"The Number of Guns" - or "Why isn't America Like Europe?"

In the aftermath of more rampage shootings, Quora has become, unsurprisingly, a hotbed of gun control questions, such as:Why are guns still legal?Why does America allow the general public to keep guns? What would it take for there to be a genuine shift/change in America's views on, and relationships with guns?Why do so many Americans conflate "gun control" with "gun bans"?Why do we allow politicians to dance around gun-control legislation? Would it bother you if assault weapons were illegal in ...
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Leadership Caffeine™—In Celebration of Those Who Think and Act Differently

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Harris, Warren and Biden Are Going to Get Eaten Alive by Trump

Most Democrats assume that Harris or Biden--and perhaps Warren--can beat Trump in a debate. The fact of the matter is that in a debate there's a high potential that all three of these lawyers will get eaten alive by Trump. The successful prosecution of both Barr and Biden by Harris, many also think, is illustrative of what she can do with Trump. That's profoundly flawed thinking. The problem with all four of them (Barr included) is that they work on the basis of lawyerly assumptions. Wha...
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