Sentencing: I Have Been Sentanced to Jail Time. is It Too Late to Fight It

My question involves criminal law for the state of:
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Separation: Cars

My question involves a marriage in the state of: Wisconsin My husband and I are legally separated and are escalating it to a divorce at the end of the month. He was awarded use of one of our cars, but the car loan and title is in my name only. How do I get the car back from him? He's currently making the payments, but has missed a couple since he moved out. Our 17 year old son wants the car. My husband can't get a loan in his name because his credit is bad. I have to fight him every month...
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Tony Gonzalez, formerly of Huntington Beach, voted into Pro Football Hall of Fame

ATLANTA — For towering tight end Tony Gonzalez, this was a slam dunk. The 6-foot-5 Gonzalez, who turned the celebratory post-TD dunk over the crossbar into an art form, was voted into the Hall of Fame on Saturday. Joining him will be two more first-time nominees, Champ Bailey and Ed Reed, along with another defensive back, Ty Law, and center Kevin Mawae; Law and Mawae were both in their third year as finalists. The contributor nominees, Broncos owner Pat Bowlen and Cowboys and NFL executive Gil ...
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At the Saturday Night Café...

... keep the conversation going. [Author: [email protected] (Ann Althouse)]
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Land Rights: Landowner Right Regarding Posting No Hunting

My question involves real estate located in the State of: Oregon. Can a landowner in Oregon still hunt on their property after posting "No Hunting".:confused: Acquaintance maintains that a landowner who post No Hunting on their property can not themselves hunt on that property.
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Steve Hutchinson falls one step short of Hall of Fame

Former Vikings guard Steve Hutchinson will have to wait at least another year on the Pro Football Hall of Fame. But there is some good news for Hutch and his fans. Unlike last year, the 48-member selection committee did chip away at the four-person logjam at offensive line by choosing former Seahawks, Jets and Titans center Kevin Mawae as one of the eight members of the Class of 2019. Hutchinson and fellow guard Alan Faneca made the modern-era cut from 15 to 10 while left tackle Tony Boselli did...
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Now, Gov. Northam denies that was him in the photograph but confesses that he did blackface on another occasion.

The strange story of Ralph Northam continues, and he won't resign.From the NYT report:"It was definitely not me,” Mr. Northam, a Democrat, told reporters at a news conference in the governor’s mansion. “I can tell by looking at it.”Pressed on why he initially apologized, Mr. Northam said he had wanted to “take credit for recognizing that this was a horrific photo that was on my page with my name on it.”Yes, but you said it was "a photograph of me." How can you get that wrong? Did it look like so...
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Russia Also Suspends Nuclear Weapons Treaty, Calling It 'Tit-for-Tat' Response to U.S. Withdrawal

Russia announced on Saturday that it is also suspending the 1987 Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty (INF) following a U.S. decision to pull out of the agreement, upping the odds that the treaty will collapse entirely.Read more...
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Snake Purchase

Hello, I would like to know if the snake species: Python Molurus is subject to a particular regulation to purchase in California? Thank you!
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Another Post on 101 and Statutory Text, and Hopefully my Last

By David Hricik I’ve written on this blog my argument — I think, observation — that the text of the Patent Act does not authorize invalidity, or patentability, to be based upon Section 101.  (Here is one of them.)  Why rant again? First, Dennis on the main page posted here the USPTO’s new guidelines on eligibility. Second, today at the AIPLA mid-winter meeting, Bob Armitage spoke passionately about how  these guidelines are nonsensical and that we will never resolve the 101 problem because it is...
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Federal Taxes: Offer in Compromise

Hello All, The long and short is I owe $32,000 in Fed taxes. I am in a current installment agreement. The problem is, the interest and penalties in comparison to my monthly payment, I am only really paying around $73.00 toward principle. At this rate, it is going to take a lifetime to pay off. LITERALLY! Now here is where it gets tricky. I used the OIC tool on the IRS site and I "could" qualify for an OIC. Sounds great, right? NO!!! In reading the qualifications, it lists all monthly expenses...
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Corbyn calls for snap election to help put an end to austerity

Labour leader wants people bearing the brunt of ‘nine years of austerity’ to have their sayJeremy Corbyn has called for a snap general election during a meeting of anti-poverty charities in Glasgow. He said people who have experienced “the brunt of nine years of austerity” must be allowed a new vote.The Labour leader met with voluntary organisations and charities working to tackle poverty in south-west Glasgow on Saturday, where he criticised “Tory cuts” while pointing to double-digit yearly inc...
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After #MeToo, whole industries have been blacklisted by insurers for sexual harassment liability coverage

A new report from Betterley Risk Consultants, shared with The Intercept, reveals that many of the world's largest insureres will no longer conside whole industries for "employment practices liability insurance" (EPLI), which covers liability from "sexual harassment, sex discrimination, and other employee claims." Ten of the 32 largest insurers will no longer write EPLI policies for financial firms (brokers, investment banks, VCs, etc); eight will no longer sell EPLI coverage to entertainmen...
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Nathan Glazer, R.I.P.

My obituary for the great sociologist is up at the Washington Examiner magazine. “Because of his long association with the Manhattan Institute for Policy Research, at which I was a fellow, I got to spend time with him on many occasions and he formed my model of the character of a public intellectual: benevolent, wise, curious, kind, and unassuming, his mind well-stocked with knowledge of all sorts, always taking the long view…..Rather than bicker about theory with his former progressive colleagu...
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Eleven unanswered questions about the botched police raid in Houston

Four officers were shot and two suspects and their dog are dead after a botched narcotics raid in Houston. Friends and family of the deceased say they were innocent victims. Obviously, I hope all the officers recover. But having watched this play out in the press for several days, Grits has questions.Here's the background: According to the search warrant, police claimed they sent a confidential informant into the home who had assisted in 10 or more prior investigations, all of which had led to a...
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'Identity is a pain in the arse': Zadie Smith on political correctness

Author questions role of social media in policing personal development, during Hay Cartagena sessionThe writer Zadie Smith laid into identity politics in a headline session at the 14th Hay Cartagena festival, insisting that novelists had not only a right, but a duty to be free.Asked how she felt about cultural appropriation, on Friday she told an audience of nearly 2,000 at the festival in Colombia: “If someone says to me: ‘A black girl would never say that,’ I’m saying: ‘How can you possibly kn...
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Japan’s “Society 5.0” initiative is a roadmap for today’s entrepreneurs

Mark Minevich Contributor Share on Twitter Mark Minevich is a digital fellow at IPSoft. Japan, still suffering the consequences of its ‘Lost Decade’ of economic stagnation, is eyeing a transformation more radical than any the industrialized world has ever seen. Boldly identified as “Society 5.0” Japan describes its initiative as a purposeful effort to create a new social contract and economic model by fully incorporating the te...
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"Comedian Bill Maher was accused of racism after making a fried chicken joke to a Black Republican during an interview on Friday’s HBO show of 'Real Time with Bill Maher.'"

Fox News reports, showing this tweet:Video: Here's Bill Maher lobbing a clearly racist joke to GOP Congressman Will Hurd, asking him if he gathered undercover intel for the CIA out "by the Popeye's Chicken."— Curtis Houck (@CurtisHouck) February 2, 2019 Did Bill Maher lob "a clearly racist joke"? Yes. Maher reveals that he's a racist. Yes, but Maher isn't a real racist, just a smug guy who thinks he can play with racism. It's not "clearly racist...
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Writing about Gov. Northam this morning, I went looking for the old Ted Danson blackface routine (the one Whoopi Goldberg dared him to do)...

... and I found this parody by Howard Stern. How can Stern survive when that's on YouTube?Man, he commits to the mocking racism with over-the-top racism. Interesting to see Sherman Hemsley (AKA George Jefferson) in the role of Whoopi Goldberg.And what about Joni Mitchell? And Tom Hanks? And Sarah Silverman?I couldn't find video of the old Ted Danson effort, but here's an article with a still photo. ADDED: Further research suggests that there was never any videotape of Danson's performance — a Fr...
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Belgium agrees to take in former Ivory Coast president

International criminal court freed Laurent Gbagbo on Friday after his shock acquittalBelgium has agreed to take in the former Ivory Coast president Laurent Gbagbo following his acquittal at the international criminal court in The Hague, a foreign ministry spokesman has said.Karl Lagatie confirmed the agreement on Saturday, and added that he did not know if the ex-president was already in Belgium. Continue reading...
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The Washington Post publishes an op-ed coauthored by Hillary Clinton and John Kasich, so it's sure to change the subject...

... from late-term (post-birth?!!!) abortions and Democratic governors in blackface (or a Klansman outfit) to... wait for it... what do you think?... what subject is waiting, just waiting to grab us?... what could unite these giants of the 2 parties... what is it?...ANIMAL POACHING!!!!The article is in WaPo, "Hillary Clinton and John Kasich: We cannot cede ground on animal poaching." I don't expect you to read it. I just want you to know it's there.We come from different parties, but we both agr...
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"Education for Liberation: The Politics of Promise and Reform Inside and Beyond America’s Prisons"

The title of this post is the title of this timely new book of essays edited by Gerard Robinson and Elizabeth English Smith. Here is the publisher's description of the text: Almost 650,000 men and women, approximately the size of the city of Memphis, TN, return home from prison every year. Oftentimes with some pocket change and a bus ticket, they reenter society and struggle to find work, housing, a supportive social network.  Economic barriers, the stigma of a felony conviction, and mental hea...
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Should we try to understand Governor Northam or demand that he Al Franken himself?

Is the Democratic Party the party of no forgiveness? Does it need its own guy to kill himself because they want to be able to kill other people? Unquestionably, if a picture like this...... had shown up from President Trump's old yearbook, Democrats would yell that he must resign. How can they retain their credibility to ruin Republicans if they don't destroy their own? I see Kamala Harris jumped right in to lead the pack. Harris is to Northam what Gillibrand was to Franken. Instant death. No pa...
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Applying to Rent: Application

My question involves landlord-tenant law in the State of: South Carolina I have purchased 2 mobile homes in a mobile home park for the purpose of investment. I put an application in to the park for both after purchasing. The application wanted some pretty serious stuff, including tax returns, pay stubs from wife. Turned apps in mid November, they got back with me in Dec. by phone needing more info (actual social security card) because my tax guy spelled my name incorrectly. They asked again ...
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'Getting out of bed is the first hurdle': how I cope with my anxiety

Dread and despair have been a part of my life since childhood – and then I started writing about politics ...The anxiety is ever-present. Sometimes only as a form of background noise; a voice that tells me I’ve failed at the day before it’s even begun. At other times it’s more insistent. An almost physical presence. A heart-pounding feeling of dread that makes it a struggle to get out of bed. A longed for desire to go back to sleep, to rewind the clock, in the desperate hope that I could start t...
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In Memoriam: William Van Alstyne (1934-2019)

One of the leading constitutional lawyers of his generation, Professor Van Alstyne taught from 1965 to 2004 at Duke University, and then from 2004 to... [Author: Brian Leiter]
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Banking: A Wire Transfer Mistake and the Following Events

Hello, I have an issue with a wire transfer which doesn't seem either fair or legal, from my point of view, but I want to check the legal part with someone entitled. I made an international bank transfer to a bank in China, in USD. The initial mistake from where all started, was the fact that the recipient name had a very very long name and my banking app has a character limit for this, so I filled in basically the entire recipient name (very long) without the Co,Ltd. at the end. I didn't thin...
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Home Office 'wrecked my life' with misuse of immigration law

Health expert wins right to remain after wrongful attempt to force her out of UKThe Home Office has been accused of inflicting irreversible damage on the life of a pharmaceutical expert by misusing a controversial clause in immigration law to try to force her out of the UK.Nisha Mohite finally received indefinite leave to remain (ILR) this week after a government review found she was one of more than 300 highly skilled migrants who the Home Office had wrongly tried to force to leave under paragr...
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Does the ADA Protect Me Here

My question involves labor and employment law for the state of: Texas, I am clinically diagnosed ADHD and prescribed stimulants for it. Believe to my knowledge it Varys on who they are allowed to drug test if they are a private or public company. I know that certain medications can cause false positives for narcotics. So I’m wondering if I’m required by law to inform them of being ADHD and that I take medication for it? If my urine comes back positive, where do I go from there?
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In E-Discovery Deal, OpenText Acquires Catalyst for $75 Million

OpenText, a Canadian company that specializes in enterprise information management, has acquired Denver-based e-discovery company Catalyst Repository Systems, a provider of e-discovery technology for corporate legal departments and top law firms. The purchase price of the acquisition is approximately $75 million in an all-cash transaction, according to a statement by the company. Catalyst will be integrated into OpenText’s discovery products, the statement said. “The joint strength of OpenText a...
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