At #ClioCloud9, Clio Announces New Features and a New Mobile App

At the Clio Cloud Conference in San Diego today, Clio announced new features for its practice management platform and a new app for mobile devices. The new features include a Firm Dashboard within Clio Manage, to provide firms with greater insight into their performance; Clio Scheduler, which allows firms to automate appointment bookings for their clients; and a new version of the Clio Mobile App, which Clio says “fully reimagines the Clio mobile experience.” Jack Newton, cofounder and CEO of Cl...
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What the Ohio Opioid Settlement Means for Other Lawsuits

Two Ohio counties planned to sue a group of companies for their role in the opioid epidemic, but at the last minute the parties reached a $260 million settlement. Here’s what that means for the counties and companies involved, and for the possibility of more suits in the future. Read more...
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Excessive Force and Police Brutality Chapter 60

My question involves court procedures for the state of: Kansas I can't find a lawyer to take my case so I have questions about what I need to do to file suit. What happened is I got pulled over by the sheriff's and sustained injuries that were severe I spent one week in ICU with two brain bleeds which could not have occurred by falling with no abrasions on my my face only a huge gash. The hospital report claims that the sheriff's said I ran in handcuffs was pushed from behind and slid 10 feet...
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Demystifying The Ways Lawyers Can Leverage AI [Sponsored]

This on-demand webinar will help you learn how artificial intelligence can make a difference in your practice.
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'$50bn is pocket change': opioid makers on trial in Ohio after talks collapse

Cleveland jury to hear claims by thousands of US communitiesOpioid epidemic has claimed more than 400,000 livesThe drug industry will go on trial in federal court on Monday, as a jury begins to hear claims by thousands of American communities that pharmaceutical firms collaborated in a conspiracy that drove the US opioid epidemic. Related: Why were millions of opioid pills sent to a West Virginia town of 3,000? Continue reading...
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Free Platform Connects Lawyers With Nonprofits For Pro Bono Help

Since its launch in July 2017, We The Action has grown to more than 8,000 lawyers nationwide and more than 200 nonprofits.
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Title Ownership: 2 States(California and Va), Toyota Financial Services and No Title

1. Car is born in CA in 2011. It is electronically titled in CA in 2011. Financed through Toyota. 2. Car moved to VA in 2013. It is titled in VA in 2012. Still financed through Toyota. 3. Car is still in VA. Car is titled as out of state in 2012 in CA records. What CA did with title in #1, I do not know. 4. Car moved to CA in 2013. Car is registered as non transferable golden rod(no title) in CA in 2013. Still financed through Toyota. 5. Paid off my loan in 2015. I have lien release from Toyota...
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Should Rudy Giuliani Be Disbarred?

Trump's personal attorney refers to efforts to have him stripped of his license to practice law as 'harassment.'
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Power of Attorney and Will for Neighbor

My question involves estate proceedings in the state of: Pennsylvania Hello, I will try to be brief with this narrative and question. Our elderly neighbor (86yrs old) has mild dementia. We have lived next to him for 30yrs. He has no children, never married. We have always done things for him and have helped him out; we sit with him most evenings and transport him everywhere. He recently had to turn in his license do to an order from his primary physician. In May he had a special needs ...
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What The Closing Of Rikers Means To The Criminal Justice Movement

Is the idea that smaller, neighborhood prisons engender better treatment a pipe dream or a practical step in the de-carceration movement that might serve as a blueprint?
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Fundraiser attracts $43,000 to distribute shirts supporting Hong Kong protests at Lakers-Clippers opener

LeBron James might be done commenting on the matter, but the issue could come before fans attending the season-opener between the Lakers and Clippers on Tuesday at Staples Center, where activists plan to hand out free T-shirts displaying support for the Hong Kong protests. A GoFundMe fundraiser online — — set up Oct. 7 by an NBA fan in Northern California raised nearly $42,994 in a fewer than two days. That amount will pay for more than 10,000 shirts, according to organizer “Sun Lared” (the ps...
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Morning Docket: 10.21.19

Ed. note : Please welcome Jordan Rothman to Morning Docket duty here at Above the Law. * UNLV Law paid James Comey $54,000 for a speech and a stay at the Bellagio. It sure pays to get off the government dole. [Nevada Independent] * A Rutgers student was arrested for sending a threatening email to law students and staff —looks like someone needs a refresher on true threats law. [] * The Justice Department is distancing itself from Rudy Giuliani... this was kind of expected. [N...
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Is this “one of the worst scientific scandals of all time”?

Hans Eysenck comes under fire – again. Stephen Fleischfresser reports.
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The Firsts: Latinx Attorneys Who Paved The Way For Generations To Come [Sponsored]

Five trailblazing lawyers who forever changed the legal profession.
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Custody and Visitation Issues: Visitation Court Order is Flawed

My question involves a child custody case from the State of: Delaware. I will try to give as much details as I can without making this a novel. My wife and I are currently separated and have been separated for a year. During our separation I was able to talk to our two children every day and see them four times or five times a week. The only thing that changed in the relationship is that I didn’t sleep at our house. We got into an argument where she called 911 to have me removed from the house A...
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DLA Piper Partner Accused Of Sexual Assault Speaks Out

He says his accuser is exploiting #MeToo.
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SEC Increasingly Aware That Goldman Sachs Traders Are Deeply Desperate To Survive CEO’s Purge

The blue windbreakers are now making biannual visits to the trading floors of 200 West Street.
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Contracts Reimagined: Ken Adams On Making Contracts Clear And Making The Contracts Process Efficient

As an advisor to LegalSifter, an artificial-intelligence company that helps review draft contracts, he's eager to point out that at its core is old-fashioned expertise.
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Ownership Rights: Concrete Pad Poured to Fence

i`m in the State of oregon. ex-neighbors poured concrete pad to fence. new neighbors move in and use it as a dog kennel. have complained to city both times. now the problem is that they wash pad(with bleach/other and it drains onto my side, my back door(main) is literally 3-4 feet away. not to mention the smells. the barking. the view of urine/feces.....they own and keep two malamute huskies on pad. the fence is unrepairable after one of the dogs chewed a couple planks up. if i could send u pic...
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Turkey: New Electronic Notification Requirements Introduced - Acar & Ergonen Law Firm

The Law amending the Enforcement and Bankruptcy Law and Other Laws (the Amendment Law) was published in the Official Gazette on March 15, 2018 and entered into force on the same date.

Research and Policy Analyst [Sponsored]

Research and Policy Analyst in Los Angeles.
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U.S. May Keep Some Soldiers in Syria to Guard Oil Fields, Defense Secretary Says

Trump said Monday that he still wants to get all U.S. troops out of Syria
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Overcoming Failure In Law School

Law school, like life, is tough. Things are not always going to go the way you want or anticipated. Take control over your situation.
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Jury Trial vs Judge in City Court

My question involves a traffic ticket from the state of:Texas. I received a citation for use of cell phone in a school zone. I wasn't texting or talking. Had google maps going through my Apple Watch. According to what I have read, this is not considered a violation. It will be my word vs the officers. I should go about proving this? Should I go with a jury trial?
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Northern Ireland set to legalise abortion and same-sex marriage

Equality campaigners celebrate ahead of a midnight deadline for new laws to come into forceNorthern Ireland is poised to legalise abortion and same-sex marriage after an 11th-hour attempt by the region’s assembly to block change collapsed into farce.Equality campaigners celebrated on Monday as the clock ticked towards midnight when laws extending abortion and marriage rights were due to come into force, ushering in momentous social change as Northern Ireland aligned with the rest of the UK. Cont...
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Divorce: Divorce (Freezing Assets)

My question involves a marriage in the state of: WA {Together 18 years, married 10} At what point does the requirement to maintain bills/not sell assets start? The divorce has been filed, and a temporary restraining order served, but due to the TRO, he won't be able to be served with the divorce papers until the TRO court date. He claims to have been talking to an attorney (who he alleges told him that he would automatically get the house, as he backhandedly left her name off of the deed, B...
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Why Litigation Will Become Diverse More Quickly Than Other Fields Of Law

Litigation is different: Clients want profits.  Profits require diverse trial teams.  And law firms must do want clients want.  Period.
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Judge Dies From Opioid-Related Overdose

The opioid crisis hits the legal profession.
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