Toolbox: How to Compress Website Images with GTMetrix

This easy tip will show you how to use optimised images on your website for a smoother performance! So you’ve integrated your Spreadshop into a website. However, despite sound marketing efforts, your sales haven’t improved. This may be due to your website’s performance! Big graphics files and clunky images slow down your website, which in turn leads to an unfavorable shopping experience. We’ll show you how to optimise your pictures for your website. It’s easy and free of charge. 1. Testing y...
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Design Ideas for Posters

Posters are a popular gift idea and great sales opportunity for your showroom. The following gift occasions will help you as you’re designing posters. If you’re using the Partner Area  , you can easily sell posters. Get inspired and increase your chances of selling with poster designs! Kids What do kids love? Animals, of course! Sweet animal illustrations are the perfect gift for children of all ages. Your designs need to endear themselves to parents, aunts, grandparents, or anyone looki...
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Mothers Day tshirts

We made a special selection on Mothers Day tshirts, cause this is a big-time combo. Mother’s Day is a day for many people to show their gratitude towards mothers worldwide.... The post Mothers Day tshirts appeared first on Tshirt-Factory Blog.
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Most Common Search Terms: January-March, 2019

SEO and search terms may sound like a complex subject, but it’s relatively easy to comprehend. Furthermore, this information could easily help to boost your overall sales! Below, we’ve reviewed the top-10 most common search terms from both Google and the Spreadshirt Marketplace between January and March. While this information shouldn’t be the only thing you consider as you’re preparing your designs, it should at least give you an idea of what your customers are searching for. Top-10 Most Com...
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Design Occasions: Summer and Autumn

There are a number of design occasions coming up in the next few months. Prepare your designs by checking out our list of holidays and important events. Besides nice weather, Summer and Autumn also feature several notable holidays. There are even some unconventional occasions that you can capitalize on, including: Nelson Mandela Day International Day of Friendship International Cat Day International Dog Day We’ve provided a long list of holidays and occasions below. Make sure you keep note o...
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The coolest anime tshirts collection

Though we`re now searching for anime tshirts,  anime has long been considered a bit of a niche territory. Like many aspects of pop culture that are not “traditional” to Western... The post The coolest anime tshirts collection appeared first on Tshirt-Factory Blog.
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