What do you lose if you stay home with kids?

If you do not stay home with kids, you’ll be annoyed to hear all the benefits of watching kids, because people don’t really care about what benefits could be gained. We care about what we could lose. This is true for everyone: Consumers, liars, straight-A students. Working moms. This is why people love to talk about what they could lose by staying home with kids. The discussion often gets extreme—death by boredom!—but most people will say they lose interestingness, self-actualizati...
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Three things that tell me that life's amazing!

You know how life is amazing?No?Lemme give not one, not two, but three examples!One. I told Parijat a few days ago that I want to speak to a large gathering and be good at it. And develop that skill. He mentioned that the only way to do it is to get more face stage time. And like most advice that Parijat gives, it made sense.So, from then on, I am on a lookout for opportunities to speak on large, public forums.And somehow Universe conspired and made it happen.I am going to speak to a group of ...
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