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I will be at Gencon next weekend! You Should ComE Say Hi
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In Memoriam Rutger Hauer: FLESH AND BLOOD (Paul Verhoeven, 1985)

Flesh and Blood is styled on screen as Flesh + Blood, as though writer-director Paul Verhoeven were consciously working out an algorithm to account for his filmmaking sensibilities. By all accounts, this should have been the filmmaker’s Vera Cruz: a down-and-dirty medieval romp … Continue reading →
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America's Top Long Term Investment: Real Estate

When it comes to long term investing, there are a number of different avenues people can take. Whether it be for retirement, paying for college, building wealth or just saving for a rainy day, we all want to know our money is working for us. Stocks and Bonds have always been a popular choice especially in a growing economy, Bitcoin is building and making headlines in the process but one investment strategy has proven time and again to be a favorite amongst U.S. residents. When Bankrate conducted...
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