Geek Trivia: The Only U.S. President Who Spoke English As A Second Language Was?

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SAO Alternative GGO Seduces Llenn

Sword Art Online Alternative: Gun Gale Online has finally given viewers an opportunity to appreciate the cuteness of Llenn’s real life form and her various charming expressions, though perhaps angering waifu-loving otaku at the same time due to the alpha trying to aggressively hit on her… Omake:
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Do you prefer a book not be published rather than published without proper editing?

This question has been touched upon in other threads, but I think is worth a thread of its own. I posted in another thread discussing selecting self-published books: Quote: I do come across books which whilst readable and far from appalling could benefit substantially from the attentions of a good editor. This is frustrating. At the end of the book I am left with the feeling that it was good but could have been great. I console myself with the thought that unde...
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Conflicts when updating metadata

I used to manage my calibre database on my local computer and save the epubs to to Synology (Save to disk in one single directory). This went all smooth. I recently moved my calibre database to my Synology NAS and furthermore arranged it to cloudsync this directory to ms onedrive. I thought everything was going well, until I had some problems with newly bought epubs that had a python error and path conflict whenever I tried to change the metadata of the book (adding bookdescription or changing ...
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Onyx Boox Max, SD card and battery life

Hello. When I plug in SD card, Max doesn't get in to deep sleep (Android 4.0.4 and 4.4.4). Wakelock are suspend_backoff and irq_wakelock. Max rooted. I tried: - formatting SD from PC and from Max - another SD - reset - new install from MfgTool2 Any suggestions?
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Problems setting up a new book on Sigil

In the first section to create a new book I keep on getting this script below, and I cant do anything. I have uninstalled and uploaded 9.9 but it is still there. I cannot change the section 0001.xhtml, to add or create anything. What has happened?? I can delete the texts but I have a coloured line I cant get rid off, and also numbers down the side of this text. Suzanne  
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Buy: Dog Retrieving Toy

From its blaze orange colorway to the FDA-approved food-grade polymer composition, Filson's Dog Retrieving Toy stands out from the rest. Its greatest attribute, however, stems from the fact that it was developed with scientists at Auburn University...... Continue Reading...
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Power of The Primes Exclusive Wreck-Gar New Stock Photography Leak

Via TFND on Facebook, we have a look at the regular stock photos for Wreck-Gar, the Power of The Primes retool of Combiner Wars Groove. Expected to be a Walgreens exclusive, Wreck-Gar is an interesting combination of elements, seemingly dropping the groove mold's guns in favor of the same pinwheel axe from the original Generations toy, and including a Dinobot-type POTP combiner hand piece. We've got images of the robot and vehicle modes, package front, and a low res image of part of the back ...
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‘The Perfectionists’: In the world of geniuses, perfection is key to creation

“The Perfectionists” is a survey of centuries-long human efforts to use precise measurement to create technological wonders. One of its main effects, alas, is to remind you how far beyond the average citizen’s comprehension those wonders are.
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‘Warlight’ is the top local fiction best-seller

“A Higher Loyalty” is the top local nonfiction best-seller.
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Which Streaming TV Service is Right for You? (Sling, Hulu, YouTube TV, Vue, or DirecTV)

Streaming TV services are becoming valid cable replacements for many people, but there are a lot of choices out there at this point. We’ve looked at the five biggest—now it’s time to compare them.
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Congrats to the 2017 Nebula Award winners!

The 2017 Nebula Awards, presented by the Science Fiction Writers of America, were announced last night, with a sweep in the main literary categories by women: Best Novel, The Stone Sky by NK Jemisin; Best Novella, All Systems Red by Martha Wells; Best Novelette, A Human Stain by Kelly Robson; Best Short Story, Welcome to Your Authentic Indian ExperienceTM, by Rebecca Roanhorse; Best Dramatic Presentation, Get Out; and the Andre Norton YA prize went to The Art of Starving by Sam J Miller.
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Houston Police Chief Says He Has ‘Hit Rock Bottom’ on Gun Rights Arguments

In a statement on Facebook, Chief Art Acevedo said he is no longer interested in hearing people argue for gun rights and expressed frustration at politicians’ failure to act.
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Object of Desire: Artful (and Affordable) Pre-Distressed Flatware

I’m told that someday I’ll inherit my parents’ wedding silver, with small Qs etched into the handles, which we take out of my grandmother’s Welsh cupboard on special occasions and which shows the wear of so many years of gatherings. Until then, I’m admiring this artfully pre-distressed flatware, to get the look of time-worn silver without having to wait for time to pass. It’s made by Italian company KnIndustrie and available via The Loft; with pieces ranging from €3.30 to €21 for larger pieces, ...
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RMEF Announces New President and CEO

RMEF Announces New President and CEO MISSOULA, Mont. —-(Ammoland.com)- The Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation Board of Directors this week announced Kyle Weaver as the new President and CEO, effective June 30, 2018.“It is a tremendous honor to serve as the leader of the most respected wildlife conservation organization in the country, one that does so much for elk, elk habitat and America’s hunting tradition,” said Weaver. “Moving forward, as a team, we will elevate the delivery of RMEF’s mission, ...
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Easy (Faux) Weaving DIY

I had a very blank wall in my living room and I decided to create some kind of (faux) weaving for it. It turned out pretty dang cute if I do say so myself, so I thought I’d share how I made it. Spoiler: It’s SUPER easy. On the adjacent wall (I promise to share photos soon) I have a mini gallery wall of photos from a recent vacation. So I knew I wanted something on this wall, but I didn’t want anything too colorful or too busy. I thought some kind of weaving or textural art would work best becaus...
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New Jersey Senator Loretta Weinberg This Week on Gun For Hire Radio

New Jersey Senator Loretta Weinberg and Anthony Colandro New jersey – -(Ammoland.com)- This week on Gun For Hire Radio #364 Senator Loretta Weinberg joins the show and we have a civil discussion regarding the current and impending new gun laws in NJ.Sometimes you have to reach across the aisle and discuss the issues without shouting! Who is Loretta Weinberg? She is a ranking senior senator in NJ that is and has always been anti-gun.Her credentials are as follows, N.J. Supreme Court Ad Hoc Comm...
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GLOCK America Wins São Paulo Military Police Solicitation

São Paulo Military Police Testing GLOCK Pistols MYRNA, Ga. – -(Ammoland.com)- After extensive testing, the Procurement Service of the Military Police of São Paulo has declared the GLOCK 22 as the winner of its international solicitation. Five thousand service pistols will be provided for the Special Forces CHOQUE, COE, GATE and ROTA.The extensive testing for the solicitation included endurance testing, parts interchangeability testing, precision testing, and drop testing. The endurance testing...
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May LootGaming Unboxing With Monster Hunter & More!

BEGIN SLIDESHOW May LootGaming unboxing with Monster Hunter & more! Loot Crate has provided ComingSoon.net the opportunity to do unboxing galleries for their monthly LootGaming subscription boxes. The May LootGaming theme is “Hunt” and contains exclusive items from video game franchises like Monster Hunter: World, Dark Souls III, Far Cry 5 and Batman: Arkham City. Check out the unboxing in our gallery below! RELATED: April 2018 Loot Crate DX Unboxing with God of War & More! The next Loot...
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Bill Gates reveals his summer 2018 reading list

In what's become an annual tradition, Bill Gates has announced his five favorite books for the season — one novel and four nonfiction works
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The Best Bluetooth Adapters To Use Your Wired Headphones With Your New Phone

The world of smartphones may prefer small bezels over headphone jacks, but you can still use your beloved wired headphones with fancy new phones… Click Here to Continue Reading
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FPC Statement Following Tragic Santa Fe High School Shooting in Texas

FPC Statement Following Tragic Santa Fe High School Shooting in Texas SACRAMENTO, CA – -(Ammoland.com)- Ten of our brothers and sisters in Texas died because craven politicians and the gun control lobby that feeds them would rather attack firearm owners and our rights than address the systemic issues that confront our nation today.Yet again we see the disastrous consequences of reliance on magical thinking and mystical “gun-free” zones. Yet again we see that evil and insane people intent on ca...
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Taming the Wild Thread

  S titch might be a symbol for Going. But not Just Going. If thought is a thread, then stitch might make it into something useful. Stitch holds intention. Thought. I pulled this one ( from back here already ) off the wall. Started stitching. Is that what will happen? Time is flying. Today I am reconsidering Freedom. And Sanity, as perspective. Context. I'm looking at this one. And of course this. On paper before cloth. Which makes me love that drawing up top even more. And the square m...
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Generation 1 Hot Rod Reissue Retro Packaging Confirmed - Leading Off A Series Of Reissues?

UK Retailer Kapow Toys has posted a listing for the G1 Reissue Hot Rod that our site sponsor Robotkingdom recently put up a preorder for. This listing is interesting on two points, which we'll get to after the jump!
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Mixed Media Butterfly

[Author: Riikka Kovasin]
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The Caffeine Issue

OMG! Green tea has way too much caffeine in it! I’m not drinking that. Caffeine. It’s the biggest excuse I hear to shoot green tea down in flames. This whole caffeine argument is the most opinionated topic there is on tea! People blindly spout off that there is more caffeine in green tea than coffee. It makes them feel justified for not drinking green tea as if it isn’t healthy after all. Caffeine – but not as we know it Glorious caffeine! It’s been dogged to death and someone needs to red...
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All in Good Faith…

Art by Michael Ramirez North Korea Kim Jong Un Nuclear USA –-(Ammoland.com)- All in Good Faith…Shortly after the collapse of North Korea's nuclear test site, which effectively precluded Pyongyang from nuclear research and development for the foreseeable future, Kim “voluntarily” agreed to “halt” the country's nuclear program.Did you enjoy this cartoon?Sign up for Ammoland in your Inbox and get our daily cartoon and email news! You call yourself pro-gun? Prove it by joining anyone or all of th...
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Other Fiction Gutzkow, Karl: Blasedow und seine Söhne. V1 [German] 20.5.2018

Der "komische Roman" (so im Untertitel) "Blasedow und seine Söhne", eine wirklich ulkige Literatursatire des Jungdeutschen Karl Gutzkow, erschien 1838 in drei Bänden mit insgesamt gut 1200 Seiten. Die Transkription hat H.N. (Genaueres siehe im "Edit" des eBooks) erstellt - vielen herzlichen Dank an ihn von meiner Seite. Attached Thumbnails   Attached Files Gutzkow-Blasedow.epub (566.2 KB)
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One Fine Day...

If you partook in the day I hope you all enjoyed yesterday as much as we did. Bookhound kept saying he was going to mow the grass/ walk the dogs/ do things, but in the end I think, like me, he was wrapped up in the moment and realising that this might actually be the last happy and joyous royal event in our lifetimes. And so the day segued effortlessly from eggs and bacon, to coffee and cake, to lunch whilst joining in the glorious moment that Meghan and Harry's wedding became. I loved it al...
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For the Piecemakers...

  A Magic Feather Cloth Story . The cloth lives and gives through the thoughts of all who cared to imagine healing. And now through those who know it. Way back in 2011(oh my how time flies) I said to myself... one little thing can bring focus to chaos. bring the present into the past or the other way around. making things whole. connecting the dots has more than one dimension. This is Sophia, working with Our Cloth(s). "both Hazel and Jude helped me to link my thinking with my dance, so ...
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