‘With Great Beauty Comes Great Resentment’ – The History Of Helen Of Troy

“Of all Helen’s roles in the literary and artistic corpus (and it is a long career – she has been forgotten by not a single generation since she entered the written record 2,700 years ago), it is her part as fantasy whore that has been most tenacious. Her many sexual partners … are trotted out by ancient and modern authors alike as the gossip columns would the client-list of a high-class prostitute. And so Euripides calls her a ‘bitch-whore’; she is Shakespeare’s ‘strumpet’.”
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The inaugural Bark Park is coming to East...

The inaugural Bark Park is coming to East Nashville (McFerrin Park) starting Sept 8, 2018. From the BarkBox folks (subscription dog boxes, to exclusive toys, to popping up in places like Target) this is a dog obsessed hangout for dogs and their people. (Want more? See and [Author: submitted]
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Web Design Spotlight: Tran Mau Tri Tam

Web Design Spotlight: Tran Mau Tri Tam abduzeedo Aug 16, 2018 Tran Mau Tri Tam is a designer from  Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam with a really cool portfolio of web design projects. For this post I would like to feature some of those projects that has inspired me during the process of redesigning Abduzeedo. In addition to the beautiful visuals I like that Tran also explores motion design, some times with transitions or just way the scroll would work and de...
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If Fibonacci Had Designed Furniture…

Our furniture is what turns a house into a home, it allows us to express our individuality and style through another medium, but most importantly of all, it can give us somewhere to hide our mess! The Fibonacci sideboard does all this in such a beautiful and composed manner.As the name would suggest, this unique sideboard is based on the famous Fibonacci sequence; this is something that we especially see a lot in the worlds of Art, Photography and Graphic Design, but in the case of this item of ...
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Welcome to Moscow Photography Series

Welcome to Moscow Photography Series AoiroStudio Aug 17, 2018 Moscow has been in my bucket list of places to visit at least once in your lifetime. I am sure that I would be totally stunned by its architecture and culture. Vadim Sherbakov surely helps a lot by giving us a beautiful photographic glimpse. Vadim is working as an interactive art director and his photography series shows his great skill set. He also included two time-lapse videos where you c...
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The Most Underrated Composer In History? Reconsidering Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov

“If your reaction to hearing the name Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov is a shrug, even a smirk, you’re not alone.” Corinna da Fonseca-Wollheim visits the Bard Music Festival, dedicated to the man Richard Taruskin calls, yes, “the most underrated composer in history.” Responds CdFW, “I can’t say that’s a judgment I quite came to share … But I left Bard with a newfound appreciation for a quality I had never before considered as a factor in music: shame.”
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Cleveland Orchestra Begins Formal Investigation Of Harassment Claims Against Concertmaster

“The Cleveland Orchestra released a statement Thursday detailing the group it has appointed to investigate allegations of sexual misconduct against suspended concertmaster William Preucil.”
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Adding a Simple Design Improvement to Chopsticks

After you get the hang of 'em, chopsticks are pretty darned handy; and once you've eaten a salad with them, particularly a messy one, you'll never go back to using a fork and knife.Because the design is so simple and thousands of years old, you'd figure there's nothing you could do to improve upon them. But dining goods company AltGalley is trying. Their Hover Chopsticks are made out of carbon fiber, which is admittedly overkill; they claim the materials choice offers better grip for both your h...
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[Author: Kjell Varvin]
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Volkswagen's Spektrum Program Offers a Whopping 40 Different Color Options

This is my car. There are many others like it but this one is mine. Following my "A Designer Buying a Car" saga, yes, I purchased a 2018 Volkswagen Golf Alltrack. I've logged 2,500 miles and am super happy with it--except the color; I wanted it in silver, but VW doesn't offer it, so I went with this dark grey. The Alltrack is only offered in seven fairly boring colors, because us station wagon buyers are a bunch of squares. But folks who purchase VW's sporty hot hatch, the Golf R, are a lot m...
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This is from my GIANT CAPTION phase. #andertoons #comics #BIGWORDS

This is from my GIANT CAPTION phase. #andertoons #cartoon #comics #BIGWORDS via Instagram
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Could Audiences Really Replace Theater Critics As They Disappear? Here’s The Problem With That

Responding to Lyn Gardner’s recent column arguing for “a new approach to theatre criticism, in which theatres see developing critical voices as part of audience and artist development,” Bill Marx writes that what Gardner seems to be suggesting is both vague and, well, unlikely: “Is the money invested in theater development these days dedicated to making stage audiences more ‘critical’? Are there any plans for ‘creative power sharing’ with spectators? From what I can tell, … the goal is to buff u...
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Angelpoise Releases "Mini Mini" Version of Their Iconic Task Lamp

By now you've surely absorbed our must-read series on the Angelpoise, the classic task lamp invented by a 1920s freelance car designer. The iconic design has been put into service by everyone from architects to Pixar, and now the company's producing a half-size version that can be toted around--and plugged into your laptop, as it's powered by USB. Offspring of the ever-popular 1970's Model 90, the 90 Mini Mini has all the versatility and personality of a classic Anglepoise® lamp ...
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The Wheelchair Has Been Stylishly Re-Invented

For some individuals, a wheelchair is their primary mode of transportation, and as well as enabling them to get from point A to point B, it introduces an unparalleled element of freedom into their lives. But current electronic wheelchairs do bring with them a series of downfalls, their bulky, cumbersome size and the undesirable aesthetic being two of the main ones. Kwanjun Ryu set out to create a solution to these issues, and the solution came in the form of the Model F.The Model F is like no ot...
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Morality And US Higher Education, A (Fascinating) History

The transformation of American colleges and universities into corporate concerns is particularly evident in the maze of offices, departments and agencies that manage the moral lives of students. When they appeal to administrators with demands that speakers not be invited, that particular policies be implemented, or that certain individuals be institutionally sanctioned, students are doing what our institutions have formed them to do. They are following procedure, appealing to the institution to ...
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Exit Lines: Flights of Fancy

New wine is being poured into old bottles on and Off Broadway. I’m not sure when Sir Philip Sidney’s Arcadia, written sometime before Manhattan was a thing, was last tackled on our stages, but here it is again–in somewhat revised form. Taking top billing this incarnation is the supergroup The Go-Gos, whose hits from the 80s, when New Wave was a thing, give Head Over Heels its backbone. This is one of the more out-there concepts for a jukebox musical, a form that’s hard to get right (for every Ma...
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Hey Artists, Stop Putting Shiny Crap Into Space

As if there isn’t already enough junk in space, an artist is planning to launch a reflective, inflatable sculpture to low Earth orbit in October. The art piece is meant to instill a sense of wonder and alter humanity’s impression of itself, but in reality it’s an empty gesture that’ll only serve to infuriate…Read more...
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Fifty Years After An Earthquake In Italy: A Radical Public Art Experiment

While such “Concrete Utopias” are now getting attention in museums, it was actually the concrete Utopian city of Gibellina Nuova that became an open-air laboratory for assessing the healing capabilities of public art. Today, 50 years since the earthquake struck, many look back on Carrao’s radical experiment in civic engagement, rehabilitation, and unification as a cautionary tale. But new efforts are now underway to realize a more pragmatic version of that utopian dream.
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The Boomer makes a big bang in the tiny home market

With everyone obsessing over tiny homes these days, many people are looking to find the perfect tiny house to fit their needs. Build Tiny’s newest design, The Boomer, aims to fill the short-term rental niche made popular by Airbnb and offer those who are curious about tiny home living a chance to customize their very own home. With options ranging from completely DIY to turnkey, The Boomer helps clients build the tiny homes of their dreams. From the outside, The Boomer closely resembles Build ...
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AMC Reports Its Movie Theatre Subscription Service Is A Hit

AMC said the service, an extension of the company’s loyalty program, has accounted for about 1 million admissions, or roughly 4% of attendance at the company’s U.S. theaters. The company announced the new offering in June to fend off New York-based MoviePass, which shook up the industry by offering a movie a day for less than $10 a month.
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This Mobile Interface Aims to End Your Phone Addiction Through Simple Design

"Trap OS" won a Notable award in the Interaction category of this year's Core77 Design Awards.TrapOS is a productivity and performance driven mobile operating system designed for simplicity and ease of use across cultural and physical boundaries. It is intended to be a truly universal global interface where users of all abilities and locales can have the same high-quality experience. ABOUTTrapOS is a productivity and performance driven mobile operating ...
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Back to school – a cultural planning syllabus

So after a stretch in university administration, I am back full-time in the classroom this fall. One of my classes is in Cultural Planning and Community Development – i.e. “place-based” cultural policy. So, this is what I’ve put together.
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Get a Grip On Your Jar!

Whether it’s holding it under water or leaving it upside down for 10 seconds, it seems like everybody has their own secret (and usually ineffective) way to open a jar. Well, toss your mama’s trick in the trash because now there’s one surefire way to get it open each time! It’s called Zip-Eat and it gives your muscles and grips the extra oomph they need.Made of a flexible, gripping material and equipped with a unique zipper-lock mechanism, it can clasp on to any size jar lid. Simple affix it to t...
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An ‘Oklahoma!’ With Same-Sex Couples? Sure – The R&H Folks Are Fine With It

Laura Collins-Hughes visits the Oregon Shakespeare Festival, where artistic director Bill Rauch convinced keeper-of-the-Rodgers-and-Hammerstein-catalog Ted Chapin to let him go ahead with a production of the musical in which both Laurey and Curly are gals and Will Parker pairs off with Ado Andy.
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‘Letting Costumes Lead The Choreography’ – Moses Pendleton Of MOMIX

“For most dancers, the costumes act as the finishing touch. At MOMIX, however, the costumes are just the starting point. … We spoke with Pendleton and MOMIX dance captain Sarah Nachbauer to learn all of the details of how they get their concepts from the studio to the stage — and all of the costume mishaps in between.”
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Next-Gen Baggies Are Transforming Legal Weed

After a recent trip to her local dispensary, my mom recalled how, when she was young, black-market cannabis was really only available by the “lid”—usually, a sandwich bag partly filled with ground-up plant, the official size of which tended to vary. Today, she can choose rich, cleverly named buds by the gram or…Read more...
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Women's Pockets Really Suck

Last month at the DMV, I was switching my driver's license over to my new state of residence. The clerk showed me a screen where I could double-check my data, and I saw that she had accidentally listed my gender as female. "Can you backspace over that," I asked, "or do I have to get the operation?"Aside from said operation, I think the biggest hassle of switching from male to female would be adjusting to women's clothes. Especially the lack of carrying space. The notion that female should be ber...
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Design Job: Sick of This Heat Wave? Help Timeship Design Cryogenic Human Pods for Future Reanimation

A vertical cryogenic storage vessel design has been developed to produce a variable temperature environment using a pool of boiling liquid nitrogen as the refrigerant. The successful candidate will be responsible for the further design and implementation of TCV cooling system components View the full design job here
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USC’s New Kaufman School Aims To Be A Harvard Of Dance

“In 2015, [the University of Southern California Glorya Kaufman School of Dance] opened its studios to its inaugural class, now poised to graduate. Their accomplishments are a testament to (and test of) Kaufman’s unique approach: Grads will have studied a vast array of styles, spearheaded interdisciplinary projects, and completed a rigorous liberal arts education.” And getting in isn’t much easier than it is at Harvard, either.
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