Nite Ize Made a Toothless Zipper for its Vacuum-Sealed Travel Bags

You can make a bag as water-resistant as you like, but liquids can still get through a conventional metal or plastic zipper. That’s the problem outdoor supplier Nite Ize set to solve with its new RunOff bags. Nite Ize had to engineer a completely new approach to zippers, tossing out a century or two of convention to make a seal with sides that grip each other at every millimeter. When the “TRU Zip” head docks into the depression at the far end, the soft bag is absolutely airtight: putting a sol...
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Success Confirmed! Bumblebee Movie Declared Profitable By Viacom CEO

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Two New Ashtro Lads designed by Ashley Wood

Opening up their World of 3A Shop (bye, bye Bambaland), 3A Toys has announced pre-order availability for a pair of 8-inch tall Ashtro Lad figures. Both the SLEEPY 77 Ashtro Lad and the Ashtro Lad Decade are designed by artist Ashley Wood. They include three points of articulation and an additional (bent) left arm. You can currently pre-order both versions, which are priced at $100.00 each (including worldwide shipping). Look for the figures to begin shipping in Q2 of 2019.
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3A DLX Blitzwing Bumblebee Movie Character Figure Revealed

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L.O.L. Surprise Color Change Lip Gloss $12.97 (Was $19.99)

This post may contain affiliate links. Please see my full disclosure policy here. Pick up this L.O.L. Surprise Color Change Lip Gloss is just $12.97 right now at Amazon. Create 5 color-changing lip glosses that are a surprise every time... [Author: Lana]
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TAG x Miscreation Toys – The Mini Miscreants – The Metallic Menace

Toy Art Gallery has announced their latest collaboration with Miscreation Toys - The Mini Miscreants - The Metallic Menace . These six figures stand 2 inches tall and feature a gold and blue factory paint job on a black soft vinyl. In addition, this edition also includes a Mini Miscreants enamel pin (seen below). The Mini Miscreants characters are Skullen, Goob, Jawrr, Nariphon, Demonette, and Half Skullen. The Metallic Menace Edition will be available this Friday - January 11th 2019 - at Noo...
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ZORE Ship 10,000 X Core Pistol Locks in First 10 Months

The Israeli company ZORE have celebrated the shipping of 10,00 of their X Core pistol locks 10 months after they launched their rotary combination lock system. The X Core was initially launched back in February 2018 with a 9x19mm version of the locking device. The system has a bullet-shaped chamber piece which goes into the […] Read More … The post ZORE Ship 10,000 X Core Pistol Locks in First 10 Months appeared first on The Firearm Blog.
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The Sunflower Labs Bee is a Flying Robot Guard Dog

2019 is the year in which Blade Runner takes place. We don’t have hyper-realistic Replicants that try to kill hard-boiled detectives yet. But admit it: when you read the words “flying robot guard dog,” it feels like the future. Drone company Sunflower Labs was showing off just such a gadget at the massive CES trade show. The Bee is a drone that will deploy from your backyard and investigate anyone who gets too close to your literal safe space. The system relies on “sunflowers,” staves that go i...
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DIY: Travel Inspired Art with Photoshop Elements

I’m just putting the finishing touches on my new office, and I wanted some original art on the walls. As you know I looooove to travel and I always take a lot of pictures when I’m someplace new! Last year I visited Oahu for a week and also had weekend getaway in Maya Riviera, Mexico. I love exotic botanicals so much so I took several pictures on my trips. To remind myself of these beautiful places, I turned them into original artwork for my office using Photoshop Elements. If you’re unfamiliar ...
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Dickinson Arms Introduces Plantation SXR Side-By-Side

Dickinson Arms have introduced an elegant new side by side shotgun which combines the classic side by side layout with features from more modern sporting shotgun incorporating a rib sight and a semi-pistol grip stock. The Plantation SXR, built in Turkey, uses fine Turkish walnut and has a fine case hardened finish. The Plantation SXR […] Read More … The post Dickinson Arms Introduces Plantation SXR Side-By-Side appeared first on The Firearm Blog.
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HP and NVIDIA Made the $5000, 65-inch Monitor Your $5000 Desktop Deserves

The cheekily-named “BFGD” program—for “Big Format Gaming Display,” and nothing else—was announced at CES 2018, a full year ago. We expected these overpowered, gamer-friendly screens to hit shelves before the end of that year. The wait was worth it. Technically, the HP Omen X Emperium 65 is only a “display,” not a TV—a distinction required in the US because it lacks a tuner for over-the-air TV programming. But what it lacks in rabbit ears it makes up in every other category. Looking at it purely...
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NRA Needs A Proven Leader, Now More Than Ever

Opinion by Marion Hammer Wayne LaPierre is one of the most humble guys I know. He routinely turns down profile pieces, and he always tells people that it’s the members who are the bedrock of the NRA. Wayne doesn’t just say that. He believes that. More so than anyone else. Florida – -(AmmoLand.com)- My name is Marion Hammer. I’ve written in AmmoLand News before. I work as a gun rights lobbyist on gun rights for the NRA and for it’s Florida affiliate – Unified Sportsmen of Florida. I tell you ...
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Announcing the Winners of the Sharp Shirter $300 Giveaway

2019 is underway and this can only mean one thing: It’s time to announce the three winners of the Sharp Shirter $300 Giveaway. For the last few weeks, we’ve teamed up with the t-shirt brand Sharp Shirter to bring you...
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Need help on restore

Recently bought Ipad pro 10.5 and want to transfer books. The backup has been downloaded and, following the instructions -'open in' Marvin. When I go to start the app, it flashes 'restoring - please wait until finished' (for last 24 hours) and then shuts down. It is a large backup..3GB. Did I miss a step? Or just impatient? Hope someone can help. TIA
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Armstrong Flooring Narrows Product Focus While Others Broaden

As reported recently in Floor Covering News, Armstrong Flooring has reached an agreement with an affiliate of American Industrial Partners (“AIP”) to sell its wood-flooring division for $100 million, a lucrative deal that’s “valued at approximately 7.2 times the Wood Flooring segment’s trailing twelve month Adjusted EBITDA.” The sale appears to be central to a larger strategy of focusing on resilient vinyl flooring—an approach that conforms to Design Analytics data, which shows that the fastest ...
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Razer Raises Eyebrows With the Raptor Monitor, Coming for Less Than You Think

Gaming brand Razer has a reputation for over-the-top lighting and equally outlandish prices. So it was a pleasant surprise to hear a representative at CES say that the company’s upcoming gaming monitor, a first for Razer, will be priced at around $700. I was expecting the 27-inch panel, tuned for gaming and colored like a stealth jet with rainbow ground effects, to cost over $1000. But assuming that Razer holds on to its projected price when the “Raptor” launches sometime later this year, it wi...
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An Open Letter to Kim Kardashian

Dear Kim, I need your help. I am impressed that a reality television star, like you, with star status as big as the President’s (I mean HUGE), can walk into the White House and bend the President’s ear. Thomas Rainer cannot. And that’s a shame.  Rainer, a landscape architect, author and teacher, lives and breathes reality. He loves gardens, nature and clean air, but he doesn’t have a television show or a cosmetics line. Phyto partners Claudia West, Melissa and Thomas Rainer. ...
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Bulk Convert Mobi to Mobi

Hi, I need to convert a large number of mobi files to mobi files (yes, mobi to mobi). It's because the author data on the existing mobi files is picking up "firstname lastname" and I need to reconvert (then it picks up authorsort as lastname, firstname). BUT I can't define the input format in calibre for a bulk conversion - it picks up epubs to convert unless I convert each book individually. Any suggestions?
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Boox Nova Pro?

Has anyone heard of the Nova Pro? I asked https://twitter.com/onyxboox about the Nova's availability in the UK. They said... "The Nova will not be available in the UK but the Nova Pro will in early 2019 on EU Amazon." I thought they meant the Nova Plus - and I expressed my disappointment, because I really want a front light. They said... "The Nova Pro has a front light and better than the Nova. If you can wait, wait for it." So... errr....? I can't find any information about the Pro onli...
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Senate Democrats Introduce Assault Weapons Ban of 2019

Senate Democrats Unveil the Assault Weapons Ban of 2019 Washington D.C. –-(Ammoland.com)- Senators Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.), Chris Murphy (D-Conn.) and Richard Blumenthal (D-Conn.) have introduced the “Assault Weapons Ban of 2019.” “Last year we saw tens of thousands of students nationwide take to the streets to demand action to stop mass shootings and stem the epidemic of gun violence that plagues our communities. Our youngest generation has grown up with active-shooter drills, hiding und...
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Knight’s Armament Awarded $16.5 Million Contract for M110s

The US Army’s Contracting Command has awarded Knight’s Armament Company a contract for more 7.62x51mm M110 Semi-Automatic Sniper Systems (SASS). Over 10 years on since it was first adopted and nearly five years since the Army began its programme to replace it with a lighter, more compact rifle the Army has placed further orders for […] Read More … The post Knight’s Armament Awarded $16.5 Million Contract for M110s appeared first on The Firearm Blog.
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Neorest NX by Toto Wins Red Dot Award 2018

Now a Red Dot Award winner for 2018, Neorest NX by Toto is an elegant all-in-one intelligent toilet inspired by “the simple, organic beauty of an earthen vase hand thrown by a craftsman on a pottery wheel.” Defined by soft curves and sleek surfaces, Neorest NX offers all the bells and whistles people have come to expect from Toto. The dual flush toilet with its patented Tornado Flush System is operated by sensor operation or remote control. The automatic toilet seat can be opened and closed by ...
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Mystery and Crime Kabel, Walther: Harald Harst (029) - Nur ein Tintenfleck. V1.0 [German] 10.01.2019

Nur ein Tintenfleck. An einem glutheißen Vormittag brachten zwei elegante Rikschas Harst und mich von unserem Fremdenheim in Bangkok, der Hauptstadt Siams, aus in gleichmäßig schneller Fahrt nach P’hrabat, dem heiligen Berge nördlich von Bangkok, wo sich das gleichnamige Kloster, einer der berühmtesten Wallfahrtsorte der Buddhisten, befindet. Die Hauptreligion in Siam ist der Buddhismus, was man schon an der Unmenge buddhistischer Mönche merkt, die in den Straßen Bangkoks zu sehen sind. Diese f...
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How to Share Links to Your Google Doc as a PDF

Using Google Docs is a great way to collaborate on and share documents. Sometimes, though, you want to provide somebody with a PDF instead of an editable document. Google Docs now lets you edit your sharing link to provide a PDF. Best of all, if you edit the original document, the PDF link automatically includes any changes you made. Here’s how it works. Note: This process works for Google Docs and Google Sheets, but not Google Slides. Go ahead and open up the document you want to share. Once y...
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Dell’s XPS 13 Should Hold the Lead for Windows Ultraportables With 2019 Update

The Dell XPS 13 is generally (though not universally) regarded as one of the top Windows machines available, thanks to a sleek design and a great value. Dell’s gentle revision of the laptop continues into 2019, notably including the most requested change. Dell lowered the curtain on the latest refresh at CES, drawing crowds with a headline feature: the camera is now exactly where you expect it to be. Previous iterations sought the thinnest screen bezels possible, and achieved this by sticking t...
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E-book software

Hi, there I´m planning to develop an E-book with many photos and I need that the user can click each photo´s thumbnail and enlarge it. Besides the thumbnails, the enlarged photos must be embedded to the project, not linked through an URL. What software do you recommend to use? Thank you in advance! Best regards, Nilton Wainer Porto Alegre, RS Brazil
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X11 crashes on ebook-view/ebook-edit

Hi all, I am having weird problems with Calibre's internal editor and viewer since last system updates (Lubuntu 18.04 LTS) Until then Calibre was working as always - completely flawless but now the only kind of E-Book I am able to open are pure TEXT files (calibre opens them in Leafpad...) Any other (FB2, MOBI, EPUB) will cause immediate crash of X, causing complete data loss on any other running application... After couple of seconds I will see my login again It seems to me the problem is ...
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Alcor Myth LED modding

I am new to this forum, as I could not find any topic on the internet about my device and question: - How to "root" and make SSH or Telnet contact with the Alcor Myth Led reader? - First I only would like to replace the boot logo, the standby logo and the off logo pictures. - Next maybe would replace the main menu icons. I have already did it by my self on an older hanlin clone but the Alcor Myth Led does not have wifi, so the only way to get in the linux OS filesystem would be somehow thro...
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BuzziNordic ST900 Collection by BuzziSpace

With the BuzziNordic ST900 Collection, BuzziSpace continues to delight everyone by broadening our notions of a good work environment. The new pieces take the office outdoors. Constructed of Cumaru hardwood, the BuzziNordic ST900 pieces are “conceived with exterior applications in mind.” The ST911 Lounge Chair, ST911 Ottoman, and ST931 Daybed bring classic Scandinavian style outside, although the furniture looks great inside as well—“at a workplace, private residence, or hospitality setting,” su...
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Easton Intros Industry-First 6MM-4MM Tapered FMJ Hunting Arrows

Easton Introduces Industry-First 6MM-4MM Tapered FMJ Hunting Arrows USA – -(Ammoland.com)-  Arrow penetration is vital when it comes to successful big game hunting, yet without precise shot placement, maximizing penetration alone may not seal the deal. Now, Easton has a new answer for bowhunters with the T64 Full Metal Jacket—the arrow that combines maximum killing power with the highest level of FOC accuracy. The T64 FMJ shaft profile begins at the front with a 6mm diameter that seamlessly ...
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