This Dermatologist Says "Non-Comedogenic" Beauty Products Are B.S.

Dr. Anjali Mahto is a London-based dermatologist at Skin55 and author of The Skincare Bible: Your No-Nonsense Guide To Great Skin.Choosing the right makeup and skin care for acne-prone skin can be a minefield. You want to be able to use products that won’t aggravate the problem and can conceal where necessary, but how can you be certain your skin care isn’t making things worse? Enter the world of non-comedogenic beauty products."Non-comedogenic" literally means will not block pores, while "come...
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The Bachelor Season 23, Episode 7 Recap: Midnight Train To Hometowns

Who is Keyser Söze?! And why are they trying to date the Bachelor even though they aren't ready for marriage? The Bachelor — and its star, Colton Underwood — are desperate to discover who isn't ready for marriage. This season has become very epic lately, with women prophesying left and right of a person unfit for the Bachelor throne.This person...she is here..neither can live while the other survives!In all seriousness, this kind of questioning happens on most seasons of The Bachelor. The diff...
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Urban Outfitters Is Kicking Off Spring With Shorts Styled By L.A. Women

Fans of Virginia Woolf and Edgar Allan Poe, beware: This is not your traditional short story. Forget fictional villains and murder mysteries — this is a tale of relaxed pleated cargo and high-rise denim. This is a story about actual shorts.Urban Outfitters just shared a first look of their spring campaign and it’s essentially a two-part love letter to warm weather's favorite clothing category. While your mind may go straight to those trusty denim cutoffs you've had since college, the "Short Sto...
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Coach Floral Blush

Coach, the American fashion house for leather accessories based in the heart of Manhattan, announces the launch of a new fragrance belonging to the Coach the Fragrance collection. Coach Floral Blush comes out in the spring of 2019, following  the original Coach Eau de Parfum and the Coach Eau de Toilette from 2016, as well as the Coach Floral edition from 2018. Coach Floral Blush is announced a... Read full article: Coach Floral Blush from Fragrantica Perfumes and Colognes Magazine.
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New York City Plans To Wipe Out Discrimination Based On Hair

This week, New York City will take the necessary — and overdue — step of codifying mistreatment based on hair texture or style as racially discriminatory, reports the New York Times. The law specifically ensures protection for Black New Yorkers, who are often targeted at work and in schools, from facing disciplinary actions based on hair. Black Americans have long experienced discrimination in employment, housing, and education because of how they choose to wear their hair.The new wording of th...
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Glossier Just Dropped A New Skin-Care Product — & It's Very On-Brand

If you've ever wondered about how those Glossier models take off their no-makeup makeup, we're guessing the first step involves soaking a cotton pad in Glossier Milky Oil. The brand's fresh new launch, an oil-based makeup remover, just dropped online today — and you can bet the pink-capped, G-stamped plastic dropper is about to solidify a spot on the vanities and in the makeup bags of girls with great skin everywhere.Oil-based makeup removers have a reputation for being greasy, but this milky m...
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Sponsored: 3 things companies can do to help employees address mental health issues

When employers create a culture that supports mental health, workers are more than twice as likely to say they love their job.
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The Better Your Product, the Better Your Life

--> One day, when I was growing up, I had a pain in my foot and my stepmother took me to see a podiatrist. I had never heard of a podiatrist and I have never been to one since, but I remember hearing the most unusual story at the time about a girl who became a podiatrist. Several years ago, some friends of one of my parents’ had a daughter who completed a few years of college and was pretty out of control. She had gotten horrible grades, had gotten into all sorts of trouble, and seemed to be hea...
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Giving up alcohol made our lives better – and turned us into terrible guests

What happens when you give up alcohol? The author and her husband set out to find out. The results were heartening - in every aspect except one: social settings. But they've found ways to work around that too.
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Should men tell women to wear makeup at work?

While the #metoo movement has focused on sexual misconduct, there are many ways discrimination pervades society.Wearing makeup should be a choice, not a male-directed demand, many women stated in an informal survey. Since going makeup free in 2016, Alicia Keys says it has been empowering. None Two weeks ago, a friend told me about a work training she had recently attended. During her company's national meeting, which included a few hundred employees, a comment by one motivational speaker stuck ...
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This Hemp-Infused Face Mist Cleared Up My Skin in Weeks, and You Should See the Rest of the Line

Winters in New Jersey are pretty brutal for the most part. Between the wind, freezing temperatures, and freak days of warm weather, my skin has taken a beating. Compound that with running outside for a few hours a week, and my naturally oily skin is usually completely dry and sometimes even broken out. Over the last year, I've tried to revive, er, begin developing a skincare routine I can stick to. I've been lucky enough to try dozens of products - thank you, POPSUGAR beauty closet - that I've ...
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Be a Little More Optimistic: 6 Things Optimists Do Differently

If the grass looks greener on the other side… Stop staring. Stop comparing. Stop complaining. And START watering the grass you’re standing on! Truly, the most powerful weapon against daily stress is our ability to choose one thought, or response, over another.  I was reminded of this today when a course student named Sarah sent me the following in an email (I’m sharing this with permission): (more…)
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Glossier's Milky Jelly Cleanser Now Comes as Eye Makeup Remover, and We Have Thoughts

When Glossier launches new products, the skincare loving world holds its breath. We don't think about whether we need more skin care (because don't we all?); we're probably going to buy it anyway. Meet Glossier Milky Oil Waterproof Makeup Remover ($10), the eye makeup version of Glossier's Milky Jelly Cleanser ($18). As an avid user of Milky Jelly Cleanser (I'm onto my fourth bottle of the stuff), when I found out about the new makeup remover version, I knew I had to try it. And although the p...
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How To Keep Your Mental Health on Track While Being A Fabulous Mom

Becoming a mom was one of the proudest moments of your life. Your entire world has changed for the better and you never imagined how fulfilled your little bundle of joy would make you feel. When you’re being a mom or mom to be it can be very easy for your self-care routine to go on the back burner, but you don’t want this to happen. There are ways that you can remain a fabulous mom and keep yourself feeling fabulous. Consider some of the following ideas and you will feel fulfilled in every...
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Malia Obama Has Great Taste In Wine, Maybe Bad Taste In Friends

Over the long holiday weekend, the Daily Mail, bastion of groundbreaking journalism, published a pair of bombshell reports: Malia Obama, the 20-year-old daughter of former President Barack Obama, apparently has a secret Facebook page where she has expressed she isn't the biggest fan of current President Donald Trump. The outlet also published photos of her drinking a bottle of rosé with a group of friends in Miami, FL.A true national emergency!On Malia's secret Facebook page, which hasn't been ...
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You Asked "Who's the Silver Fox Behind Kim Kardashian?" and We Answered

By now, most of us have seen the photos of Kim Kardashian wearing a dress that left pretty much nothing to the imagination (which made us nervous just looking at it,) but it seems many POPSUGAR readers were more concerned who the "hot guy" behind her in the photos were. "Who's the silver fox behind her?" you asked. "Can we talk about the gorgeous man behind her?" you pleaded. Well, your wish is our command. The guy accompanying Kardashian is Chris Appleton, hairstylist to the stars, creator of t...
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“Looking for And” Podcast Interview on Connection Culture

My wife Katie and I recently interviewed with Doug Hensch, host of the Looking for And podcast. In the interview, we seek to answer why some organizations both consistently outperform their competitors AND serve as great places to work. We also share how Katie’s cancer journey influenced our thoughts on loneliness, resilience, and Connection Culture. Listen to the episode and consider sharing it with a friend. The post “Looking for And” Podcast Interview on Connection Culture appeared first on M...
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This is how you find meaning and purpose at work

The post This is how you find meaning and purpose at work appeared first on The Chief Happiness Officer Blog.
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How Michael Jordan became a brand (even though he almost skipped the meeting with Nike)

What today seems like the no-brainer that should have enticed bids from every major athletic shoe brand should be viewed more accurately as a first-of-its-kind gamble that almost didn’t happen.
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MAC See Me Shine Lipglass Review & Swatches

MAC See Me Shine Lipglass in part of limited edition In Monochrome Spring 2019 Collection which happens to be one of my favorite MAC Collections in a long time. MAC took some of their best loved shades shades like Velvet Teddy, Candy Yum Yum, and Ruby Woo and extended those colors to eyeshadows, lipglasses, blushes and more. They created collection features mini sets that includes a grouping of flattering shades that work together on eyes, face, and lips. It seems boring in theory but it actual...
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The Notion You Never Saw Coming

The Notion You Never Saw Coming It’s not as though you didn’t know buttons were important. But did you realize just how important they are right now? As in…they’re a trend. A big one. That’s right. The simple button — normally a supporting player that keeps things together without killing the vibe — is stepping out as the star embellishment on your favorite garments. Here are a few tips to make the button trend work for you. Oh, and a few must-wear picks, naturally. 5 Ways to Wear the Button Tre...
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‘Cold, miserable rain’ on its way to Seattle, with snow likely in the mountains and Bellingham area

A new weather system this week means cold and rain for Seattle, but snow elsewhere.
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NARS Exposed Cheek Palette I Need

NARS Exposed Cheek Palette ($59) arrives this weekend and I need it. Anyone else? I’m in list with the shade Make You Mine which is a bright peachy orange! I’m also loving Come Hither which is a popping watermelon! Yup! I think this blush palette needs to come home with me! NARS packs six shades into this palette that can be used either wet or dry! You get: Tell All (pearlescent golden pink) Now Or Never (satin terracotta) Give It Away (satin nude) Make You Mine (satin peach) Come Hither ...
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Congratulations to 15 graduates from 8 countries at our Chief Happiness Officer Academy in San Diego

Graduates from 8countries ready to create happy workplaces Our latest Chief Happiness Officer Academy was a hit. Engaged participants from 8 countries (USA, Argentina, Mexico, Turkey, Philippines, Saudi Arabia, Belgium and Czech Republic) all contributed with high energy and tons of great ideas and questions over the 3-day training. And for the first time we even got to do the Academy at the offices of WD-40 in San Diego so we could experience their culture in person. WD-40’s CEO Garry Ridge ga...
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What makes someone gay? Science is trying to get it straight.

Heterosexual people have been less interesting to scientists than gay people, in terms of where they come from, because, evolutionarily speaking, being gay doesn't lead to a higher "higher reproductive fitness" — meaning, it doesn't lead to more babies. Across cultures, gay boys tend to be more interested in spending time with their mothers. We still don't really know why gay people are attracted to each other.
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Books to read at the cricket? The Price of Fish by Ian Harris and Michael Mainelli

Ged Ladd writes: Disclosure: One of The Price Of Fish’s authors, Ian Harris, is my nom d’actualité. I had been invited by the London School of Economics for a video interview around some of the subject matter in the award-winning book, The Price of Fish, A New Approach to Wicked Economics and Better Decisions, available through all good book outlets – possibly even through bad outlets. Needing to mug up a bit, seven or eight years after writing the thing, I took the book with me to Lord’s o...
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Keira Knightley Is Stunning In Chanel Couture At The Aftermath Premiere

It’s been a hot minute since we’ve featured Keira Knightley in a celeb style feature. So, it’s with our pleasure that we present the actress in vintage Chanel couture. Sticking with her favourite go-to-designer for the red carpet, the actress looked absolutely gorgeous yesterday evening, at the Picturehouse Central in London for the premiere of her new movie, The Aftermath. Wearing a black tiered tulle gown with peplum sleeves, and metallic beaded embellishment along the waist, the mum-of-one el...
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SXSW Startups: VOLO

Volo co-founders Nicola Donadini, Melissa Mitchell and Lotis Bautista The Forrest Four-Cast: February 18, 2019 Fifty diverse startups will aim to impress a panel of judges and a live audience with their skills, creativity and innovation at SXSW Pitch Presented by Cyndx. Winners in 10 categories will be announced at the Pitch Award Ceremony at 6:30 pm Sunday, March 10, at the Hilton Austin.A finalist in Social and Culture, which will pitch at 11 am Saturday, March 9, VOLO is transforming caree...
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A quiet environment is a sign of success

When I was looking at apartments I didn’t notice the incredibly noisy construction right outside our windows. I attribute this oversight to the same phenomena that happens in the video where you count basketball passes – if you have never seen the video stop everything and go watch it. Quiet = money Vox did a video on how quiet has become a sign of quality.  And people sell quiet. Bose has become a noise reduction company, and so has Miele. And CEOs establish themselves as quality leaders by ...
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Ryan Reynolds' Favorite Smell Is Douglas Firs & Canadian Rain

In countless interviews and media appearances, Ryan Reynolds has been described as charming and relatable, the kind of guy whose temperament is more telling of his native Canada than Hollywood. But as I waited to meet him in the sleek, minimalist penthouse of a modern high-rise in downtown Manhattan, I felt like I was on my way to interview an ex-NASA employee who was prepared to reveal that, yes, the moon landing was an orchestrated hoax by the government — not charming, relatable actor Ryan R...
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