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Some Back to School Things Never Change (Except for $30,000 Crayons)

(Update: Since posting this, the pricing of the crayons have drastically dropped from the $30,000 amount I saw.) In the South where I grew up and still live, there’s a tradition that takes place around this time each year. It’s when grownups say to one-another, “when WE were in elementary school, our summer vacation didn’t end until after Labor Day.” Now, schools start in early August. I’m sure it has something to do with high school football or building-in snow days for when, in January, school...
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June 2019 update

This is one of those updates that are late, simply because life literally got in my way. Or rather, my “small” mango, but that is an update for another day. Today however, as late as it is, I want to recap what happened in June. A reason for this is so that I have a… Continue reading June 2019 update The post June 2019 update appeared first on Ink to Screen.
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