Urban Decay Just Unveiled The Raddest Throwback Lip Palette

In case you hadn't heard, '80s beauty is back. (Luckily, without all the teasing this time.) But before you cringe at the thought of contouring with blush and frosty pink lipstick, let us direct you to the newest release leading a more-modern '80s makeup revival. Enter: Urban Decay's latest lipstick palettes.The decade was anything but understated — this we know — but the brand's announcement has even the most minimal among us excited for the bold shapes and colors of the most radical era. Read...
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The Flipside #9: 'Blade Runner 2049' (Feature)

A big-budget sequel to a certified cult classic is always a dicey cinematic prospect, but with Denis Villeneuve at the helm, the Flipside fellas just couldn't wait to see what this new work would enhance. [Author: Brice Ezell and Evan Sawdey]
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Chris Stapleton – “Millionaire”

Chris Stapleton already released one album this year, From A Room: Volume 1 and, as promised, Volume 2 is finally on the way. The country crossover star's second album of the year will be out 12/1, and today he's shared the first single from it, "Millionaire." You can listen to it and check … More »
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Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Broke A Major Taboo On Primetime TV

Rachel Bloom's hit show Crazy Ex-Girlfriend is back for a third season and it is pushing the boundaries of primetime television.This week's episode, "To Josh, With Love," which aired last night, marked the first time a network show explained the use of the clitoris. Bloom, the writer and star of the show, was inspired to create this plotline after she read a CNN article about the gendered "orgasm gap." In an interview with Mic, she recalled that the article didn't mention the clitoris until hal...
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Wristlets Are Back, But Not Like You Remember Them

The wrislet, that little party bag that has taken us through so many late-nights is back! But before you start digging out your little zip-up Coach logo wallets (they still sell them by the way!), you'll be happy to know that the new version is a little roomier than the ones from your past. Not by much, but enough to squish the latest iPhone and a few credit cards into it. Meet the wristlet 2.0.,, the new grab handle bags are large enough to pass into the purse category, but tiny enough to coas...
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Stream Wild Beasts’ Farewell EP Punk Drunk And Trembling

Last month, cultishly beloved UK art-rock outfit Wild Beasts announced they were calling it quits with a few goodbye shows and a final EP, Punk Drunk And Trembling. The EP features three songs culled from the sessions for the group's last album, 2016's Boy King, two of which previously appeared on that record's deluxe … More »
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Zumba For Babies Is Fun & I Don't Know Who I Am Anymore

Think of the words “mommy and me fitness,” and now picture the person likely saying them. Crumple that up and throw it away. Now, picture someone whose favorite exercise is remembering decades-old Chris Farley quotes and laughing until she’s kind of winded. That second one is me.And it isn’t parenthood that made me like this. I spent more energy trying to quit the gym next door to my office than I ever did working out there. I was on the softball team in high school, and before you think that m...
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10 questions with composer Sarah Quartel

Sarah Quartel is a Canadian composer, conductor, and educator known for her fresh and exciting approach to choral music. Her music is performed by children and adults around the world, and celebrates the musical potential of all learners by providing singers access to high quality and engaging repertoire. We spoke with Sarah about why she composes, how she approaches writing, and the pieces that mean the most to her. What does a typical day in your life look like?   I’ve just moved from Canada t...
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Sephora Is Practically Giving Away Clinique Products Right Now

Everyone knows you should book a flight on a Tuesday, break up with someone on a Friday, and go to the DMV literally any day but Saturday. And we've got one more thing to add to your calendar: Always buy your makeup on a Thursday.Why? Well, that's the arbitrary day Sephora chose to bless us with a weekly sale, which the store is calling The Weekly Wow. And these aren't the leftover items in the bargain bin either. Think high-quality contour palettes, cult lipsticks, and the moisturizer you had ...
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Pat Dam Smyth: Goodbye Berlin EP (Review)

Pat Dam Smyth offers up more beautifully literate narratives on emotionally rich new EP. [Author: Paul Carr]
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The 5 Best Videos Of The Week

It's not a music video, but the thing I saw this week that left the deepest impression was the introduction to the 2011 CMT Music Awards, a galactically dumb comedy bit that happens to star Taylor Swift, Shania Twain, Kid Rock, and, in a bone-chilling cameo, Donald Trump. I'm a bit worried that Kenny … More »
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Classixx Sues H&M Over Classixx Tops

LA dance-pop duo Classixx make the sort of sleek, upbeat, metropolitan music that seems to flourish in shopping malls, so it wouldn't be at all surprising if they'd licensed H&M to sell T-shirts bearing their band name. As it turns out, H&M has indeed been selling shirts with the word "Classixx" emblazoned across the front, … More »
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Billboard Adjusts Chart Calculations To Favor Paid Streaming Over Ad-Supported Streams, YouTube

As how people consume music shifts, Billboard has adjusted how it calculates the charts. Bowing to pressure from the recorded music industry, the latest set of changes give more weight to paid streams vs ad-supported streams including YouTube. _________________________ Beginning next year, plays occurring on paid services and tiers on Apple Music, Spotify Premium and others will be given more weight in chart calculations than plays on ad-supported services, such as YouTube or Spotif...
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Sharon Van Etten – “Passion And Love”

It has, sadly, been three and a half years since Sharon Van Etten's last album, the excellent Are We There. After touring a ton behind that record, Van Etten has kept busy otherwise, having a kid and acting and popping up on other people's songs constantly and working with Lee Ranaldo. There's still no … More »
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How to play a Hammond organ

I have a 1956 Hammond M3, youtube and this here book. Wish me luck! I bought Hammond Organ Complete because I literally had no clue how to even turn on the Hammond M3 I decided would complete my living room. Took me a while to figure out it wasn't broken, just that all the drawbars were pushed in and there were no tones. Let us not dive into the whole dual switch Run/Start boot-up sequence either! I've always found music to be non-intuitive. The keyboard layout of notes really appeals to me...
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RISE: Spotify’s new program to break the next top artists

Spotify have just launched a new program to bring rising artists to the forefront and help to break the careers of the hottest emerging talents. RISE was launched by Spotify today and will highlight the artists they think deserve to be on the rise. Using their giant global platform, home to more than 140 million listeners, Spotify will promote selected up-and-coming artists through a number of their channels to help birth the next stars. Through a combination of “multi-tiered marketing and edi...
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Classical Music Has Its Own Bunch Of Mini-Harvey Weinsteins

"One big problem is the mindless adulation bestowed on famous conductors and directors. Such sycophancy doesn't lead just to the tolerance of abuse, it mythologises the misdeeds so that they become part of the mystique surrounding 'the maestro'." (For example, Georg Solti, who'd seduce his way through the female choristers at the Royal Opera house […]
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Ugly Beauty: The Month In Jazz – October 2017

On Friday, October 6, the Art Ensemble Of Chicago played their first New York show since 2004. The last time they were in town, original bassist Malachi Favors had died only three months earlier, so the show was something of a memorial to him. Jaribu Shahid, who had worked with Art Ensemble founder Roscoe Mitchell … More »
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Ultra Festival 2017 Attendance Exceeds 1 Million Worldwide

After a year of rapid growth for the international dance music brand, organizers for Ultra Music announced that more than 1 million people attended 45 Ultra-branded events in 20 countries across 5 continents this year. The festival brand just finished a series of events, closing with Ultra Brasil, the newly expanded 3-day festival, saw over 90,000 fans attend the event, which was staged in Rio de Janeiro's Sambodromo, a purpose-built parade venue. As well, Ultra debuted Ultra México la...
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Kllo: Backwater (Review)

Australian cousins deliver genre-fusing debut album of understated dancefloor euphoria, tinged with darker undertones of isolation and self reflection as the impact of their early successes are realised. [Author: William Sutton]
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Poetry, Photography, Comics: The Best of a Softer World (Review)

Think of A Softer World as a daily comic strip on an imaginary newspaper page full of dark and genre-disturbing funnies. [Author: Chris Gavaler]
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Stream Heat’s Self-Titled 7″

The San Diego = band Heat play hardcore so ridiculously fast and raw and grimy that it almost seems over-the-top. The band just released a new 7" EP. It has six songs, and only one of them is more than a minute long. All of the songs are just cartoonishly menacing. They're quick, bruising little … More »
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The Real Reason You Won’t See Kate Middleton Wearing Nail Polish

Kate Middleton is exactly the type of person for whom the expression "prim and proper" was created. She is always impeccably groomed, dressed in the most polished dress, blouse, or sweater that then immediately sells out, with glowing skin worth $848 in Karin Herzog products and not a single split end in sight. Even the reflection bouncing off her hair looks like it belongs next to the shiny gold chandeliers in Kensington Palace.But there's one peculiar thing you might not have noticed about th...
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How To Take Your Backpack To The Next Level

With school back in session, there’s only one accessory we can rely on to be our constant number one. Through stressful mornings getting ready, hallway hangouts with our best friends, and end-of-day scrambles to get every book, binder, and notebook home, our backpacks are there for it all — and then some.While they can be easy to neglect — and even easier to wear out — our trusty bags deserve some TLC from time to time, especially when it means sprucing up a plain one for something a little coo...
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Dizzy Gillespie in London, 1966

And on this final day of my four-part series of tributes to Dizzy Gillespie, I saved the best for last: In November 1966, Jazz at the Philharmonic was in London. In the following video, we get to hear producer Norman Granz introduce the first jam-session septet (and oh was a group): Dizzy Gillespie (t), James Moody (as, fl), Clark Terry (flh), Zoot Sims (ts), Teddy Wilson (p), Bob Cranshaw (b) and Louie Bellson (d), plus T. Bone Walker (g) added on three songs. The songs are Ow!; a medley of St...
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5 Cheap & Easy Costumes For The Last-Minute Girl

I've always been in complete awe of people who make their own Halloween costumes. These days, it's easier than ever to go to a party store and purchase a full head-to-toe look, yet some crafty creatives still choose to pick up scissors and a hot glue gun and get crackin'. So for my latest challenge for Try Living With Lucie, I decided to DIY my own costumes — taking inspiration from Pinterest — and test how easy or hard they were to achieve.The rules: Each costume would have to have a different...
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Watch “Black Ink Crew Chicago” Season 3 Episode 11

“Black Ink Crew Chicago” returns after a month-long hiatus. Season 3 Episode 11 aired on VH1 Wednesday night (Oct. 18). Kat questions her life in Los Angeles, Lily tries to turn the shop against Cobra, Charmaine’s career takes priority, Nikki becomes jealous again, and Don blows up. CLICK HERE TO WATCH “BLACK INK CREW CHICAGO” SEASON 3 EPISODE 11 Watch “Black Ink Crew Chicago” Season 3 Episode 11 is a post from: Gossip On This - Pop Culture, News, Videos & Humo
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The Simple Skin-Care Routine That Helped Me Get Rid Of My Hormonal Acne

While many enjoy experimenting with a whole host of colorful, shimmering products as their first foray into the world of beauty, for me, makeup meant layer after layer of thick concealer to mask the cystic spots, clusters of whiteheads, and angry red scars that peppered my teenage skin."Pizza face," "crater face" — I was called them all before finally getting the courage to visit my doctor at 13 — and it was far from helpful. First came Epiduo, an over-the-counter topical treatment that uses ad...
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Gasoline Lollipops - "Soul Mine" (audio) (premiere) (Mixed Media)

Gasoline Lollipops continue to innovate by melding folk sentiment with punk provocation. [Author: Jonathan Frahm]
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Songs For Grown Women, From Kelly Clarkson To Carla Bruni

After my first job MTV working as a music programmer, I can't stop trying to matchmake people with music they might like. So, I wrote a book calledRecord Collecting for Girls and started interviewing musicians. The Music Concierge is a column where I share music I'm listening to that you might enjoy, with a little context. Follow me on Twitter or Facebook, or leave me a comment below and tell me what you're listening to this week. Kelly Clarkson "Meaning of Life"Just turning on a Kelly Clarkso...
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