Travis judges reject public defender, DA discretion the solution to budget constraints, crime deterrent from traffic stops minimal, and other stories

Here are a few browser clearing odds and ends that merit Grits readers' attention: Travis County judges refuse state money for public defender office Travis County's bid to create a public-defender office isn't officially dead yet, but it may as well be after Presiding Judge Brenda Kennedy authored a letter saying local judges unanimously opposed the idea. Kennedy has urged judges not to speak for themselves and has thrown their support solidly behind the local criminal defense bar, which habitu...
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Art Acevedo: Officer Lied In Affidavit Before Deadly Houston Raid

News from Texas: A lead investigator lied in an affidavit justifying a drug raid on a Houston home in which two residents were killed and four undercover officers were shot and wounded during a gun battle, the city’s police chief said Friday. In the search warrant that was used to justify entering the home, officers with the Houston Police Department’s narcotics unit had alleged that a confidential informant had bought heroin at the house the day before the Jan. 28 raid. The informant had also a...
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The Gun Controllers Never Sleep: Local, Local, Local

It’s all the rage now, gun control at the state level, when many gun owners have been focused on federal gun laws.  First up, Arizona has already completed a major infringement and has it in its rear view mirror. Nevada’s governor on Friday signed into law a bill expanding background checks to private gun sales and transfers, taking advantage of a Democrat-controlled Legislature to approve the first gun-related bill to cross his desk. Lawmakers say the bill is a fix to a 2016 gun background chec...
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Robber Points Gun At Family Dollar Store Employees, Unaware Of Armed Customer Behind Him

The Blaze: A suspected robber is dead after allegedly trying to rob a Family Dollar in Dekalb County, Georgia, and ignoring the customer who was armed behind him during the altercation. The attempted robbery occurred on Tuesday morning when a man walked into the discount store and pointed a gun at two employees. While one employee was handing over money to the robber, a customer walked from the back of the store to the front, and witnessed the robber pointing his gun at the employee’s head. He t...
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Tolerating Republican Betrayal On Guns

David Codrea: “But if you don’t vote for them a Democrat will win, and they’ll be even worse!” we are warned. Hey, we wouldn’t be in this mess if people would have insisted on principles from the very beginning. And now we’re expected to believe our only way out is to continue enabling the enemies inside the gates? Make sure to read the comments he’s getting too.  I wouldn’t say, with David, that these commenters are reading-challenged.  I’d say they’re idiots.  They are comprehension-challenged...
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Officer’s Gun “Goes Off” During Response To Hoax Threat At Middle School

News from Florida: A false threat made to Jefferson Davis Middle School prompted Jacksonville police to swarm the campus Thursday afternoon, according to a Duval County Public Schools spokeswoman. During the police response, an officer’s gun accidentally discharged outside the school, authorities said. About 3:50 p.m., according to the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office, 911 dispatch received two calls reporting there had been a shooting at the school. Officers arrived in full force to investigate an...
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Democrats Reject Push To Alert ICE When Illegal Immigrants Fail Firearm Background Checks

Fox News: Democrats this week approved legislation to require background checks for essentially all sales and transfers of firearms — but rejected GOP-led efforts to amend the legislation to alert law enforcement authorities when gun buyers, including illegal immigrants, fail those background checks. The House Judiciary Committee voted in favor of the bill 23-15, in a strict party-line vote, sending it to the House floor. If approved by the full House, the bill would be the most significant gun...
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Patently-O Bits and Bytes by Juvan Bonni

Recent Headlines in the IP World: Drue De Angelis: SpinalCyte Announces New Canadian Patent (Source: Ortho Spine News) Adam Behsudi: Envoy: China Opening its Doors to U.S. in Trade Talks (Source: Politico) Nancy Cohen: Apple Patent Talk: Another Keyless Wonder as the Car Sees You Approach (Source: Tech Xplore) Christian de Looper: Apple Patent Application Hints at Flexible Display That Hides Speakers, Buttons, and More (Source: Digital Trends) Source: USPTO Commentary and Journal Artic...
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Collection Lawsuits: Can My Personal Creditor Take Money from My LLC

My question involves collection proceedings in the State of: Arizona. I defaulted on a car loan to lower my personal monthly expenditures. I don't have much money to my name at the moment. I have an LLC account with almost no money but in the past I have mixed/personal funds/assets/expenditures in the LLC account. I plan to start making money with this LLC very soon, will my creditors be able to take as much money from my LLC? Or only what I pay myself from the LLC? A lot of the money in th...
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Implied Contract Between Students and Universities

The broad discretion of universities over resolving academic disputes has been clearly stated in Ontario in cases like Jaffer and Aba-Alkhail. The complex nature of such disputes means that the internal dispute resolution mechanisms within universities are usually the primary means to resolve such issues, though not necessarily the final one. However, where a student’s claim goes beyond student evaluations, structure of the programs, competence of advisors, and other matters that are intrinsical...
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Walking Through the 2019 NWTF Show [Video]

Join us for a closer look at Turkey Town as we go walking through the 2019 NWTF show in Nashville, Tennessee.... Read more... The post Walking Through the 2019 NWTF Show [Video] appeared first on
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Report: More Than 300 Chemical Weapons Attacks in Syria, With Pro-Assad Forces Responsible for 98 Percent

Well over 300 chemical weapons attacks have occurred during the nearly eight years-long Syrian civil war, with President Bashar al-Assad’s government and its allies accounting for the vast majority of them, the Washington Post reported on Sunday, citing new research by the Global Public Policy Institute (GPPI).Read more...
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Someone Told Me to Delete System 32. Can I Sue Them and Win

My question involves court procedures for the state of: Georgia So, I read on a forum that there's this virus called system 32..... I deleted it. Because they were saying that system 32 is a virus and your computer will run faster if you delete it. Anyways, I had to pay to get Windows reinstalled. And also lost a bunch of important work related files that I had on my PC. I do not even know who it was who wrote the comment or anything though. However, I had to pay for a new Windows CD, beca...
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Consumer Law Issues: Texas: Suing for Emptied-Out Locker That Was Paid for

My question involves a consumer law issue in the State of Texas: I am a student at a university where we have the option to pay for a locker service at our gym. In September 2018, I paid for the locker to last until May 2019. In November, I received an emailing stating "renew your locker or we will empty it out, so in early December 2018, I confirmed that I could leave my belongings in the locker over the winter break - which the employee told me I could because my locker does not expire until ...
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Evicted 6 Years Ago, Do I Need to Disclose It

My question involves landlord-tenant law in the State of: NY Six years ago I was vacated an apartment and broke a lease due to my roommate moving out and not being able to afford it on my own. We never were sued to collect unpaid rent and never were given anything but the sheriff's notice on the door when I came back to pack my stuff and left. I am now living in CA and need to apply as a co-tenant with someone for an apartment. I won't be listed as the primary. The application asks if I've ever...
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Spanish warship orders Gibraltar boats to leave British waters

Royal Navy sends boats after threat to commercial vessels anchored off UK territoryA Spanish warship has ordered commercial vessels to leave British waters, Gibraltar’s government said.The warship’s crew can be heard in an audio recording of a radio exchange on Sunday telling vessels anchored at the Rock to “leave Spanish territorial waters”. Royal Navy boats were deployed in response to the incident. Continue reading...
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NASA and ESA team up for historic planetary defense test

NASA and the European Space Agency (ESA) are working together on missions to a binary asteroid system.The DART and Hera missions will attempt to deflect and study the asteroid Didymoon.A planetary defense system is important in preventing large-scale catastrophes. None It's not just a Hollywood exaggeration that an impact from an asteroid crashing into Earth would be massively catastrophic. Depending on the size of the asteroid, the effects could range from millions dead to an outright end of al...
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Non Sequiturs: 02.17.19

* I share Allahpundit's take on the retirement buzz around Justice Clarence Thomas (recently discussed by Jeffrey Toobin, but also in the air at last November's Federalist Society conference): it's certainly possible, and if it happens, Judge Amy Coney Barrett and Judge Amul Thapar are the two top picks. [Hot Air] * And Judge Barrett is protecting her prospects for Supreme Court confirmation: she just joined the opinion of a fellow shortlister, Judge Diane Sykes, that dutifully applies Hill v. ...
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Stephen King And The Necessities Of Life

The Panel of the Maine Board of Bar Overseers found no misconduct based on charges brought against an attorney who had advised a divorce client to move funds into a sole account The heart of the Board’s complaint is that... [Author: Legal Profession Prof]
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The well-upholstered deck furniture.

Just now... [Author: [email protected] (Ann Althouse)]
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"Paul Manafort should not be sentenced to 20 years in prison"

The title of this post is the headline of this new Hill commentary authored by David Oscar Markus. Here are excerpts: A jury has spoken on Paul Manafort. He was found guilty, and he should be punished. But his reported sentencing guideline range of 19.5-24.5 years is a good example of how our criminal justice system has lost its way. Once, when trials were common, our system was the envy of the world. Now, trials almost never occur. (In the 1980s, over 20 percent of cases went to trial while le...
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"The former Wimbledon champion Martina Navratilova has been criticised for 'disturbing, upsetting, and deeply transphobic' comments after she argued that allowing transgender women to compete in women’s sporting tournaments was 'insane and cheating.'..."

"'To put the argument at its most basic: a man can decide to be female, take hormones if required by whatever sporting organisation is concerned, win everything in sight and perhaps earn a small fortune, and then reverse his decision and go back to making babies if he so desires. It’s insane and it’s cheating. I am happy to address a transgender woman in whatever form she prefers, but I would not be happy to compete against her. It would not be fair.'... Under guidelines introduced by the Intern...
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Can judges, legally or functionally, actually refuse to allow a prosecutor to drop or dismiss charges as an exercise of discretion?

The question in the title of this post is prompted by an interesting on-going story out of Norfolk, Virginia which I have blogged about over here at my marijuana blog.  This recent local article reports on these particulars: The judges on the city’s top court have decided to block Norfolk’s chief prosecutor from essentially decriminalizing marijuana possession, a setback he’s thinking about appealing to the state Supreme Court. On Tuesday, prosecutors under Commonwealth’s Attorney Greg Underwoo...
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"Boys have teased me about my curves since 5th grade. My mom said 'hold your head high and don’t let it bother you.' That @Fox2News story was way out of line. I’m tough, I can take it."

Tweeted Gretchen Whitmer, the Governor of Michigan, who wore a dress to her State of the State Address that was just way too tight. As many of the commenters (at The Daily Mail) observe, you can see the outline of her bellybutton. It's not really fair to accuse everyone of body shaming when you wear something that fits so poorly. People talk about Trump's tie being too long.... [Author: [email protected] (Ann Althouse)]
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"You’ve told this amazing story about Gilda, about how she came to your house to observe you and your husband living. What was she trying to learn?"

Michael Schulman asks, interviewing Jane Curtin (in The New Yorker):CURTIN: She just wanted to see what it was like.SHULMAN: To be married? To be normal?CURTIN: Just to live. “What is your day like?” So she came over in the morning, and she sat on the sofa. And we went about our business. She drank coffee. I think she actually walked the dog at one point.SHULMAN: What did you do?CURTIN: I did laundry. Patrick was working in the office. We made lunch. It was just a day.SHULMAN: Do you think she w...
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"The Radziwill-Capote friendship ended... They fell out when she refused to testify for Mr. Capote in a libel suit brought by Gore Vidal..."

"... over a Capote assertion, citing her as his source, that Mr. Vidal had been ejected drunk from the Kennedy White House. Mr. Vidal said he had merely been escorted to his hotel by friends after antagonizing Attorney General Robert Kennedy. Mr. Vidal won the suit and an apology."From "Lee Radziwill, Ex-Princess and Sister of Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, Dies at 85" (NYT).I've never been interested in Princess Radziwill, but I'm thoroughly intrigued by the news that Vidal sued Truman Capote for ...
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The Guardian view on vaccination: a duty of public health | Editorial

The anti-vaxx movement arises from mistrust but threatens the physical health of societyThe latest World Health Organization report on measles epidemics shows that cases jumped by 50% last year. In one of the poorest and least connected countries in the world, Madagascar, nearly a thousand children are reported to have died after a measles outbreak in the countryside. The real figure is likely to be much higher, because of difficulties of reporting. An emergency programme of vaccination seems to...
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This week at the court

The Supreme Court will release orders from the February 15 conference on Tuesday at 9:30 a.m. There is a possibility of opinions on Wednesday at 10 a.m. On Tuesday, the justices hear oral argument in Return Mail Inc. v. United States Postal Service. On Wednesday, the justices hear oral argument in Mission Product Holdings Inc. v. Tempnology, LLC. On Friday, the justices will meet for their February 22 conference. The post This week at the court appeared first on SCOTUSblog.
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“Have Gun, Can’t Travel”

After nearly a decade of silence, the Supreme Court finally takes another Second Amendment case. And it’s a doozy, on New York’s “eccentric and abusive” ban on gun transport [Ilya Shapiro, Cato, Jacob Sullum (including headline), Dave Kopel (“eccentric and abusive”), Joyce Lee Malcolm on New York State Rifle and Pistol Association Inc. v. City of New York, New York] Tags: guns, NYC, Supreme Court
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"Dana Densmore, a founding member of the separatist group Cell 16, took issue with the idea that sex was a basic human need."

"In 1968 in a journal appropriately titled 'No More Fun and Games,' she wrote that 'guerrillas' had important things to do and couldn’t be sidetracked by sex, which was 'inconvenient, time-consuming, energy-draining and irrelevant.' Romantic love was a problem, too. Ti-Grace Atkinson, a radical feminist philosopher, positioned it as the enemy of independence and insecurity. 'What is love but need?' she wrote in 1968. 'What is love but fear?' Other early feminists weren’t against romance in a per...
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