Watch This Guy Build a Nintendo Switch Clone That Plays Thousands of Classic Games

Still having a hard time finding a Nintendo Switch in stores? Or maybe you’re tired of waiting for Nintendo’s promised online store full of retro games? Tim Lindquist took things into his own hands and built a Nintendo Switch clone from scratch that can emulate games from over 50 classic systems.Read more...
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BlackBerry’s KEYone ‘Black Edition’ offers more than just good looks

 BlackBerry’s most interesting phone in years – if not an entire decade – is the KEYone, an Android device with a classic BlackBerry hardware keyboard that finally answers the needs of truly dedicated thumb typists with a modern mobile OS. Now, the KEYone ‘Black Edition’ has arrived, and it’s more than just a fresh coat of paint on an older gadget. In fact,… Read More
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Jaybird’s Run totally wireless earbuds are wire-free wonders for everyone

 The market for totally wireless earbuds is really maturing fast, with many entries from both new and established companies. Jaybird recently joined the crowd, with its own Run earbuds. The Logitech-owned company has long been a really solid competitor when it comes to Bluetooth headphones, and its Freedom and X-line, and in fact made some of the very first wireless sport earbuds that proved… Read More
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Apple brought back Braun design, but Google is bringing back Olivetti

1960s/70s Italian industrial design was led by Olivetti, featuring products with "touches of joy that enliven everyday tasks" featuring bright color and playful forms, very different from the Braun look of minimalist, "Snow White" gadgets that are the precursor to Apple's design language. (more…)
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A new IoT botnet called Reaper could be far more virulent than Mirai

In 2016, an Internet of Things worm called Mirai tore through the internet, building botnets of millions of badly designed CCTVs, PVRs, routers and other gadgets, sending unstoppable floods of traffic that took down major internet services from Paypal to Reddit to Dyn. (more…)
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Adorable, abiding, artificial intelligence

Bringing their funky, playful, retro design sensibilities to yet another product, BKID reinvents the artificial intelligence concierge for SK Telecom with their product, the Fairy.Designed to go head-on with the likes of Amazon’s Echo, Google’s Home, and Apple’s Homepod, the Fairy is probably the first ever AI assistant to enter your home, coming from a national telecom service. Personally, it seems like a great product for a telecom company to truly enter the homes and lives of its consumers.BK...
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Jonathan Mann sings a song about the MacBooks' dodgy keyboards

The Outline's Casey Johnson rages at the design of Apple's recent laptop keyboards, where the pursuit of thinness has resulted in keyboards that fail at the sight of a speck of dust, and where the said speck demands complete replacement of the keyboard assembly. Jonathan Mann (previously) turned it into a song! I’m pressing the space bar I’m pressing the space bar I’m pressing the space bar I’m pressing the space bar And nothing is happening
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Apple reportedly isn’t producing enough iPhone X units for first weekend sales

 According to a new report from KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, Apple is still facing supply chain constraints for the upcoming iPhone X. The company will have around 2 to 3 million units before the launch on November 3rd, which shouldn’t be enough to meet demand. While Apple didn’t disclose exact numbers for first weekend sales last year, the company sold 13 million iPhone… Read More
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Kids' smart watches are a security/privacy dumpster-fire

The Norwegian Consumer Council hired a security firm called Mnemonic to audit the security of four popular brands of kids' smart watches and found a ghastly array of security defects: the watches allow remote parties to seize control over them in order to monitor children's movements and see where they've gone, covertly listen in on them, and steal their personal information. The data the watches gather and transmit to offshore servers is copious and sent in the clear. The watches incorporate c...
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The best mountain bikes you can buy

Choosing a mountain bike is no easy task. While some may prefer a bike with more suspension, casual riders may only be in the market for a budget model. Here are our picks for the best mountain bikes on the market. The post The best mountain bikes you can buy appeared first on Digital Trends.
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