The Most Exciting Drugstore Beauty Products Hitting Shelves This Spring

Spring is bringing us everything from neon makeup to freshly scented body washes, and a lot of these launches don't break the bank. Ahead, see the drugstore beauty products we're most excited to see hit the shelves this season.
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Raise the Heat With These 30 Red Hair Color Ideas

Looking to switch up your hair color from your usual hues and not sure what shade to try next? We suggest experimenting with some red shades that will totally refresh your look. Whether you're naturally copper-haired or you're looking to swap your usual blond or brunette for something different, there's a tone of red that will work with your complexion and hair texture. Check out the ideas ahead that are sure to make you want to call your colorist. Related: ...
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7 Top-Rated Concealers From Sephora - Get the Look of Flawless, Blemish-Free Skin

As beauty editors, we are always on the hunt for the best concealers that will give us perfect, flawless complexions. For 2019, we have rounded up the very best options from Sephora for all sorts of skin types and tones. They come at a variety of price points, so there's something for every budget. Test our tried-and-true favorites! Related: 13 Cool Beauty Products on Amazon So Eff...
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Calling Makeup Minimalists: Bobbi Brown's Latest Collection Is Too Pretty to Pass Up

One of your favorite designers has just teamed up with your go-to makeup brand. In a match made in fashion-meets-beauty heaven, Bobbi Brown has launched a collaboration with Ulla Johnson that is as pretty and delicate as her dainty dresses and soft fabrics. The collection is a dream for anyone who considers themselves a makeup minimalist but might want to occasionally experiment with a bold lip. All but one product in the line is encased in pale pink packaging, and come in easy-to-wear pastel h...
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Parents Beware of the ‘Momo Challenge,’ a Game That’s Allegedly Taken the Life of a 12-Year-Old Girl

The latest viral trend terrifying parents is the “Momo Challenge,” a game played via WhatsApp that encourages children to self-harm and eventually commit suicide.
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This Chubby Rat Got Herself Trapped in a Sewer Grate, Forcing Firemen to Come to the Rescue

A very um... plump rat got caught in a sewer drain in Germany today and the photos are just hilarious.
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Brilliant Uber Driver Creates ‘Menu’ for Riders and We’re Obsessed

I'm more of the sit quietly and jam to music type. But plenty of people look to engage their drivers, or even just want someone to talk to.
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If You Live in These U.S. States, You’ll Be Able to See the Northern Lights Tonight

A shift in space weather is creating a rare opportunity to enjoy the haunting beauty of the northern lights from the comfort of your own backyard, if you live in the right state.
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Kainaz Jussawalla Wins Shiksha Award

Kainaz Jussawalla from Bandra, an author blogger, journalist, travel vlogger and International flight attendant  won the Shiksha award, at the 14 th International Press Community Awards. Her award for literature was given to her for her outstanding contribution to the field of writing, journalism and her recent successful debut novel – Coffee days, Champagne nights. The event was held at St. Paul’s media complex Bandra and was attended by few bureaucrats, officials  and film personalities inc...
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It's Time To Give The High-Cut Bathing Suit A Go

If you've stumbled across a photo (as in, an actual hard-copy photo) of your mother or grandmother at the beach decades ago, they're likely wearing a high-cut swimsuit. Well, along with power shoulders and tiny sunglasses returning from the '80s and '90s is a throwback swim trend: The high-cut one-piece, originally pioneered by designers like Norma Kamali and more recently popularized by brands like Solid & Striped and Mara Hoffman, is one of the most ubiquitous styles this summer.Of course, th...
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#OldCeline Vibes Are Alive At These Retailers

This Paris Fashion Week will mark a full year since Phoebe Philo 's departure from Céline Celine . And with the Fall '19 runway show a few days away, we're still hopelessly lingering over her heyday — when legions of women discovered their inner power pose through the brand's quiet but bold coolness. Philo's historic knack for volume, layering, unapologetic prints and general sense of irony all infused the brand with a preternatural icon status.Gabrielle Boucinha, founder of the much-followe...
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The Coolest Spots To Get A Piercing In New York City

Being a New Yorker is about more than having the right zip code. There are also a few New York-specific rituals you must complete: You must attend at least one Yankees or Mets game — if not for the crowd antics, then for the overpriced beer. You must partake in a Sabrett hot dog when it's offered to you by a street vendor. And you must, absolutely must, get pierced at one of the many historic hot spots scattered all over the island (and in some outer boroughs).And while a last-minute baseball g...
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20 Black Strappy Sandals To Slide Your Feet Into This Spring

When it comes to footwear, people love to disagree. Between chunky dad sneakers, steel-toed cowboy boots and multi-colored Tevas, every shoe trend that's garnered any sort of attention over the last year has been a hot topic of discussion. However, if there's one shoe style that trend lovers and traditionalists alike can always agree on, it's black strappy sandals.What is it that makes this simple style so agreeable? Depending on the heel height, material and overall look, black strappy sandals...
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Pramila Jayapal Just Introduced The Most Ambitious Medicare-For-All Plan Yet

Rep. Pramila Jayapal, a Democrat from Washington and the co-chair of the Progressive Caucus, unveiled Wednesday the most ambitious Medicare-for-All legislation the country has ever seen with the support of Rep. Debbie Dingell and more than 100 House Democrats. The bill aims to transition the United States to a single-payer healthcare system over a two-year period and includes benefits that are more generous than even the proposal championed by Sen. Bernie Sanders."We have the most expensive hea...
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Dior J'Adore Roller Pearl

In 2019, the Dior House continues the new trend of perfume application with mini-Roller-Pearl releases of its famous scents. So far, they have Miss Dior Absolutely Blooming, Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet, Poison Girl Eau de Toilette, Poison Girl Unexpected, Hypnotic Poison, and the new Miss Dior Eau de Toilette in a 20ml Roller Pearl. "J’adore is an extraordinary fragrance, because it succeeds in ... Read full article: Dior J'Adore Roller Pearl from Fragrantica Perfumes and Colognes Magazine. ...
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The $48 Serum Lady Gaga Uses For Perfect Makeup-Free Skin

When one of the most famous women in the world posts a photo in which she’s wearing little other than a blinding, cushion-cut, 128.54-carat yellow Tiffany Diamond with an astonishing 82 facets, you’d think it would be impossible to focus on anything else. But as Lady Gaga just proved, there is something that can outshine all that bling — and that something is a makeup-free face that's as smooth and poreless as the diamond is big and bright.The jewels are rare ( very rare — the necklace has only...
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Beyoncé's Makeup Artist Is Launching a Beauty Line, and It Is a Need, Not a Want

Sir John's makeup artistry is legendary - so much so that multitalented artists, including Beyoncé, Joan Smalls, and most recently, Kat Graham, have become frequent clients of his. Now, he is channeling his beauty know-how into a makeup collaboration with W Beauty. He recently posted a teaser on his Instagram announcing the collection, saying, "From delivering masterclasses across South Africa together, to now launching my own signature product range with a brand that shares my values and passi...
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Lady Gaga Just Showed Off Her Skin Sans Makeup, and We're Jealous

Lady Gaga is a woman of many gifts. She can sing, she can act, and now we know she's got impressive skin, too. Not only has Gaga become an Oscar winner this week, but she also showed off a photo on Instagram of the special Tiffany's diamond she got on loan while wearing no makeup. While fans are getting used to seeing the singer looking a little more pared down since she starred in A Star Is Born, it's still shocking to see just how great her skin looks, and getting a glimpse of her seldom-see...
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Australia Is About to Dump a Million Tons of Sludge Into the Great Barrier Reef

The Great Barrier Reef is in big trouble
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37 Cheap Inventions That Solve Your Grossest Problems

These 37 affordable products will solve your most disgusting products.
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Bliss' New Skin-Care Line Has Actual GOLD In It

When it comes to our skin-care routines, we have our tried-and-true products that we couldn't imagine ever not using, and then we have those with glowing (pun intended) reviews that we've been compiling into an embarrassingly long "must try" list. (Clearly, we're not subscribing to Kondo just yet.) So where does land? The latter, and once you try it, the former — especially if you have sensitive skin.Wondering where the rose gold part comes in? Each and every product from the line is infused ...
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House Passes First Major Gun Bill In Over 20 Years

The U.S. House of Representatives has passed a bipartisan bill requiring background checks on every gun purchase, including at gun shows and on the internet. This is the first major gun bill to pass in a generation.The new Democratic House majority, the renewed energy and enthusiasm from youth activists after the Parkland shooting, and the organizing of groups like Moms Demand Action helped contribute to the historic moment. With the vast majority of the American public — over 90% — in support ...
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The Beauty Secret 1 Celebrity Makeup Artist Uses on All Her Clients

The concept is simple: great makeup application is made even better when the canvas is in tip-top shape. Makeup artist Tobi Henney, who frequently works with models Ashley Graham and Poppy Delevingne, tells POPSUGAR there's a little secret beyond diet, exercise, and topical beauty products that helps create her signature "beautiful skin" (as she refers to it) for her celebrity clients. "I am finding many models that I work with travel with a variety of supplements, and collagen supplements are ...
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Michael Jackson’s Neverland Ranch returns to market — with a massive $69M price cut

Michael Jackson's storied but infamous Neverland Ranch has returned to the market — with a $69 million price cut curiously timed just weeks after a lawsuit filed by the King of Pop's estate against HBO and it's upcoming "Finding Neverland" documentary.
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Michael Jackson’s Neverland Ranch returns to market — with a massive $69 million price cut

Michael Jackson's storied but infamous Neverland Ranch has returned to the market — with a $69 million price cut curiously timed just weeks after a lawsuit filed by the King of Pop's estate against HBO and it's upcoming Finding Neverland documentary.
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12 Iconic Black Women Whose Beauty Style Is Iconic

There's an endless list of women who have inspired the public with their talent, personality, and style - and some have become full-blown beauty icons in the process. These particular women have inspired beauty looks throughout the last century and have become known for being unapologetically themselves. Check them out, ahead. Related: 18 Black-Owned Beauty Brands That Need to Be on Your Rada
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NASA Produces Building Blocks of Life in Experimental Recreation of Ancient Earth

How did life first start? Scientists hoping to answer that question are recreating the conditions of early Earth’s oceans in a lab. Read more...
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The Genius Storage Furniture You’d Love Even If It Didn’t Hold A Thing

Home-furnishing adds up fast, on both the budget and space fronts, so we're always searching for ways to cut corners. Our top tip for saving big on apartment shopping? Storage furniture. These strategic, multi-purpose goods work as stylish decor and practical anchor pieces inside our living spaces for the price (and size) of one.Not solely relegated to consoles, cabinets, or ottomans, the selection of unique storage furniture solutions are endless — branching from living room to kitchen, hallwa...
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