15 Important Reminders for Your Darkest Moments of Self-Doubt

Our character is often most evident at our highs and lows. Be humble at the mountaintops, be strong in the valleys, and be faithful in between. Why are we feeling this way—so beaten up and worn down? Why do we, who start out so passionate, courageous, worthy and believing, become utterly bankrupt by the youthful age of 30, 40 or 50? Why is it that one of us drowns in material consumption and debt, another self-mutilates, a third seeks oblivion in hard liquor and gambling, a fourth, in order t...
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Vegan Dad Bakery

I know its been pretty silent on this page for a while, but that's because I have been busy with a small side project--the Vegan Dad Bakery! It's not a real bakery, per se, but I supply various breads and desserts for our local vegan restaurant, The North Star Diner. It's been a ton of fun helping craft the weekly special and providing long lost treats for all the vegans out there--like Boston Cream donuts! So check me out on Instagram and see what I am up to in the kitchen. I will post rec...
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Supply Chain Strategies for Smaller Businesses

Supply chain management refers to overseeing the processes that transform a raw material into a final product and ensuring that goods and services proceed smoothly from initial manufacturing to customer delivery. Effective supply chain management involves streamlining the flow in a way that maximizes the organization's bottom line and the end customer's value. Experts believe the future of supply chain management will include increased automation, along with a focus on analytics, sustain...
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