Tweeting Student Gets Attorney Reprimanded

The Law Society of Upper Canada Tribunal Hearing Division has reprimanded an attorney for failing to supervise a tweeting articling student This is an application by the Law Society for a determination that the respondent Marco Forte (the “Lawyer”) committed... [Author: Legal Profession Prof]
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Post-Discharge Issues Lien Holder Insurance Claims on Repoed Vehicle

My question involves bankruptcy in the state of: Oklahoma I was discharged in Febuary of 2017, after discharge i was still paying on a car that was included and not reaffirmed. Well a few weeks ago i came out and the vehicle was gone, it was repoed by the bank. the vehicle had damage that was there before the bankruptcy. Now they are tring to file a claim on my insurance for the damages. One part was from a hit and run a year prior to filing and my insurance paid out, i didnt get it fixed as it ...
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At the Night Snow Cafe...

... you can talk all night. [Author: [email protected] (Ann Althouse)]
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William Barr: “The Single Most Important Thing We Can Do In Gun Control” ( – “In 1994, you said that gun control is a dead end,” Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) told Attorney General-nominee William Barr at his confirmation hearing on Tuesday. “Do you still believe that prudent controls on weapons won’t reduce violent crime?” Feinstein, a staunch gun control advocate, asked him. “I think that the problem of our time is to get an effective system in place that can keep dangerous firearms out of the hands of mentally ill people,” Barr replied....
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Episode 24: What Does the Federal Government Shutdown Mean for Legal Information?

With the partial government shutdown approaching one month, Marlene and Greg attempt to make some sense of what this means for those of us who rely upon the information produced by the US Government. On this episode, we have an extended talk with Emily Feltren, Director of Government Relations at the American Association of Law Libraries (AALL) to uncover what’s working and what’s shutdown. While the federal courts are still functioning, they are running on borrowed time, and are scheduled to r...
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Challengers urge justices to dismiss census case after district court ruling (Updated)

UPDATE: On Friday, January 18, the Supreme Court announced that it had removed the case from the February argument calendar and suspended the briefing schedule “pending further order of this Court.” Although the justices will not hear oral argument in the case in February, today’s order does not foreclose the possibility that the case could be argued later in the term, at which point the justices could also potentially review the district court’s decision blocking the government from including t...
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Did Former Defense Secretary Jim Mattis Criticize ‘Pantyhose-Wearing’ Politicians for Gun Restrictions?

A widespread meme attributes some colorful criticisms of pro-gun-control lawmakers to the legendary retired Marine Corps general.
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Big symposium on Lockett v. Ohio now published via University of Akron School of Law Constitutional Law Center

In this post last year I noted a call for papers by the Center for Constitutional Law at the University of Akron School of Law to commemorate the Supreme Court decision in Lockett v. Ohio, 438 U.S. 586 (1978).  I am pleased to see that the papers have now been published and are available at this link.  Here they are: Introduction to the "Lockett v. Ohio at 40 Symposium": Rethinking the Death Penalty 40 Years After the U.S. Supreme Court Decision by Margery B. Koosed The Other Lockett by Dennis ...
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Embarrassing Day For Lawyers In Trump’s Orbit — See Also

Michael Cohen Paid For His Own Fan Twitter Account: Reportedly with a bag of cash. Someone Needs To Get Rudy Giuliani Off TV: This is just sad. Come For The Video Games: Stay for the legal analysis. Do You Work In-House? Take our survey! Will Technology Kill The Junior Associate? Not like actually kill them, but like metaphorically.  
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Top New Broadheads for 2019

We've assembled a list of the coolest, craziest, and most talked about broadheads for this... The post appeared first on
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After telling employees you were going to close a building due to weather, can the employer change their mind and tell those employees they have to work?
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Jeffries Is Suing Cantor Fitzgerald Over Sage Kelly’s Behavior In Most Boring Twist To Wall Street’s Wildest Divorce

Investment banking talent poaching is not as much fun as wife-swapping, orgies or $28K strip club tabs.
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Challengers urge justices to dismiss census case after district court ruling

On February 19, the Supreme Court is scheduled to hear oral argument in U.S. Department of Commerce v. U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York, a dispute over evidence in a challenge to the Trump administration’s decision to reinstate a question about citizenship on the 2020 census. The justices agreed in November to review the case, but they also rejected the government’s request to put the trial in the case on hold. The district court went ahead with the trial, and on Tuesday...
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Lawmakers are pushing gadget manufacturers with the Right to Repair movement

The amount of electronics that we are throwing away each year is growing at an exponential rate, and this toxic trash is hazardous to both people and the planet. What are we supposed to do when our smartphones or other gadgets stop working? According to lawmakers in the United States and Europe, there is one option that should be available instead of getting rid of them— fixing them. Lawmakers in at least 18 states— and the European Parliament— believe that manufacturers should make it a priori...
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Empirical SCOTUS: If Ginsburg leaves, it could be the liberals’ biggest loss yet – A look back at previous justices replaced with more conservative successors

The saga over Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s health seems to ebb and flow from the headlines almost daily. Part of the mystery relates to the amount of information shared with the public. We know that, while treating Ginsburg for rib fractures, doctors found malignant lesions in her lungs that were promptly removed, and that subsequent tests have shown no evidence of any other cancer. Ginsburg has since missed oral arguments and is reportedly recovering at home while keeping current with the cour...
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How Lawyers Are Using Social Media in 2019

Here is a recent Daily Record column. My past Daily Record articles can be accessed here. ***** How Lawyers Are Using Social Media in 2019 I’ve been covering lawyers’ use of social media in my column for the Daily Record since 2008. Back then, most lawyers believed that social media was a passing fad, despite my ardent assertions to the contrary. Some even believed that it was both unethical and unwise for lawyers to use social media. Convincing lawyers that social media was a phenomenon t...
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Admissions Standards Are In Free Fall At This Law School

That's a 23.7 percent decline in only 8 years.
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False Testimony Requires Suspension

An attorney's false statement at his disciplinary hearing merits an actual 30 day suspension as proposed by the District of Columbia Board on Professional Responsibility. The problems began at the outset On May 10, 2012, Cynthia Coleman-Fields died intestate following... [Author: Legal Profession Prof]
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Full Restitution Must Precede Reinstatement

The Mississippi Supreme Court has held that a suspended attorney's failure to make his victim whole barred reinstatement. The Bar sought guidance on whether insurance payments satisfy the obligation While the Mississippi Bar supports Stanford’s petition for reinstatement, its support... [Author: Legal Profession Prof]
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Threats Get Attorney Suspended

The Indiana Lawyer has the story behind a recent suspension order of the Indiana Supreme Court An Indianapolis attorney charged with intimidation against a Marion County court and other offenses has been suspended from the practice of law after the... [Author: Legal Profession Prof]
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Easement. Law

My question involves real estate located in the State: Michigan There is an easement that runs the length of my property. It is for the neighbor behind me. They are claiming they have exclusive rights to the drive and that no one else can use it. I am planning on using it when my house is finished in conjunction with my "private driveway. Do they have exclusive rights to it. ???
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Lawline Debuts Their Extensive 2019 New Live Online Events [Sponsored]

A wide array of interesting, niche content as well as foundational basics for attorneys nationwide.
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President Trump’s Plans to Boost Missile Defense Could Spark an Arms Race

President Donald Trump ripped yet another page from Cold War strategy books Thursday by directing the Pentagon to look into developing a constellation of space-based sensors and interceptors that could stop missiles before they reach the United States. “We will de­stroy every type of mis­sile at­tack against any Amer­i­can tar­get, whether before or af­ter launch,”…
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In-House Counsel: Tell Us About Your Outside Law Firms (Again!)

GCs and corporate counsel: which law firms are at the top of your lists?
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"I have so many more part-related questions, but I’ll limit it to just a few for the sake of my word count (and your time)..."

"Do you think about where you part your hair, or do you just allow your hair to fall where it may, willy nilly? Do you agree with my mom that middle parts are 'less flattering'?..."From "How, When and Why Did Middle Parts Become Cool?" by Harling Ross (at Man Repeller).For the record, her mom's position was: "I’m just saying, I’ve always heard the philosophy that wearing your part in the middle emphasizes the asymmetries of your face, which is why side parts are more flattering. And I believe th...
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"We are not going to stop even one minute. Nobody in the rescue team is putting in doubt that we will bring him out, and we all remain confident that he will be alive."

Said a government official quoted in "Crews Race To Save 2-Year-Old Spanish Boy Who Fell Down 300-Foot Hole."Members of a Swedish company that helped locate the 33 Chilean miners trapped underground in 2010 arrived on Tuesday, Spanish police told Reuters.Julen was playing with his 1 1/2-year-old cousin when he fell down the hole.... The hole may have been drilled by someone in an attempt to find water, El País reports. "There are hundreds more like that one, covered with rocks, and nobody thinks...
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SAGlobal to Acquire LexisOne, Combine with Legal360, Merging Practice Management and CRM

SAGlobal will acquire the LexisOne cloud-based practice management application from LexisNexis, according to an agreement the two companies planned to announce tomorrow. SAGlobal had notified me of the news earlier today on the condition that I agree to an embargo and not publish it until tomorrow morning. Since then, however, Legal IT Insider broke the story. SAGlobal will combine LexisOne with its Legal360 client relationship management (CRM) software to create an integrated, cloud-based pract...
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Junior Lawyers Are Going Extinct And Nobody Knows What To Do About It

Technology will reduce the market for junior attorneys and that carries with it some significant ripple effects.
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‘Star Wars’ returns: Trump calls for space-based missile defense

The President has announced that the Defense Department will pursue a space-based missile defense system reminiscent of the one proposed by Reagan in 1983. As with Reagan’s ultimately abortive effort, the technology doesn’t actually exist yet and may not for years to come — but it certainly holds more promise now than 30 years ago. In a speech at the Pentagon reported by the Associated Press, Trump explained that a new missile defense system would “detect and destroy any missile launched against...
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