Bullying beyond the schoolyard

When you stretch a rubber band, even after many times, it will likely return to its original form. We call this resilience. When children are stretched and bent out of shape due to bad experiences they encounter, we expect they will be resilient too and snap back to their previous self. However, after various types of difficult or traumatic interactions, children are not the same. The analogy of the rubber band does not hold up. Most children experience bullying in some capacity—as victim, as wi...
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10 Crave-Worthy Edible Cookie Dough Recipes

Edible cookie dough is the new ice cream. It’s everything you want in a dessert and more. Plus, it’s eggless so it’s totally safe to eat an entire batch…right? That’s what I tell myself at least. 10 Crave-Worthy Edible Cookie Dough Recipes We all know that the best part of making cookies is eating the cookie dough. So skip all that baking time and just eat straight cookie dough with these tasty recipes. Each one of these recipes is easy to make and totally crave-worthy. Edible Cookie Dough R...
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A_Forest S by B.lux

Designed by Fabien Dumas for B.lux, a contemporary lighting producer based in Spain’s Basque Country, A_Forest S gives a nod to nature with its organic shape that calls to mind leaves clinging to the branches of a tree. Made of polyurethane plastic (PUR), each LED suspension lamp is adjustable and available in one of three finishes: white, salmon, or turquoise. A_Forest S is available in horizontal and vertical versions. For more information visit GrupoBlux.com.
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MMC - New Photo Reveals MasterMind Creations Drift, Thunderclash, Cybertron Override, More!

Well, the problem of not having anything to display with Galaxy Meteor seems as though it'll be solved in due time! Butterfly Effect TF Photobox on Facebook has posted an image showing a variety of new MMC figures currently in the works, including versions of Cybertron Override as well as Drift, Thunderclash, and more! Keep reading to see.
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Ruger New Model Super Blackhawk Bisley Revolver in 44 Magnum Review

AmmoLand resident gun nut, Josh Wayner, reviews the Ruger New Model Super Blackhawk Bisley Revolver in 44 Magnum. Ruger New Model Super Blackhawk Bisley Revolver in 44 Magnum Josh Wayner U.S.A. –-(Ammoland.com)- It would be fair to say that I’m something of a revolver guy. I have written a pretty healthy amount on the topic and consider myself to be an expert on the subject matter. Now, as you can probably imagine, even those of us that profess to be experts can be taken by surprise on ...
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A Most Sincere Pumpkin Patch-No Glow Ink

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2 Breakfast Recipes That Will Light Your Weekend On Fire!

Rise and shine, up and at’em, wake up and smell the roses… get out of bed already!  Whatever the tactic for trying to rouse sleeping-in family members on lazy weekend mornings, sometimes you need reinforcements. Enter Bigelow Tea, and irresistible recipes featuring fragrant and flavorful #TeaProudly ingredients. Both make resistance impossible for even the most determined of sleepy heads! More reasons to gather for an AM meal? Starting the day with a good breakfast has health benefits impor...
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10 questions with composer Sarah Quartel

Sarah Quartel is a Canadian composer, conductor, and educator known for her fresh and exciting approach to choral music. Her music is performed by children and adults around the world, and celebrates the musical potential of all learners by providing singers access to high quality and engaging repertoire. We spoke with Sarah about why she composes, how she approaches writing, and the pieces that mean the most to her. What does a typical day in your life look like?   I’ve just moved from Canada t...
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22 T-Shirts for When I’m Feeling Sarcastic

Yeah, like I really want to write a blog today. Sarcasm doesn’t translate well via the written word. Which is too bad, because sometimes I feel sarcasm is my natural state. I’ve often thought there should be a specific font for sarcasm. Or maybe a typing style. Like the second letter of each word capped. oH yEah, tHat wOuld tOtally wOrk. Maybe not. COUPON -10% View tee 5 Exclusive savi...
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Pillar Lettering

[Author: Creative Publishing international]
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Zuppa Toscana {Olive Garden Copycat Recipe}

This delicious Zuppa Toscana soup recipe was a hit at one of our recent family get togethers. It tastes like the Olive Garden soup. Serve with some crusty bread for dipping up the soup! How can you go wrong with bacon, sausage and cream! You might also like my Tomato Basil Soup. It is so good and I have learned that if you used crushed tomatoes there is no need to blend or process! I also love this Cheddar Corn Chowder recipe. It is a thick and hearty soup. Probably one of my most favorite soups...
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Chocolate Chip Muffins

These are easy to make & taste delicious. [Author: Super Madcow]
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A Happy Little Piece About Bob Ross and The Joy of Painting

A certain despair comes with watching daytime television. I know this because I once had time to watch it. In those shiftless, after-school hours—old enough to move independently through the world, but young enough to avoid work—I'd cycle through the 13 channels on the knob of my 12-inch TV, snicking through the noise of insipid soap operas and inane talk-show chatter in search of one of my go-tos: M*A*S*H re-runs, The Carol Burnett Show, or Soccer Made in Germany. It was the '80s. Occasionall...
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Six Month Review: The Nintendo Switch Delivered On Its Lofty Promises

The Nintendo Switch came out earlier this year and the hardware looked great, but a few questions still lingered… Click Here to Continue Reading
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Sierra Announces a .264 Caliber Bullet to the MatchKing Line

Sierra Bullets is a long time manufacturer of projectiles for the firearms industry. Some of its designs are legendary, and many shooters prefer its designs to any of the other options on the market. One of the company’s best known bullet lines is the MatchKing. These bullets have proven to be extremely accurate in the […] Read More … The post Sierra Announces a .264 Caliber Bullet to the MatchKing Line appeared first on The Firearm Blog.
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Upcoming DTI Firearms Training Courses for Fall 2017

Defense Training International, Inc Ft Collins, CO –-(Ammoland.com)- Firearms training with John S Farnam and Defense Training International:We regularly update our schedule on our Web Page at defense-training.com, and a number of students have asked that we start sending monthly notifications of what's coming up.We promise not to spam you with every change!As a reminder, you can save $25.00 by pre-registering online.When you don't see a Course in your area, respond to this email and we'll...
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Designhill, the world’s largest online graphic design marketplace

Showcase your portfolio on Designhill Both graphic designers and employers are constantly looking for a reliable source to their ventures. Artists focus more and more on freelancing while employers find hiring on commission more practical. Because of that, plenty of such marketplaces that connect the two parties have developed along the years. Well-structured, well-organized sites like Freelancer, Gumroad or Designhill are among the top choices. Designhill, in particular, has had a sky-rocketin...
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ROBOTKINGDOM.COM Newsletter #1399

Hi, Here is a quick update from www.robotkingdom.com. 1. Starting from 11th September 2017, for all Star Wars orders over USD60 will come with a FREE Star Wars plastic folder as GIFT! For all Star Wars orders over USD120 will come with a FREE Star Wars notebook!
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Essence Professional Single-Handle Kitchen Faucet by Grohe

It’s all about power. The Grohe Essence Professional Single-Handle Kitchen Faucet has a 360-degree swivel spout for cleaning the entire work area, with a stream that adjusts from fine spray to shower. Its 29-inch clearance easily accommodates large and tall pots. If there’s a feature to be had, the Essence has it: integrated temperature control, backflow protection, robust 1.75 gpm maximum flow rate, integrated docking magnet, and so on. In scratch-resistant Starlight Chrome or SuperSteel Inf...
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Kid Konnection: All Fish Faces

Every Saturday, I host a feature called Kid Konnection -- a regular weekend feature about anything related to children's books. This week I'm going to share a book that is not only beautiful but also educational! Summary: Photography and Fun Facts about tropical reef fish, ALL FISH FACES will entertain people of all ages! Getting to know our underwater world is a fascinating journey into the unknown! It is so important to introduce children, kids, and adults to our ocean and its animals so we...
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‘Owned’ by Joshua A.T. Fairfield [Saturday Morning Review]

There are few things as frightening as the idea that you are being watched, and yet, over the past few years, we’ve found out that we’re being watched by our own government and private companies all the time. That’s right: the scariest thing imaginable is happening, and the question we need to ask ourselves is, “How is this legal?” The short answer is that it shouldn’t be, and the long answer is found in Joshua Fairfield’s new book, Owned: Property, Privacy, and the New Digital Serfdom. Owne...
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Life in the fast lane: how quickly can a new species evolve?

The world is changing fast, and evolution is not staying behind. The curious case of a new species of flower that evolved in the north isles of Scotland shows that evolution can create new species in a matter of years. The environment around us is changing rapidly as a human population of seven billion consumes resources more quickly than the planet can replenish them, and technology helps us reach the most remote corners of the planet. There are probably no places on Earth that are not affected...
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In the Thick of the Fight are You Prepared for the “Elephant” ~ VIDEOS

By John Farnam Defense Training International, Inc Ft Collins, CO –-(Ammoland.com)-“We had no home front We had no soft soap They sent us Playboy They gave us Bob Hope We dug in deep And shot on sight And prayed to Jesus Christ With all of our mightRemember Charlie? Remember Baker? They left their childhood On every acre And who was wrong? And who was right? None of that matters in the thick of the fight!” ~ From “Goodnight Saigon,” written and sung by Billy Joel in 1982 Prepar...
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Lorenzo di Bonaventura Talks Bumblebee Movie & Movie Business In China, Reveals Number Of Bots In The Picture

Transformers series Lorenzo di Bonaventura has spoken to Deadline Hollywood about the Transformers movies and the nature of the series' partnership with China. The article also drops a small piece of information about the number of robots we can expect to see in the film - and it's less than even 2007's Transformers, as we all expected. But also more than two! And also, an interesting tidbit about why, exactly, Transformers is so big in China to begin with. Keep reading to see!
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Chromecast Audio Unboxing

In this next set of videos, Handyguys Brian and Paul will unbox and setup a Chromecast audio. Over the past few videos, The Handyguys went over how to setup a Google Home device. Chromecast Audio The Chromecast audio is a little device that you can fit easily in the palm of your hand. The device […] The post Chromecast Audio Unboxing appeared first on The Handyguys.
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Vertebrae Fusion Bipod from Norway

Let’s look at Norway for an interesting bipod! If you know me you know I’m close to being a collector of bipods. Look for my previous review of the Atlas 5-H for instance. Vertebrae AS is a small product design and development company, based in rainy Bergen, Norway. They specialize in equipment for long range shooting and […] Read More … The post Vertebrae Fusion Bipod from Norway appeared first on The Firearm Blog.
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Team Effort

Art by A.F. Branco Branco Team Effort USA -(Ammoland.com)- Team EffortMainstream media and the left ignore the real Russian collusion story involving Hillary Clinton, Obama, and the FBI in the Uranium One deal. Political Cartoon by A.F. Branco 2017.Did you enjoy this cartoon?Sign up for Ammoland in your Inbox and get our daily cartoon and email news! You call yourself pro-gun? Prove it by joining anyone or all of these fine civil rights organizations: National Rifle Association (NRA) : https:...
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Cleo by EcoBalanza

EcoBalanza gives Victorian design a sleek and modern lift with the Cleo couch. Obsessive about materials, purpose, and source, EcoBalanza knows just which wool belongs where. Long-fibered Merino wool fills out seat cushions while Cheviot and Dorset wool can be found in the back of the couch. The organic, recyclable, and biodegradable materials within this hand-crafted piece can all be traced directly to their origin. Within the Cleo sofa, materials include steel springs, hemp twine, jute web...
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TFB Innovator Friday – Kevin Brittingham and Ethan Lessard of Q

Kevin Brittingham started Advanced Armament Corporation when he was 19 years old. In the more than two decades that have passed, he has helped to influence the silencer, ammunition and firearms industries in dramatic fashion. If you are looking for proof, take a walk down the ammo aisles at your local gun shop or outdoors store […] Read More … The post TFB Innovator Friday – Kevin Brittingham and Ethan Lessard of Q appeared first on The Firearm Blog.
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Repeal the Second Amendment ~ Say It Already!

By Mark Walters Repeal the Second Amendment ~ Say It Already! original art by AF Branco Mark Walters USA – -(Ammoland.com)- Remember the Grateful Dead? I was never a fan of their music, in fact, when I went to Simsbury High School in 1978-1980 I almost got my ass kicked a few times by a couple of die-hard Dead fans for letting on that I hated the band. (There were lots of Jerry Garcia fans there at the time)Sorry, they never floated my boat, and no matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t brin...
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