A Humble Star Wars Wishlist

In the leadup to Episode IX (amongst general saturation of other Star Wars related ephemera), I thought it was time for some entitled fanboy wanking. Which is to say that I don't actually expect any of this to really happen and am not making demands or anything, but I thought it might be fun to list out some things that would be nice. Interestingly, this doesn't have much to do with the current Star Wars film regime, but there are some thoughts on where they could go after the supposed break tha...
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Oldtaku no Radio #035 – Barakamon

Looking for one of the cutest stories about a tortured artist? Look no further than Barakamon, which focuses on a professional calligrapher (who knew?) who butts heads with the Tokyo art crowd and is sent to live on a remote island to cool his head and refine his art. Doesn’t sound cute? Just wait until you meet the village brat Naru … not to mention an entire cast of characters so charming of course you’ll only find them in fiction. Jared and Ink discus the values of fluff, how they relate to ...
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