Divided court allows Alabama execution to go forward

A divided Supreme Court cleared the way for Alabama to execute a Muslim inmate after denying his request to have an imam at his side in the execution chamber, even though the prison would allow a Christian chaplain to be present in the chamber. By a vote of 5-4, imposed yesterday by the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 11th Circuit. The Atlanta-based court had put the execution of Domineque Ray, who was convicted of raping and murdering 15-year-old Tiffany Harville in 1995, on hold, reasoning tha...
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Justices grant stay, block Louisiana abortion law from going into effect

In June 2016, an eight-member Supreme Court struck down a Texas law that required doctors who perform abortions to have the authority to admit patients at a local hospital. The makeup of the court has changed significantly since then: In 2017, Justice Neil Gorsuch was confirmed to replace the late Justice Antonin Scalia, who died a few weeks before the Texas case was argued, and Justice Anthony Kennedy retired in 2018 and was replaced by Justice Brett Kavanaugh. But although the court by most me...
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More Ante Upping In New Jersey

On the recommendation of its Disciplinary Review Board, the New Jersey Supreme Court imposed a three-month reciprocal suspension rather than a one-month suspension and probation imposed in California. The DRB described the fee petition filed by the attorney in a... [Author: Legal Profession Prof]
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At the Green-Eyed Cafe...

... you can talk all night.As for news of my left eye — it's 20/20. [Author: [email protected] (Ann Althouse)]
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Runner Kills Mountain Lion With His Bare Hands

Via Eastern correspondent Fred, this report is bracing: A Colorado trail runner is lucky to be alive after he was attacked by a mountain lion on the West Ridge Trail at Horsetooth Mountain Open Space near Fort Collins earlier this week. The man, who has not been identified, killed the mountain lion, which Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW) said was a “juvenile” and weighed 80 lbs, according to The Washington Post. “The runner did everything he could to save his life,” Mark Leslie, northeast regio...
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New York Resident Tries To Register Family Heirloom, Police Scrap It

Via WoG, this: A retired Army veteran looking to comply with state law is now fighting to keep a family heirloom from getting scrapped. The Buffalo News reports that Andrew Ciepiela, 46, recently tried to register an old Iver Johnson revolver that has been handed down through three generations. That’s when the Erie County Pistol Permit Department told him the gun, made in 1917, was last registered in the 1950s by a sexagenarian and, as a “nuisance” firearm, it could not be registered to him, cle...
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Education Law Issues: Attendence Requirements

My question involves education law in the State of: Pennsylvania I am confused regarding a transition IEP my son had April 2018 (2017/2018 school year). He was in 7th grade, age 13. He turned 14 THIS school yr. 2018/2019 When we rec’d the invitation it listed “Team” members: parents, spec ed teacher, Reg Ed teacher, LEA Rep/Chair, my son, AND transition liaison, Office of Vocational Rehab. We agreed & signed. When we attended, the LEA Rep/chair, the transition liaison & Office of Vocati...
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Beer before wine not fine, scientists find after vomit-filled tests

Research into old saying about alcohol consumption shows you get a hangover either wayBeer before wine, or wine before beer; whatever the order, you’ll feel queer. That, at least, is the updated aphorism drinkers will have to embrace now scientists have proved that drink order has no effect on the magnitude of one’s hangover.Under carefully-controlled lab conditions, British and German researchers plied 90 volunteers with beer and wine to find out once and for all whether hangovers are worsened ...
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T14 Law School Welcomes A New Dean — See Also

Jenny Martinez Is Named Stanford Law Dean: Congrats on the new position. Lawyer Rematch:On the Virginia Lt. Governor sexual assault allegations. There'll Be No Partisan Balance On Delaware Courts: So says the Third Circuit. Regret Going To Law School? You aren't alone. Biglaw Raises! This time in Phoenix.
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Donald Trump Nominates David Malpass To Bring Some Of His Bear Stearns Magic To The World Bank

A man who is literally a bad move is America's latest gift to the world economy.
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Behavior Regulation: Warehouse Worker on Medical Restrictions

My question involves labor and employment law for the state of: Pennsylvania can a company hold employees on medical restrictions to the same working rate as the rest of their employees? i work in a warehouse where were required to pick/pack/etc at specific rates. this is difficult to maintain daily, all day long for most everyone. but even more so for those of us on restrictions with the pain we are constantly in. they have been writing us up for our "performance" not being up to par. and hav...
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"I browsed around and met Izzy Young, the proprietor. Young was an old-line folk enthusiast..."

"... very sardonic and wore heavy horn-rimmed glasses, spoke in a thick Brooklyn dialect, wore wool slacks, skinny belt and work boots, tie at a careless slant... There were a lot of esoteric folk records... Extinct song folios of every type—sea shanties, Civil War songs, cowboy songs, songs of lament, church house songs, anti–Jim Crow songs, union songs—archaic books of folk tales, Wobbly journals, propaganda pamphlets about everything from women’s rights to the dangers of boozing, one by Danie...
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This Firm’s History Of Mixing Biglaw And Politics

Biglaw and politics go together like peanut butter and jelly.
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Re-evaluating SWAT, Corruption alleged in UT-Dallas policing courses, Was Dallas PD staffing shortage spoken into existence?, and other stories

Here are a few browser-clearing odds and ends that merit Grits readers' attention: Corruption alleged in UT-Dallas policing courses For years, reported the Dallas Morning News, UT-Dallas allowed police officers to enroll for a course, skip all their classes, and walk away with As. Wow. How did anybody ever think this was okay? Growing critiques of routine use of SWAT tactics Check out Jessica Pishko's coverage of a dubious Austin SWAT raid. Notably, a study last year found that "Militarization f...
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Magnetic north isn’t even close to where it used to be

Magnetic north has recently been moving north from Canada to Russia in a cold hurry. It's moving about 33 miles a year instead of the usual 7 miles. World navigation models had to updated ahead of schedule to catch up with it. None If you're reading this as you travel the arctic, odds are you're probably already a bit confused. Your compass has been, well, strange, lately. That's because magnetic north has been moving. Quickly. It's never been stationary, but recently it's been moving around 4...
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US Supreme Court, voting 5-4, vacates Eleventh Circuit stay of execution in Alabama for Muslim death row prisoner

The Supreme Court this evening, voting 5-4 along usual ideological lines, vacated the stay of execution entered yesterday by the Eleventh Circuit to allow the court to hear an Alabama death row defendant's religious liberty claims concerning who could be present at his execution.  The opinion of the majority of the court runs these two paragraphs: The application to vacate the stay of execution of sentence of death entered by the United States Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit on Februa...
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Fake Lawyer Going To Very Real Jail

When that unauthorized practice of law charge comes with a book of business.
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Florida Blue Gets Legal Win Against Oscar Health In Exclusive Broker Dispute

The New York-based company sued insurer Florida Blue over its broker policy, which it claimed was anti-competitive and reduces customer choice.
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"Ok then. My day has started. I just need to go read the article on the Delta airline napkin thing and I'll get out of bed."

That's the top-rated comment on "A Florida politician allegedly made a habit of licking men’s faces. She has now resigned" (WaPo).I had not noticed "the Delta airline napkin thing," but I looked it up. Here" "Delta nudged passengers to slip their number to their ‘plane crush’ on napkins. Now the airline is sorry." (WaPo).Falling in love on an airplane is the kind of story you only ever hear in a bar or see in a Lifetime movie. But for a brief time this winter, Delta Air Lines wanted to help pass...
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“Savvy” Looks at Society’s Fakeness, and Advertising Looks Good In Comparison

I think we’re living in a precarious age. Nothing in the modern media is what It appears to be. We’re surrounded by stories, personalities, and corporate entities that simply operate by the maxim that “the end justifies the means.” Especially if that means outright deception. Shiv Singh and Rohini Luthra, Ph.D. take a closer look […] The post “Savvy” Looks at Society’s Fakeness, and Advertising Looks Good In Comparison appeared first on Adpulp.
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AI & The Practice Of Law At The Crossroads: Where Are We Going?

Exploring the professional ethics implications of AI in the legal sphere.
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UK AI Company Luminance Gets $10 Million Series B Funding

The UK company Luminance, an artificial intelligence platform for contract review, today announced that it has completed a Series B funding round of $10 million, at a valuation of $100 million. The funding was raised from existing investors Invoke Capital, Talis Capital and Slaughter and May. The funds will be used to support product expansion and global growth, the company says. The company closed a $10 million Series A funding in November 2017. Launched in 2016, Luminance offers a document rev...
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The Danger Of Remaining Silent On Mental Health

We need to mash the stigma surrounding mental health in the legal profession.
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Pill inspired by leopard tortoise could replace diabetic injections

Capsule shape based on domed shell ensures insulin needle within aims at stomach wallScientists have developed a “needle pill” that could allow diabetics to take insulin without the need for daily injections.The pea-sized capsule contains a small needle made of solid, compressed insulin, which is injected into the stomach wall after the capsule has been swallowed. Continue reading...
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Facing Impostor Syndrome As A Minority Woman In The Male-Dominated IP World

It’s important to know that there are others just like you who feel this way, even if they project themselves with confidence.
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Symposium: Precedent dictates a win for the plaintiffs in this term’s partisan-gerrymandering cases

Guy-Uriel E. Charles is the Bennett Boskey Visiting Professor of Law at Harvard Law School and Edward and Ellen Schwarzman Professor of Law at Duke Law School. Luis E. Fuentes-Rohwer is Professor of Law and Harry T. Ice Faculty Fellow at Indiana University Bloomington Maurer School of Law. In Lamone v. Benisek, a three-judge federal district court in Maryland concluded that Maryland Democrats intentionally moved 66,000 Republican voters out of Maryland’s Sixth Congressional District in order to ...
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