Otakon 2019: General Impressions

I think I figured it out. Any time a convention moves you sort of have to learn the rhythms of the new venue. You spend a bit of time just learning the best places to eat, where the various panel rooms are, which entrances to use and when, plus various shortcuts, tricks, and conveniences. If … Continue reading Otakon 2019: General Impressions
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Roma Melancholy Tribute from Alfonso Cuaron to his Caregiver

Time and the New York Movie Critics Circle call Roma the best movie of the year. An opinion shared by other media: the New York Times, Vox, Independent, Sight & Sound, even the Roger Ebert site. In fact, Roma aired in a limited cinema, even though it off-aired first on Venezuelan International Movie Festival, last August. However, in mid-December 2018, it was released on Netflix. The story is very different from the nuances of fantasy as in Prisoner of Azkaban, Gravity, and especially Children o...
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Dhoom 3 Is the Pearl of the Crown in a Bollywood Action Franchise

Dhoom 3 is an Indian adventure flick which crowns a pretty successful series starring supercop Jai Dixit with his colleague Ali. With this post I officially inaugurate the new subcategory I named “Indian”. This doesn’t seem that the films reviewed here were all made in Bollywood because I sincerely don’t think that Pan Nalin or […] The post Dhoom 3 Is the Pearl of the Crown in a Bollywood Action Franchise appeared first on Rodolfo Grimaldi Blog.
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