Podcast Episode 12 – Augmented Eternity, Engineered Epiphany, and Alameda

On this episode, we interview Alameda County Law Library Director, Mark Estes, and get his insights on how modern county law libraries support their communities, and how their communities support them. Marlene and Greg were interviewed by Sharon Nelson and Jim Calloway for The Digital Edge Podcast. Marlene (@gebauerm) discusses the creepy ideas behind Augmented Eternity, as well as the proper methods behind YouTube apology videos. Greg (@glambert) recommends listening the CBC’s new podcast, Unde...
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"We unravel the Russian plot to subvert the 2016 election."

Teaser on the front page at for a big NYT article that I cannot bring myself to read. I've glanced at it, seen the diagrams that make it seem as though there are hundreds of data points and the NYT has arranged them to tell a story.To "unravel" is "To cause to be no longer ravelled, tangled, or intertwined, to disentangle; to unweave or undo (a fabric, esp. a knitted one)" (OED). To want to read that article, I would need to believe the NYT is going to unravel something that I alread...
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Nice Drudge graphic.

I read that as humorous critique, the play being on "The Battle of Britain." Drudge is saying they're making a mountain out of a molehill. [Author: [email protected] (Ann Althouse)]
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A Simple Way to Increase Productivity

Lawyers are intelligent, capable human beings who sometimes find it almost impossible to manage their time well. The reason could be that too much is expected of them; that they like to do things very well before moving on and that takes time; that they under-estimated how long an activity will take; that when activities involve dealing with others, time becomes a variable; that they have to spend valuable time cleaning up someone else’s work; that they have other people’s work dumped on them…th...
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Terrain Racing with Rothco Gear

Hello! My name is Susie and I am the Digital Marketing Coordinator here at Rothco. This past weekend, I put Rothco gear to the test during Long Island's Terrain Racing obstacle course race. At 3.1 miles with over a dozen obstacles, the trail led through the woods and included some very difficult terrain, so I knew that I would need some good performance wear to help me get through the race. Sporting the Women's Performance Tank Top, I took my place at the starting line at 8:45am and ran all 3.1 ...
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Law firm blog publishing practices hurting lawyers and the law

As a result of poor publishing practices, law firms are inadvertently hurting lawyers and the law. The influence of their lawyers is at risk, if not diminished and the advancement of the law is curtailed. How so? Through a combination of sloppy digital publishing practices and not recognizing the role law blogs and their blogging lawyers play in both the advancement of the law and the administration of justice itself. Law blogs have achieved the status of secondary law, sitting equal to or even...
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Does Trump's tweet attack Christine Blasey Ford?

I have no doubt that, if the attack on Dr. Ford was as bad as she says, charges would have been immediately filed with local Law Enforcement Authorities by either her or her loving parents. I ask that she bring those filings forward so that we can learn date, time, and place! — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) September 21, 2018 On CNN, they're going on and on about how Trump has suddenly begun directly attacking Blasey. The front-page of the NYT says he's ending his "days of restraint":I gu...
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Federal Circuit revives the Entire Market Value Rule for Calculating Damages (Although it is Still Disfavored)

by Dennis Crouch In this past summer’s Power Integrations v. Fairchild decision (Power Integrations I), the Federal Circuit held that the entire market value rule cannot be used to calculate infringement damages unless the patentee proves that the unpatented features in the accused product did not influence consumer demand.  The patentee had not met that burden and so the $140 million verdict was vacated and remanded.  Power Integrations, Inc. v. Fairchild Semiconductor Intl., Inc., 894 F.3d 12...
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Spotlighting ever-increasing overdose casualties amidst the last four decades of the war on drugs

A new article in Science presents some notable data and observations about drug overdoses over the last 40 years in the US.  This article by six public health researchers is titled "Changing dynamics of the drug overdose epidemic in the United States from 1979 through 2016." Here is its full abstract: INTRODUCTION The epidemic of substance use disorders and drug overdose deaths is a growing public health crisis in the United States.  Every day, 174 people die from drug overdoses. Currently, opi...
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Federal Circuit and Sealed Opinions

by Dennis Crouch The Federal Circuit has been releasing a substantial number of sealed opinions that stem out of confidential briefs.  The Court’s usual operating procedure is to issue the opinion in a sealed form along with an order to show-cause as to what aspects of the opinion (if any) need to remain under seal. The court’s approach appears to comport well with the requirements under the Defend Trade Secrets Act of 2016 (DTSA). In particular, 18 U.S.C. 1835(b) reads: (b)  Rights Of Trade...
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California farm lobby's sellout to John Deere will cost its members their right to repair

As I wrote last week, the California Farm Bureau (which lobbies for the state's farmers) struck a deal to gut the state's Right to Repair legislation, a move that will cost farmers their right to fix their own tractors and other heavy equipment. (more…)
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Friday round-up

At The Washington Post, Seung Min Kim and others report that “[a]n attorney for Christine Blasey Ford, the woman who has accused Supreme Court nominee Brett M. Kavanaugh of sexually assaulting her when they were teenagers, said Thursday that her appearing at a hearing on Monday to detail her claims is ‘not possible’ but that she could testify later in the week.” Sheryl Gay Stolberg reports for The New York Times that Ford “appeared to leave the door open to testifying even if the F.B.I. does not...
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Supreme Court 2018 — Pending Cases for September Conference

by Dennis Crouch The Supreme Court now starting its Fall 2018 term with its first Conference set for September 24, 2018.  At that initial Conference, the Court is set to consider certiorari in for a rich set of pending patent cases.  The following is a rundown of some of the more interesting: Smartflash LLC v. Samsung Electronics America, Inc. et al., No. 18-189 (Three good questions): Whether Administrative Patent Judges of the [PTAB] are principal Officers of the United States who must be...
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Ip Lawyers Latin America and the New Draft Ip Law

The new draft IP law influences the world of IP lawyers Latin America. Equador had released a new and comprehensive IP law on May 29, 2015. Ecuadorian President Rafael Correa approved the draft bill INGENIOS recently. INGENIOUS is the Organic Code of Social Economy of Knowledge, Creativity, and Innovation. The result of the approval draft bill was sent to the National Assembly of Legislative Authority to be debated. INGENIOUS is creating to develop an Ecuadorian productive model. The way to do...
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David Patterson Says It's Time for New Computer Architectures and Software Languages

Tekla S. Perry, writing for IEEE Spectrum: David Patterson -- University of California professor, Google engineer, and RISC pioneer -- says there's no better time than now to be a computer architect. That's because Moore's Law really is over, he says : "We are now a factor of 15 behind where we should be if Moore's Law were still operative. We are in the post -- Moore's Law era." This means, Patterson told engineers attending the 2018 @Scale Conference held in San Jose last week, that "we're at ...
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Supreme Court decision will rip away Dark Money's veil of secrecy

A procedural ruling by the Supreme Court this week will mean that the Federal Election Commission will be required to regulate "dark money" ads, forcing disclosure of the source of the funds for the ad. (more…)
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Just Because Kavanaugh’s Accuser May Not Be Lying Doesn’t Mean She’s Telling the Truth

The truth is a difficult thing to pin down based on witness testimony in even the best of cases.
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Stock: Building A Cofounders’ Agreement

Because startups are about pace and acceleration, things change early and often. It's important to lock in your basic rights sooner than later.
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My question involves a child custody case from the State of: Florida Fundamentally speaking, if both parents are: - Stable - Similar income range + expenses -Filing for 50/50 custody and time-sharing Is there still monthly child support mandated in most cases? Also, if child support is not obtained through wage garnishment under the current paternity agreement, is there any reason there would be under a 50/50 agreement?
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Traffic Lights, Signs and Controls: Rear Camera Caught Motorcycle Cop Running Stop Sign

My question involves a traffic ticket from the state of: California. Hello, I got a rear camera video recording of the motorcycle cop who pulled me over for rolling through a Stop Sign, but he didn’t stop himself. Supposedly, he must either turn on siren (when necessary), or red lights (police lights) to go thru stop signs or red lights. In this case, he didn’t turn on any lights and rolled thru the stop sign. He rode about 1/2 miles from that stop sign. When he got behind me at a stop ligh...
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Gunman Killed, 4 Injured In Courthouse Shooting

All of the people who were shot had injuries that were not life-threatening.
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"A Premature Attempt at the 21st Century Canon/A panel of critics tells us what belongs on a list of the 100 most important books of the 2000s … so far."

At Vulture (NY Magazine). Worth a click just for the illustration (by Tim McDonagh). I love the drawing of Joan Didion (whose "Year of Magical Thinking" is in the canon), one of many drawings of writers, all colorfully jumbled together.Any project like this is arbitrary, and ours is no exception. But the time frame is not quite as random as it may seem. The aughts and teens represent a fairly coherent cultural period, stretching from the eerie decadence of pre-9/11 America to the presidency of D...
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Probation and Parole: Ohio Prc Sanctions Issues - Please Help - Urgent

My question involves criminal law for the state of: Ohio So, here is my conundrum thus far, and I hope someone may be able to assist. I plead out to a F3 Abduction, non-sexual motivation, and got 18 months, jailtime credit of 14 months, and 3 years PRC. I am bused out to CRC. While there, I am visited by APA to verify where I will be living, with whom I will be living with, what my other contact info will be, etc. I give them all my information honestly and am forthcoming to them that I am ...
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UK pledges £2.1m to save Asian tigers and African chimpanzees

DfID says scheme to protect species in Indonesia and Liberia will create 16,000 jobsThe UK’s international development secretary has announced funding to help protect Sumatran tigers and west African chimpanzees.Only about 30 tigers are left in Indonesia as their forest habitats disappear, while in Liberia the illegal wildlife trade and loss of habitat threatens the survival of the chimpanzee. Continue reading...
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HME Executioner Hunting Blind Review [Video]

The HME Executioner hunting blind offers a lightweight blind with tons of visibility at a price that's hard to beat.... Read more... The post HME Executioner Hunting Blind Review [Video] appeared first on
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'No accident' Brett Kavanaugh's female law clerks 'looked like models', Yale professor told students

Guardian learns Amy Chua said she would advise students on their physical look to help win post in Kavanaugh’s chambersA top professor at Yale law school who strongly endorsed supreme court nominee Brett Kavanaugh as a “mentor to women” privately told a group of law students last year that it was “not an accident” that Kavanaugh’s female law clerks all “looked like models” and would provide advice to students about their physical appearance if they wanted to work for him, the Guardian has learne...
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Establishment: Can You Get an Order of Protection Against Someone Who Has Placed One Against You

My question involves restraining orders in the State of: New York Hi, I am trying to understand if I can get an order of protection against my ex who has filed one against me. Her claims are nonsense and the first hearing has not yet occurred so my hope is that it will get dismissed. However, I want to know if I should file one against her since she has a past of vengeful and erratic behavior with grave consequences for the people she was trying to get into trouble. I believe that she will try...
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Finding Your Place In The Complex Environment Of A Law School

Where does a Career Services staffer fit in the broader universe of a law school?
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Alcohol causes one in 20 deaths worldwide, says WHO

Report finds 13.5% of deaths among people in their 20s are linked to alcoholAlcohol is responsible for more than 5% of all deaths worldwide, or around 3 million a year, new figures have revealed.The data, part of a report from the World Health Organization, shows that about 2.3 million of those deaths in 2016 were of men, and that almost 29% of all alcohol-caused deaths were down to injuries – including traffic accidents and suicide. Continue reading...
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Morning Docket: 09.20.18

* Unfortunately, this story that Yale professors felt women needed to have a physical "type" to clerk for Brett Kavanaugh isn't terribly surprising. We've been hearing these same rumblings from others -- it seems people have started to come forward and be identified (at least to the reporters) about this kind of talk. [Huffington Post] * CLOC thinks Australia is ready for its "Legal Operations moment." When is that moment going to come to the US? Because all I see are firms raising fees and in...
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