When Will We Get the Game Boy Classic Edition?

Tomorrow, April 21, 2019, the Game Boy turns 30 years old. The handheld console that paved the way for the Switch is still beloved by almost anyone who’s ever laid hands on it, and for all its shortcomings, it’s still one of the most memorable gaming devices of all time. So why is there no sign of Nintendo releasing a…Read more...
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Review units of Samsung's $2000 folding phone are failing after hours of use

Samsung's folding phone, which will ding buyers about two grand after tax, is already in deep trouble: the review units sent to journalists are dying after hours of use. CNBC's Todd Haselton writes that it was "a tantalizing glimpse of the future — before it broke." During my second day of testing, the screen began flickering and would turn off and on at a rapid pace. It became completely unusable and at times wouldn’t turn on at all. Samsung had said not to remove a thin layer that sits on top ...
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