Jordan Peele's Us Just Premiered at SXSW, Here's What People Thought

One of 2019's most anticipated films, Jordan Peele’s Us, just had its world premiere at South by Southwest in Austin, Texas and already the reactions are popping up online.Read more...
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US regulators clear path for genetically modified salmon

NEW YORK (AP) — U.S. regulators on Friday gave the green light to salmon genetically modified to grow about twice as fast as normal, but the company behind it may face legal challenges before the fish can be sold domestically.
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For Your Convenience, a Captain Marvel Spoiler Discussion Zone

Captain Marvel, the last stop on the journey to Avengers: Endgame, is finally here. That means it’s time to talk spoilers. There are a lot of them—so, below, you’ll find a place to safely chat about them with the entire io9 community.Read more...
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Boeing will offer biofuel for jet deliveries, and Alaska Airlines says ‘Fill ‘er up’

Boeing says it will begin offering airlines and operators the chance to have their jets powered by biofuel when they take off for their new homes, and Seattle-based Alaska Airlines is the first to sign up for the option. The program was unveiled today, in the wake of this week's first-ever Washington Sustainable Aviation Fuels Summit in Seattle. Boeing and Alaska Airlines were among the event's sponsors. Like the summit, Boeing's new option is aimed at advancing the use of aviation b...
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CDC Preparing Report on E-Scooter Injuries Amid Claims of People Getting Seriously Hurt

Love ’em or hate ’em—and many, many do—e-scooters are taking cities across the globe by storm. But amid ongoing reports that people are seriously messing themselves up on these things, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention decided last year to take a closer look at why this is happening.Read more...
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Tea Tree Oil: Not So Good For Athlete's Foot, According to a Podiatrist

Tea tree oil is used for a lot of things: to clear acne, to repel bugs, to cure bites, cuts, and bruises . .
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Tea Tree Oil: Not So Good For Athlete's Foot, According to a Podiatrist

Tea tree oil is used for a lot of things: to clear acne, to repel bugs, to cure bites, cuts, and bruises . .
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Verizon's Defunct Brand Merch Is Digital Media's Best Bargain

Oath the brand may be dead, but Oath the web store is alive and full of deals.Read more...
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Google Search Dominance Has Businesses Paying for Their Name

As politicians increase scrutiny of large technology companies, Google’s lock on these digital relationships is becoming a potential liability, not just a lucrative advantage praised each quarter by Wall Street analysts. While consumers pay nothing for most Google services, some businesses say they often can’t avoid giving more money to the company because the internet giant is the main source of answers when Americans go online to get information. Google has more than 81 percent of the mobile...
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Scientists revise magnitude of recent Alaska earthquake

ANCHORAGE, Alaska (AP) — Seismologists announced Friday the magnitude of Alaska’s powerful Nov. 30 earthquake has been revised to 7.1 from the earlier magnitude 7.0 Alaska Earthquake Center officials say in a release the change comes after quake data was reviewed by multiple agency and academic groups. U.S. Geological Survey spokesman Paul Laustsen says the […]
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Huawei Suit Tries to Go Where Russian Firm Failed

In a federal lawsuit filed this week in Texas, Huawei claims a U.S. ban on government purchases of its equipment violates the Constitution and could kill the company. The restrictions were imposed in 2018 because American authorities determined there was a risk Huawei products could be used by China for illegal surveillance. While the courts last year shot down a similar protest by Russian software maker Kaspersky Lab, Huawei contends its case is different because the ban was expanded to inclu...
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Nigerians to elect powerful state governors

The election is for 29 of the country's 36 governors, who are among the most influential politicians in Nigeria, which is Africa's biggest oil producer and has the continent's largest economy. Buhari, of the All Progressives Congress (APC), beat Atiku Abubakar of the People's Democratic Party (PDP) in last month's presidential election with 15.2 million votes to 11.3 million, though on a turnout of just 35.6 percent. Situation Room, a monitoring mission comprising over 70 civic groups, said 39...
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The Twilight Zone Continues to Explore Whether a Cast Can Be Too Good

With the upcoming Twilight Zone reboot keeping the anthology structure of the original series, actors can join without a long commitment. It’s a few weeks to make their episode and then that’s it. Which is a small part of why, with every single piece of casting you read, the show keeps sounding so unbelievably…Read more...
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Discovery's Surprise Guest Star on Bringing Some Classic Star Trek Back to Life

Last night’s fantastic episode of Star Trek: Discovery had a bunch going on—but one of the most fan-pleasing events was a trip back to where Star Trek began over five decades ago with its fabled original pilot. But that required bringing back more than just a certain planet.Read more...
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OxyContin maker Purdue Pharma loses bid to delay opioid epidemic trial

Cleveland County District Judge Thad Balkman's decision was a win for the state, even as one of the lawyers for the state said Purdue had "threatened" to file for bankruptcy rather than face the first trial to result from around 2,000 lawsuits nationally. Reuters, citing people familiar with the matter, on Monday reported that Stamford, Connecticut-based Purdue, owned by members of the wealthy Sackler family, was exploring filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. Eric Pinker, Purdue's lawy...
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The fight against trolls goes beyond Captain Marvel, YouTube, and Rotten Tomatoes

It was as predictable as a lie from Loki: Before Captain Marvel even opened, Rotten Tomatoes was getting bombarded with negative reviews from sexist dipshits trying to tank the latest film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, because the movie had the temerity to explicitly be a woman’s narrative, and star Brie Larson…Read more...
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Huawei Suit Against U.S Tries to Go Where Russia Firm Failed

In a federal lawsuit filed this week in Texas, Huawei claims a U.S. ban on government purchases of its equipment violates the Constitution and could kill the company. The restrictions were imposed in 2018 because American authorities determined there was a risk Huawei products could be used by China for illegal surveillance.
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Cancer-targeting compound could be a breakthrough in treating brain tumors

A new compound discovered by scientists at Scripps Research may prove to be a powerful weapon in the fight against one of the most aggressive and deadly types of cancer. Just like the cancer it fights, the compound is incredibly strong, selectively targeting the cells that allow glioblastoma multiforme (GBM) to rapidly take over the brain.The research, which was published in a new paper in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, explains how the stem-like cancer cells of GBM promote gro...
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The 10 Best Deals of March 8, 2019

We see a lot of deals around the web over on Kinja Deals, but these were our ten favorites today.Read more...
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Venezuela power flickers after worst blackout in decades

Power went out across the recession-stricken country on Thursday afternoon due to a problem at Venezuela's main hydroelectric plant, the government said, calling the event an act of "sabotage" by ideological adversaries. Neither Socialist Party officials nor state power company Corpoelec have provided further updates on the situation. Opposition leader Juan Guaido, who most Western nations recognize as Venezuela's legitimate head of state, criticized the government for bungling the country's e...
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Are Your Boobs Normal? We Asked An Expert

You probably don't need to worry.
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Kinetics of Steeping Tea

Steeping is the final step in the lives of tea leaves. And in their final act, they slowly unfold and unravel, creating a beverage that tells the story of where they came from. Every time we drink liquor from the steeped leaves, it tells us what the weather was like before they were plucked and how they were handled, processed, and stored before they reached your cup. Chemically speaking, steeping refers to the act of infusing tea leaves in a solvent (water) to make a solution that is on average...
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Airplane passenger with deadly nut allergy hid in bathroom while almonds were served

The woman asked the cabin manage if they could skip serving the complimentary nuts, as the flight would only be an hour.
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Bethenny Frankel Diagnosed with Leaky Gut Syndrome and a Wheat Allergy: ‘It Couldn’t Get Sexier’

Bethenny Frankel Diagnosed with Leaky Gut Syndrome
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Scientists Spot Mysterious Unknown Breed of Killer Whales

The Type D whale might be a whole new type of orca. Finding them was hard.
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Roche's Tecentriq notches win in breast cancer with U.S. approval

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved Tecentriq mixed with the chemotherapy Abraxane to treat inoperable, locally advanced or metastatic triple-negative breast cancer (TNBC) in people whose tumors express PD-L1, a protein that may help cancers avoid detection by the immune system. Roughly 40 percent of the patients in Roche's study had tumors with high PD-L1 levels. The FDA's OK was based on a trial that showed the drug cocktail helped stave off the disease's advance by a median...
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Sam Altman steps down as president of startup program Y Combinator

Sam Altman is stepping down from his post as president of Y Combinator, the startup accelerator said on Friday, a pivotal change for the organization that was influential in the creation of startups such as Airbnb, Dropbox Inc and Cruise. As YC's second-ever president, Altman spent five years expanding the program's reach and scale. YC offers a startup program to which aspiring entrepreneurs can apply to receive mentorship and a $150,000 investment, and participate in a three-month bootcamp to...
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Olivia Newton-John Sets The Record Straight About Her Health & Cancer Journey

Olivia Newton-John opens up exclusively to Natalie Morales about her journey with breast cancer. Hear why Olivia kept her 2013 cancer diagnosis to herself.
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Why Chelsea Manning Decided to Go to Jail in Protest

Chelsea Manning is not accused of committing any new crime. But she is now a prisoner of the U.S. government once again and may remain one for up to 18 months.Read more...
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Unvaccinated Child Developed Oregon's First Pediatric Tetanus Case In 30 Years: CDC Report

The 6-year-old boy, who was not identified in the report, was playing outdoorsat a farm when he cut his forehead
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