Key Drivers of Increasing Ad Spend Across Social Media

Recently, advertisers have invested more and more of their budget in social media. According to our latest Digital Marketing Report, spend growth numbers for Facebook and Instagram have been +8% and 85% in Q2 2019 respectively. But what are some of these drivers that are leading to this shift? Follow the Crowd Instagram has seen massive growth in monthly usership over the last couple years. This has led to a correlated increase in ad spend as we continue to see marketing dollars flow towards...
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Make Instagram Slideshows with Google Slides

I just discovered an interesting use of the Instagram platform courtesy Addy Osmani – you can publish how-to guides and tutorials on Instagram as photo slideshows. To give you can an example, here’s an Instagram Slideshow that walks you step by step though the creation on Memojis on an iPhone. People can swipe through your slides inside the mobile app of Instagram or the Instagram website on the desktop. They can like or comment on your post. And you can also embed your Instagram slideshows insi...
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