Instructions for patching firmware 4.14.12777

This patch thread is for firmware 4.14.12777 (5ef5fd856f6526f4729fd0afef0e61a1b5f03d3a). Instructions for patching on Windows, Linux, or macOS with kobopatch: Download the firmware from here. Download and unzip kobopatch_4.14.12777.zip from here. Copy the original firmware you just downloaded into the kobopatch src folder. Install the firmware on your kobo BEFORE proceeding with the next steps. Enable patches in the files in the src folder (or use the overrides in kobopatch.yaml to keep y...
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Video Of Home Invasion In Kentucky

News from Kentucky: Startling video released by the Warren County, Kentucky sheriff’s office gives us a front seat to a real-life home invasion. This is not a drill, and the bullets are real. It happened in Bowling Green at the Country Living Estates Mobile Home Park. The video shows four intruders busting through the front door and charging into the living room. The apparent leader of the crew has a gun. He turns a corner and suddenly he is confronted by another man with a gun, the homeowner Au...
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news request

Can the Neurologica blog be added as a news source? It's at https://theness.com/neurologicablog/ :thanks:
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Cool For School: Stunning Addition at U-Mass Amherst

U-Mass Amherst garnered the attention of architecture aficionados everywhere with the recent opening of an addition to the Isenberg School of Management. Begun in 2016, the ambitious project undertaken by Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG) and Goody Clancy added significant space (70,000 square feet) in addition to creating an eye-catching new facade to greet visitors near the entrance of campus. The addition is comprised of vertically oriented pillars, clad in copper, that form a wid...
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Concealed Carry Corner: All Season Guns VS Three Season Guns

When someone walks into a gun shop looking at their first firearm for concealed carry, it can be intimidating. The firearms market is full of great carry options for people. Over time people usually find what works best for them. When I worked behind the gun counter trying to help people find a concealed carry […] Read More … The post Concealed Carry Corner: All Season Guns VS Three Season Guns appeared first on The Firearm Blog.
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Glock 43X, Maximum Concealment and it Shoots – Review

The Glock 43X is the more compact sibling to the Glock 48. USA –-(Ammoland.com)- I shot a Glock and I liked it. At risk of ripping of the lyrics from a Katy Perry song, it’s true. I have to confess that I’m not normally a Glock guy. I don’t have any serious problems with them. If you handed me a Glock, most any Glock, and said this is all you get for the rest of your life to protect yourself, I’d be just fine with that. You can’t argue against their reliability and utility. It’s just that I d...
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In Search of the Dream

Those who dare having a project in life, foregoing everything to live their Personal Legend, will end up achieving anything. The important thing is to keep the fire in your heart and be strong to overcome hard moments. Remember, the desires that are in our souls do not come from the nothingness; someone put them […]
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Sorry this is so late!  Unfortunately I took more time on the last story about Houghton Hall & Prince William and Lady Rose which caused my Mother’s Day gift list to be really late.SOOOOOO….if you see something you like, on this list, gift it for yourself!!   I bought a few thing myself.   LOL.  You’ll probably be able to figure it out yourself.And for all the Mothers out there and for all the [Author: [email protected] (cotedetexas)]
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Uno Synth and Drum - Affordable Innovation

IK Multimedia is an Italian music tech company that has long had a reputation for creating "cheap and cheerful" interfaces (iRig 2, AXE I/O), MIDI controllers (iRig Keys) as well as a boatload of software for recording and effects like Amplitube, Syntronik and SampleTank. Last year at SuperBooth, IK Multimedia stepped into the ring with its first hardware synth, the Uno. This year, they've followed up with their first drum machine, the Uno Drum, coming in June. With a street price of $200, ...
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TFB Review: ANVL Ukon RMR Mount

When I decided to pick up a SIG Sauer MCX Rattler back last year, I really struggled to figure out exactly what I wanted to put on as an optic. So I started looking at various Aimpoint and Trijicon optics to see what I liked. After searching around I decided to go with an RMR […] Read More … The post TFB Review: ANVL Ukon RMR Mount appeared first on The Firearm Blog.
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Hauck Lightning Pedal Go Kart For $79 Shipped From Amazon Or Walmart

Hauck Lightning Pedal Go Kart For $79 Shipped From Amazon Hauck Lightning Pedal Go Kart For $79 Shipped From Walmart This was selling for $115.49 yesterday from Amazon and Walmart and is now the lowest price in 3 years from Amazon. FUNCTION: This Pedal Go Kart provides an authentic driving experience and allows the driver […]
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Offset Reportedly Targeted in Drive By Shooting Outside Atlanta Recording Studio

Offset may have been the target of a potentially deadly shooting in Atlanta Wednesday night (May 8)TMZ reports that a studio where the Migos rapper was recording music was sprayed with bullets in a drive-by shooting.Law enforcement sources tell TMZ … cops responding to the shooting at the Crossover Entertainment Group studio Wednesday night were told by witnesses that Offset was there recording when the shots were fired into the building. Officers responded, but Offset was long gone by the time ...
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POTD: A Venezuelan AR57 Appears

This week social media lit up when an AR with an AR57 upper was seen during the attempted coup in Venezuela. Made by AR57 LLC, of Kent, Washington, the AR57 launched a few years ago. People on social media were quick to question how this AR57 made its way to Venezuela, some even suggesting it was […] Read More … The post POTD: A Venezuelan AR57 Appears appeared first on The Firearm Blog.
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Well, OK

You can buy a sort of flashbang grenade on the internet. You gotta get those decibels up. Those are rookie decibels.
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Hey, man, nice shot

Jerry Miculek makes a 1000 yard shot with a revolver: Yeah, it’s from 2014 but I don’t recall seeing it.
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Students Walk Out of Vigil For Fallen Student Over Anti-Gun Message ~ VIDEO

Highlands Ranch, Colorado –-(Ammoland.com)- On Wednesday, students of STEM School Highlands Ranch in Colorado walked out of a vigil for student hero Kendrick Castillo. Two students tried to pull off a mass shooting at the Colorado high school. One of the would-be murderers pulled out a gun in a British literature class during a screening of the “Princess Bride.” Fallen Hero, Kendrick Castillo Castillo would not sit there and do nothing as his friends were in danger. When most people would...
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Daily Gun Deals: Deluxe Gun Range/Pistol Shooting Duffle Bag $29.99 FREE Shipping

Reebow Tactical Deluxe Gun Range Pistol Shooting Duffle Bag Deal USA – -(Ammoland.com)- Amazon has a sale on a well-reviewed Reebow Tactical Deluxe Gun Range/Pistol Shooting Duffle Bag in black or tan for just $29.99 with FREE Shipping. As with all Amazon deals get on them quickly before they hike the price. Compare this to range bags elsewhere online $50.00 to $180.00 and this is great deal. This bag is awesome! Nice size overall, not bulky or clunky. Easy to carry by the handle or sling on...
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Students Walk Out of Vigil For Fallen Student Over Anti-gun Message.

Frustrated, crying and angry, #STEMschool shooting victims hold an impromptu vigil in the rain Wednesday after leaving a gun-control vigil they felt inappropriately politicized their trauma. (They asked that I not photograph their faces close up, and I respected their wishes.) pic.twitter.com/cksRXGtYQA — Trevor Hughes (@TrevorHughes) May 9, 2019 Highlands Ranch, Colorado –-(Ammoland.com)- On Wednesday, students of STEM School Highlands Ranch in Colorado walked out of a vigil for student he...
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See the 1,000+ guns found in Holmby Hills

LOS ANGELES — Police and federal agents, acting on an anonymous tip, seized more than 1,000 guns at a home in the upscale Holmby Hills area of Los Angeles, and a man found at the home was jailed but later released on bail. The Los Angeles Police Department photographed that weapons haul and released their images to the media on Thursday. The investigation was conducted by the Los Angeles Police Department and U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives. Law enforcement officers serv...
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Schools that Allow Teachers to Carry Guns havent seen school shootings during school hours
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Come and take them yourself

Cory Booker Appears To Want Americans Thrown In Jail If They Dont Give Away Their Guns
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Speaking of “the kids are alright”

Kendrick Castillo, hero: Thats when Kendrick lunged at him, and he shot Kendrick, Giasolli said, giving all of us enough time to get underneath our desks, to get ourselves safe, and to run across the room to escape.
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So, there was a vigil for the recent school shooting that politicos turned into a blood-dancing political thing. The students walked out. The kids are alright. The Brady bunch apologized for politicizing the event, marking a first.
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Gun Porn

My Old Savage Colt Single Action Army Revolve
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Syncing Non-Amazon purchased books on Kindle App and Device

Howdy, I'm new to Kindle books, but have been using Apple iBooks for some time now. Now that I'm in Grad School, and having to read a lot of books, I realize how limiting iBooks are since they will not (officially) move to other devices. I just got a Kindle about 6 weeks ago and love it, but also need to bounce around from that to the Kindle App on 2 macs, and very rarely, my iPhone. Unfortunately, I still have a lot of iBooks I need to read for school and keep synced on all devices, the Kindl...
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Daily Deals: 420 Rounds Federal 5.56 NATO Ammo Can & 10 PMAG 30 Mags $199.99 FREE S&H

420 Rounds Federal 5.56 NATO in Ammo Can & 10 PMAG 30 Mags Deal USA – -(Ammoland.com)- Palmetto State Armory has a package deal on 420 rounds of Federal 5.56 NATO in a metal Ammo Can and 10 PMAG 30 Magazines that you can pick them all up for $199.99 with FREE shipping. Just the thirty round Magpul PMAGs AR magazines will run you $120.00 most everywhere online and this deal has all the ammunition. So no matter how you do the math this is a great buy. Federal 5.56 NATO 55gr FMJ 420rds in Ammo ...
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Putting Together the Big Picture on Suppressing America

Opinion Putting Together the Big Picture on Suppressing America: The Left's Masked Antifa Stooges. USA – -(AmmoLand.com)- If you put all the pieces of the Left’s efforts to crush dissent together, the picture is disturbing – and more than a little frightening. One of the key principles of playing go, or wei qi as the Chinese and Japanese call their favorite board game, is to look at the entire board before every move. To win, you must always have a sense of all the possibilities and your opp...
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AK/25 faucet from Aboutwater by Boffi and Fantini

The AK/25 faucet from Aboutwater by Boffi and Fantini (designed by the late Paik Sun Kim) is an ingenious bit of water delivery with an unparalleled slim, sleek aesthetic. Evoking the ancient art of origami, AK/25 features a discreetly integrated hinge, allowing users to flip it closed when not in use. The collection offers additional options: single-hole faucets, rainfall and waterfall shower heads, and floor-/deck-mounted tub fillers. The finish is Matte Gun Metal P...
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Recommendations for 9-10" tablet

Currently use a small Kindle for books that are all text. For books with pics or where I need to zoom/move around the page, the Kindle is next to useless. So I'm looking for a very inexpensive (less than $80) (used or new) 9-10" Android tablet to serve pretty much exclusively as a reader for books that aren't easy to read on my Kindle. I'm guessing new is out at my budget, so if you have a used Android tablet that you find works well as a reader, please let me know the model. I suppose the only...
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