There’s Something About Stacking Stones

I’ve always loved stones. Not gemstones; I’m not a swayed-by-shiny-baubles sort of girl. I mean the wonderfully rough-shouldered stones found heaving up in the garden, pasture, and woods. I’m drawn to their geologically long view of things. Their solid gray patience with scurrying life forms. And their reassuringly substantial form in a world preoccupied with … Continue reading There’s Something About Stacking Stones
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Website Design And Why Is It Important For Your Real Estate Business

When consuming any online content, people prefer to see a beautifully designed website versus something that’s only plain and simple. A functional and appealing real estate website design can create a sense of trust that encourages users to consider your brand for fulfilling their real estate needs. Here are some reasons why web design is important: First Impression When your prospects visits your website for the first time, it gives them an idea of your real estate business. They will judge you...
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