5 ways to boost your Instagram follower count right now

Is your target audience hanging out on Instagram? As the third most popular social media platform , the answer is probably! If you’re trying to connect with your target audience online, Instagram is one of the best platforms available. The photo-sharing app is known for its ability to engage audiences in ways other social platforms just can’t match . However, in order to engage with your audience base , you’ve got to build one first. It doesn’t have to be difficult to rack up...
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How To Create A WordPress Recipe Directory (No Code Required)

People are picky eaters – they have different tastes, different diets…you get the idea. So if you have a recipe blog, creating a WordPress recipe directory lets people dig into your full catalog of food and find the recipes they’ll absolutely love. In this post, you’ll learn how to create your own flexible WordPress recipe directory that lists all your recipes in an easy-to-browse table format, along with options for your hungry visitors to: Filter out recipes by categories or tags – like only...
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A [big] new challenge—the story behind the Creative Calling book cover

When it was time to think about the cover – the whole design package – for my NEW BOOK, Creative Calling, I knew I wanted it to be something different. After all…see if you follow me here… it’s just wrong to make a book about creativity with just any old trend, cliche book cover.  Instead, the package needed to embody the ideas within. So when we approached this design challenge of a hard bound book – it had to be meaningful, beautiful, AND stand out in a sea of other books on the shelf.  No sma...
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