Godzilla (Ishirō Honda, 1954)

“History shows again and again,” writes that unsung modern philosopher Buck Dharma, “how nature points up the folly of men.” Meaning, for those unfamiliar with Blue Öyster Cult’s 1979 monster hit, one Godzilla, 20-story-tall king of the monsters, and the … Continue reading →
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If Nothing Else I Remembered Our 12th Anniversary

Apparently, the 12th Anniversary is silk and linen so I went with a “classic” anime silk shirt for a picture for the post.  I would have gone with the more traditional Dragonball Z club shirt but One Piece is more on brand for the site. If you give me nothing else I will note that … Continue reading If Nothing Else I Remembered Our 12th Anniversary
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G Is Not Only for Gintama, But Also Gratitude

So it really is over, huh? Gintama was everything I wanted despite its shortcomings near the end. The final chapter was a toast to what made the series a cult hit to many fans - blunt humor,... More after the jump!
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Should You Become a Bartender?

Deep down, who hasn’t had the dream of one day serving as a bartender? It sounds like getting paid to party, from pouring up the best cocktails to listening to everyone’s personal problems. The reality of being sober in a bar full of drunks maybe doesn’t sound as appealing, but it would be fun to try for a shift or two.  If you’ve always been the ‘bartender of your friend group’ – aka the go-to drink mixer at all the pre-games – maybe it’s time to explore the reality. Bartending can be a v...
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