Bobcat survives deadly wildfire, has 4 kittens in California

THOUSAND OAKS, Calif. (AP) — Wildlife officials say a young bobcat captured, collared and released a day before a massive, deadly wildfire has given birth to four kittens. Officials with the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area said Friday that biologists recently found the bobcat’s den in dense vegetation in a large residential backyard in […]
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Second death in Novartis gene therapy trials under investigation

Novartis has filed for U.S. Food and Drug Administration approval of the gene therapy, Zolgensma, and a decision is expected within weeks. The FDA submission was based on findings from a trial of 15 babies treated with Zolgensma. One patient died from respiratory failure, which was deemed by the investigator and an independent monitor to be unrelated to the gene therapy.

Alienware's Area-51m Is a Gaming Monster That Tackles Some of the Biggest Problems With Overkill Laptops

Like top-of-the-line Alienware portables before it, the Area-51m “laptop” is gigantic, expensive, and won’t fool anyone into thinking it’s anything but a device for Rockstar-swilling gamers. But at the same time, it’s a departure from previous laptops in ways that a least try to address some of those problems. And…Read more...
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Spoil Your Car With These Chemical Guys Microfiber Applicators

Chemical Guys is the leading name in car car, offering sealants, waxes, soaps, glazes, and everything else you need to keep your car showroom shiny. do you actually put all that stuff onto your car?Read more...
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Doctors Brushed Off My Symptoms Until I Was Diagnosed With Ovarian Cancer at 24

After years of unexplained pain, Amanda Kabbabe discovered she had a melon-size tumor.

USDA Is Forcing Its Researchers to Label Their Peer-Reviewed Studies as Only 'Preliminary'

The peer review process for scientific publications is a tedious and trusted mechanism by which papers are determined credible sources of information or not. While “peer reviewed” isn’t synonymous with conclusive, it’s long been a stamp of approval for other scientists and the public to weed out low-quality research.…Read more...
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How Sonar Discovered a 16th Century Shipwreck by Accident

A team of scavengers discovered one of the oldest known shipwrecks, filled with tons of copper, entirely coincidentally.

SpaceX Crew Dragon suffers anomaly during engine test; no injuries reported

SpaceX suffered a setback in preparations for its first crewed launch to the International Space Station today when one of its Crew Dragon spacecraft experienced an anomaly during an engine test firing in Florida. No injuries were reported, but the anomaly threw up a huge pillar of smoke from SpaceX’s Landing Zone 1 during testing of the Dragon’s Super Draco thrusters. The static-fire test was being conducted in preparation for an in-flight abort test. The in-flight abort test is meant to demons...

FBI Refuses to Say Which 'Experts' Inform Its Director's Bad Take on Encryption

Before he was approved to lead the FBI, Christopher Wray met privately with Senator Ron Wyden, easily the sharpest privacy hawk in Congress. The topic of their conversation, one of many Wray would hold with lawmakers during his confirmation process, was encryption. The FBI has long held controversial views on the…Read more...
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Emma Thompson, weeping teenagers join peaceful climate protest in London

Organisers Extinction Rebellion have called for non-violent civil disobedience to force the British government to reduce net greenhouse gas emissions to zero by 2025 and stop what they call a global climate crisis. Extinction Rebellion has blocked several locations in central London this week after staging a semi-nude protest in parliament earlier this month. "Our planet is in serious trouble," Thompson told reporters.

3-Year-Old Born With Backward Legs Walks for the First Time in Emotional Viral Video

A "miracle" surgery changed this little girl's life. 

Bobcat survives deadly California wildfire, has 4 kittens

THOUSAND OAKS, Calif. (AP) — A young bobcat that survived a massive and deadly wildfire in Southern California last year has given birth to four kittens, wildlife officials said Friday.

Why Mammogram Regulations Might Be Changing in the Near Future

Be aware.

Even a Little Bit of Exercise Can Keep Your Brain From Shrinking, Study Suggests

Staying fit could help keep your brain from shrinking and aging in your older years, suggests a new study out Friday. It found that middle-aged and elderly Americans who regularly even got an hour of light exercise during their weekly routine had larger brains on average than those who didn’t.Read more...
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'Not here for selfies', activist Greta tells political world

Swedish teen activist Greta Thunberg rebuked the ruling classes Friday at a demonstration in Italy, insisting youths fighting for climate justice were not fodder for self-complacent selfies. "In the last six months, millions of school children, not least in Italy, have been school striking for the climate. There is no political change whatsoever in sight," Thunberg said.

Drone discovers a Hawaiian plant that was thought to be extinct

Hey there, Hibiscadelphus woodii. How you been? The plant, which is also known as "Wood's hau kuahiwi" and was thought to be extinct, is apparently still around and possibly even flourishing in its native Hawaii. Researchers for the National Tropical Botanical Garden on the island of Kauai made the discovery with a little help from a drone. SEE ALSO: In a glamorous turn of events, polar bears are pooping glitter to fight off extinction Three of the plants were spotted in footage captured...

Elon Musk's D.C. to Baltimore Tunnel Sounds Worse than Pointless

What if I proposed digging two 35-mile tunnels that would begin and end right next to two train stations that currently have service between one another? And this tunnel would be right underneath an existing highway? But this tunnel would be used to skim cars along tracks at speeds no one has achieved yet? And it…Read more...
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The Man Behind Game of Thrones’ Languages Taught Us to Say ‘Release the Snyder Cut’ in High Valyrian

We all know that one of Game of Thrones’ favorite phrases is “fuck off,” but we haven’t heard it uttered in High Valyrian, the elegant and beautiful language of Old Valyria. Until now. We invited Game of Thrones language inventor David J. Peterson to translate and explain some popular nerd culture phrases for us. Read more...
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Bone which increases arthritis risk on the rise, scientists find, as better nutrition could be to blame

A bone which increases the risk of arthritis is increasingly prevalent among humans, scientists have found, as they reveal better nutrition could be to blame. The fabella, a small bone in the knee once lost to human evolution, has made a surprising resurgence over the last century. The bone, which linked to knee problems and pain, is buried in a tendon behind the knee, and was once rare in humans. It is thought of as pointless by doctors, yet those who have arthritis appear more likely to be in ...

Foxconn's Wisconsin Facility is a Ghost Town Where Workers Are Just 'Moving Dirt Around'

The people of Wisconsin are at their wit’s end, trying to figure out what to do about a Foxconn facility that has so far failed to create thousands of jobs. And the Democratic governor, Tony Evers, signaled this week that the deal signed by his predecessor, which provided $4 billion worth of subsidies and…Read more...
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Yes, there’s a full moon tonight, but it won’t be pink

If you're an aspiring skywatcher looking for a good reason to stay up past your bedtime and gaze into the cosmos, I have good news: Friday, April 19th will feature a full moon. However, if you're eagerly anticipating tonight's full moon because it carries the nickname "Pink Moon," I have a devastating truth to reveal: It won't be pink.Tonight's full moon -- or "Full Pink Moon" or "Pink Full Moon" or whatever you see it called around the web and beyond -- carries its nicknamed...

Is It Illegal to Refuse to Vaccinate Your Kid In New York? This Court Says Yes

Amidst a major measles outbreak in New York and other areas across the country, five unnamed mothers sued New York City to bar the municipality from requiring people to have measles-mumps-rubella vaccination. But a Brooklyn judge has upheld the mandate.Read more...
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Saturday's Best Deals: Anker Charging Gear, Samsung TV, 4/20 Sales, and More

A $399 Samsung TV, a huge sale on Anker charging products, a keyboard that charges itself with light, and several CBD and vaping deals for 4/20 lead off Saturday’s best deals from around the web. Read more...
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Woman, 23, left partially paralyzed after suffering stroke from cracking neck

A 23-year-old paramedic is speaking out after a neck crack caused a major artery in her spine to rupture, resulting in a stroke.

Space as a business: What Hides Beyond the Rockets Launches

Spaceships are no longer romantically surf the Universe but pragmatically sawing it in pieces. The “entrance ticket” to the solar system costs hundreds of millions.

Leslie Jones Freaks Out About the Game of Thrones Premiere with Seth Meyers

The best, and most famous, Game of Thrones superfan is, of course, Leslie Jones, who has been teaming up with Seth Meyers ever year to go absolutely wild over new episodes of the show. This time, she’s watching the final season premiere of the show, and it is a treat. Read more...
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AI Might Soon Make it Easy to Put Yourself In Your Favorite Video Game

In a rare move by Facebook that doesn’t have the world shaking its head in disbelief, the company’s AI researchers have developed a way to easily turn real people into playable game characters by simply analyzing videos of them going through specific motions. My dreams of finally being an unlockable character in NBA…Read more...
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CIA Allegedly Told Allies That Huawei Is Funded By Chinese State Security, Army

The Central Intelligence Agency has accused Chinese tech giant Huawei of accepting funding from the “People’s Liberation Army, China’s National Security Commission and a third branch of the Chinese state intelligence network,” the Times of London reported on Saturday, citing a “UK source.”Read more...
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Air strikes and explosions hit Libyan capital

A Reuters reporter and several residents said they saw an aircraft circling for more than 10 minutes over the capital late on Saturday, and that it made a humming sound before opening fire on several areas. Residents had reported drone strikes in recent days, but there has been no confirmation and explosions heard in the city center this time were louder than in previous days. Residents counted several missile strikes, one of which apparently hit a military camp of forces loyal to Tripoli in t...

5 Facts to Know That Could Help You Avoid Food Poisoning

Stay out of the Danger Zone.