A Rose By Any Other Name

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I Want Chicken I Want Liver / Mao Mix Mao Mix / Please Deliver

I’m going to talk about my impression of Rumiko Takahashi’s newest manga MAO in a bit but if you would indulge me I want to give everyone a bit of context. If I am known for anything it is as the dude who REALLY likes Type-Moon which truth be told is a fairly reasonable reputation. … Continue reading I Want Chicken I Want Liver / Mao Mix Mao Mix / Please Deliver
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Senior Manager, Esports

Back in May I was very happy to note that it had been four years since I started working in the games industry, and that month also marked the start of a process that has led to today, which is my first day in a brand new role: Senior Manager, Esports. Yes, I’m still at Ubisoft, and still based in Montreal, but after about three and a half years with the company (going from Production Coordinator to Project Manager to this) and close to three years on the same team, this marks a big tur...
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VHF SOTA Near Fairbanks

Joyce/K0JJW and I were planning a trip to Alaska to visit several of the national parks. We had some time available while in Fairbanks to do some SOTA activations. We were traveling very light, so we took minimal SOTA gear: a pair of VHF/UHF handhelds and simple antennas. The lightweight VHF/UHF SOTA outfit: Just a pair of Yaesu FT-1DR handheld transceivers, spare battery and basic antennas (rubber duck and RH 770). We used my newly-fashioned antenna mount on a trekking pole we had with us....
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