Does your kid have a 'finsta' account? Why it's a big deal

The term combines fake and Instagram, and represents a more personal feed.            [Author: USA TODAY]
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PHOTO: Golden Hall at Stockholm City Hall, Site of the Nobel Laureate Ball

The stunning Golden Hall at Stockholm City Hall is one of the highlights on the tour of the city’s municipal center. However, it is just one of many things that make this building so famous. The 348-foot tall structure, built entirely of brick, was completed in 1923. Nearly eight million bricks were used in its construction. The three golden crowns atop the central tower are a reflection of the Swedish Coat of Arms. Stockholm’s City Hall is perhaps best known as the venue for the annual Nob...
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Diego Costa reaches out to Michy Batshuayi after Watford

Chelsea 4 – Watford 2 It looked like Chelsea were heading for their fourth match on the spin without a win on Saturday. And Watford will be kicking themselves for not beating Chelsea. Richarlison had tow glorious opportunities to score at Stamfrod Bridge in the second half, but the Brazilian fluffed both opportunities. And that opened the door for Chelsea to comeback to win the game. Pedro Rodriguez fired the Blues ahead, but Watford turned the match with goals from Abdoulaye Doucoure and Rober...
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The Water Cooler: Seeing ‘Hamilton’ in L.A., an Enthralling Japanese Reality Show, and a Puppy Named Gizmo

Welcome to The Water Cooler, a weekly feature where the /Film staff is free to go off-topic and talk about everything except the movies and TV shows they normally write about. In this edition: Peter Sciretta adopts a new puppy, Ben Pearson sees Hamilton, Hoai-Tran Bui checks out a relaxing Japanese reality show, Chris Evangelista searches for spooky fun, and Jacob Hall buys some irresponsible Anchorman art. Hoai-Tran Bui is Watching Terrace House: Boys & Girls in the City I had heard ru...
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How to Become a Proficient Photographer As Fast As Possible

One of the biggest concerns of any photographer who wants to become seriously dedicated to photography is to achieve “professional” status – or at least a meaningfully high standard in photography. To achieve this, any photographer must surpass the “entry level” label. The world of photography lives with an identity stigma that revolves around differentiating what it means to be an “amateur photographer” and a “professional photographer”. For me, everything comes down to whether the shooter is p...
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There’s a New Wide-Angle Milvus Lens by Zeiss

Industry-standard German lens manufacturer Zeiss introduced its new Milvus 25mm F/1.4 wide-angle lens, a completely redesigned product that straddles the Otus and Milvus lines, to an eager public on October 18, 2017. The new Milvus lens joins a large family of glass from Zeiss, “Featuring eleven focal lengths ranging from 15 to 135 millimeters, including two macros, the ZEISS Milvus family covers a host of applications, such as portrait, landscape, architecture and street photography.” Product M...
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How to Install Presets in Lightroom

Lightroom is unquestionably a powerful image processing application; even if you were to make use of only its built-in tools, you (and your photos) would be in pretty good shape. But, as with anything, there’s always room for improvement. Fortunately, Lightroom makes it easy for users to fill in gaps left by the software. One of the most common ways of extending Lightroom’s usability and expanding its power is via the use of presets. Lightroom presets, in short, allow you to enhance (improve?) ...
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On the Street…Happy Friday, Paris

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Rumored Tamron Shift Away from Sony A-Mount Lenses Good News for Fujifilm Photographers?

In a move that is interpreted as a potential boon for Fujifilm users, longtime Japanese lens manufacturer (and Sony accompaniment) Tamron is rumored to be moving away from its Sony A-Mount lenses in order to focus on Sony E-Mount and Fuji X lenses according to Sony Alpha Rumors. A Sony Alpha Rumors reader that attended the Digital Splash 2017 conference in Liverpool, United Kingdom wrote to the website that during the Sony presentation the following news headline was delivered, “…it is with a ve...
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At the Red Leaf Café...

... you can talk about whatever you want.And you can shop through The Althouse Amazon Portal. [Author: [email protected] (Ann Althouse)]
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Digital Marketing News: Twitter Video Ads, Livestreaming Rise, RIP Eric Ward

The Rise of Livestreaming: Why People Watch, and How Brands Can Benefit [Infographic]. Facebook users comment 10 times more on live videos than on regular videos. Find out what people are watching, what their preferences and behaviors are in this infographic from Koeppel Direct. MarketingProfs The four habits of successful data-driven marketers. Econsultancy invited marketing experts to discuss what they do, the problems they face, and how they overcome obstacles which revealed 4 keys to dat...
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Keyshia Ka’oir Responds to Rumors She Abandoned Her Kids in Jamaica

Gucci Mane’s new wife Keyshia Ka’oir has finally broken her silence about reports she left three children back in her home country of Jamaica. Last December, a rumor popped up suggesting Keyshia Ka’oir had abandoned her kids, leaving them behind in Jamaica while she pursued a modeling career here in the United States. And those rumors resurfaced on social media this week when her and Gucci Mane’s “Mane Event” live wedding special aired on BET. On top of that, rapper turned YouTuber Khia blasted ...
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October 2017 Instagram Photos

Autumn is full bloom and many of the photos this month reflect the foliage in the parks, courtyards, and sides of buildings. The leaves and ivy are turning burning red, mustard and ochre and piling on the ground. Fall fashion is also in full swing and I snapped a photo of a decadent pair of knee-high Saint Laurent boots studded with rhinestones. If you still haven’t followed me on Instagram yet, here are my tags.  
 @parisian_doors Boots at YSL Saint Sulpic...
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Pimp your Instagram with a photo shoot on a private jet

For under $250, you could have an Instagram photo shoot on a private jet!            [Author: Buzz60]
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@Firearmblog on Instagram – Follow And Share With Us

Staffed by a team of scientists and engineers using ITAR-controlled sensitive technology, TFB’s Instagram feed (@firearmblog) is reborn anew. And as much as most of us loathe social media for updates like ‘Aunt Judy’s middle toe removal was a success!’, firearms industry news, events and product releases now appear to be teased on platforms like Instagram […] The post @Firearmblog on Instagram – Follow And Share With Us appeared first on The Firearm Blog.
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Bite Size Tips: Understand These Concepts of Light for Better Photographs

As photographers, we should all know that without light, there is no photography.  Photography is nothing but capturing light that is reflected off objects and the colours that we capture depend on the colour of light that is reflected by those objects. There are no real light hacks. In order to create beautiful photographs, you NEED to understand light. This ranges from ‘how it works' and ‘how it can be altered' using various means to get the perfect image. It all comes down to careful ...
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How To Guide To Advertising Music On Instagram

Instagram has become one of the best ways to promote your personal brand as a musician, but the platform's complexities necessitate a fair amount of finesse on the part of the artist. Here we look at some key practices for promoting your music on Instagram. _________________________ Guest post by Lisa Occhino of the Bandzoogle Blog Instagram is one of the best ways to build your brand and showcase your personality as a musician. But now that the social media platform boas...
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Hazel-E: I Apologize for Saying Gays Should Burn in Hell, But “I Can’t Rewrite the Bible”

After getting dragged online, Hazel-E is apologizing for wishing gays to “burn in hell just like God said in the Bible.” Unfortunately, the half-hearted apology might not do her any favors as she stands by her decision to use the Bible as a justification for her remarks. Hazel made the comment on her boyfriend Rose Burgundy’s own homophobic post on Instagram after two people insinuated he is gay/bisexual and down-low. TMZ reached out to the Love & Hip Hop Hollywood star to give her the opportuni...
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YouTuber Entrepreneur Sued by “Malicious” Photographer for Stealing Copyrighted Photo

Have you ever heard of a thief stealing an object from a store then blaming the store because it had “maliciously” placed said object on the shelf for sale, all but inviting theft? If you haven’t heard of this argument then welcome to the reality most people occupy, except for one social media star with a following of 60,000 people. YouTube entrepreneur Dan DaSilva is probably having a bad day, if the Internet comments section and photography publications everywhere have anything to say about it...
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Wyoming Women’s Antelope Hunt Recognized Hunter Achievements

Wyoming Women's Antelope Hunt LAMAIE, Wyo. -( Recognizing the achievements of hunters, Ashlee Lundvall, 2013 Ms. Wheelchair USA and a special guest hunter at the 2014 hunt, handed out awards during a ceremony at the fifth annual Wyoming Women's Antelope Hunt.The hunt was held Oct. 12-15, 2017 at the Ranch at Ucross in northeastern Wyoming. In 2013, the Wyoming Women's Foundation created the hunt to promote camaraderie and mentorship through hunting.The event's dinner and auction,...
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this was a good week

Somewhere just outside of Denver, Thursday, October 19th, 2017. Friends, I know I've been absent this week, but it's all for good reasons.  Here's why:•  I'm currently on an overnight trip to Sacramento, to do a closing keynote for a nonprofit organization that focuses on kids.  And that's always a good thing.  Plus?  Last Friday, we signed a lease on an apartment, and have been s...
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This Cable Cam Will Help You Get Impossible Film Shots

Wiral LITE, the cable cam system for aspiring indie film directors and action stars alike, has launched to wild acclaim on Kickstarter, raising over $US 250,000 since arrival with twenty seven days remaining in the campaign as of publication. Wiral LITE is a proposed easy-to-use, affordable cable cam tailored for GoPro cameras or devices weighing up to 3.3 lbs. Joining the exploding active camera market, Wiral LITE is touted as an add-on accessory that will help photographers get that impossible...
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The Highest Rated Wide Zoom Lens: The Sony FE 16-35mm F2.8 GM

Being the best – there's nothing quite like it. And, in terms of wide-zoom lenses on the market right now, there's nothing quite like this DxO-recommended, highly-rated lens offering from Sony: the Sony FE 16-35mm F2.8 GM. DxO specializes in finding out what’s the best of the best out there, and they're not shy about letting the world know all about the products they admire. DxO has ranked Sony’s FE 16-35mm F2.8 GM lens with a score that makes it the best wide-zoom lens on the market across a ra...
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Cameras About to Be Banned from Checked Luggage on Planes?

Travelling on planes is about to get a whole lot less convenient for photographers. Citing the risk of explosion and catastrophic fire, the United States government is advising airlines around the world to ban cameras, laptops, and other electronic devices from checked luggage. The US Federal Aviation Administration filed a paper with the United Nations International Civilian Aviation Organization urging airline companies to ban these devices from checked luggage because “ [if a] rechargeable li...
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These Halloween Instagram DIYs Are Better Than Watching Netflix

The closer we get to Halloween, the more overwhelmed we feel. There are so many sources of inspiration, from Instagram to Reddit and YouTube. It seems like we should take a day off in anticipation of the holiday - just to see all of our options and prepare. Thankfully, some makeup artists have combined the best of Instagram and YouTube to make bite-size costume DIYs that anyone can watch when they have a few seconds to spare. From sexy mummies to ghastly ghouls, there's something in here for eve...
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Bite Size Tips: 3 Tips For More Powerful Clouds In Your Landscapes

You might be wondering what a clear day with no clouds could be a better to photograph some beautiful landscapes. While this could be true, there is something truly magical and dramatic about clouds, that they can completely change the mood of a landscape and give them a different meaning and perspective. For example, if you are photographing a sunset or a sunrise, the image looks dramatic and colorful (fiery to be precise) if there are puffy or stormy clouds in the sky as the sun rays pierce th...
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Say Goodbye to Flickr’s Photobook and Wall Art Printing Services

Change is an inevitable thing, especially when your parent company Yahoo is bought out by US telecom giant Verizon. That’s why the recent announcement from photo-sharing service Flickr has met with resignation rather than surprise as the once-darling photo repository’s users increasingly express worries about an uncertain future with the service. In an announcement to its community forums, Flickr announced that it would stop all printing services for wall art and would phase out the photo album ...
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Samsung Introduces the 360 Round VR Camera

Samsung just unveiled its newest entry into the nascent virtual reality (VR) camera market when it debuted the 360 Round at the annual Samsung Developer Conference in San Francisco, California. The 360 Round VR camera is capable of capturing 360° 4K 3D video at 30fps using 17 total lenses for photographing, filming, and livestreaming 4K 3D panoramic video. The Samsung 360 Round should be available this month, October 2017, in the United States with a gradual international rollout in the coming m...
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Manchester United fans have absolutely savaged Victor Lindelof’s girlfriend

Huddersfield 2 – Manchester United 1 Pretty much no one saw Manchester United’s defeat to Huddersfield coming. Jose Mourinho’s side had been Manchester City’s main challengers this season and had looked strong in both the Premier League and Champions League. Meanwhile, Huddersfield, after a promising start had begun to slow down and looked short of goals. Cue a fine Huddersfield win, thanks to first half strikes by Aaron Mooy and Laurent Depoitre. Marcus Rashford pulled one back with 12 minutes...
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Ducks Unlimited to Attend 90th Annual National FFA Convention

Mallard drake comes in for a landing at Colusa National Wildlife Refuge. Mike Peters photo MEMPHIS, Tenn. -( More than 60,000 high school and college Future Farmers of America (FFA) members and alumni will convene in Indianapolis Oct. 25-28 to celebrate youth leadership in agriculture during the National Convention and Expo.For the sixth consecutive year, Ducks Unlimited (DU) will have a strong presence at the convention to spread the word about DU’s wetlands and waterfowl conser...
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