Bess and Frima

  Ok, a show of hands–who’s been watching season 2 of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel? I have, and really enjoyed it. You know how several of the episodes take place at this Jewish summer retreat in the Catskills? I’m non-Jewish and from the West Coast, and I had never heard about camps like this, but […]
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Be On the Lookout for More Open Access Books.

This is a newsy item, too, and I plan to post this or a modified version in the forum with "news" items (pending my checking the MobileRead rules to see if that kind of cross-posting is allowed). Many of you may be aware of my love for OA (Open Access) books--OA now almost universally, if not universally, means free. :D I failed to see this earlier, but since September 2018 there has been an initiative in Europe, called Plan S, to "mandate immediate open access (OA) to scientific literature." Si...
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Microsoft Wants to Kill Passwords, Starting With Windows 10

The next version of Windows 10 will support passwordless Microsoft accounts. Microsoft will just text a code to your phone number when you sign in. It’s all part of Microsoft’s stated goal: “a world without passwords.” This feature is available now in Insider build 18309. It will be stable and available to everyone in the next version of Windows 10, codenamed 19H1 and available sometime around April 2019. Passwordless logins debuted for Windows 10 Home back in Insider build 18305, but are now a...
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New Guy on the Reloading Block – SIG Sauer Brass

Light loads produce some smoke at the muzzle. Shown is a Ruger 45 auto. U.S.A. –-(Ammoland.com)- Sig Saur has been around for years and has been known to produce high-quality handguns. Their handguns are carried by many police forces and civilians. They also produce some ammo in some of the common offerings which I have tested in the past with good results. The factory ammo is a premium type and is for the serious hunter or target shooter. They have various rifles and handguns plus accessorie...
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Slime Rancher Plushies – Round 3

For Fans By Fans has announced the pre-order release of their Slime Rancher Plushies - Round 3 . From the hit video game (Slime Rancher), and standing approximately 4 inches tall, the three new plush characters are the Hunter Slime , Gold Slime , and Boom Slime . These slime plushies feature weighted bottoms (don't we all) and embroidered expressions. They are currently available to pre-order, with shipping estimated in Late-February 2019. You can pick up the individual Slime Rancher Plush...
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Desktop Calibre to Win10 Tablet

After over 5 years, my Note 3 finally fizzled out and I've picked up a pretty nice 8" windows tablet running Windows 10. The way I used the Note3 was to simply hook it to my desktop via USB, told Calibre where I wanted the books to go and that was it. (I should probably mention the Note3 was broke and rooted; don't know whether I could have done it that way if it weren't.) From then on, Calibre handled the Note3 as though it were a library; all I had to do was click the new titles I wanted onto...
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Best sideloaded dictionary?

I have a blacklisted PW2 that cannot use the default Kindle dictionary. But I am able to use a .mobi dictionary (WordNet 3 Easy) by sideloading it. I have tried some other e-reader dictionaries but the WordNet 3 Easy is the only one that seems to integrate with the Kindle UI, the rest are not available to select as the default dictionary when long-pressing words. The only issue is that the WordNet 3 Easy dictionary isn't very good, and lacks a lot of definitions that I need. Are there any other ...
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Reading time by creating a column with "word count"/"your wpm"

Hi! I have no idea if this is possible but it could be useful. I have a "word count" column, using the Count Pages plugin. Could it be possible to create a second column and make the "type" an Excel-like formula of "word-count-from-that-column/your-wpm"? The word count per min can be calculated on the net, at least at readinglength.com and could be a static number. Like, say my word count column lookup name is "wordcount" and I know that my reading speed is 290 w/min. Is it possible to make...
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Clara or Paperwhite 4

I'm planning on buying my first e-reader in the next few days. At this point, I'm considering a 6" device and I've narrowed my search down to the Kobo Clara HD or the new Paperwhite 4. I don't want to spend more than about $130. Also I'm in the US and will use these devices to check out library books. My library uses Overdrive and supports epub and Kindle downloads. Finally, I don't mind converting formats/de-DRM using Calibre. I like some things about the Clara: more file formats, greater co...
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BREAKING: Hearing Protection Act Reintroduced to Congress

The Hearing Protection Act has been reintroduced to Congress by Rep. Jeff Duncan of South Carolina. The American Suppressor Association describe the Hearing Protection Act (HPA) of 2019 as “an enhanced version of previous” legislation introduced to Congress in 2015. The HPA (2019) was introduced on the first day of the 116th Congress by Rep. Duncan who said: The […] Read More … The post BREAKING: Hearing Protection Act Reintroduced to Congress appeared first on The Firearm Blog.
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The Power of Black Powder Revolvers: Black Powder vs. Substitutes

The pistols used in the test include a Cimarron 1849 Colt 31 caliber (bottom), a Cimarron Remington 1858 Navy 36 caliber (middle), and a Taylors & Co. 1858 Remington 44 caliber (top). U.S.A. –-(Ammoland.com)- Percussion revolvers occupy a gray area in firearms development first appearing with the Colt Paterson in 1835 and in this awkward first step, reliable, repeating firearms suddenly became a reality after hundreds of years of frustrated design work. But only forty years later, percussion ...
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Never Go Full ATF – Analysis Of Bump Stock Ban

Well the time has come and the ATF has ruled on Bump Stock devices and they are now saying they are now considered machine guns. If you have missed this staggering news, check it out here. I have taken a look at the entire 157 page document and will break down critical parts. Lets go […] Read More … The post Never Go Full ATF – Analysis Of Bump Stock Ban appeared first on The Firearm Blog.
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FWP Seeks Input on Proposed Mountain Lion Management Strategy

FWP Seeks Input on Proposed Mountain Lion Management Strategy USA – -(Ammoland.com)-  Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks (FWP) is seeking public review through Jan. 15, 2019 of a draft Montana Mountain Lion Monitoring and Management Strategy. A public information session in Missoula is planned for Monday, Jan. 7, beginning at 7 p.m., at the FWP Region 2 Headquarters (3201 Spurgin Road). FWP Biologist, Jay Kolbe, and other staff will be on hand to present background information and answer ques...
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Pop! Movies: How to Train Your Dragon

With the third film in the How To Train Your Dragon series slated to hit theaters next month (February 2019), Funko has announced a few new figures from the Pop! Movies: How to Train Your Dragon Series . You can take flight with the new Toothless and Light Fury (the new character from The Hidden World) Pop! figures. In addition, a Diamond Collection Light Fury and a 10-inch tall Toothless Pop! are also available. Currently, you can find these plus a number of already released How To Train You...
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Brazilian Natural Stone from Tidelli

Tidelli’s Brazilian Natural Stone Collection is a celebration of a relatively untapped natural resource—“unknown to many Brazilian citizens, our abundant natural resources allow us to offer a great and unique product that can be customized.” Luciano Mandelli, Design Director at Tidelli, says that the development of marble manufacturing opens up a whole portfolio of new shades and textures. Materials include shale, granite, marble, and Brazilian quartzite. Brazilian stone is beautiful and dura...
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2018 Recap

Here we go, starting a new year! I’m a little late in getting this post up, it’s hard to get back to work after a lazy week off, but I’m finally feeling recharged and ready to go. :) This time of year always feels so good to me, the promise of a fresh start and a new calendar year. It’s also a time of year to look back on what you’ve achieved, that’s the nice thing about having an online journal like this, I can pat myself on the back for everything I created, everything I accomplished, and ever...
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Daily Gun Deals: 50Pack 18″x10″ Silhouette Splatter Target $18.99 FREE S/H no minimum

50Pack 18″x10″ Silhouette Splatter Target Deal USA – -(Ammoland.com)- Amazon has sale on fifty (50) 18″ x 10″ Silhouette Splatter Multi-Color GlowShot Targets for $18.99 with FREE Shipping and no minimum. GlowShot 18 x 10″ Multi Color Reactive Targets. You will “See Your Hits Instantly.” These targets use GlowShot Technology to produce a colored ring around your hits. No more walking down range or picking a spotting scope to see your hits. Attach the target to any surface. Search GlowShot fo...
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If you had one year to make $1000000 or you will die. Hypothetical question

I love to pose hypothetical scenarios. It really gives you an idea of how people think and it's just a lot of fun in general. So one of my favorite hypothetical questions is that you have 1 year to make $1000000 or you will die. So how would you go about doing that?
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Department of Justice Rescinds ATF Guidance Documents

Opinion by Teresa Ficaretta Department of Justice Rescinds ATF Guidance Documents USA – -(Ammoland.com)- In a press release issued on December 21, 2018, Acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker announced the rescission of 69 guidance documents the Department of Justice (DOJ) believes are unnecessary, outdated, inconsistent with existing law or otherwise improper. The documents were rescinded pursuant to Executive Order 13777 and a November 16, 2017, memorandum signed by Attorney General Sess...
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Utah DWR Waves Requirement for Utah Lake Powell Stamp

Utah DWR waves requirement for Utah Lake Powell Stamp PHOENIX –  -(Ammoland.com)-  As of Jan. 1, 2019, a Utah stamp will no longer be required for fishing on Lake Powell, the red-rock fishing destination and geological wonder that straddles the Utah-Arizona border. This means some anglers will save on what had been an $8 stamp. In addition, a resident of Utah or Arizona may buy a resident license from their home state and fish the entirety of the 254-square mile lake with only that one licens...
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Tonner Doll Company Closes Up Shop

Tonner Doll Company was one of those toy companies that, since the start of Plastic and Plush, I have always reported on. We followed them at the height of their licensed Tonner Collectible Doll phase. Caught up with them at various Comic Conventions and Toy Fairs throughout the years. But as I have seen over the past 15 years slinging toy news...all good things eventually come to an end.  The statement below comes from Robert Tonner, the founder of the company. The lone bright spot in this ...
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Trump Forgets His Pledge to Support Second Amendment; Capitulating to Antigun Crowd

Opinion Donald Trump At National Rifle Association (NRA) Conference (5/20/2016) New York – -(AmmoLand.com)- When Trump called for a ban on “Bump Stocks,” he ignored his pledge to support the Second Amendment; capitulating completely to the antigun crowd. As if the Republican controlled Senate’s failure to enact national concealed handgun carry reciprocity legislation and President Trump’s failure to push forward a pro-Second Amendment agenda during his first two years in Office weren’t bad e...
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Art by A.F. Branco Firewater USA –-(Ammoland.com)- Firewater. Elizabeth Warren feels that advertising her cravings for alcohol will somehow make her more relatable to voters. As if we are all deplorable drunks. Did you enjoy this cartoon? Sign up for Ammoland in your Inbox and get our daily cartoon and email news! You call yourself pro-gun? Prove it by joining any one or all of these fine civil rights organizations: National Rifle Association (NRA) : www.membership.nrahq.org Second Amen...
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Editor’s Choice for Best of Year 2018: Simple, Sleek, Surreal

It’s fair to say 2018 was marked by uncertainty—politically, socially, and morally. Designers and architects responded to modern life with varied antidotes. Some returned to simplicity. Others got sleek. And then there were those brave few that sought refuge in the strange. 1. Silq by Steelcase Silq is the first of the Simple designs I loved this past year. A wonderful alternative to ever-adjustable ergonomic chairs, the intuitive Silq is surprisingly simple. A carbon fiber frame enables Silq t...
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Best of Year 2018: Simple, Sleek, Surreal

It’s fair to say 2018 was marked by uncertainty—politically, socially, and morally. Designers and architects responded to modern life with varied antidotes. Some returned to simplicity. Others got sleek. And then there were those brave few that sought refuge in the strange. 1. Silq by Steelcase Silq is the first of the Simple designs I loved this past year. A wonderful alternative to ever-adjustable ergonomic chairs, the intuitive Silq is surprisingly simple. A carbon fiber frame enables Silq t...
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changing text-align: justified to left

I've downloaded a bunch of books from project gutenberg and some have a stylesheet/css file that contains body { margin: 5%; background: #faebd0; text-align: justified } Others don't have a text-align in the body section. I prefer a ragged-right margin. If I append the following to the css file that should do it. body { text-align: left; } That seems like the simplest solution. Or, to every .html file that's the body of the book add before the closing tag the fol...
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Screenshot Function for Note

I sent Onyx an email by way of their feedback form in the Settings area on the device asking them to include the screenshot function as an option after a long press of the power button. Received a reply not too long ago saying that they would be implementing that function in the 2.1 update. :2thumbsup This is great news on a couple of fronts: first, that they will be providing this much needed function; second, that they are continuing to work on updates for this device. Of course, there was ...
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Gun-Control Fails in Chicago.. but Do Democrats Care?

3 Fatally Shot In Chicago U.S.A. (Ammoland.com)- We have good news from the Windy City. Emperor Rahm will end his reign as mayor and the number of murders in Chicago was lower this year than last. Given its long history of violence, do Democrat voters even care any longer? The Trump recovery finally picked Chicago up off its knees. Due to better employment opportunities, a few thousand young men took real jobs rather than joining gangs in Chicago. That economic shift dropped the number of peo...
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B&N phishing

I just opened an email claiming to be from B&N indicating a change of password has occurred, etc. The typical false negative (or is it positive) setup, since I obviously didn't reset my password. I can't even remember it! So beware this type scam. I called B&N about it but they didn't seem to care. Go figure. *************************** We sent this message because you contacted Barnes & Noble about your password. To reset your password, please click [here]. To ensure the security of your acco...
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Having done nothing at all

On January 1, I became a criminal in my hometown of Boulde
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