Turkey's 12,000-year-old town about to be engulfed

The small town of Hasankeyf, in Turkey's Kurdish-majority southeast, inhabited for 12,000 years, is doomed to disappear in the coming months. An artificial lake, part of the Ilisu hydroelectric dam project, will swallow it up. The dam, which will be Turkey's second largest, has been built further downstream the Tigris.
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TESS planet-hunters add a ‘sub-Neptune’ world to discovery list, with more to come

Less than a year after NASA’s TESS spacecraft was launched, the scientists behind the mission have unveiled their third confirmed planet, a weird alien world that’s between Earth and Neptune in size. And hundreds of additional potential finds are in the pipeline. The latest exoplanet on the list is HD 21749b, which orbits a star that’s about 80 percent as massive as our sun, located about 53 light-years away in the southern constellation Reticulum. Its 36-day orbital period is a record high for ...
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TESS planet-hunters add a middleweight world to discovery list, with more to come

Less than a year after NASA's TESS spacecraft was launched, the scientists behind the mission have unveiled their third confirmed planet, a weird alien world that's between Earth and Neptune in size and mass. And hundreds of additional potential finds are in the pipeline. The latest exoplanet on the list is HD 21749b, which orbits a star that's about 80 percent as massive as our sun, located about 53 light-years away in the southern constellation Reticulum. Its 36-day orbital period ...
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Samsung's `Shock' Profit Estimate Miss Fails to Drag Shares

The stock fell as much as 2.1 percent only to erase that loss and climb 1.2 percent, with some analysts saying the bleak results on slumping chip demand have largely been factored in. The South Korean company reported preliminary operating income dropped to 10.8 trillion won ($9.65 billion) for the period that ended in December, missing the average analyst estimate compiled by Bloomberg by 22 percent. Samsung shares lost 24 percent last year, capping its worst performance since 2000, as the st...
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New Captain Marvel Footage Has Skrulls, Photon Blasts and the Birth of the MCU

For some, Monday night marked the end of the college football season. For others, like us, it marked the arrival of brand new footage from Captain Marvel and the news that tickets are now on sale.Read more...
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You Can Ask Alexa to Change Sounds on Roland's New Keyboard While Your Hands Keep Playing

Voice assistants like Amazon’s Alexa have been baked into a lot of questionable gadgets that don’t really need to be controlled through voice commands. But one device where hands-free operation makes a bit more sense is a digital piano where a user’s hands are preoccupied making music, so Roland’s adding Alexa to its…Read more...
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Nikon Adds a Powerful New 14-30mm Ultra-Wide Zoom to Its Z-series Lens Lineup

For Nikon’s first foray into the full-frame digital mirrorless world, its new Z-series cameras have become worthy rivals to Sony’s A7 and A9 cams, sometimes even beating Sony at its own game when it comes capturing high-quality video.Read more...
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AT&T Barrels Ahead With Its Bullshit Plan to Brand Enhanced 4G as "5G E"

Telecom giant AT&T has moved forward with its bullshit plan to rebrand an enhanced version of its existing 4G mobile network as its much faster and still-in-development successor 5G, TechCrunch reported on Monday. After a recent update to some AT&T, the devices now say they are connected to a “5G E” network.Read more...
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Tech firms see good times as flexible displays roll, and fold

Electronic displays that fold, roll and bend have finally arrived after years of development, and tech firms are touting the technology as a potential source of growth and new applications. At the Consumer Electronics Show on Monday, South Korean giant LG unveiled its ultra-high definition television that rolls into and out of a base stand and can be furled and unfurled on demand. A demonstration showed that the 65-inch (165 centimeter) screen could disappear completely into the base, extend j...
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SoftBank Plans Reduced $2 Billion Investment in WeWork

SoftBank, which has already invested more than $8 billion in WeWork, had discussed taking a controlling position in the co-working startup, potentially spending $16 billion to buy a larger position in the company, said the people, who requested anonymity because the talks are private. Recent declines in tech stocks -- particularly SoftBank’s shares, which are down about 20 percent in the last month -- played a role in the decision to reduce the deal’s scope, one of the people said. SoftBank an...
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Apple Faces ‘Informal Boycott’ From China Consumers, Says BAML

“According to a survey conducted by our colleagues in equity research, consumers in China and India are showing less interest in upgrading to an iPhone and more interest in upgrading to Xiaomi and Samsung,” Bank of America Merrill Lynch economists Ethan Harris and Aditya Bhave wrote in a recent note. “Apple sales may also suffer from a general redirection of Chinese demand away from U.S. products.
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The Vive Pro Eye Is the Next Big Step for VR

While Facebook and Oculus are out there going after regular folk with the Oculus Go and the upcoming Oculus Quest, HTC Vive seems to be headed the opposite direction by attempting to push VR experiences even further with new Vive Pro Eye.Read more...
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What we know about the flu season so far: ANALYSIS

The new year may have just begun, but the 2018-2019 flu season is well underway. Across the U.S., outpatient clinic visits for flu-like symptoms during the last full week of December are double what they would be during a typical week outside of flu season. Almost 6 percent of patient samples sent to the lab from Sept. 30 through December have been flu-positive, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
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Y'all Ruined One of Lenovo's Best ThinkPads

Okay you jack asses. We need to fight. Because starting this year the Lenovo Yoga Thinkpad X1—Lenovo’s 360-hinge version of the practically perfect X1 Carbon, is dropping the very light and durable all carbon fiber body and replacing it with heavier and lamer aluminum.
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Producers of Nazi Romance Movie Appear to Be Using DMCA Takedowns to Silence Critics

Where Hands Touch, director Amma Asante’s new film about a love story between a biracial black teen (Amandla Stenberg) and a member of the Hitler youth (George MacKay) in Nazi Germany, promptly received backlash online after it was made available on streaming services this month. And as some are pointing out, it…Read more...
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Shock of Shocks, the Venom Sequel Is Moving Forward

We. Are. Sequel.
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California's new governor takes aim at Trump as he takes office

Newsom took office in a campaign-style inauguration ceremony packed with supporters and media, and featuring nods to California's multicultural heritage with music from an African-American church choir from the Los Angeles-area city of Compton and a Mexican folk style group dressed in colors of the California flag. As his 2-year-old son ran on and off the stage, at times pursued by Newsom's wife, "first-partner" Jennifer Siebol Newsom, the 51-year-old governor vowed to position California - th...
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Venezuela's PDVSA in oil deal with firm part-owned by Florida Republican

Venezuelan state oil firm PDVSA [PDVSA.UL] has signed a deal with little-known U.S. energy firm Erepla, partly owned by a prominent Florida Republican, to help increase the socialist-run country's plummeting crude oil output, the company said. Erepla Services LLC, with an undisclosed stake held by Republican Harry Sargeant III and which Delaware state records show was only registered in November, said it plans to invest up to $500 million to increase production at three Venezuelan oil fields in...
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Should We Worry About SIA Engineering Company Limited’s (SGX:S59) P/E Ratio?

This article is for investors who would like to improve their understanding of price to earnings ratios (P/E ratios). To keep it practical, we'll show how SIA Engineering Company Limited's Read More...
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Samsung Feels Apple's Pain as Technology Slowdown Hits Sales

The South Korean company’s operating income fell to 10.8 trillion won ($9.65 billion) in the period that ended in December, according to preliminary results released Tuesday, falling short of the 13.8 trillion-won average of analysts’ estimates compiled by Bloomberg. Deteriorating relations between the U.S. and China — Samsung’s two biggest export destinations — has hit demand for memory used in everything from personal computers to mobile devices, raising the pressure on a company struggling t...
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Why Income Volatility Is a Public Health Issue

Why Income Volatility Is a Public Health Issue
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Some Extremely Minor Things From CES 2019 That You Just Might Like

Amidst the big tech innovations like rollable TV screens and signs of things to come like laptop notches, there are a bunch of under-the-radar products being shown off at this year’s CES that deserve a little attention. They aren’t for everyone, but they might be just right for you.Read more...
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‘Aquaman’ Wins the Box Office Again

(Bloomberg) -- “Escape Room,” a horror thriller from Sony Corp., opened as the first big movie release of 2019 and landed in second place, behind the Warner Bros. superhero movie “Aquaman,” now in its third week.
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China VC Deals Drop to Lowest Since 2015 as Funding Shrinks

Overall, last year remained a record for venture capital deal-making globally, but the slowdown in China grew pronounced in the latter half of 2018. The slide in the country’s venture capital scene comes amid a cooling in the nation’s economy, the world’s second largest. The total amount of venture capital invested in the December quarter dived by 27 percent to $9.8 billion from the previous three months, separate estimates from CB Insights showed.
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SpaceX Pushes Back 'Especially Dangerous' Dragon Test

The test for manned commercial spaceflight will now be in "about a month."
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Government Shutdown Puts Damper on America's Major Astronomy Conference

As the U.S. government shutdown drags on, scientists are beginning to see the effects of the closure firsthand.
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Government Shutdown Puts Damper on America's Major Astronomy Conference

As the U.S. government shutdown drags on, scientists are beginning to see the effects of the closure firsthand.Read more...
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Why more female penguins are washing up dead in South America

Female Magellanic penguins are more likely to become stranded in South America because they travel further.
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Global natural disasters wreak $160 bn damage in 2018: Munich Re

Natural disasters including wildfires, hurricanes and tsunamis inflicted $160 billion of damage and claimed 10,400 lives in 2018, German reinsurer Munich Re said Tuesday. The financial toll was far below the $350 billion recorded the previous year in a record hurricane season, the firm said in its annual reckoning, but above the 30-year average of $140 billion. As with the previous year the United States suffered the heaviest losses from disasters globally, with its second record wildfire seas...
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Mexico fuel theft crackdown sparks shortages, puts government on defensive

Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador said on Monday that his crackdown against fuel theft was yielding positive results, even as the intervention sparked severe fuel shortages in parts of the country and long lines of angry motorists. In a bid to eliminate years of mounting theft, state oil firm Pemex has changed its distribution, triggering shortfalls in at least six states, including Guanajuato, a major car-making hub in central Mexico. Guanajuato's state government said that less t...
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