Who Should Be The Next Executive Vice President of the NRA?

Opinion Editors Note: To be clear AmmoLand News has no knowledge that Wayne Lapierre is about to leave his position as NRA EVP and none of the individuals mentioned in this article have been consulted or expressed any interest in being the next NRA EVP. This series of articles is just a candid discussion of the cold reality that one day we will have a change in leadership. If the pattern we have seen since 1986 holds, Wayne LaPierre could be replaced as Executive Vice President of the NRA by N...
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Wierd things connecting to Dropbox

I've been using CC for a long time with no problems. I always connect to my Calibre library on Dropbox, and it has always connected directly. But just now, when I pressed "connect", it had me log on to Dropbox. I entered my login info, and then I got a strange dialog that seems to be from or related to Arkose Labs. It spoke a number, asking me to enter that number. I didn't know what it was, so I dismissed it, and tried logging in using Google instead. But that didn't work, because after t...
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$5 Off $20+ Book Orders From Amazon! Roundup Of The Most Popular Books And More!

Amazon Books Linky Use code (Exp: 12/21 at 11:59pm PST): GIFTBOOK18 Valid 1 time per account. If you have Amazon Prime, don’t forget that you can share the benefits with a household account and take advantage of more promotions! The books must be shipped and sold by Amazon.com, not a 3rd party. If you’re going […]
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Ereaders compatible with USB OTG Keyboard?

I want to see if I can find something to take notes on. After some searching I found stuff like KindleBerry, some older nooks, and onyx. Are there other options that work easily through USB otg? Preferably doesn't need too much effort to make it work with a keyboard, like getting a raspberryPi, or soldering. Cheaper the better. Also does having android as the OS automatically also enable USB otg because it has the right drivers and/or kernels?
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REVIEWS: Sideswipe Transformers SIEGE Deluxe Figure

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G-Shock x Transformers Master Optimus Prime In Hand Photos

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Best case for H2O2

Hi everyone, I'm looking for case recommendations for the H2O2. I want something that adds extra protection and is functional. The Kobo-made cases seem to focus more on the auto sleep/wake function and don't mention how much extra protection you get. I dropped my first H2O2 without a cover on it from a small height and that was the end of it. I want to make sure my next case is better protected. Anything outside of protection is a welcome bonus. I am located in Australia, so if you have lo...
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Calibre License

I am updating a repo template for Calibre and need to know if the license is GPL-3.0-only or GPL-3.0-or-later. Can I get some clarification on this?
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Date search syntax

Ok, I am wondering if I am misunderstanding what "date:
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copy text in brackets to margins?

I am converting an EPUB to PDF. The text has line numbers within it, enclosed in square brackets. Here is an example: numbers must rather [35] be what Plato used to say, and there must be a first ... the other hand one supposes this, many impossible results, as we have said, follow. But either this or the other must be [1083b1] the case, so that Is it possible, while doing the conversion, to get Calibre to make a copy of the line numbers, and place these numbers in the margins. So to best ap...
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Max2 lost USB transfert File

Hello, I lost the transfert file through USB on my Max2 ! It was properly working and I could find the USB options while developing the upper bar. By mistake I clicked on "Charge only" and since then I can't find anymore the USB options (when cable connected or re-connected of course). I restarted the Max2 and my PC ; but when I connect the Max2, only the charge led is lit, the PC does no more detect the Max2, and I have no USB options. Any idea on how to recover these USB options ? Than...
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KFC MP Scale God Ginrai / Powermaster Optimus Prime Renders

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[Editor Plugin] LanguageTool

This plugin allows you to run a grammar check on the currently open HTML file with LanguageTool. Credits: Kovid Goyal who helped me with the Calibre API. Disclaimer: Since I'm not a programmer you might want to save your books before having them checked by this plugin. (The plugin will also automatically create a checkpoint.) Installation: This plugin requires Java. To test whether Java is installed on your machine open a command prompt/terminal window and enter the following command: Co...
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2018 Holiday Gift Guide: 5 Gift Kits for the Practical-Minded Person

Beyond the fruit basket: a gift guide for the practical-minded person on your list: Above: The Zero Waste Lunch Kit is $129.99 from the Wild Minimalist. Above: The DIY Learn Embroidery Kit is $30 from Apprvl NYC. Above: The Tangent Shoe Polish Kit is $56.30 from the Finnish Design Shop. Above: The Face + Body Kit by Maryse features all the ‘hero’ products from her bespoke, cult skin collection which work for all skin types, and all seasons; NZ $179. Above: The Hosting ...
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K4 Kindle 4 serial port problem

I have two problems. One is that the Kindle 4 will not boot. The screen is frozen and the computer is disconnected. I have a serial port connection and this is the log file. What is the problem? Spoiler: U-Boot 2009.08-lab126 (Sep 02 2011 - 22:45:17) CPU: Freescale i.MX50 family 1.1V at 800 MHz mx50 pll1: 800MHz mx50 pll2: 400MHz mx50 pll3: 216MHz ipg clock : 50000000Hz ipg per clock : 50000000Hz uart clock : 24000000Hz ahb clock : 100000000Hz axi_a clock : ...
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SILENCER SATURDAY #50: Beautiful Binary CZ Scorpion SD

Good morning suppressor freaks and geeks, and welcome to the 50th edition of TFB’s Silencer Saturday. Thank you for stopping by to read my decibel rants every week – without you guys the series would have been dead by episode four. Last week we discussed the value of full–size pistol suppressors and their roles in […] Read More … The post SILENCER SATURDAY #50: Beautiful Binary CZ Scorpion SD appeared first on The Firearm Blog.
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Blue Book of AR-15 Values; Shooting Sports Rentals This Week on Gresham’s Gun Talk

Black Hills Ammunition Mandeville, LA – -(AmmoLand.com)- An easy way to find out how much your AR-15 is worth, a new company to help you explore the outdoors and the shooting sports, hunting ammunition, and more, this Sunday on Tom Gresham's Gun Talk®, the original nationally-syndicated talk show about guns and the shooting sports.Tom talks hunting ammo with Black Hill’s Ammunition’s Jeff Hoffman (http://www.black-hills.com/), and gun values with expert Steve Fjestad. The latest version of his...
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Book covers not loading properly on Kobo Forma

I just bought a Kobo Forma and love it. I use Calibre to side load a lot of my books. The covers do not load properly on a lot of the books. They are either very small or not there at all. This is not a problem when loading them to my nook. I would really love a solution to this problem. Any thoughts?
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Fabula Nebulae {a soulemama sponsor}

Greetings from Fabula Nebulae! We’re a small, family endeavor, located in lovely, snowy Maine. Fabula Nebulae is all-natural skincare (and some other good stuff!), carefully and lovingly handcrafted by our family - for you and yours. Our creations all came... [Author: SouleMama]
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Clara HD Slippery Clara HD

So I've had my Kobo Clara HD for a couple of weeks now and I'm loving the small form factor and light weight. I'm going without a cover because I want something that will easily slip into a pocket and adding a cover would add half the weight again (at least) of the e-reader. I do find however that the back of the reader is quite slippery, especially in these dry winter months. Any good solutions for this? Maybe some kind of skin on the back or some kind of grip tape? I'm looking for something th...
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Daily Deals: Baofeng UV 5RA Ham Two Way Radio – $24.99 + Free S/H

Baofeng UV 5RA Ham Two Way Radio Deal USA – -(Ammoland.com)- Amazon has a Baofeng handheld HAM radio for just $24.99 and free shipping.These are a great back-up and family radios to compliment your primary survival HAM radio base. This deal is cheap enough to make sure everyone family member has one in their bugout bags. HAM radios are great during emergencies so you can pull in the police, fire, and some military broadcasts as well as FM radio. Or just a great gift for under the Christmas tr...
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The Best Gifts For Chocolate Lovers Of All Ages

Got a chocolate lover to buy for this Christmas? Here are some awesome gift ideas for helping them embrace their lust for chocolate. Sure, you could just buy them a ton of chocolate and we certainly recommend you do that in addition to these ideas, but if you fancy buying something a little more original, we have some great suggestions for you. None of these gifts are too expensive and they encompass a bunch of fun ways in which you can enjoy chocolate. Here are the best gifts for the chocolate...
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FUN & Festive Christmas Crafts That Are EASY!

Christmas Crafts to celebrate the season! Easy craft projects for holiday decor to Christmas ornaments and a few Christmas gifts.  Get ready for fun holiday crafting. The BEST Christmas Crafts! Help your children celebrate the season with these fun Christmas crafts for kids! Many of these ideas use craft supplies you probably already have at home. They are easy and fun! Paper Candy Canes Cute and simple! My son was in fourth grade when he first made these paper candy canes.  He found the activ...
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Christmas Crafts

Christmas Crafts to celebrate the season! Easy craft projects for holiday decor to Christmas ornaments and a few Christmas gifts.  Get ready for fun holiday crafting. The BEST Christmas Crafts! Help your children celebrate the season with these fun Christmas crafts for kids! Many of these ideas use craft supplies you probably already have at home. They are easy and fun! Paper Candy Canes Cute and simple! My son was in fourth grade when he first made these paper candy canes.  He found the activ...
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Socialist Math

Art by Michael Ramirez Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez USA –-(Ammoland.com)- Socialist Math.Ocasio-Cortez who minored in economics tweeted , “$21T in Pentagon accounting errors. Medicare for All costs ~$32T. That means 66% of Medicare for All could have been funded already by the Pentagon.”The comparison is specious. In fact, the data suggests that the Pentagon hasn’t spent $21 trillion in the entire history of the United States.This is what you're left with when the best people no longer run for el...
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Massachusetts Executive Branch Flouts Court Orders on Firearms Licenses

Opinion Massachusetts Executive Branch Flouts Court Orders on Firearms Licenses Fairfax, VA – -(Ammoland.com)- The U.S.’s republican form of governance is predicated on co-equal branches of government that check and balance each other in order to preserve individual liberty. The system does not work when one branch simply ignores the lawful authority of another branch.In Massachusetts, all prospective firearm owners are required to obtain a Firearms Owner Identification card or a License to C...
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Create Virtual Library of Books not Read

I want to create a virtual library of books that I have not read yet, including those that are partially read but not those that are finished. I have been playing around with various search expressions but am stuck. I have the Kobo Utilities plugin that I use for my Kobo and when syncing to my reader it fills in the 'Reading Status' and the 'Kobo Read Percentage' columns. So the 'Reading Status' column currently shows either Finished, Reading or blank in that column and the Kobo Read Percenta...
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Weekend Cooking: Gift Guide for Food-Loving Readers

As we finish up Hanukkah and head into Christmas (the perils of the dual-religion family), I find myself relying heavily on tried-and-true dinners and less on experimentation. For example, this last week we had beans and rice, chicken parm, quinoa Buddha bowls, and grilled salmon. All tasty and all family favorites, but not necessarily good fodder for blogging or for sharing on Weekend Cooking. I suspect that you too are saving your culinary energy for holiday meals and Christmas cookies, so t...
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so purchased a book from the kindle store

hey i purchased a book from amazon kindle store but i want to change the format of the book and then upload it to my ereader without the need for using kindle app. on pc kindle it refuses to download the book saying it is not suitable for my device. but i can download it on my android phone but couldn't find the book to change it's format.
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