Floater Chair

Modern long reclining chair made of single monolithic shell allows the user to gently rock back and forth while relaxing on smooth durable surface. Floater chaise longue designed by Manuel Kretzer and Mathias Bernhard. Also check out: Spiral Lounge Chai
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Where Do Writers Get Their Ideas?

The Man Booker Prize short-listed authors explain, at least a little, how their brains work.
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What The Heck: All Of The Songs From ‘A Star Is Born,’ Ranked

Alert: All of the songs are – if you like pop music, of course – pretty good. “The album has been the gift that keeps on giving.”
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Filmmakers Say Premium Television Has Changed The Entire Game

But is there a future for mid-budget films? “Some industry observers believe the format has been consigned to the dustbin by a Hollywood obsessed with tentpole franchises.” The producers – who can claim The King’s Speech and Lion as well as the prestige TV series The Top of the Lake – say the future is fine.
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An Air Purifier with A Difference

We have covered air purifiers multiple times in the past, where we have seen a vast array of forms and design directions, however, this one is very different from the rest!This is Greenery, a wall mounted air purifier that introduces an element of nature into the room… but for a very good reason! When a purifier is used, the windows in the room are closed and this increases the concentration of carbon dioxide. The addition of the greenery reduces the CO2 levels and makes it a healthier place to ...
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Why Does Cinema Like To Torture Children?

Well, teenagers and other young people still make up most of the audiences for movies – “so it makes sense that cinema reflects problems that affect them – police racism and far-right violence, yes, but economic and environmental hostilities, too. In the tumult of 1968, there was talk of a ‘war against the young.’ Fifty years later, that just sounds like how it is – and a war creates war movies.”
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A book made from shelf-stable American cheese slices

The University of Michigan's library recently acquired a copy of American Cheese, 20 Slices, by Ben Denzer, a book made from shelf-stable, plastic-wrapped slices of American cheese. The book had an edition-size of ten; the library's copy is number nine. It's the only copy in a library collection. The book is about cheese, but it has no words: the material in its construction is also its subject matter. Denzer's other books include "200 one-dollar bills arranged in serial number order, and ...
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Renovating Marfa

Six of Donald Judd’s buildings in the Texas town are getting a facelift and, in some cases, much more than that: “It will add 26,500 square feet of new program space and make open to the public for the first time another 16,000 square feet.”
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Twenty Years Ago, An Indian American Actor Wrote A Play For Himself, And Now He Revisits It

Has anything changed for Asians and other people of color in the theatre and movie world? Aasif Mandvi: “When you tell a story in Hollywood about brown people or black people or any people of color, it’s got to an extraordinary story. It’s got to be the worst thing or the best thing. It’s got to be like, [film trailer voice] “He was born a free man and then he was sold into slavery, and then he got onto a game show and won a million dollars. It’s 12 Years a Slumdog Millionaire!” It’s got to be C...
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Tools of the Trade Wok Only $14.99 at Macy’s {Today Only!}

Tools of the Trade Wok Great deal today on the Tools of the Trade 7.5 qt Wok at Macy’s. These regularly sell for $59.99 but are 75% off, TODAY ONLY, at just $14.99. This a straight up sale price with no rebate involved. This wok has a 5 star rating with over 380 reviews so... Read More Read more about Tools of the Trade Wok Only $14.99 at Macy’s {Today Only!}
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Croatian technology startup CircuitMess' DIY...

Croatian technology startup CircuitMess' DIY kit, MAKERphone, lets you build a smartphone. Currently on Kickstarter. (Want more? See and [Author: submitted]
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Began with the background, very wet and letting the colors flow. Dropped in some more color in the background "cloth" and then made blossoms for texture by dropping in clean water when it was drying. Painted the jug and fruit wet-in-wet, leaving some whites on the fruit. [Author: RH Carpenter]
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Jill Soloway And Their Gender-Free Empire Built On ‘Transparent’

It’s been a hard year for the director, who shot to fame as the creator of Amazon’s Transparent, and whose star – Jeffrey Tambor – was fired last year, halting production on the series. But as Soloway and their sister Faith work on a musical version of Transparent, things have gotten back into gear: “So good. … Oh my God, that’s amazing. I’m feeling it! You guys did that so fast! Guys, it’s all happening.”
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Museums Taking Money From Saudi Arabia Reassess Their Priorities After A Journalist’s Murder

Hm. “For years, nonprofits from museums to major universities have been strengthening ties with the oil kingdoms of the Middle East as a way to broaden their offerings, foster cross-cultural dialogue and obtain access to those countries’ considerable riches.” Great goals! But … museums have a lot to evaluate right now.
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The Dance Contest That Offers A Country In Pain A Chance To Celebrate, Together

The competition – where dancers from three different areas in Mali are asked to perform dances from other areas or traditions – was imagined as a way to bring some unity to a country wracked by tensions among the groups. “Over six weeks, TV audiences shared the fate of eight young men and women from different regions, who shared a house Big Brother-style in Bamako, the capital. Each week they performed before an audience and the TV cameras, their numbers progressively falling as a competitor was...
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The Long-Delayed (And Sadly Still Necessary) Vengeance Of Artemnesia Gentileschi

The artist fought hard for her place in the art world. And when men punished her for it, “she turned the horror of her own life into scenes of women’s vengeance on the men at whose hands they had suffered. She used biblical stories to portray, in exquisite paintings, her fury at the sexual violence she herself had endured.”
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The Joys Of A Midnight Book Launch Don’t Fade In Adulthood

Well, at least not when the book is a new one from Haruki Murakami. There are contests, and there are ghost cats and there’s pasta. “When during a quiz at the Three Lives launch party a woman won a large tote bag containing a bag of pasta and a jar of tomato sauce, she got the biggest cheers of the night.”
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Monolith Meets Amp

Introducing, Supernova: a 360-degree concrete guitar amp that sounds as good as it looks. The design is crafted from concrete which not only gives it a cool, monolithic look, but boasts fantastic acoustic properties as it’s rigid enough to damp driver vibrations yet not so dense as to hamper resonance.Two drivers are housed within the body, including an up-firing tweeter and down-firing woofer that together give it a wide acoustic range. Additionally, acoustic lenses fire the sound out a full 36...
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Objective Calculations a new Eye on Bird painting

Objective Calculations  Oil on panel, 8" x 8,"  $330. Oh, how calming and curative it is to just paint for several days in a row!  This painting is another for my "Eye on Bird" series.  Little birdie photo reference courtesy of Kelly Strope. [Author: Diane Hoeptner]
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Maryse Conde Wins The ‘Alt-Nobel’ Prize For Literature

The Guadaloupean writer, author of I, Tituba: Black Witch of Salem and other books, won The New Academy Prize in Literature, “a new prize established by a group of over 100 Swedish cultural figures as a substitute for this year’s Nobel in Literature, which was not awarded for the first time since 1949 because of a sexual misconduct scandal.”
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Drowning In Streaming Subscriptions

Remember cutting the cord? It might be time to retie the knot with some kind of bundle, because … whew: “An uncomfortable reality has set in: There’s too much. To Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, and HBO Now, add WarnerMedia, Disney, and Apple as omnibus, general interest streaming destinations. Investors have poured a billion dollars into something called Quibi, which has an unfortunate name but exclusive Guillermo del Toro content. And the niche options continue to proliferate as well.”
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Who Started The Biggest Library Fire In Modern History?

It’s a mystery – one that Susan Orlean, author of the new The Library Book, says may never be solved. But she started out wanting to write about the day-to-day life of a city library. “”I liked the idea of doing it in L.A., out of this contrarian idea that people don’t associate libraries with L.A., which made it kind of delectable.
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How Can Music Be Accessible For Everyone? Vijay Gupta – Now A Certified MacArthur Genius – Has Some Ideas

Gupta founded the Street Symphony in Los Angeles, working with homeless musicians and audiences. He says the audiences “would raise their hands and say ‘Well what was the composer feeling when they wrote that because I heard this.’ And then they would tell us a story or anecdote of their life that exactly reflected where the composer or where we as performers exactly were in our emotional life. … So this was actually one of the most astute and emphatic and engaged audiences that we’d encountered...
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Who Won The UK Theatre Awards?

Manchester’s Royal Exchange Theatre cleaned up at the awards, which – though they’re held in London – celebrate achievement in regional theatre.
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Sweden’s Nationalmuseum Joins The 21st Century

The museum was closed for five years – until this weekend, when it became the most recent expression of a long-distant dream: “Though it took decades to realize, the idea to design a building to house the collections of King Gustav III was first hatched in 1792.”
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The Eternal Sunshine Of Paul McCartney’s Music

Theory: “McCartney may have made more people happy—gapingly, tinglingly, mind-cancelingly happy—than any other artist, alive or dead.”
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Awesome tools for exploring color palettes

In the never-ending seek for inspiration, new ideas that will blow our minds away, we've stumbled across these interesting tools that could offer you various ways of bringing something fresh in your design work. Whether you lack innovation or just want to play around with colors, these handy tools will take you on a trip trough time, space and internet to give you what you want.     1. time travel by color Is your current design project asking to be a little more retro? Needs some funk and cr...
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Staircase Storage

Space-saving vertical storage design focuses on height rather than width. “Staircase” designed by Danny Kuo combines shelving unit with a pullout stair system. Bottom drawers used as steps for accessing higher shelves. Also check out: Hidden Storage Table
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Want to Learn Best Ways How to Use Marketing Automation with Your Email?

When it comes to marketing in the digital age small businesses, including artists, are challenged to keep up. That is no surprise because digital marketing seems complicated and fast moving. Those... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]]
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Refugee Stories Come to Life in "UNPACKED: Refugee Baggage"

Refugees forcibly fleeing war-torn countries have featured prominently on the news for quite a few years now, but although we have all certainly heard about their plight in terms of numbers and geography, their emotional and psychological experience remains unknown for anyone not in their shoes.
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