Space Cadet keyboards made to order

Keymacs makes these Symbolics-style mechanical keyboards to order for people who like their Emacs set up just so—one will set you back €1,148, with some assembly required. The less dedicated among us can still enjoy the vibe with a vintage-style Space Cadet keycap set for standard keyboards.
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Satisfying: 12 years' worth of filth steam-cleaned from skating rink carpet

I feel like it should be mandatory for public-venue carpets to get cleaned regularly, but that would deprive the world of videos like this one, featuring Miles and Ethan from Advanced Cleaning Systems. Here, 12 years of grue and grime are lifted from a skating rink carpet with pro gear you can't buy at Target. — Read the rest
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Fisher Price adds bluetooth to classic Chatter Telephone toy

A fine example of the "now you have two problems" joke is "I know, let's add bluetooth!" Fisher Price added bluetooth to the Chatter Telephone. Its intuitive bulky face design comes with a 'super-advanced' rotary dial and connects to your mobile device via Bluetooth® wireless technology, so you can make and receive real calls through your existing phone plan. — Read the rest
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