JK Rowling Is Europe’s Highest-Paid Celebrity

Rowling is the only celebrity on the list who is chiefly known as a writer, although British chef and television personality Gordon Ramsay, who is ranked at No. 6, is the author of several books. The rest of the list is dominated by musicians and athletes.
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Theater News: Randy Danson, Rosa Gilmore, and More Set for Importance of Being Earnest at Two River Theater

Oscar Wilde's comedy will be directed by Michael Cumpsty.
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Rosso Corsa: A Honda Cafe Racer Inspired by a Ferrari

Looking for a motorcycle to complement your classic Ferrari? Most guys would opt for something that’s also Italian and red—like a Ducati. But one collector wanted something truly unique, so he reached out to Art Henschell of One-Up Moto Garage with a very special brief. In his collection is something even more rare than the Testarossa in these photos; a 1965 NART Le Mans Ferrari racing car. He wanted a bike inspired by his beloved vintage racer, with one caveat: it had to be powered by a Hond...
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Theater News: Plans Announced for BC/EFA's 2017 Gypsy of the Year

Broadway favorite Seth Rudetsky returns to host the annual fundraiser.
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Our Favorite Pieces of ‘Thor: Ragnarok’ Art From Hero Complex Gallery’s New Showcase

Last night, /Film’s Peter Sciretta and I attended a pre-opening night reception for Marvel Studios’ Thor: Ragnarok art showcase at Hero Complex Gallery in Los Angeles. There were more than 40 pieces of art on display, and I’ve put together a selection of 10 of my favorites for you to check out now, just in case you can’t make it over to the gallery in person. Hero Complex Gallery is one of the best places in L.A. to see top-notch pop culture artwork, and after teaming up with Marvel for an A...
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I Made My Students Surrender Their Cellphones In Class. This Is What Happened

"Initially, 37 per cent of my 30 students – undergraduates at Boston University – were angry or annoyed about this experiment. While my previous policy leveraged public humiliation, it didn’t dictate what they did with their phones in class. For some, putting their phones into cases seemed akin to caging a pet, a clear denial […]
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Eye Candy for Today: Peder Mønsted woodland interior

A Woodland Stream, Peder Mørk Mønsted Link is to Wikimedia Commons, which has a high res version of the file. The original was sold through Sotheby’s in 1987 and is presumably still in a private collection. As far as I can tell, the majority of Mønsted’s paintings seem to be in private collections. He is one of my favorite painters, based solely on seeing images of his work; I’ve never seen an original in person. If anyone is aware of Peder Mønsted paintings in public collections here in the U....
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LAVA unveils greenery-infused Garden Island to revamp Sydney Harbour

Australia-based firm LAVA just unveiled a stunning proposal for converting an inaccessible plot of land near Sydney Harbour into a sustainable waterfront community. The ambitious Garden Island proposal envisions a vibrant green public space with eco-friendly residential towers and multi-use buildings that would host activities throughout the year. Although the area is currently used by the Royal Australian Navy, the proposal hopes to completely overhaul the area in order to convert it into a ne...
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A collection of supplies apparel, and...

A collection of supplies apparel, and accessories to celebrate your side hustle while killing it at your day job. (Want more? See and [Author: submitted]
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Classical Music Has Its Own Bunch Of Mini-Harvey Weinsteins

"One big problem is the mindless adulation bestowed on famous conductors and directors. Such sycophancy doesn't lead just to the tolerance of abuse, it mythologises the misdeeds so that they become part of the mystique surrounding 'the maestro'." (For example, Georg Solti, who'd seduce his way through the female choristers at the Royal Opera house […]
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Review: Lonely Planet

Arnie Burton and Matt McGrath star in an absurdist two-hander set during the AIDS crisis.
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Solar record-breaking China aims for 50GW installed in 2017

China, a consistent leader in solar power production and installation, is having another banner year with 25 gigawatts of solar energy being installed in June and July alone. It is estimated that China is capable of installing over 50GW of solar energy by the end of 2017. As of October 1, approximately 42GW of solar energy had been installed, though the pace of installations is expected to slow in October. Although China’s solar boom yields economic benefits, a self-interest understanding of th...
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New Digital Archive Puts Online 4,000 Historic Images of Rome: The Eternal City from the 16th to 20th Centuries

The poet Tibullus first described Rome as "The Eternal City" in the first century BC, and that evocative nickname has stuck over the thousands of years since. Or rather, he would have called it "Urbs Aeterna," which for Italian-speakers would have been "La Città Eterna," but regardless of which language you prefer it in, it throws down a daunting challenge before any historian of Rome. Each scholar has had to find their own way of approaching such a historically formidable place, and few have b...
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Minneapolis Police Dept. To Start Running Bookmobiles

"Community policing officers will carry books while they are making their rounds on the city's North and South sides. They'll still respond to certain emergencies, but won't be dispatched to calls for help, freeing them up to visit neighborhoods without libraries and give away books to anyone who wants them. The program is the first […]
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CMPLT UNKNWN's “Animal Kingdom” Collection: Blending luxury with sustainability, this range is inspired by the world's vanishing creatures

NYC-based accessories brand CMPLT UNKNWN has always been at the crossroad of luxury and sustainability. Their new collection, which premieres on the brand's new site and its focus on direct-to-consumer sales, is inspired by the world's vanishing...... Continue Reading...
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Video Flash: Flashback Friday: Harvey Fierstein Explains Homosexuality to Barbara Walters

And boy, did she have a lot to learn.
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Painted Shoes

Shoes painted on feet allow people to look presentable and walk barefoot. Painted shoes by talented makeup artists John Maurad and Jenai Chin. Painted Sneakers Painted High Heel Shoes Barefoot Shoes Also check out: Pigeon Shoes and Hand Carved Shoes
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2017 Beazley Designs of the Year Tips Hat to Brands

Now in its 10th year, the Beazley Designs of the Year exhibition is now open for visitors to The Design Museum in London to view through January 28th. From Yeezy’s Life of Pablo tour merchandise and the Google x Levi’s smart jean jacket to the women’s protest pussyhat, Pokemon Go and the Nike hijab, branded inspiration is evident across the 60 global projects in six categories that celebrate the best in design of the year. The exhibition and awards capture the breadth and variety of recent inn...
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Matthew Tierney's Three-Act Exhibition, "Empires Fall | The Dance Goes On": Captured motion gives way to concentrated emotion, at NYC's Bryant Toth Fine Art

Even before entering Bryant Toth Fine Art, one can witness the power of color that's been restrained, precisely framed and hung just beyond the glass. The works, by artist Matthew Tierney, capture dancers in a position of movement, and allude to movements...... Continue Reading...
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Literally a spring in your step!

You may or may not have seen these shoes somewhere on the internet. Early sketches surfaced online years back and the idea took a stunning 12 years to refine into what you see today. After all, this completely changes two mammoth industries. Footwear and Sports.The Enko doesn’t look or behave like any shoe you own. The immediate differentiating factor is the compression-spring shock absorbers on either side. Built with two modes, one for walking and the other for running, the Enko shoes work l...
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You Should “Know Yourself”? Um, Not Necessarily A Great Idea

This whole ‘knowing thyself’ business is not as simple as it seems. In fact, it might be a serious philosophical muddle – not to say bad advice.
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Theater News: Roundabout Theatre Company Extends Too Heavy for Your Pocket

Jiréh Breon Holder's drama is directed by Margot Bordelon.
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This company wants to turn food waste into building materials heres how

What do peanuts, rice, bananas, potatoes, and mushrooms have in common? In addition to being delicious, they could be transformed into building materials. In a report entitled The Urban Bio-Loop, the Arup group proposes to use food waste (something developed nations have an abundance of) to develop low-cost and eco-friendly materials for use in construction. The authors of the report aim to demonstrate ‘that a different paradigm for materials in construction is possible.” Because first-world n...
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Photo Flash: Revival of Harvey Fierstein's Torch Song Opens Off-Broadway

The Second Stage Theater production starring Michael Urie is directed by Moisés Kaufman.
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New And Improved Delivery Date

It seems that my book's delivery date has been moved up to October 25th. Now you can get it sooner than you thought. [Author: [email protected] (kane)]
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When Philadelphia Eliminated Arts Programs From Its Schools, Here's How Local Foundations Stepped Up

"Most obviously, the city's financial woes were so calamitous that, funders, most of whom already had extensive footprints in the city, had no choice but to respond en masse. Samuel Johnson's old adage applies here: 'When a man knows he is to be hanged, it concentrates his mind wonderfully.' That being said, there's far more […]
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Graphic Design Love: United Nations International Peace Stamps

Graphic Design Love: United Nations International Peace Stamps ibby Oct 20, 2017 We're all in need of a little peace these days and we just love this new project of designing International Peace Stamps by New York-based bespoke design consultancy Stranger & Stranger. As one can fathom, designing International Peace stamps for 193 nations presents a big communication challenge so the crafty team at Stranger & Stranger developed universal themes around ...
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Apple brought back Braun design, but Google is bringing back Olivetti

1960s/70s Italian industrial design was led by Olivetti, featuring products with "touches of joy that enliven everyday tasks" featuring bright color and playful forms, very different from the Braun look of minimalist, "Snow White" gadgets that are the precursor to Apple's design language. (more…)
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New concrete roof includes thin-film PV cells to generate power

Digital design and fabrication techniques allowed researchers in Switzerland to create a curvy, super thin concrete roof that will one day help a residential unit produce more power than it consumes. Using the innovative methods, the researchers assembled the roof with much less materials than would otherwise be needed. The concrete roof is also equipped with thin-film photovoltaic cells to generate energy. Researchers at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich (ETH Zurich) recently u...
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Tesla earns contract for world's first solar, wind and storage project

Tesla has won its first contract with Vestas, the world’s largest wind turbine maker, to supply its Powerpack batteries for the world’s first project to combine solar power, wind power, and Tesla’s storage technology. The $160 million project is being managed by Windlab at the Kennedy Energy Park hybrid renewable energy site in North Queensland, Australia. Windlab recently announced that it has been granted funding by the Clean Energy Finance Corporation and the Australian Renewable Energy Agen...
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