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Oldtaku no Radio #033 – Keijo!!!!!!!!

Get ready for Jojo’s Bustzarre Assventures as Jared and Ink talk about the 2016 sports parody Keijo!!!!!!!!  by Xebec with special guest Basil from OSMcast. This shonen anime, which adapts a portion of Daichi Sorayomi’s manga (alt title: Hip Whip Girl ), centers around a fictional sport wherein girls in bathing suits do battle atop different floating stages in a pool using nothing except for their butts and boobs. Don’t worry; we haven’t dove off the deep end – there’s quite a bit to muse on ...
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Has Shonen Jump Gotten Darker?

I have a theory. I think Shonen Jump has recently gotten a bit darker than it has been in a while. A more accurate title for this post would have been “Have a Number of Shonen Jump Titles Gotten a Bit Darker?” but that does not really roll off the tongue. I’m not claiming that … Continue reading Has Shonen Jump Gotten Darker?
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May Update (very late)

It completely slipped my mind till today, 4 June 2019, that I haven’t done my May write up. If you have me on Instagram or Twitter you may already know that part of this is because… JENG JENG JENG I GOT MARRIED! Yeah, so when I mentioned that April was a bit hectic, this was… Continue reading May Update (very late) The post May Update (very late) appeared first on Ink to Screen.
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These are the Worst Game Shows of All Time

Everybody loves game shows. From Jeopardy to The Price is Right, it’s always fun to watch contestants play games to win money. Some game shows have been around for decades, while some have found their success recently. A few game shows have even been cancelled and brought back, according to a study by AAG, to become even more successful — however, that doesn’t happen to every cancelled game show. Sometimes, game shows are so bad that they barely even make it past a few episodes.  If ...
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