Manhole Covers Roundabout Saint John

~ Another installment of these cast iron circles, this time from Saint John, New Brunswick. Hard to say for certain, but I found this group a bit grittier than those in other places. ~   Similar Posts on O’Canada: > Halifax’s Manhole Covers > Creativity Afoot!: Toronto’s Varied Manhole Covers > Manhole Covers of Quebec […]
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Izakaya 「Daruma」in Monzen-Nakacho

My Tachinomiya research has been greatly influenced by Yoshida Rui and especially his Sakaba Hourouki TV show on the TBS networks. Yoshida calls himself a 「酒場ライタ」 or "Tavern writer." In a typical 15 minute show he starts out at an easily accessible train station, explores local landmarks and/or rare shops in the area before arriving at an izakaya or "traditional Japanese pub." Here he drinks, eats, interacts with the owner of the shop and regular customers, typically getting a little drunk in ...
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A post-war Tokyo peanut shop

This little peanut and snack shop opened a few years after the war, and yet even now, after all those decades, its 90-year-old owner still isn’t ready to retire.
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