Stuff: Never Mind the Cats, Check Out the Armored Bear

There’s too much information out there. Especially when it comes to Comic-Con weekend. But don’t worry. Go on with your lives. I sift through this stuff so you don’t have to. Because the Night is a four-part series coming to ITV across the pond (and then to the States and elsewhere eventually, of course) from Neil Cross, based on his novel Burial. Cross is the man who brought you Idris Elba as Luther, the first series of which is some of the most nail-biting television I’ve ever seen. As for th...
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When Anime and Manga Spoilers Finally Collide

About a month ago, the anime world finally saw what the manga world knew for a few years now - the revelation of what the infamous basement was all about in Attack on Titan. Some were shocked, while... More after the jump!
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