59th bake. 09/25/2021. 96.5% WW.

59th bake. 09/25/2021. 96.5% WW. Submitted by idaveindy on September 26, 2021 - 4:35pm. 59th bake. 96.5% Stone ground WW.First loaf in the big oven since spring.  During summers I just use the toaster oven or use a griddle/pan on the stove-top.---110 g SG WW durum, Patel brand.330 g SG WW red wheat, Bob's Red Mill.8.8 g salt.330 + 22 + 22 g H2O = 374 g.32 g of 100% hydration starter, bread + AP flour, last fed 6 days ago, kept in fridge.  Adds 16 g of white flour for 456 g total flo...
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Steak Marinade

This easy steak marinade is a simple way to bring out the rich flavor of any cut of beef. It’s perfect for a summer cookout or fancy dinner at home! Nothing beats the classic flavor and juicy goodness of a nice steak. Whether you splurge on a top-quality cut or choose a cheaper option, try... Read More The post Steak Marinade appeared first on All Things Mamma.
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scoring with double-sided razor blades

scoring with double-sided razor blades Submitted by alfanso on September 26, 2021 - 11:33am. Occasionally, although not recently, the question or concern pops up on TFL about when to swap out a blade, or the corner tip,  that has seen too much usage.  I've seen some answers that seem to be anywhere from after every bake and up, but not usually too far north of after every bake.  Keep in mind that the double-sided razor has 4 tips, which could take one very far before discarding the ...
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Comment on even more perfect apple pie by Rebecca

Sooooo. . .made this one (with your latest buttery pie crust iteration) to thank a friend who’s helping us rewire our fixer-upper, so I don’t know how it came out taste-wise, but it was fun to make, lovely to look at, and the leftover apples and scrap of crust I baked up were delicious!
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Comment on yogurt panna cotta with walnuts and honey by K

Holy cow, this is a magical dish, and certainly one of those why-did-I wait-so-long things. For what it’s worth, I used Trader Joe’s European-style yogurt and half & half, plus a pinch of ground cardamom and orange (instead of lemon) juice. I also used just the 50g of sugar to help contrast with the honey or lemon curd and walnuts that we ate on top with breakfast. I can’t think of many such dishes that double as breakfast and dessert that come together so quickly and can be dressed to one’s del...
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Ashley’s Soup: Sausage Kale and Lentil Soup

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Comment on mom’s apple cake by Robin

Loved this apple cake and the apples on the top (and also in the middle)! Love to try new recipes! Love the family history behind the recipe as well!
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The Plant Lady’s Soup: Butternut Squash Soup with Coconut Milk and Ginger

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Need help choosing a combo cooker for my friend in Hong Kong

Need help choosing a combo cooker for my friend in Hong Kong Submitted by Yippee on September 25, 2021 - 11:01pm. Hi, My friend would like to have a combo cooker that's pretty enough to serve on the dining table and durable enough to bake no-knead bread in the oven. 1. Would this one meet her requirements? 2. If not, could you please recommend a brand/model that meets both requirements? 3. If my friend is buying two sets    a)one for stovetop use only    b)one for baking bread onl...
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Comment on rigatoni with eggplant purée by Crack Faqs

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Comment on pumpkin bread by Crack Faqs

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Comment on baked farro with summer vegetables by lulu

In reply to JamieinPDX. ditto jamieinpdx!
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Comment on green beans with almond pesto by Elle Flynn

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Comment on peanut butter cookies by Tinnongthitruong

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Comment on coconut brown butter cookies by Alex

In reply to Shifra Steinmetz-Silbe. I just used shredded and it worked great. Sooooo good.
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Tina’s Soup: Lemon Chicken Orzo Soup with Kale

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Comment on oatmeal, chocolate chip and pecan cookies by Morgan

Loved these! They are amazing. I only had a clementine so I used the rind of one clementine, which is very subtle. I’ll probably up the rind on the next batch. Even my husband who is a big baker, but not a big sweets guy found these quite good! Definitely a win!
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Comment on any-kind-of-fruit galette by brenda

In reply to Amy. I have a pear galette in the oven at the moment – I am experimenting with gluten free crust – used Anita’s flour this time and added fresh grated ginger and cinnamon – it is smelling good
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Comment on raspberry breakfast bars by jennifer

So good and different. I added a swipe of farmer’s market peach jam between the crust and filling. This was sort of like a raspberry crisp the night before when it was warm with ice cream, the other half I cut in bars after being in the fridge all night. great with coffee and too early in Saturday soccer games.
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Starter has higher peak when fed at a lower ratio

Starter has higher peak when fed at a lower ratio Submitted by roboboticus on September 25, 2021 - 2:07pm. When I feed my starter at a 1:1:1 (starter:flour:water) ratio, it peaks at around triple its original volume.When I feed it at higher ratios, e.g. 1:5:5, it peaks closer to double the original volume.Any idea why that would be the case?
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Comment on rice-stuffed tomatoes by Juka

Delish! I changed the filling a bit! First, I sautéed garlic, a leek that had to be used up, and some celery with red chilli flakes. In went a finely chopped bell pepper and some baby corn that had been languishing in the fridge for a while (i absent mindedly minced it husk and all and boy it was delicious!). I then put in arborio rice and pre-soaked red rice and cooked it with the blazed tomato insides. Cooked the whole thing till the rice was 80% done. Added some pecorino and then in went the ...
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Comment on apple and cheddar scones by Kelly Wiehe

Just finished making and eating these (two!!). Super easy, amazingly tasty. Will definitely make again. Thanks!! ❤️
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Comment on baked farro with summer vegetables by Mr Marcel

Well, this is my first visit to your vegetable blog! Your blog provided us valuable information to delicious food.
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Thinktank calls for carbon trading desk for small farmers and climate-focused livestock research

The Grattan Institute’s report on agriculture says farmers should directly benefit from efforts to curb emissions, currently 15% of Australia’s totalSign up for the Rural Network email newsletterJoin the Rural Network group on Facebook to be part of the communityThe Australian government should establish a fixed-price carbon trading desk for small farmers, and fund practical advice and research for livestock producers if agriculture is going to thrive in a net zero future, a report says.Australi...
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Recipe: White rice and kimchi play well together

Teaming starchy white rice with the high-impact flavors of kimchi results in a dish that is temptingly delicious. On its own, kimchi can be cheekily sour, spicy, and pungent. It’s a concoction of salted and fermented vegetables that is a staple in Korean cuisine. Used in a stir-fry of sorts along with day-old cooked grains of rice, tames the flames in an irresistible balance. Jars of cabbage kimchi can be found in supermarkets, generally in the refrigerated section that stocks Asian ingredients ...
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Comment on cranberry-walnut chicken salad by alia

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Tough crust

Tough crust Submitted by plevee on September 26, 2021 - 9:17am. I've made both pita bread and naan recently and both times the result have had tough crusts. They each have puffed exactly as they should have but the results have been too chewy. Each was made with King Arthur regular flour which is fairly high protein and the dough was kneaded in my mini Bosch for 6 mins. The pita were rolled thin, cooked on a hot cast iron skillet, puffed to a complete globe and 'looked' perfect. The...
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Comment on chicken, leek, and rice soup by Margaret

I feel like this could be yummy with the addition of some coconut milk. Have you ever tried it before?
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Comment on any-kind-of-fruit galette by Amy

I made this today with in-season local Vermont apples. It turned out beautifully. I didn’t bother with the egg wash, and it was still browned nicely. Spread some raspberry syrup on the dough before I placed the apples. Delicious!!!
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