Twitter Experimenting with Highlighting Lies With Color

Twitter has apparently been experimenting with a new truth awareness feature, and someone leaked screenshots of it to NBC News. The new feature adds "brightly colored labels directly beneath lies and misinformation posted by politicians and other public figures," and it looks like this:Twitter confirmed that the screenshots and the feature are real, and would rely on user participation to function: "This is a design mock-up for one option that would involve community feedback," a Twitter spokesp...
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The Proclamation Duo was designed to cook the world of cuisines with just a few pieces

The Proclamation Duo from Proclamation Goods is called a kitchen anti-set for a reason. Together, the two-pan (with lid included) combo effectively performs the job of a skillet, a wok, a stockpot, and even a dutch-oven, challenging the idea that home cooks need a cabinet full of cookware. Designed to be versatile enough to use independently, or hinged together to form a heat-trapping oven, you can actually cook everything from phenomenal steaks to pizzas to braises. The iF Design Award-winnin...
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This sustainable crib was made without using a single drop of fossil fuel

The challenge with designing the Fossil Free Crib wasn’t so much in the design, but was in researching the materials the crib would require. Almost every material available to designers today involves a fraction of fossil fuel… whether it’s crude oil used to make plastic or something as basic as the gasoline used in chainsaws that cut down trees. Ultimately, materials are transported from source to factory to consumer using petrol. Designing a crib is easy… designing a crib without using a sin...
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Holocaust Educators Want Amazon To Stop Selling Nazi Propaganda

Yes, in recent months, Amazon has removed sellers who are peddling Nazi imagery on ornaments and a beer opener. But these are books, and “Amazon takes a different approach with books than it does with home goods. ‘Amazon’s Offensive Products policies apply to all products except books, music, video and DVD,’ the retailer’s guidelines state.” – The New York Times
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This German Woman is Tackling Her Town's Lack of Accessibility With Legos

62-year-old Rita Ebel has been in a wheelchair for 25 years. Now she's dedicating her golden years to making her German town of Hanau more accessible by building a series of small ramps entirely out of Legos (h/t RTÉ). Working together with her husband, she's constructed 12 sets of ramps so far and shows no signs of slowing down. Her efforts have earned her the nickname of "Lego Grandma." Screenshot via RTÉThe Ebels dedicate two to three hours a day to making the ramps, which have so far mainly ...
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Understanding Where Side Airbags Deploy From Before Selecting a Seat Cover (Toyota Tacoma in This Case)

After much debate, I just leased a new Tacoma for the farm. The one I could afford has cloth seats, which will not jive well with the dirtiness of farm life.To avoid getting screwed on the lease terms, I want to protect the seats with a durable, washable cover. I know how to make patterns and sew, and I've got plenty of sewing machines, so I figured I'd DIY it. Then I remembered that the problem with seat covers and modern cars is this:That tag indicates, obviously, that the seat contains a side...
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HTC’s Project Proton AR headsets make you look like Ant-Man (and there’s some logic to it)

HTC’s ambitious Project Proton does something very remarkable not for augmented reality technology, but rather for how we perceive AR tech. Project Proton was supposed to form a part of HTC’s announcement at the now-canceled Mobile World Congress. It expands on HTC’s Vive Cosmos headset, which offers the ability to work with Mixed Reality by using cameras on the headset that capture the outside world for the eyes on the inside. Here’s the problem with headsets though (and I’ve said this before)…...
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Technology Recreates The Sound Of 500-Year-Old Singing In The Hagia Sophia

This is a rather unbelievable story. “When [the two researchers] met, Pentcheva started telling Abel about the Hagia Sophia – how we couldn’t really understand the experience of worshipers there unless we could hear the music the way they did. And as she talked, Abel started to feel a prickling of excitement. They could recreate what that music would sound like. If only they could get in the Hagia Sophia and pop a balloon.” (Note: They did.) – NPR
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Fleabag And Feminism

Well, that’s a fraught subject. Phoebe Waller-Bridges, who wrote the show and plays the character, says, “Actually, she wishes she were more perfect, and that feels like it was an attack on feminism itself.” (The writer says she does, sometimes, share her character’s views.) – BBC
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[Author: Unknown]
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Head Over Heels

Head Over Heels is sui generis.I love that term, sui generis. It means it's totally unique, literally, "of its own kind." So many shows New Line has produced fit that description -- Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson, Bukowsical, Threepenny, Bat Boy, Urinetown, Yeast Nation, Assassins, Celebration, Lizzie, Jerry Springer the Opera, Two Gentlemen of Verona, Man of La Mancha, Spelling Bee, Floyd Collins, Hair, Forbidden Planet, Hedwig, Sunday in the Park... I could go on for days.Head Over Heels is ano...
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Johni Cerny, Chief Genealogist Who Helped Oprah, Bernie, And Others Find Their Roots On TV, Has Died At 76

Cerny, said Henry Louis Gates Jr., was “the proverbial dean of American genealogical research, … [whose work was] transforming raw data into narratives and metaphors about diversity and our common humanity.” Gates, the Harvard prof who hosts and produces Finding Your Roots on PBS, began working with Cerny in 2006, and their work on personal (and social) histories flowered from there. – The New York Times
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Sure, Years Elapsed Between Book Two And Book Three, But Hilary Mantel Did *Not* Have Writer’s Block

Mantel says there are so many stories in the Cromwell trilogy that the books are like a pamphlet. But of course: “At a combined total of more than 2,000 pages – with [forthcoming book three] The Mirror & the Light accounting for nearly half of them – you couldn’t get much further from a pamphlet. ‘I’ve got quite amused at people suggesting I have writer’s block, you know. I’ve been like a factory!’ She also chafes at the suggestion that her latest book was delayed because she was reluctant to k...
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As ‘Fresh Off The Boat’ Ends, What Did It All Mean?

Asian Americans remember how excited – and worried – they were when the show was announced five years ago, after a two-decade drought for Asian American representation on network TV. Did the series live up to its hype? One writer says, “It felt like a dream.” (And it changed the media landscape demonstrably as well.) – Shondaland
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The Subtitles Vs. Dubs Debate, Reignited By ‘Parasite’

How did we get here, with most U.S. audiences only seeing subtitles on non-English-language films and many other countries using excellent voice actors and technology for dubbing, and where are we going? (In other words, are the one-inch subtitle barricades about to fall?) – BBC
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Does Banning Critics Accomplish Anything?

Yolanda Bonnell isn’t the first artist to say that white critics get away with not knowing the cultural reference points of work outside of their own interests – but doesn’t cutting reviewers from different backgrounds off limit opportunities for learning? “You’re just perpetuating prejudice if you are not going to let people experience other cultures. If she wants more critics of color to review her, fine, invite them. But you shouldn’t stop other people from coming.” – The Guardian
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The Scottish Artist Who Brought Oz To Life

Sound stages of the 1930s and 1940s needed lots of stage sets, and at MGM, George Gibson was the man in charge. “The backdrops he created appeared in films such as The Wizard of Oz (1939), An American in Paris (1951) and Brigadoon (1954). His backdrops were as large as 60ft x 150ft (18m by 45m) and so realistic that the audience often did not realise the setting was a soundstage.” – BBC
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Dance Critic Tobi Tobias, A Finalist For The Pulitzer Prize, Has Died At 81

“As a critic Ms. Tobias did not pull punches. In the early 1980s, for instance, when other critics were tiptoeing around the decline in the dance skills of Rudolf Nureyev, who was then in his 40s, she declared, ‘His groupies refuse to believe it, but Nureyev really can’t dance anymore.'” (You can see two pieces about Tobias, who wrote for ArtsJournal, on here and here as well.) – The New York Times
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We Lost A Lyric Poet When We Lost Amelia Earhart

But no one really knew it because her husband kept it one of her carefully guarded secrets. Now, “searching the archives for Amelia Earhart’s lost poems is a study in fragments—every tucked-away line on the back of a receipt hidden in a notebook an invitation to speculate on her thoughts. Even when her widower published pieces of her verse in his memoir, he had an independent source verify the authenticity of one of them, unsure if the private voice on the page was indeed hers.” – LitHub
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The Vibrant Electronic Music Of Video Game Soundtracks

They’re different from the quality of movie soundtracks, many of which don’t stand alone, and they’re “a marvelous untapped source of experimental instrumental electronica. … The context of gameplay encourages compositions that are melodically specific, sharp-edged, and hummable.” – Hyperallergic
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How Autumn De Wilde Came To Direct A New ‘Emma’

Take one cane, add whiskey, then gather a “mood” pitch for movie financiers, decades of photography, years of moving pitching, and presto! A new Emma. Miranda July on the director: “If there were more female directors, Autumn’s story wouldn’t be such a rare and precious thing to us. … Basically a single mom who worked so hard and at this age is coming into her own. I think we all feel really tender because it’s a very powerful example.” – Los Angeles Times
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Turns Out To Reach Our Goals, We Shouldn’t Keep Our Eyes On The Actual Prize

The problem is that thinking about the prize bypasses the hard work – the mountains, in some cases, of hard work – that it takes to reach those goals. So: “The key to bypassing this mental glitch is to simply think about the efforts required. Imagine yourself typing away late at night on your book after a long work day, or studying for the GRE on a sunny Saturday, or waking up at 5 a.m. on a cold morning to train for that marathon.” – Fast Company
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A protected outdoor dog feeder that safeguards your pet against Lungworm!

Did you know that your dog is at the risk of contracting Lungworm, especially if you live in the UK or Ireland? Me neither! Basically, Lungworm is a parasitic infection usually picked up from snails and slugs and can prove to be fatal for your dogs. We often tend to keep outdoor feeders for our pets in our backyards and gardens, without realizing that snails/slugs may use the bowl to feed and produce. If your dog, by chance, eats the snail or lick its trail, he can get infected with Lungworm! An...
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Berlin Film Festival’s Gender Parity Scorecard Is Mostly Good, But Not All Good

The good: Leadership. “Its festival directorships were shared equally between men and women, and … its executive board was similarly balanced.” The less good: Director numbers. “The majority of films shown at the competition were still made by male directors. At this year’s festival, 37.9% of films were directed by women, and six of the 18 films in competition were directed by women, which is down from seven last year.” – The Guardian (UK)
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France Can’t See What’s Erotic About Two Women Falling For Each Other

This is the weirdest possible sentence to write, but director Céline Sciamma says that Portrait of a Lady on Fire isn’t considered erotic in, of all places, France. What? WHAT? Quoi?? Sciamma: “It’s a very bourgeois industry. There’s resistance to radicalism, and also less youth in charge. ‘A film can be feminist?’ They don’t know this concept. They don’t read the book. They don’t even know about the fact that ‘male gaze’ exists. You can tell it’s a country where there’s a lot of sexism, and a ...
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Cat Backpack

Unique backpack designed to look like realistic cat that jumped on your back. Cat backpack created by Japanese designer Pico, maker of Cat Bags. Also check out: Angel Wings Backpacks
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The People Who Decide What Books Are Allowed In Prisons Censor Thousands

Of course, the officials say, books and article about how to strangle someone or how to escape handcuffs must be censored. But what about Angie Thomas’ young adult book The Hate U Give? What about The Bluest Eye or The Color Purple? (All have been banned in some prisons – some while Mein Kampf was allowed.) – NPR
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Riverdance Is Now A Quarter Of A Century Old

The dance itself, and Irish dance in general, is obviously older – but it débuted as an interval act at Eurovision, and its appeal has never gone away. Its newest star says, “It’s all I’ve ever wanted to do since I was a tiny little girl. I wasn’t even born yet when Riverdance began.” – BBC
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Archaeologists Find A New Shrine In Rome, Perhaps To Romulus

The find is in the Roman Forum, where authorities revealed on Friday that they believe this may date to the 6th century B.C.E., 200 years after Romulus was said to have lived. That means it’s a memorial site, if indeed it is a site to Romulus. Also, oops: “It’s the second time the sarcophagus and cylindrical stone stub have been unearthed, but it’s only now that archaeologists are attributing an exciting significance to them.” – The Washington Post (AP)
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Report: Arts Drive Tourism In Australia

Australians took 12.3 million daytrips and 13.4 million overnight trips within Australia that included arts activities in 2018 – an increase of 14 percent and 20 percent respectively since 2014 – with increases found across visiting museums and art galleries, attending performing arts, visiting art or craft workshops or studios, attending festivals, and experiencing First Nations arts and craft. The report also flagged an increasing interest in First Nations arts tourism. – Limelight ...
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