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Daily Sudoku: Mon 21-May-2018

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Golden Hour Mobile Visual Novel on Kickstarter

Golden Hour is on Kickstarter. The game is a free to play otome mobile visual novel about a young woman who got forced to transfer schools in a fictional Philippines island. Currently, the developers has reached AU$ 844 out of their AU$ 8,000 goal with 28 days left remaining. For more details and some cool game perks, check out their Kickstarter page. Here's a trailer.Kickstarter: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1719276654/golden-hour-a-mobile-otome-visual-novelOfficial Website: http://www....
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BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle “Has Senran Kagura Girls”

Data miners for the upcoming BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle have discovered audio files announcing the names “Asuka” and “Yumi”, leading some to suspect that the girls from Senran Kagura may be playable (or were at least planned to be at some point). The open beta (which has since ended) for the Switch was the opportunity […]
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Chrissy Teigen and John Legend Just Announced the Name of Their New Baby Boy

The couple welcomed their second child late on May 16
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Making Friends

Kristen Gudsnuk’s Making Friends freshens up the idea of “kid gets magic way to make life changes, learns what true friendship is” with a layer of magical-girl media influences. Danielle is struggling with being separated from her friends now that she’s in seventh grade. Feeling lonely, she draws a picture of Prince Neptune (the evil-but-cool villain on the Solar Sisters cartoon she watches) in Great-Aunt Elma’s notebook, only for him to appear! He’s still got his magical powers, but more [...]
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Open Earth

Open Earth is the first original graphic novel from Limerence Press, the Oni Press imprint dedicated to erotic and sex education comics. As expected, it has several diverse and explicit sex scenes (which makes it problematic to read on an airplane, as I tried to). Unfortunately, the actual story isn’t as fleshed out or lovingly portrayed. As written by Sarah Mirk and illustrated by Eva Cabrera, this is about the culture clash between the generations on a space station. Rigo’s [...]
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Comic for May 19, 2018

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SAO Alternative GGO Seduces Llenn

Sword Art Online Alternative: Gun Gale Online has finally given viewers an opportunity to appreciate the cuteness of Llenn’s real life form and her various charming expressions, though perhaps angering waifu-loving otaku at the same time due to the alpha trying to aggressively hit on her… Omake:
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No Doubt

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Imagining a cat actually catching a red laser pointer dot

Almost nothing riles up a cat like the red dot of a laser pointer mysteriously moving around on a surface. But what would happen if one of them actually caught it? The latest episode of Los Angeles-based visual effects artist Aaron Benitez's comedic series, "Aaron's Animals," imagines just that. The cat, Prince Michael, gets his day in the sun after nabbing that pesky little red dot. (Tastefully Offensive)
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Japanese Outraged at Little Witch Academia Price Gouging

Disgruntled Japanese fans who were looking to buy the now released Little Witch Academia: Chamber of Time from Steam have been dismayed over having to pay more than western barbarians, surely confusing many as to why that is. Twitter users posted screenshots of the Japanese Steam store and the US Steam store price tags: Japanese […]
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TV Picks for Sunday: Check out ‘Billboard Music Awards’

Also, season finales for eight shows.
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Comic for May 20, 2018

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Kaho Shibuya “Graduates” From Porn

Gorgeously gargantuan goddess Kaho Shibuya has unfortunately announced her retirement from the AV industry, certain to have porn enthusiasts depressed as yet another talented woman has left the field… The distinguished woman announced her retirement at a recent event, but went into more detail with a blog post, elaborating that while her AV work will […]
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Mario & Pokemon Twitter Praise Royal Wedding

Nintendo’s UK variants of their Mario and Pokemon Twitters have praised the royal wedding, a rather strange thing for a game company to acknowledge but possibly one that will earn them significant attention (and sales) seeing as it has become a hot topic online for so many interesting reasons… The tweets from the Mario and […]
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‘The Perfectionists’: In the world of geniuses, perfection is key to creation

“The Perfectionists” is a survey of centuries-long human efforts to use precise measurement to create technological wonders. One of its main effects, alas, is to remind you how far beyond the average citizen’s comprehension those wonders are.
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Darling in the Franxx Lovingly Matrimonial

Continuing from the previous episode, the romantically traitorous Darling in the Franxx has held a wedding for one of its more minor couples, the festivities unsurprisingly being cut short as yet more plot developments take place… Omake:
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‘Warlight’ is the top local fiction best-seller

“A Higher Loyalty” is the top local nonfiction best-seller.
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Numazu City Covered With Love Live! Manhole Covers

Numazu city has at last been adorned with the crowd-funded Love Live Sunshine manhole covers that were announced months ago, certain to greatly confuse non-otaku and foreigners visiting the quaint little city. Managing to accumulate ¥33,844,000 via crowd-funding, the manholes were meant to attract tourists to the city, though given how the franchise is having […]
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Shimakaze Ero-Cosplay Has Quite the Shapely Stern

The once wildly praised Shimakaze has still managed to accrue herself cosplays from 3D women, with this new interpretation naturally emphasizing the woman’s naughty nautical parts, specifically her shapely stern.
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Preview of John Allison’s New Series for Boom!

Staring next month, Boom! Studios will launch By Night, a twelve-issue monthly series written by John Allison (Giant Days) and illustrated by Christine Larsen (Adventure Time). It’s “about coming home, discovering identity, and accidentally smashing a hole to another dimension”, and it will be available on June 13. Aspiring documentarian (and actual chemistry major) Jane has recently reunited with her former best friend Heather, amateur urban explorer. When a trip into an abandoned industrial bu...
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Dragon Ball Heroes Anime Rumored

An unofficial source has revealed that a Dragon Ball Heroes anime may be on the way, perfect for those saddened by the conclusion of Dragon Ball Super that need more poorly animated fight scenes of their favorite Dragon Ball Z characters. Tweets that neglected to include the source of their information: The anime (as indicated […]
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Hello Kitty Bullet Train Unveiled

West Japan Railway has allowed train otaku to see a preview of the new Hello Kitty Shinkansen, which will begin service on the 30th of June. Days after the retirement of the Evangelion-themed bullet train, a new otaku-friendly shinkansen has been revealed, in the form of a Hello Kitty train. Amongst the many special features […]
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Geeky Fab 5: It’s Not Rocket Science

Geeky Fab 5 has an explicit purpose — to show girls taking part in STEM activities. I support that, and this book achieves its goal, although it’s more about determination and teamwork than actual math or science. We hear about girls coding, for example, but don’t see much of the actual practice. Lucy and her sister Marina have just moved to the town of Normal. Lucy’s new school friends are Zara, Sofia, and A.J. Between them, they have a variety [...]
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Radiant Xayah Cosplay Poised to Kill

Semi-bird girl Xayah of massively popular multiplayer game League of Legends has received tribute from the cosplay community instead of ero-artists for once, unfortunately glorifying her strength and beauty as opposed to her nude body… The fine feathered cosplay:
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5 Ways To Watch The Star Wars Series (That Are Crazy AF)

By JM McNab  Published: May 20th, 2018 
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4 Gun Nut Arguments That Debunk Themselves

By Seanbaby  Published: May 20th, 2018 
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