Telescoping Airtight Food Storage Containers

This is one of those product designs that sounds like a great idea, but which also makes me curious to see how the UX plays out long-term. A company called Botto has designed this 1/2 Smart Storage System, which consists of compressible storage containers that have a one-way valve in the cap. As you press the top half down it not only squeezes the air out of the vessel, but shrinks to the precise height of its contents: The part I found hilarious was them boasting about how the "crystal...
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Binge watch on the Big Screen

Your mobile fits into your pocket. It has a 5-6 inch screen. The FastFox DLP projector also fits into your pocket. It projects a screen anywhere from 30 to a 100 inches.This slick little device has the footprint of an external hard disk and can connect to your devices via USB or HDMI (or just plug that Chromecast in). It uses DLP technology to provide an image that’s better in quality than an LCD and even heats up less. Weighing just over 200 grams, the FastFox comes with a tripod mount and even...
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Creative Market Pro: design asset subscription

Creative Market Pro design asset subscription The last few months have been quite the roller coaster for Creative Market since it has become an independent company, parting ways with Autodesk. They’ve been working hard on a new platform to compliment the existing one. Say hello to Creative Market Pro,  a curated design asset subscription. It is aimed at independent creators, teams, studios and other creative businesses. Just imagine the most successful Creative Market artist, the creme de la c...
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Philadelphia Theatre Co. Will Be Back Next Season After Semi-Dark Year

With a new director in place, the financially troubled company decided to take "a year off from producing to get our house in order." It seems progress has been made: PTC will stage three productions of its own in 2018-19, all by female playwrights, and will present some touring shows and other programs as well.
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Composer Julius Eastman Finally Gets A Publishing Deal (Too Bad He Died In 1990)

The rediscovery of the distinctive Minimalist composer Julius Eastman ... took a major step forward on Wednesday, when the publisher G. Schirmer announced it would restore, reconstruct, publish and promote his music. The publishing deal will ensure that the recent Eastman renaissance - spearheaded by a dedicated group of former colleagues, scholars and family members […]
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[Author: Kjell Varvin]
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The new Volvo V60: the Unveiling Experience purely in Swedish Family Lifestyle

The new Volvo V60: the Unveiling Experience purely in Swedish Family Lifestyle AoiroStudio Feb 22, 2018 Currently in Sweden, I had the honour to assist earlier today to the World Premiere of the new Volvo V60, right in the heart of Suburbia of Stockholm. I was part with many others in participation of a non-traditional way to unveil a new car. If you think about the traditional way of a conference hall or a motor show. It wasn't the case at all. We ha...
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ListenUp: Janelle Monáe: Make Me Feel

Today Janelle Monáe shared two tracks from her forthcoming album Dirty Computer, her first LP in five years. Both are accompanied by vivid narrative videos, the first of which is "Make Me Feel." Beyond visually stunning, the videos are part of a larger...... Continue Reading...
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LA Chamber Orchestra Gets A New Music Director

Principal flute of the Royal Philharmonic and London Philharmonic orchestras and of the Chamber Orchestra of Europe, Jaime Martín turned to conducting full-time five years ago. He is principal conductor of Sweden's Gävle Symphony and chief conductor of the Cadaqués Orchestra, a chamber ensemble in Spain.
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Frieze To Launch a New Art Fair In Los Angeles

"How much appetite there will be for another art fair in Los Angeles, however, remains to be seen. L.A. is home to a pair of established fairs: the L.A. Art Show, which is generally held downtown, and the glitzier Art Los Angeles Contemporary, staged at Barker Hanger in Santa Monica. But the city is not […]
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HOW TO: Turn your food waste into clean energy

Each year, 1.3 billion tons of food ends up lost or wasted — 46 percent of the world’s garbage. While the global food waste situation is what you’d call a “doozy,” consumers and companies like HomeBiogas are determined to turn food waste into clean, usable energy. Read on to find out how. What Is HomeBiogas? HomeBiogas is one of several successful projects to come about from Kickstarter. The Israeli company, which began its crowdfunding efforts in 2015, focuses on turning everyday food wast...
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Unique Furniture Design: Tables Featuring Urban Maps Finished with Photoluminescent Resin, Resembling Cities at Nighttime

In an older post we looked at Mike Warren's unusual technique of filling voids in wood with photoluminescent resin to create this striking-looking table: In a different post we highlighted the work of Lake Art, a family business that produces laser-cut maps: Independently of these, Poland-based Maciej Kozerski has combined these two techniques to create eye-catching pieces of furniture: Coffee tables and side tables with maps of world cities etched into them that, when the lights a...
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A Wristwatch for the Bold at Heart

If watches were fonts, this one would be a Futura Bold. Geometric, aesthetic, and damn near perfect, the MODUCO watch makes a strong statement thanks to its thick, dominant bezel that takes inspiration from an unlikely source… raw industrial piping!The Swiss-made, American-designed MODUCO was designed to represent the duality of city life. Simple yet bold, raw but sophisticated. The watch’s body is dominated by a cylindrical pipe-shaped structure that cuts through the body of the watch, extrud...
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Photo Flash: First Look at Martyna Majok's queens at Lincoln Center

Danya Taymor directs the production, set to open February 26.
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Lost Donizetti Opera To Have World Premiere, 180 Years Late

"L'Ange de Nisida (The Angel of Nisida) - composed in the late 1830s after [Donizetti] moved to work in Paris - never saw the light of day. It was written for the city's Théâtre de la Renaissance, but the company went bankrupt before it was premiered. The opera was thought to have been lost until […]
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We Are Our Anxieties (And That's A Good Thing)

Samir Chopra: "The Buddha and David Hume considered the self to be a bundle of ever-changing perceptions and thoughts and images. Similarly, I propose a 'self-as-bundled-anxieties' theory: we are a bundle of anxieties; by examining them, to see what vexes us, what makes us anxious, we come to know who we are. Anxiety is a […]
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Edinburgh Fringe Director Warns Festival Is Becoming Unaffordable For Artists

“If the costs of things like accommodation, subsistence and travel, venue rents and licensing continue to rise then there will come a point where this festival is no longer affordable for the people who give it reason, content, credibility and existence – without whom none of the economic or other impacts would be possible.”
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Can The Artificial Intelligence Field Learn From Non-Western Philosophies?

"'I think there is a domination of Western philosophy, so to speak, in AI ethics," said [technology ethicist] Dr. Pak-Hang Wong ... 'By that I mean, when we look at AI ethics, most likely they are appealing to values ... in the Western philosophical traditions, such as value of freedom, autonomy and so on.' Wong […]
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UNStudios striking Paris cultural center contorts for optimal daylight

UNStudio has unveiled competition-winning designs for Centre Culturel DédiéAu 7è Art, a new cultural center that eschews traditional building forms for a twisted, sculptural shape. The eye-catching building, which comprises a cinema and “cultural laboratory,” will become part of EuropaCity, a £2.74 billion tourism and leisure district masterplanned by BIG. Terraced green roofs will top UNStudio’s design to provide thermal insulation, while visually complementing BIG’s “rolling hills” next door. ...
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Trending? Really? What Does That Mean And Why Should We Care?

When we sort through our feeds, “latest” has an obvious chronological sorting mechanism; even “popular” has a fairly clear and agreed-upon definition. “Trending,” however, does not. It’s similar, but not the same as “popular”; generally speaking, it means “popular, in some relative, technically defined way.” That is, the “trending” sections of major platforms are, as […]
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Theater News: Santino Fontana to Join Cast of Hello, Dolly!

Fontana will fill in for Gavin Creel, who will be out on medical leave.
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City Of Sarajevo Withdraws Honor From Orhan Pamuk, Allegedly Out Of Fear Of Turkish Gov't

"A municipal council committee, tasked with deciding on the award, this week revoked its earlier decision to honour the famous author, who is also an outspoken critic of the current political climate in Turkey. The committee has so far given no explanation for revoking the decision which had previously passed unanimously by the seven councillors." […]
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What the 'world's loneliest tree' tells us about humanity's impact on Earth

Over 170 miles away from a single other tree, the ‘world’s loneliest tree’ rests on Campbell Island. New Zealand governor Lord Ranfurly planted the Sitka spruce on the island around 400 miles south of the country sometime in the early 20th century, and researchers now believe it holds clues about the Anthropocene Epoch. After completing a thorough analysis of the tree, researchers have set a potential start date for the geological age in which humans are the dominant influence on the environmen...
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Theater News: Arena Stage Sets Cast for August Wilson's Two Trains Running

The play will be presented as a coproduction with Seattle Repertory Theatre.
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[Author: Kjell Varvin]
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This Video of an Automated Factory Producing Lasagna at an Industrial Scale is Mesmerizing

Years ago I was walking through my neighborhood (New York's Little Italy) and stopped to wait for the light to change on the corner of Grand and Mulberry. Suddenly I heard a voice coming from above: "Hey mister! Mister! Hey mister!"I looked up to see a middle-aged Italian woman in a house dress, rollers in her hair, unabashedly leaning out of the window. It was straight out of an old commercial, and I felt certain she was going to ask me if I knew what made her Alfredo sauce so creamy. Instead s...
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Using a postcard, gouache and colored pencil, I made this little bluejay flying - it's going to be flying to a friend soon. I started another (I'm now using postcards I've collected and never sent).  One tip:  When putting on colored pencil over gouache, make sure the gouache is dry.  I didn't do that and the colored pencil just lifted the gouache and some of the postcard off :(  Oh, well, start over. I think it's time to put a little bee on a postcard, don't you? [Author: RH Carpenter...
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Madrid To Get New Museum Of Contemporary Latin American Art

"The Miami-based philanthropist and art collector Ella Fontanals-Cisneros has announced that she will donate some works from her collection of Latin American art to the Spanish government, which will exhibit them on the second floor of Madrid's historical La Tabacalera, a former tobacco factory."
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Theater News: Tony Award Winner Laura Benanti to Headline Barrington Stage Company Gala

Tales from Soprano Isle will take place at the Boyd-Quinson Mainstage.
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Bigelow Space Ops founded to build bouncy castle space station

It's lighter, cheaper and better than an aluminum can, and a great example of appropriate design.
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