as bad as it...
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Google, Allegedly: Snitches Get Stitches

After a year of protests by its own staff against its work with the military, alleged plans to build a censored Chinese search engine, and handling of sexual harassment allegations against executives, Google is doing some soul-searching and self-reflection over the true meaning of “Don’t be evil.” Just kidding!…Read more...
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Awaken offers meditations focused on healing from systems of oppression

A mindful, contemplative approach to internalized racism and sexism is a necessary piece of the puzzle of dismantling systems of oppression, Awaken founder and CEO Ravi Mishra says. That’s the entire point of Awaken, a mindfulness and meditation app specifically geared toward helping people cope with the harsh realities of today’s society. Awaken got its roots in the aftermath of the 2016 U.S. presidential election, Mishra told TechCrunch. The election surfaced these “larger questions that have ...
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One of Google's new sexual-harassment policies could be the key to changing all of Silicon Valley's bro culture

After a boatload of drama at Google over how the company has handled sexual harassment and misconduct, CEO Sundar Pichai announced new policies. Google is joining a wave of companies that will no longer force its employees making sexual-harassment claims into private arbitration. This is a hopeful sign that Silicon Valley's much publicized bro culture could be truly changing. There's been another round of employee drama at Google these past few weeks. After The New York times published an exp...
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Were Those Strange Waves Rippling Across Earth Caused By Magma Shfits?

"Strange waves rippled across earth and only one person spotted them," reported Forbes, noting that the seismologist then "quickly put out an alert to see if other systems detected the same unusual wave." "Seismographs picked up the waves as they traveled as far as New Zealand, Chile, Hawaii and Canada. In total, the waves were detected as far as 11,000 miles from their origin, ringing for 20 minutes or more minutes as they passed... As these waves rippled across the globe there were surprising...
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Christmas Truck

Sculpture of a giant MAZ truck made out of thousands of Christmas lights. Holiday themed Christmas MAZ Truck sculpture located in Minsk, Belarus. Also check out: Godzilla Christmas Tree
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22-Year-Old Google Engineer Dies At His Work Terminal

"A Google software engineer has been found dead inside the company's Chelsea headquarters," reports the New York Post: A janitor found 22-year-old Scott Krulcik unconscious at his work terminal on the sixth floor of the building on Eighth Avenue near West 16th Street around 9 p.m. on Friday, police sources said. EMS workers tried to perform CPR but to no avail. Krulcik was pronounced dead at the scene. "Krulcik's Linkedin page says he began working at Google in August," reports long-time Slash...
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22-year-old employee found dead at Google’s NYC office

NEW YORK (AP) — Police say a 22-year-old software engineer was found dead at the company’s New York City headquarters. Scott Krulcik was found unconscious on the sixth floor of the company’s offices in Chelsea at about 9 p.m. Friday. He was pronounced dead by Emergency Medical Service workers. Police say there were no signs […]
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Send Multiple Emails From Google Sheets Using GAS

Last updated: 08/12/2018, 3 min read (without the code) Introduction Have you ever wondered how is it possible to send multiple emails to different recipients, without counting on external services, like MailChimp, AWeber, Mailerlite and others? If the answer to this question is yes, then you would probably be surprised to learn that you can achieve this by simply using Google Sheets and some custom code written in Apps Script. In this post, we will assume that you already have the email... ...
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DxOMark: iPhone XR is 'Best Single-Cam Smartphone We've Tested' (mac rumors)

DxOMark today published the results of its in-depth analysis of the iPhone XR's single-lens rear camera. Apple's flagship smartphone achieved an overall score of 101 points, surpassing Google's Pixel 2 to make it the top-ranked single lens phone in the site's rankings. In its testing, DxOMark found the iPhone XR to offer "a very similar proposition for image quality as the flagship iPhone XS Max," across key photo attributes like exposure, color, detail, noise, and artifacts. Both devi...
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Why you need a supercomputer to build a house

When the hell did building a house become so complicated? Don’t let the folks on HGTV fool you. The process of building a home nowadays is incredibly painful. Just applying for the necessary permits can be a soul-crushing undertaking that’ll have you running around the city, filling out useless forms, and waiting in motionless lines under fluorescent lights at City Hall wondering whether you should have just moved back in with your parents. Consider this an ongoing discussion about Urban Te...
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