7 Science-Based Tips to Making it to your 50th Wedding Anniversary

You're reading 7 Science-Based Tips to Making it to your 50th Wedding Anniversary, originally posted on Pick the Brain | Motivation and Self Improvement. If you're enjoying this, please visit our site for more inspirational articles. “When you are courting a nice girl an hour seems like a second. When you sit on a red-hot cinder a second seems like an hour. That’s relativity.” – Albert Einstein Growing old with the person you love is a dream for most people. It’s a relationship goal you may be...
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Cervical cancer subtype increasing in several subpopulations of women

A new study reports that a type of cervical cancer that is less amenable to Pap testing is increasing in several subpopulations of women, pointing to the growing importance of human papillomavirus (HPV) testing and vaccination.
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A comprehensive, centralized database of bovine milk compounds

Milk is a staple of the human diet, full of key nutrients such as protein, carbohydrates, fats, and vitamins. Cow's milk in particular is one of the most-used dairy products globally, with over 800 million tons produced annually according to the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization.
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Scientists enter research collaboration to find a cure for cancer

Cancer is a disease that afflicts an alarming number of people, with one in two being diagnosed with a type of cancer during their lifetime.
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Researchers identify risk factors for severe infection after knee replacement

In the largest study of its kind, researchers from the Musculoskeletal Research Unit at the University of Bristol have identified the most important risk factors for developing severe infection after knee replacement.
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Study: One in five children and youth suffer from a mental disorder

One in five Ontario children and youth suffer from a mental disorder, but less than one-third have had contact with a mental health care provider, says the Ontario Child Health Study.
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Improper inhaler use common in children with asthma

In the first study to evaluate inhaler technique in children hospitalized for asthma - the group at highest risk for complications and death from asthma - researchers found that nearly half of participants demonstrated improper inhaler use, which means they routinely were not taking in the full dose of medication.
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New adhesive patch could help reduce post-heart attack muscle damage

Researchers have designed a new type of adhesive patch that can be placed directly on the heart and may one day help to reduce the stretching of heart muscle that often occurs after a heart attack.
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Hickenlooper expanded Medicaid, created state-run marketplace to insure nearly all Coloradans

Former two-term Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper is a rare breed in the 2020 presidential race — he's running as a moderate.
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Consumers get another digital home health offering as Tyto Care and Best Buy launch TytoHome

Best Buy is partnering with the Israeli technology Tyto Care to become the official retailer for the company’s all-in-one digital diagnostics kit through its physical stores in California, the Dakotas, Ohio and Minnesota and through its online store. Tyto previously sold its technology through healthcare plans, making its handheld examination device with attachments that act as a thermometer, a stethoscope, an otoscope and a tongue depressor available to families with insurance that wanted to re...
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New tool provides a standard way to measure effects of caring for survivors of TBI

A traumatic brain injury happens in an instant: a battlefield blast, a car crash, a bad fall. But the effects can last a lifetime - and can leave the survivor dependent on daily care from their loved ones for decades.
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Study identifies how enterococci bacteria cause antibiotic-resistant bloodstream infections

A new study led by a research team from Massachusetts Eye and Ear and Harvard Medical School describes how bacteria adapted to the modern hospital environment and repeatedly cause antibiotic-resistant bloodstream infections.
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New bandage-like biosensor collects and analyzes sweat

Like other biofluids, sweat contains a wealth of information about what's going on inside the body. However, collecting the fluid for analysis, usually by dripping or absorbing it from the skin's surface, can be time-consuming and messy.
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HPV-negative cervical cancers are more aggressive with worse prognosis

Cervical cancer negative for the human papilloma virus (HPV) is rare but more aggressive: it is more frequently diagnosed at advanced stages, with more metastasis and reduced survival.
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Mood Prediction of Patients With Mood Disorders by Machine Learning Using Passive Digital Phenotypes Based on the Circadian Rhythm: Prospective Observational Cohort Study

Background: Virtually, all organisms on Earth have their own circadian rhythm, and humans are no exception. Circadian rhythms are associated with various human states, especially mood disorders, and disturbance of the circadian rhythm is known to be very closely related. Attempts have also been made to derive clinical implications associated with mood disorders using the vast amounts of digital log that is acquired by digital technologies develop and using computational analysis techniques. Obje...
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Augmented Reality in Emergency Medicine: A Scoping Review

Background: Augmented reality is increasingly being investigated for its applications to medical specialties as well as in medical training. Currently, there is little information about its applicability to training and care delivery in the context of emergency medicine. Objective: The objective of this article is to review current literature related to augmented reality applicable to emergency medicine and its training. Methods: Through a scoping review utilizing Scopus, MEDLINE, and Embase dat...
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Validation of Two Automatic Blood Pressure Monitors With the Ability to Transfer Data via Bluetooth

Background: Patients with chronic diseases are in need of regular health controls. Diabetes mellitus type 2 is currently the most prevalent chronic metabolic disease. A majority of diabetic patients have at least one comorbid chronic disease, where hypertension is the most common. The standard for blood pressure (BP) measurement is manual BP monitoring at health care clinics. Nevertheless, several advantages of self-measured BP have been documented. With BP data transfer from an automatic BP mon...
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Comparison of Smartphone Ownership, Social Media Use, and Willingness to Use Digital Interventions Between Generation Z and Millennials in the Treatment of Substance Use: Cross-Sectional Questionnaire Study

Background: Problematic substance use in adolescence and emerging adulthood is a significant public health concern in the United States due to high recurrence of use rates and unmet treatment needs coupled with increased use. Consequently, there is a need for both improved service utilization and availability of recovery supports. Given the ubiquitous use of the internet and social media via smartphones, a viable option is to design digital treatments and recovery support services to include int...
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PathAI raises $60 million for its computer vision-based pathogen detection technology

With a clinical version of PathAI‘s computer vision-based pathogen detection service still at least one year from coming to market, the diagnostic technology developer has snagged $60 million in its latest round of financing. The company’s tech is used by doctors to analyze cell samples taken from patients to determine the presence or absence of bacterium, viruses, cancerous cells or other disease causing agents. These days, PathAI’s technology is used less in hospitals for patient care and more...
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Internet-Delivered Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Anxiety Disorders in Open Community Versus Clinical Service Recruitment: Meta-Analysis

Background: Ample studies have shown the effectiveness of internet-delivered cognitive behavioral therapy (iCBT) for anxiety disorders. These studies recruited their participants mainly from the community and, to a lesser extent, from within routine care services. Little is known about whether different recruitment strategies lead to different treatment effects. Objective: This meta-analysis compared clinical results obtained in trials with recruitment from the community versus results obtained ...
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Legionnaires’ disease found in adjacent California prisons

SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) — Legionnaires’ disease bacteria that killed one inmate and sickened another is more widespread than expected in a California state prison, officials said Wednesday, citing new test results. Preliminary results found the bacteria in the water supply at a prison medical facility in Stockton and at two neighboring youth correctional facilities, Corrections […]
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What distinguishes good physicians from truly seasoned medical professionals?

One thing that gastroenterologists know about is stool. But, I’m not referring to that kind of stool in this post. Follow along. When we do a colonoscopy, for example, we are relying upon stool, or more accurately a stool, as in a three-legged stool. This metaphor illustrates that the three legs must be equally strong […] Find jobs at Careers by Search thousands of physician, PA, NP, and CRNA jobs now. Learn more.
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On the Phone: Teaching Your Teen Better Communication Skills & Self-Control

You might have to communicate differently and get serious about your limits. Parenting teens is a challenge, especially when it comes to communicating with them. Sometimes, it seems like they’re not the best at listening, especially when you ask them to get off their devices. How do you get them to stop looking at their phone for a second and not have to ask them twice? There are two problems in this scenario: communication and self-control. Adolescence is a crucial time in every teenager’s l...
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Doctors use HIV in gene therapy to cure ‘bubble boy’ disease

Eight babies with "bubble boy disease" have been cured by a gene therapy made from one of the immune system's worst enemies — HIV, the virus that causes AIDS. A new study details how scientists turned this enemy into a savior.
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News About Tragedies Makes Us Miserable—and Hungry for More, Study Finds

A new study out Wednesday might just reaffirm your worst fears about staying glued to Twitter or cable news during a mass tragedy like the latest school shooting. It suggests that getting exposed to media coverage of these events can create a vicious emotional cycle that not only sends you into despair, but also makes…Read more...
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Why aren’t doctors rich?

In the 1960s, Lew Goldberg showed that a physician’s intuition and judgment can be fatally flawed.  Interestingly, the same fatal flaw that was exposed by Goldberg is the same fatal flaw that causes some of the biggest financial mistakes that doctors make with money.  Why aren’t doctors rich?  Psychology has an interesting explanation that everyone should […] Find jobs at Careers by Search thousands of physician, PA, NP, and CRNA jobs now. Learn more.
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Georgia Gov. Kemp signs medical marijuana bill

ATLANTA (AP) — Georgia Republican Gov. Brian Kemp has signed into law a bill that would allow certain patients to access a low-potency cannabis oil they can already legally use. Kemp approved what he called a “carefully balanced” measure on Wednesday, saying it would expand access for patients in need without opening the door to […]
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Experimental blood pumping system restores some function to brains of dead pigs, study says

A new experiment has raised questions as serious as those surrounding gene editing: A support system delivering artificial blood to pig brains prevented degradation of important neural functions, Yale researchers discovered.
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Wake up, people: You're fooling yourself about sleep, study says

Hey, sleepyheads. What you believe about sleep may be nothing but a pipe dream.
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Doctor’s dosing prompts a look at more hospital regulation

COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) — How might Ohio better regulate hospitals following allegations that an intensive care doctor ordered excessive painkiller doses for dozens of patients who then died? That’s the question facing officials in Ohio, the only state that doesn’t license general hospitals. Being that exception makes no sense, Republican Gov. Mike DeWine told The […]
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