Binge watch on the Big Screen

Your mobile fits into your pocket. It has a 5-6 inch screen. The FastFox DLP projector also fits into your pocket. It projects a screen anywhere from 30 to a 100 inches.This slick little device has the footprint of an external hard disk and can connect to your devices via USB or HDMI (or just plug that Chromecast in). It uses DLP technology to provide an image that’s better in quality than an LCD and even heats up less. Weighing just over 200 grams, the FastFox comes with a tripod mount and even...
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Google Home Max is the best smart speaker for the money. Period.

There’s never been a better time to buy a smart speaker. Once dominated by Amazon, the space has exploded in recent months to include stellar offerings from Apple, Sonos, Microsoft, and my pick for best in class: Google. Google’s Home Max isn’t perfect, and the $399 price tag might be a bitter pill to swallow for those looking to upgrade from the original Google Home (or an Amazon Echo) but it checks enough boxes to make it the most well-rounded offering in its class. Weighing in at almost 12 po...
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This dildo orders Domino’s pizza after you cum

You have never experienced this level of comfort before: adult webcam platform CamSoda has engineered a hi-tech dildo that will not only help you achieve robust orgasms, but will also hit up Domino’s and order a pizza for you after you’ve cum. Unlike your dumb dildo, the so-called RubGrub has been equipped with an internet-connected button, which users can press to place a delivery for a pizza after a heated rubbing session. Why would someone want a contraption like this? Well, because “the body...
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Samsung’s HMD Odyssey is the best way to experience Microsoft’s Mixed Reality

When Microsoft announced its entrance into the VR headset market, its partner products were attractive and relatively inexpensive, but didn’t live up to the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive in terms of pure image quality and specs. Enter Samsung’s HMD Odyssey, a $499 headset that can compete with the best of them. I’ve been living with the Odyssey for the past couple of months, spending many an hour immersed in Microsoft’s mixed reality world. The Odyssey’s combination of some of the highest resolutions...
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Level puts a fitness tracker in your glasses, and it’s not the worst idea ever

VSP Global, a network of eye care businesses in the US, is gearing up to begin selling its Level smart glasses next month. But unlike efforts from Intel and Vuzix, these spectacles don’t feature fancy displays or augmented reality capabilities; instead, they’re designed to help you stay in shape. The $270 glasses, which will go on sale in March at optometry practices across the US, look like standard spectacles and come with the same sensors that are found in fitness trackers designed for your w...
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Save Millions of Dollars on Ink With a Printer That Taps Out Images Using a Pencil

Years after it was revealed that HP’s printer ink was more expensive than actual human blood, printing photos at home on an inkjet is still a ripoff. You’re better off having them printed professionally at a photo center, or, by recycling a bunch of old electronics into a home-made printer that uses a tapping pencil…Read more...
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Here’s how to make Alexa control a toilet because why not

 Alexa-controlled toilets are a thing in 2018 but cost thousands. An enterprising person can make their own by following these instructions. It takes a bit of work, multiple components and about $750 (plus the cost of the toilet) but the end result is a voice controlled toilet and everyone needs that in their life. The trick is buying a bidet that has an IR remote and then using a Adafruit… Read More
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A camera and ‘touch-screen’ for the blind!

What a remarkable product the 2C3D is (I’m in love with the name too!). This camera for the blind helps them get a tactile sense of visual data. Taking inspiration from pin art toys, the device is a depth-sensing camera that converts visual data into tactile data, representing forms like faces with a great deal of accuracy. Allowing the visually impaired to touch what they see without actually touching them, the 2C3D is a rather nifty tool to allow the visually impaired to recognize faces, obj...
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Top tech tools

There are two types of travelers: those who come prepared, and those who come with regrets. If you’re the guy that shows up to a lake trip in Canada wearing a cotton sweatshirt, that’s an A-level sign that you’re a travel newbie. The same goes for tech — don’t be the person that’s constantly asking to borrow your travel partner’s headphones! As society becomes more mobile, the tech world is pushing convenience to new levels and it takes keen attention to tech trends to stay on top of it all. ...
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Here’s what to expect from Samsung, LG and others at MWC 2018

The annual Mobile World Congress expo is nearly upon us, and that means we’re in for a bevy of phone launches next week. Here’s a quick rundown of everything we’re excited to see there from major brands in just a couple of days. Samsung Everything you need to know about Samsung’s next flagship has already been doing the rounds: the Galaxy S9 and S9+ will share much of their design thinking with their predecessors, while moving the fingerprint sensor below the camera on the rear panel (seen above...
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Intel ships update for newest Spectre-affected chips

 Intel has announced that the fix is out for its latest chips affected by Spectre, the memory-leakage flaw affecting practically all computing hardware. The patch is for the Skylake generation (late 2015) and newer, though most users will still have to wait for the code to be implemented by whoever manufactured their computer (specifically, their motherboard). Read More
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Bowers & Wilkins PX Review: Beautiful sound – after I got a haircut

Bowers and Wilkins’ PX are among the best Bluetooth headphones I’ve tried in recent memory. It’s just weird it took a trip to the barber to get the best sound out of them. The PX are a $400 pair of noise cancelling headphones that launched to rave reviews for their classy looks and pristine sound. Unfortunately, my experience out of the box was not quite the same. The sound seemed to lack body, especially when noise cancelling was off, and more importantly, sound was dramatically better with it ...
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A system to tell good fake bokeh from bad

 The pixel-peepers at DxOMark have shared some of the interesting metrics and techniques they use to judge the quality of a smartphone’s artificial bokeh, or background blur in photos. Not only is it difficult to do in the first place, but they have to systematize it! Their guide should provide even seasoned shooters with some insight into the many ways computational bokeh varies in quality. Read More
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Apple said to debut voice-activated Siri AirPods in 2018, water-resistant model in 2019

 Apple is preparing a couple of updating models of AirPods, according to Bloomberg. The popular fully wireless earbud-style headphones that Apple introduced last year are currently on track for a refresh in 2018 with the addition of a new version of the “W” line of chips that Apple created specifically to manage and improve Bluetooth-based connections between gadgets. The 2018… Read More
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Apple could be buying cobalt from mining companies directly

 Cobalt is the new oil. Car companies and battery manufacturers are all rushing to secure multiyear contracts with mining companies for their lithium-ion batteries. According to a Bloomberg report, Apple is also participating in this game as the company wants to secure its long-term supplies. The company has never done this before with cobalt. Apple relies on a ton of suppliers for all the… Read More
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You Can Now Talk to Your Nest Security Camera

Nest's indoor security camera is getting the Google Assistant
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