The Black Phone Review: Scott Derrickson Delivers The Best Joe Hill Adaptation Yet [Fantastic Fest]

If you know me or my work, you know I'm a Stephen King guy. My (far too) early childhood viewings of adaptations of his work like "The Shining" and "Stand By Me" tempted young me to pick up my very first King book in the sixth grade. It was "Cujo" and I'd read it in snippets while my teacher wasn't looking, hiding it in my perfectly-sized pencil box when their Sauron-like gaze fell my way.About halfway through the book, most of which I didn't fully understand but could keep up with thanks in no ...
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There's Someone Inside Your House Review: A Slasher For A New Generation

After the smashing success of the "Fear Street" trilogy, Netflix continues its train of slasher films for today's young adult audiences with the gory teen scream "There's Someone Inside Your House." Based on Stephanie Perkins' romance-with-a-sprinkle-of-murder novel of the same name, "There's Someone Inside Your House" just celebrated its premiere at Fantastic Fest. Taking inspiration from '90s and '00s slasher films and combining them with the sensibilities of today's more socially conscious yo...
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‘Undercover’ Review: Journalists and Narcs Do Battle in a Solidly Gripping, Fact-Based French Procedural

Whenever a film begins with a disclaimer asserting that the story you’re about to see is fictional — and furthermore, that what shall unfold on-screen “should not be considered a reflection of a reality” — it’s hard not to go in assuming the exact opposite. Why protest so much if there’s no factual basis there? In the […]
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Buy & Try: Whoop 3.0 Strap

My experience using a Whoop 3.0 strap for 6 months.
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Best Credit Cards in Canada 2021

What’s the best credit card in Canada? With so many cards on the market, it can be difficult to pick a single Visa or Mastercard, let alone one best overall credit card. This is true for two reasons: one, because there are so many cards that it can be overwhelming and two, because (spoiler alert)…
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