How Fast Can a Christmas Tree Catch on Fire?

Each year about 200 families in America will experience Christmas tree fires, proving to their children that Santa Claus does not love them. According to the National Fire Protection Association, the culprits are usually faulty or overloaded lighting and/or placing the tree too close to a heat source. But by simply watering your tree daily, you can vastly reduce the chances that your tree will completely go up in smoke. A watered tree will still burn, but may give you time to do something ab...
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POTD: See ‘The Simpsons’ House Reimagined in Eight Different Architectural Styles

You’d be hard-pressed to find a more iconic television residence than that of the house in which The Simpsons reside. Located at 742 Evergreen Terrace in Springfield, Somwhere, the two-story house is easily recognizable, and not just because it’s a cartoon. But what if the house was given a makeover? Don’t worry, The Simpsons creators and executive producers aren’t looking to overhaul the house that The Simpsons have called home for 29 seasons and counting. But some architecture experts decided...
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8 art experiences in Santa Fe

S anta Fe has a long history of being an art destination known for its turquoise jewelry, Western paintings, and bronze sculptures, but The City Different has a surprise for you. We’re talking art parties lasting into the early hours of the morning and secret, invite-only gallery openings. Seriously — these brazenly nontraditional arts experiences deserve to be as synonymous with Santa Fe as the movie biz is with Hollywood. The city sits quietly ranked as one of the largest arts markets in the ...
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Why Aren't Hollywood Films More Diverse? Blame The Overseas Market

"Is it possible that the lack of nonwhite and female lead characters in Hollywood films is driven, in part, by economic concerns from movie studios? Our analysis of more than 800 films sampled between 2005 and 2012 suggests the answer is 'yes'."
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13 heirloom gifts that will stand the test of time

A gift that will stand the test of time is one that can be treasured by many people – not just the current recipient! Heirloom gifts such as cast iron cookware, pocketwatches, and rare books can literally last for generations if loved and cared for properly, so check out our list of gorgeous heirloom gift ideas that can suit anyone on your holiday list. HEIRLOOM GIFT IDEAS >
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Review: Cruel Intentions: The Musical

The cult film about rich sociopaths is now an off-Broadway musical.
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Is The Internet Making Us Into Worse Writers?

"It is difficult to prove that digital technologies are actually making people into worse writers. It is likely that the world is just seeing more unfiltered thoughts written down than at any other time in history. People are not writing worse so much as writing and publishing far more. But the internet is changing language."
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Cat & Cloud Coffee in Santa Cruz - great...

Cat & Cloud Coffee in Santa Cruz - great packaging and ceramics (Want more? See and [Author: submitted]
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If the Iron Throne were a plush pillow

I can almost guarantee that Game of Thrones would have looked a lot cooler had they put this polystyrene filled, wool felt chair in it instead. Maybe not cooler, but more playful. The Narl Chair is an Omnidirectional rocking chair, with a rocking base made from high-density polyurethane foam and leather hide.Narl is the winner of the NYCxDesign student design award, and there’s a very good reason for that too. Carl Durkow, the designer of the Narl Chair, said “when an adult sits in the Narl ch...
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Test Drive: 2018 Ford Mustang: A leaner, meaner and more athletic update to the iconic car

By Sue Mead When it was first introduced in 1964, the Mustang quickly became a hero and inspired a new class of sporty coupe; the "pony car" was soon chased down the track by followers that included the Chevrolet Camaro, Dodge Challenger, and Pontiac...... Continue Reading...
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Photo Flash: Cruel Intentions: The Musical Opens Off-Broadway

Lauren Zakrin, Constantine Rousouli, and Carrie St. Louis star in this adaptation of the 1999 film, running through February 19.
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A list of Cool Gadgets for any Star Wars fans

A list of Cool Gadgets for any Star Wars fans AoiroStudio Dec 12, 2017 Just to keep the celebration for the upcoming movie release of Star Wars: The Last Jedi. As a follow-up from my previous article, I decided to put together a fun list of cool gadgets for any Star Wars fans. This has been a lot of fun to put together as a Star Wars fan myself. Check out, you might find something quite enjoyable for your partner, sibling or friend. Remember…the Force ...
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Theater News: Hugh Jackman, Benj Pasek, Justin Paul, and Others Are Up for Golden Globes

Nominations for the 2018 awards have been announced.
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Pape Bird Observation Tower is a glorious marriage of a birds nest and a jewel box

This charming bird observation tower looks like a mix between a bird’s nest and a jewel box. Berta Risueño Muzás and Manuel Pareja Abascal designed the structure to provide visitors of Latvia’s Pape Nature Park with protection from the elements while also blending perfectly into its natural surroundings so as not to disrupt the local wildlife. The project, selected as the winner of the Pape Bird Observation Tower Competition, combines timber and rope to achieve a sense of protection and privacy...
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China Bans 'Foreign Waste,' causing recycling chaos in America

When you drop those bottles and plastic containers off to be recycled, do you know where they go? The United States exports around one third of its recycling, and almost half of that heads over to China. But China recently decided to ban the import of some solid garbage, saying foreign waste often has too many hazardous or dirty non-recyclable items. This means some waste collection and recycling companies may have to resort to taking items that could have been recycled to a landfill. In filin...
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Wild grasses grow atop this Icelandic homes folded roof

Wild grasses and heather temper the hard lines of this striking modern home in Iceland. Reykjavik-based Studio Granda designed B14, a villa partially built from the recycled remains of the clients’ former dwelling. The undulating landscaped roof appears to mimic the nearby Bláfjöll mountain ridge, while the roofline’s valleys and folds help collect rainwater that trickles down the walls in open copper channels. B14’s unusual fan-like roof takes inspiration from the site’s trapezoidal shape th...
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Review: Hold These Truths

A searing play recalls the U.S.'s forced detention of Japanese-Americans during World War II.
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New 3D-printed algae could revolutionize the way we make things

Plastic waste is clogging landfills and strangling the earth’s waterways – but thankfully, green design is here to save the world. Dutch designers Eric Klarenbeek and Maartje Dros have created a bioplastic made from algae that can be 3D printed into virtually any shape – and could finally provide the world with a viable green alternative to plastic. Klarenbeek and Dros begin by cultivating algae, which is then dried and processed into a liquid bioplastic that can be used to 3D print objects. T...
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Buy: "Keep Going" Tote

According to Everytown's research, an average of 93 Americans die because of gun violence every single day. This "Keep Going" tote bag from the independent, non-partisan organization is a reminder that despite the setbacks faced there's no way we can...... Continue Reading...
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Photo Flash: Dear Evan Hansen Celebrates Its Audience With Fan Appreciation Day

The event was held to mark the Tony-winning musical's first anniversary on Broadway.
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Why You Can Be Genetically Intelligent, But Not Necessarily Smart

"As it turns out, genes contribute to intelligence, but only broadly, and with subtle effect. Genes interact in complex relationships to create neural systems that might be impossible to reverse-engineer. In fact, computational scientists who want to understand how genes interact to create optimal networks have come up against the kind of hard limits suggested […]
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Why The Rock Hall Of Fame Needs Fixing

Some 32 years after that first batch of inductees, with most, if not all, of the genre’s most influential practitioners voted in, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is facing its own midlife crisis. Just as rock originally was a hybrid of pop, blues, jazz, swing, country, R&B, gospel and folk, the music spawned a vast […]
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Screw Art by Andrew Myers

Creative 3D artworks made out of thousands of painted screws by talented artist Andrew Myers. Pixelated three-dimensional screw sculptures. Cool decoration for any wall. Also check out: 3D Art and Revolver Screwdrive
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Book Recommendations: Gift Guide (2017)

Book Recommendations: Gift Guide (2017) AoiroStudio Dec 11, 2017 We hoped that you have been enjoying our gift guides from the past week, let's keep the holiday spirit alive with another guide. But this time, we will stay away from the tech stuff and focus on books! With the holidays knocking at the door, it will be a great moment to enjoy a nice book next to a fireplace? In all seriousness, it's always good to go back to the basics for a change, we sp...
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Time to Start Using that Free Water

Raindrop is a sensationally entertaining product that plays with the banal, limited traditional outside gutter. Raindrop is a rain barrel that makes saving water really easy by providing a watering can that fills up automatically when it rains and stores further water in the body of the barrel, allowing the user to refill the can further after use. The design has received numerous design awards such as the René Smeets award and was shortlisted for several other prestigious design awards, among w...
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Scientists find surprising methane-based ecosystem in underwater Yucatan caves

Underwater caves have been described as one of Earth’s final unexplored frontiers. An international team recently delved into the flooded caves of the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico and found methane and dissolved organic carbon sustain the food web in these caves, with an ecosystem similar to that of deep ocean cold seeps. Mayan lore described the underwater caves in Mexico as a fantastical underworld. While the caves aren’t mythical, they did hold surprises for the 10 scientists who recently co...
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A Problem For Museums: How Do You Keep Your Images Compelling?

Museums in the 21st century face particular and special challenges: in an age of digital communication, when an image – almost any image – can be summoned up effortlessly on an electronic device, why go to the trouble of visiting an actual institution just to see the supposed “original”? Does the word “original” have meaning […]
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The Latest Pre-Broadway Tryout Town: Edmonton (Edmonton?)

"The road to Broadway has rarely been this cold."
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