Where to Find Two Extra Blending Modes Hidden in Photoshop!

I’m sure we’re all familiar with Photoshop’s blending modes. Multiply, Screen, Soft Light and Overlay are among the most commonly used, but have you ever heard of Behind and Clear?! Despite decades of Photoshop experience, I only discovered these two elusive blend modes recently. I’ll be honest, they aren’t going to completely transform your Photoshop experience, but they’re useful options to know about for those rare occasions when you just might need them! Blending modes in Photoshop are m...
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This 3-D museum focuses on eye-catching wonders from the 19th century to present day

Descending downstairs into the softly lit 3-D Space feels a bit like stepping into a sanctuary. You may feel a sense of wonder at this museum in Echo Park dedicated to the 3-D photographic and film art form. Here you will see not only 3-D and related images, but the tools used to create and view them as well. 3-D Space was founded by Eric Kurland as a non-profit organization offering exhibits, film screenings, workshops and other programs. The museum opened in July 2018. Kurland is the director ...
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A white pelican from Florida.   Backlit and shadowed. [Author: RH Carpenter]
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The Former Dancer Who Brought The Joy (And Big Success) Back To Gymnastics

“I know what it’s like to have to go through puberty in a leotard,” said Kondos Field, a former professional ballerina who had little experience in gymnastics instruction when she joined the UCLA program nearly four decades ago. “I know what it’s like to have disordered eating. I know what it’s like to have to go out there by yourself.” – The New York Times
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After 109 Years, Yale Whiffenpoofs Admit A Female

The most famous of collegiate a cappella groups, the Whiffenpoofs were an all-male outfit until a decision last year to choose singers based on voice range (still tenor, baritone, and bass) rather than gender. So the Whiffenpoofs line-up for 2018-29 includes tenor Sofia Campoamor. – The Washington Post
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Small Artwork. Big Characters.

Marija Tiurina, London-based illustrator and self-professed “pigeon stalker,” had a big, small year in 2018. Last year saw Tiurina producing more “small artworks” than she has in any other year. These small artworks are the biggest feature of her drawing and paintings. Her artwork is on the cartooning side, often depicting various female characters, personified illustrations of food, like toast with a smiling square of melty butter, or every day objects, like a coffee mug. The best part about al...
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Artist Foundations Are Now Worth More Than $7 Billion. What’s Driving Them?

According to new research, assets owned by artist-endowed foundations more than doubled in the five-year period between 2011 and 2015, rising 120 percent to $7.66 billion from $3.48 billion. In comparison, the assets of all foundations nationally grew 40 percent during the same period.
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This Garden Planner makes urban gardening easy

Gardening can seem like a daunting task. When do you plant? What should you plant in your area? How can you effectively grow produce? When you start asking the questions, it may become too overwhelming to tackle. But don’t walk away from the idea of a balcony overflowing with greenery just yet, because the team at The Green Conspiracy understands your angst. With all of these questions in mind, The Green Conspiracy has designed a journal that can guide you through the process from initial plan...
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Charlotte, NC Considers Sales Tax Hike To Fund Arts

“Valecia McDowell, incoming chair of [local funding body] the Arts & Science Council, said the local arts sector is at a ‘crisis point.’ To make up for steep losses in private giving, Mecklenburg County could ask voters this year to approve a new quarter-cent sales tax, which would provide a dedicated funding stream for the ASC.” – The Charlotte Observer
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Nike Car Tires

All-White car tires inspired by the look of iconic Nike Air Force 1 sneakers. Nike Air white car tires designed by John Elliott for Lexus UX crossover. Also check out: Tire Carvings
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Famous Drawings by Leonardo da Vinci Celebrated in a New Series of Stamps

No special occasion is required to celebrate Leonardo da Vinci, but the fact that he died in 1519 makes this year a particularly suitable time to look back at his vast, innovative, and influential body of work. Just last month, "Leonardo da Vinci: A Life in Drawing" opened in twelve museums across the United Kingdom. "144 of Leonardo da Vinci’s greatest drawings in the Royal Collection are displayed in 12 simultaneous exhibitions across the UK," says the exhibition's site, with each venue's dra...
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The Lincoln Memorial Is Iconic, But It Might Have Been Very Different

So many things could have gone wrong. For instance: “As ideally situated as it seems today, many officials charged with building the Memorial did not want to locate it at West Potomac Park, the once-marshy fringe of Washington’s National Mall. Bizarre alternative proposals included Virginia’s Arlington Cemetery—in the former Confederacy.” Then let’s talk about the statue. – The Wall Street Journal
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California Fire’s Aftermath: A Prominent Artist Loses Decades Of Work, Documentation

All of it was gone. Five decades of artwork, tools and texts — crucial components of Liz Albuquerque’s archive and artistic legacy. Within a few hours, reduced to ash-covered rubble. – Los Angeles Times
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Australian Dance Awards For 2019 Cancelled

Ausdance National, the country’s advocate organization for the art form, has been presenting the honors annually since 1997. This year, in response to deep cuts in government funding throughout the arts, Ausdance has called off the awards and will focus its efforts on advocacy for dance as a whole. – Dance Australia
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Netflix Really Wants An Oscar (Or Two)

To get an Oscar, or two, or more, you need a campaign, and a budget. Netflix is on it. “Now the costly Oscar push that Ms. Taback has orchestrated for Roma is starting to look historic. Mr. Cuarón’s film, shot in Spanish and Mixtec and deemed a masterpiece by many critics, heads into the 91st Academy Awards next Sunday as a strong contender to win the Oscar for best picture. If Netflix notches its first such triumph, “the game changes forever.'” – The New York Times
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Why Jessica Lang Decided To Shut Down Her Dance Company

“We didn’t lose our funding. … It was something I did. I approached the board. I told them the last thing I felt I had time to do was create, to make ballets. They agreed. This kind of structure and organization — I know I am not the only one to say it — doesn’t work for me now.” – San Francisco Classical Voice
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Heavy Metal Has A Nazi Problem. But What To Do About It?

“Should metal stay dangerous and controversial and offensive? Is it censorship to deny bands a platform for their genocidal views? Is it curtailing their free speech to make it harder for a band to get booked or get signed versus at what point does it become critical to keep these dangerous Fascist elements out of our scene? At what point is that record worth so much to you that you would buy it knowing that you were actively contributing to something that is harming other people?” – The New Y...
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Bollywood Gets Its First Major LGBTQ Film [VIDEO]

The film, with major Bollywood stars in it, centers on the love story between two women, but they’re under pressure to be in opposite-sex marriages. The film’s director, Shelly Chopra Dhar: “The intent for this film was to reach a wider audience, to have everybody understand that love is love, and does not need to be qualified.” – BBC
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The Dance of Death - Two People Praying for the End

Reviewed by Judd Hollander"Death will come and then perhaps, life begins." A line at the end of August Strindberg's bitter comedy The Dance of Death which best sums up what the two main characters are feeling. Written in 1900, this tale of a long-suffering couple bound together by love and hate is given fresh life thanks to a powerful new version by Conor McPherson and crackling direction from Victoria Clark. The show running in repertory at Classic Stage Company with Yael Farber's adaptation of...
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Fakes Everywhere – It’s Just About Impossible Now To Figure Out What’s Real

Fakery is gushing in from everywhere and we’re drowning in it. “Deepfake” videos mash up one person’s body with someone else’s face. Easy-to-use software can generate audio or video of a person saying things they never actually uttered. Even easier? Fake clicks, fake social media followers, fake statistics, fake reviews. A gaggle of bots can create the impression that there’s a lot of interest in a topic, to sway public opinion or to drive purchases. It is even a breeze to create a fake newspap...
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An Entire Italian Town Fell Silent In Order To Preserve The Sounds Of Stradivarius

In Cremona, where the mayor doubles as the president of the Antonio Stradivarius Violin Museum Foundation, sound engineers were trying to record every note a Strad could make, and every transition between every note. But a town of 70,000 people can be noisy, so the mayor “asked the people of Cremona to please keep it down, and blocked traffic around the concert hall during recordings.” – NPR
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Pigment #sky #sunset #myperspective

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Uma lenda. #rip

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Nanopad is a 236 sq. ft. micro-apartment in historic building (Video)

This redesigned space in a 1920s Art Deco building features a new layout that better maximizes space and light.
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Trip to Leatherwise

On our last day of vacation in California, we made a stop in Santa Cruz. We had some time to kill before our flight, so out of curiosity I did what I do – I performed a quick internet search for any kind of bookbinding supplies in the near vicinity. And…victory! I found Leatherwise, a sweet little leather shop. In this case, size sure didn’t matter. Every square foot of the place was jam-packed with awesome. I can’t even begin to tell you how much I wanted to have all the things. Unfortun...
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How to Be a Leader, Not a Boss: 5 Secrets

This article was contributed by Lauren Adley. Being a boss and being a leader are two different things and they must be understood. Many people think that they are leaders just because they have been put in charge of a task or an assignment but in reality, they are just bosses. Differences between a Boss and a Leader One major difference between a boss and a leader is that while a boss will want his own ideas to be heard and followed at all times, a leader derives pride in seeing that his foll...
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Roughly 2,000 Objects Have Been Recovered From Ashes Of Brazil’s National Museum

Among the items found are meteorites, bones of an ancient human and dinosaurs, gemstones and minerals, and pre-Columbian artifacts. (Curators warn, however, that some of the 2,000 items may be fragments of the same object.) – Smithsonian Magazine
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Why Do The Covers Of Novels Always Have The Phrase ‘A Novel’ On Them?

“Books have used the ‘XYZ: A Novel’ format since the 17th century, when realistic fiction started getting popular. The term ‘novel’ was a way to distinguish these more down-to-earth stories from the fanciful ‘romances’ that came before … Then, as now, it was a tag that identified the kind of literature you were getting yourself into.” – Vox
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AI Researchers Made A Bot That Wrote Convincing News Stories. It Was So Good They Shut It Down

These excellent results have freaked the researchers out. One concern they have is that the technology would be used to turbo-charge fake news operations. The Guardian published a fake news article written by the software along with its coverage of the research. The article is readable and contains fake quotes that are on topic and realistic. The grammar is better than a lot what you’d see from fake news content mills. And according to The Guardian’s Alex Hern, it only took 15 seconds for the b...
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Tips for Strategic Writing for Your Brand

Content marketing is essential for branding. Special marketing content plays an important role to increase the engagement of customers. To get desired results, you have to create engaging web content with a tagline, a catchy message, and call to action. With inspiring stories, you can create the first impression with your customers. Consider the advice of professional writers with the story and essay help to give a different voice to your business. Make sure to engage people with your brand to ...
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