The Trio and my top nine on Instagram

The Trio  Oil on panel, 8" x 10,"  $410. That's a bit of fun.  Apparently, these are my top nine posts to Instagram in 2018.  (@dianehoeptner) I'm glad to see some bunny paintings in the mix!  :) "The Trio" was painted from a photo courtesy of LoveandHisses.  [Author: Diane Hoeptner]
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Art show of exquisite bronze trilobites and insects

D. Allan Drummond is a a professor of biochemistry, microbiology, and human genetics who has a penchant for trilobites, the marine arthropods that first appeared more than 500 million years ago and went extinct 245 million years ago for unknown reasons. Drummond creates 3D renderings of his trilobite fossils and then has them cast in bronze. Now, Drummond has added insects to his practice, modeling jumping spiders, praying mantises, and stag beetles. Seattle's reborn Roq La Rue Gallery is pre...
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In the future, smartphone displays will be embedded in our eyewear

Probably for the first time, spectacle wearers may be at a strategic advantage as North acquired all of Intel’s Vault AR patents. The company aims to build and launch, in the near future, smart AR glasses that are incredibly light and indistinguishable from regular glasses. They’re stylish (and look nothing like the abomination that was Google Glass), and come with a module built into the side of the glasses (the stem) that projects an image on your spectacle lens and uses the glass of your ey...
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The KEZ Wearable Keeps an Eye on Kids & Elders When You’re Not Around

It took Apple a few years to realize the potential of the Apple Watch, or the wearable device. It wasn’t made to be a scaled-down version of your phone. It had the potential for being something MUCH more personal, much more useful. The wrist-wearable is increasingly proving to be a great health/fitness/wellness device. It sits on your wrist, with the ability to read and track your pulse, body temperature, your location, your activity, and even if you’ve fallen and hurt yourself. The smartphone...
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How to Get Traffic & Leads with Content Creation

This article was contributed by Rukham Khan. You’ve finally turned that business idea that you’d been dreaming about forever, into an actual product or service. You can’t wait to get the business started. Or maybe you’re just really passionate about a certain topic and want to share your love through a blog. You’ve built an amazing website and just about everything is right…except there’s no traffic. You’re scratching your head at this point, seemingly having done everything by the book but you’...
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YD JOB ALERT: Ammunition Group is looking for an Industrial Design Intern

Ammunition Group was founded by Robert Brunner in 2007, after having led the design team as Director of Industrial Design at Apple (he was succeeded by Jonathan Ive), and having been a partner at design powerhouse Pentagram for nearly a decade. Ammunition’s reputation precedes it as the company went on to create some of the most memorable products we’ve seen and loved today, from Ember’s self-heating coffee mug, to Lyft’s reinvented taxi light, to probably their magnum opus, the Beats by Dre bra...
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After Saving Polaroid, Florian Kaps Wants to Give Its Competitor Another Shot

Polaroid probably wouldn't exist today were it not for Florian Kaps. (Most people know him by his nickname, Doc Flaps.) When Kaps discovered the company's analog instant film in 2004, he started selling it online and built a community of 40,000 instant photography enthusiasts. In 2008, when Polaroid announced it would stop producing its iconic instant film materials, Kaps bought the factory. And in 2012, he rallied a new generation of instant film enthusiasts with his Kickstarter campaign for a ...
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Directors Of Major Arts Orgs Talk About Introducing Major Changes (And Dealing With People Who Hate Changes)

Indhu Rubasingham (who’s spent this year dealing with people campaigning the change of her theatre’s name from Tricycle to Kiln), Vicky Featherstone (Royal Court Theatre), Richard Eyre (he succeeded Peter Hall at the National Theatre), and Charles Saumarez Smith (ex-director of Royal Academy, national gallery, and National Portrait Gallery) discuss handling changes in direction and the challenges of succeeding a popular leader. — The Guardian
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How True Is That College Application?

As college admissions become ever more competitive, with the most elite schools admitting only 4 percent or 5 percent of applicants, the pressure to exaggerate, embellish, lie and cheat on college applications has intensified, admissions officials say. The high-stakes process remains largely based on trust: Very little is done in the way of fact-checking, and on the few occasions officials do catch outright lies, they often do so by chance. – The New York Times
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This museum is carved into the seaside sand dunes of China's Gold Coast

International firm OPEN Architecture has unveiled a stunning museum embedded into the sand dunes along China’s Gold Coast. At 10,000 square feet, the UCCA Dune Art Museum is a massive structure, but its all-white cladding and various low, curved volumes tucked deep into the rolling landscape give the Ullens Center for Contemporary Art (UCCA) a modern yet unassuming character. Located on the coast of northern China’s Bohai Bay, the museum was a labor of love for the architects, who spent three ...
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A Fun Yet Functional Item of Stationery

It would come as no surprise to hear that a lot of us spend a seemingly ‘unhealthy’ time at our desks, but seeing as this may be the case, we might as well surround ourselves with items that we love! Little desk accessories have the ability to bring a little bit of character and personality to the workspace, and Logger is no exception!Logger is the result of the two products coming together to make one complete product, an automatic pencil sharpener, and a tray. As soon as the pencils have been ...
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Early TV-Age Media Theorists Understood A Lot About Our Current Age

These observers captured the moment when civilization turned from typographic culture—itself a massive break from the largely oral culture that preceded it—to electronic media. They’re the metaphorical physicians who noted the first symptoms of a worsening malaise we’re seeing now. In other words, our internet-and-smartphone-driven age does not represent, as we might think, its own huge shift from the Enlightenment tradition, but rather the most recent stages of a shift that started with disemb...
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Compact 497 sq. ft. apartment redesigned with open partitions

These custom-made room dividers increase functionality and help keep this small apartment more private.
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Lawsuit Over “Fortnite” Video Game Dance Moves Could Be A Rabbit Hole

At what point does a social dance become so normalized, that no one flinches to see it? Because individual movements can’t be copyrighted, it’s not like they have an expiry date (like music) when they slip into the public domain.  With today’s rapidly evolving technology, where things are easily sharable and monetizable, it might be time to revamp the Copyright Office’s laws for individual dance moves. – Dance Magazine
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The “New Silk Road”: Where The Global Future Is Being Shaped

As the West becomes increasingly fractious and polarised, the New Silk Road countries are working more closely together. At the centre of this is China with its giant economy and its Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), often referred to as a New Silk Road, which exemplifies the changes in global influence. –
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Exit Lines: Mad as Hell

I’ve watched Belgian director Ivo van Hove deconstruct and reupholster classic texts since an outstanding Off Broadway production of The Misanthrope in 2007. It used video to immerse us more fully in the world of Molière, and broke the fourth wall in novel ways, as when the actors headed outside the theater for a scene, followed by videographers. Since then Broadway has embraced his vision, with acclaimed, award-winning productions of A View from the Bridge and The Crucible blowing the dust of d...
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Prominent Artists Protest Appointment At France’s National Arts Academy: Too Conservative?

The artists Mai-Thu Perret and Lili Reynaud-Dewar, along with the curator Chus Martinez, signed the petition statement published on the Mediapart news website in early November, saying that Jean De Loisy is “near retirement… and the symbol of a hegemony”, adding: “We ask that our voices are heard, denouncing the hold that conservative [views] still exert on the cultural policy of France today, despite a desire for renewal.” – The Art Newspaper
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A historic hotel is sustainably revamped into a charming alpine village getaway

Bolzano and Berlin-based design practice NOA (network of architecture) recently renovated and expanded the Zallinger Refuge, a holiday guesthouse in the Dolomites that prides itself on its eco-friendly features. Located in Seiser Alm at 2,200 meters with breathtaking mountain views, the updated hotel comprises a cluster of structures that reference the site’s history and South Tyrolean architecture. The project has been certified under Climahotel, a certification program by the Climate House Ag...
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Rural Design Solutions: Figuring Out How to Fell a Leaning Tree Without a Chainsaw or Wedges

Two types of loud, percussive noises I often hear on the farm: Local gunfire, and trees cracking during a storm. After I moved in, a neighbor told me that "this is the shootingest neighborhood you'll ever live in," and he was right; everyone around here owns a rifle and apparently uses it daily. As for the trees, a fair amount tend to collapse during the thunderstorms that roll through. I need to process these fallen trees into firewood. If I get started now, they'll be dry enough for use dur...
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This Hypercar is Such a Tease

If you’re wondering why there doesn’t seem to be any room for you in this far-out automotive concept, that’s because… there isn’t. Dubbed the Roborace Challenge Kyoto, the design has been imagined for autonomous racing. Essentially, it’s a giant battery on wheels with a low-slung profile and slick exterior shell. No doubt fun to watch on the raceway. The only downside? None of us are invited on board!Designers: Maxime Devauchelle & Clément Alliot
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A Smarter Design for a Wheelbarrow: The Multifunctional Worx Aerocart

The design of wheelbarrows absolutely sucks. We have several lying around the farm, both metal and poly, and I consider them worthless. They easily get stuck in ruts; the tires frequently go flat; they're unwieldy when loaded; they're terrible on uneven ground; they tend to fall over, both when in use and when standing still. We have chicken feed delivered in fifty pound bags, and I've found it's way faster and less frustrating to carry the bags on your shoulder than it is to try moving them in ...
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VW's Super Cool Hidden Trailer Hitch

This year I bought a car, an all-wheel-drive Volkswagen Golf Alltrack. It's capable around the farm and has decent storage capacity; I've carried 10-foot-long PVC pipes in it with the hatch shut, and below I'm getting rid of an eight-foot children's slide left on the property by a previous tenant. Still, it's no substitute for a pickup truck. I'd really value having an open bed that I could toss animal cages, runaway geese or firewood into. So I've been looking into buying a trailer. Alas,...
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Twist In The LA Mural Story: Shepard Fairey Says He’ll Remove His Mural If LAUSD Paints Over Another Artist’s Mural

Fairey’s mural, at the same school, is of Robert F. Kennedy – at the Robert F. Kennedy Community Schools complex, on the footprint of the hotel where Kennedy was shot. It is “arguably one of the school’s defining visual elements.” If Beau Stanton’s mural of Ava Gardner is painted over, he says, his should be too. He’d rather not, though: “I thought that cooler heads would prevail because this is absurd.” – Los Angeles Times
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Gener8tor’s Brings Startup Accelerator Model to Art

You could make the case that the lines that separate an artist from an entrepreneur are virtually nonexistent.Just like startup founders or other business owners, artists are passion-driven individuals. They are making a product and seeking to sell it in a marketplace. They’re creating something tangible, pushing the boundaries, and often assuming great risks in doing so.In their own right, many artists are makers, marketers, and managers of their art.This premise is a centerpiece of Gener8tor’...
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93-Year-Old Dick Van Dyke Talks About His Dancing In The “Mary Poppins” Sequel

“The minute I heard I was going to do a little number, that sold me,” Van Dyke tells PEOPLE in the latest issue out Friday. “And I thought I could contribute by just being a little bit of a reminder of the original. And I think it turned out well. I got to jump up on a desk and do a dance number. It surprised everybody, but nobody was as surprised as I was.” – People
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Report: Research Tends To Undervalue Social Impact Of The Arts

Broadening the focus to include more qualitative and mixed method techniques could make it easier to improve practice and integrate arts interventions more deeply into the healthcare and justice systems, it suggests. “The outcome that’s the easiest to measure is not necessarily the best thing to measure,” the report notes. “Is a different type of ‘gold standard’ possible?”
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Reader Submitted: Desk Organizers that Repurpose Discarded Materials

ODD is a set of desk organizers that repurpose thrown away materials like scrap papers and plastic straws to create a new value of its own. View the full project here
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A Great Year For Sports Architecture

Stadiums and other sports venues have become more opulent. They not only have to be functional, they more and more serve as marquee symbols on the skyline. Here are ten of the best in 2018. – Dezeen
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Actor Charles Weldon, Director Of Negro Ensemble Company, Dead At 78

“Following a short but successful singing career as the lead singer and singer-songwriter with the chart-topping Paradons, Weldon turned to acting in the 1960s. … [He] joined NEC in 1970 … [and] succeeded [Douglas Turner] Ward, co-founder of NEC, as artistic director in 2005.” — Playbill
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Is Great Theatre Possible In A Democracy?

Natalia Kalaida, one of the members of Belarus Free Theatre, which was exiled for its political stances, explains that “art has long been used to express political and moral opposition, particularly in countries where open criticism can lead to arrest and even execution. But when citizens have nothing to fight for, Kaliada says, the importance of theatre wanes.” – ABC News (Australia)
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