Strategically Managing Office Politics In-House

By Lisa B. Horowitz, JD, MSOD* Attorney Talent Strategy Group, LLC All organizations are political.  To be successful as a lawyer—in a law firm, legal department, government agency or non-profit—you need to understand and effectively navigate your workplace’s political environment.  Opting out is not an option. You must be politically savvy. Here are some steps that you can take immediately to be politically informed, astute and strategic. Managing office politics is not easy, but it can be d...
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A Tour de Force On, Of All Things, National Policy

After reading Ganesh Sitaraman's brilliant and highly creative tome on The Crisis of the Middle-Class Constitution:Why economic inequality threatens our republic, I couldn't wait for his and Anne Alstott's little book, The Public Option: How to expand freedom, increase opportunity and promote equality. Usually, I'd think a book like this might be boring--but that notion is miles away from the truth. It's a real page-turner. Before I get into the book, let me emphasize that i...
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