Bakemonogatari - The Devil’s Envy Almost Destroys Pride

To get through life, we have to rely on other people around us. They fill gaps that are missing in our lives. From emotional support to being able to help with physical labor, these people can often... More after the jump!
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A Dime A Dozen

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Close, a Movie about Woman as an Heir to His Father’s Business

The movie “Close” aired on Netflix on January 18, 2019. This movie trailer uploaded on Netflix’s official youtube account on January 3. Since uploaded, the video aired more than 500 thousand times. The story begins when the father of Zoe (Sophie NΘlisse) who is a trained kidnapper dies. As an heir, Zoe obtained security from one of the hired women named Sam (Noomi Rapace). In addition to securing from attacks by people who might be enemies of his father, Zoe trained to be involved in the busines...
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