Hugo Awards 2019: The Results

The 2019 Hugo Award winners were announced just a few hours ago, so now it's time for the requisite jubilant celebrations and/or bitter recriminations. I participated this year, but my enthusiasm has been waning over the past several years. For those who want to geek out and see instant-runoff voting in action, (.pdf). The Calculating Stars, by Mary Robinette Kowal won best novel, which isn't exactly surprising (it's already won the Nebula and Locus awards), but I must confess, wasn't really ...
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Guest Comic: KB Spangler

Today's comic is a guest strip from my good buddy KB Spangler! Thanks buddy! Regular comics resume tomorrow.
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Review: Luce

— by RON WILKINSON — At first glance, a story about a traumatized and miraculously healed former Eritrean boy soldier. Adopted by near-perfect parents and plunked down in solidly middle class America, Luce has blossomed into the perfect teen. Charismatic, adult beyond his years and prodigious in his presentation, he wows them time and time […]
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Ani-Gamers Podcast #119 – Romance of the Train Otaku

Evan and David discuss the news around Kizuna Ai's body swap and the rumored SNES Switch Online offering, finally get back into seasonal anime with JoJo's and Lord El-Melloi (aka "Detective Waver"), and try out a new segment: a short "Mini-Review" of the josei manga Maiden Railways by Asumiko Nakamura. Topics include: bad Kiznaiver jokes, the Odakyu Bitter Singles Car, and gymnastics. Runtime:  1 hour, 7 minutes Direct Download RSS Feed iTunes Stitcher Google Music Send us Feedba...
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