Pro Content Marketing Tips You Can Implement NOW

With so much marketing advice out there for businesses, how do you know which pieces are worth investing time and effort in for your clients and which you should just discard in the bin? The digital marketing landscape changes rapidly, we all know that, and that’s what can make marketing your client’s business online so darned difficult. Should they sign up to Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and Instagram for their business? And what about Pinterest? Is their audience on there, too? So m...
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The 4 Best Practices of Healthcare Social Media Marketing for 2020

Healthcare social media marketing has evolved significantly over the past decade. In fact, a 2013 survey found that social media was blocked for 59% of professionals working in hospitals. Since then, healthcare organizations have increasingly used social media to engage with their communities, recruit employees, and increase patient satisfaction. According to a WEGO health behavioral study, 91% of participants said online communities play a role in their health decisions. And when it comes to h...
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